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Posted in: New Zealand economy back to pre-pandemic levels See in context

Hey, remember all those commenters who said the lockdown would obliterate New Zealand’s economy and leave it a barren wasteland and how people would be rioting in the streets?

Cuz I do

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Posted in: Moscow offers free cars to spur people to get COVID vaccine See in context

Russia: spreads propaganda about how the vaccine is dangerous

Also Russia: “Why is our vaccination rate so low??”

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Posted in: Seoul court rejects slave labor claim against 16 Japanese firms See in context

In this case, I think - legally speaking - this was the right choice. Japan did give large amounts of aid to Korea in the treaty and unfortunately, the dictator at the time squandered it.

Morally, however, it’s hard to view Japan positively. Even if these companies and the Japanese government aren’t legally responsible, they are certainly morally responsible. And sadly, for ever my Japanese politician who has expressed apologies (as an individual citizen, of course), there are just as many who are saying there is nothing to apologize for. It’s not that Japanese politicians haven’t apologized, it’s that OTHER Japanese politicians undermine those apologies before the ink is even dry, which makes such apologies appear insincere, even if expressed with sincerity by the person giving them.

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Posted in: Bezos will blast into space on rocket's 1st crew flight See in context

Bezos will blast into space on rocket's 1st crew flight

For the good of his abused workers and planet earth, let’s hope he stays there.

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing Canadian Muslim family with his truck was motivated by hate: police See in context


Reminds me if that mosque shooting i. Canada not too long ago where all the right wingers were certain the perp was a Syrian refugee before a single report had been released. They spread that baseless assumption as fact as far as they could.

Then it turned out the perp was a right-wing white guy and suddenly those same sources were going “well, we shouldn’t speculate on his motives and religion and political leanings…”

WilliB is acting like we should disregard the terrorist’s identity because I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar he and WilliB look a lot more similar than ol Willi is comfortable with.

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Posted in: Toyota reaches settlement over bullied engineer's suicide See in context

 a precious worker’s life was lost.”

A precious worker. Not a precious person, a precious human life. A worker. Even in death, that’s how corpos see people. I’m surprised they didn’t make the family pay for lost productivity.

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Posted in: Netanyahu opponents reach coalition deal to oust Israeli PM See in context

Netanyahu has been a disaster for Israel. Peace has never been farther away. Hopefully a new governing coalition can take a step towards the only viable solution - a two-state solution.

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Posted in: Trudeau pledges 'concrete action' after mass indigenous student grave found See in context

These sorts of ‘schools’ have been used as a tactic to eradicate indigenous cultures by colonizers the world over. “We must kill the Indian to save the man”, as they said.

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Posted in: NATO chief says Afghan forces can cope alone See in context

Though to the South Vietnam's defense, North Vietnam absolutely violated the Paris truce deal to get the jump on South Vietnam on their final offensive

Though to be fair, both sides violated the Paris truce, so it’s kinda a pot and kettle situation.

But the comparison to the failure of Vietnamization is apt. The Taliban, like the North Vietnamese, have spent decades learning to fight on their own. They might have some outside support, but the boots on the ground and brains in the caves are Taliban. On the flip side, the Afghan government, like South Vietnam, relies almost exclusively on calling America when they got into a jam. And that’s not entirely the Afghanis’ fault. We trained them to believe that overwhelming force is the only way to win and by ‘overwhelming force’, we implicitly mean American firepower. With that gone, they have no idea how to fight when Uncle Sam won’t answer their phone calls.

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Posted in: 'Demon Slayer' 1st film in Japan to top ¥40 bil at box office See in context


The amount of corporate apologia on display is kinda frightening. You act like the fact that the manga industry is cutthroat, kill or be killed, is a GOOD thing. It isn’t. The breakneck pace required to create manga within the current system is frighteningly abusive and exploitative and has led and will continue to lead to mangaka burning out left and right. And the fact that the little guys in the anime industry don’t protest isn’t a sign that they are happy with their lot. It’s a sign that they are so terrified of losing what unacceptably little income they have that they will suffer in silence for fear of being blacklisted. And trying to excuse the abuse with some lame ‘the west does it too’ whataboutism really shows the flimsiness of your corporate cheerleading. Love it or hate it, at least western comics are created by TEAMS, rather than a single mangaka who works themselves into an early grave.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker says being LGBT goes against preservation of species See in context

Has anyone ever stopped to consider that having lots of gay children is nature’s way of preventing population increase? Kinda like how normal cells stop dividing when they hit a certain threshold? When cells don’t stop dividing, we call that cancer.

Why do people seem to think an ever-growing population is a good thing? We’re already at a point as a species where we’re unable to sustain the current population, let alone any more of us.

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Posted in: Removal of Confederate names could affect hundreds of sites See in context

look at the insistence to rename nearly everything for an African American or people who weren’t even military leaders.

Here Blacklabel. How about this? We’ll only name military bases after soldiers who WON a war. That good enough for ya?

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Posted in: Mother in Arizona accused of killing her 2 kids had been under scrutiny See in context

Personally I think the mother medication made her hallucinate. You have to really understand the effects of these medications. Like any drug they will alter your thought process and make you feel, see and do things you have never done before.

First, we don’t even know if she WAS medicated. And second, that’s not how psychiatric drugs work. They don’t make you see hear and feel things. Unless you’re licking LCD stamps. Hallucinogenic drugs aren’t prescribed to anyone, least of all people in mental crises. It’s hard-brained ideas like this that create the stigma around getting proper medication. The drugs don’t ‘change who you are’ (unless of course you consider mental instability to be ‘who you are’). They don’t ‘make you happy’. They stabilize your messed up brain chemistry enough for your brain to correct itself.

Arizona uses lethal injection, but South Carolina just passed a new law that makes inmates choose firing squad or electric chair

The reason states are going back to ever more brutal methods of execution is because international drug companies won’t sell drugs to states they know will use them to execute people. Think about that for a minute. When Big Pharma gets to claim the moral high ground, you know you’re deep in the muck.

Zoloff and other drugs the psychiatrist prescribe for you the side effect are worse. The labels tell you the drugs can cause erratic and psychotic behaviors where people do and will hallucinate.

This scaremongering again...that’s not how psychiatric drugs work. Drugs like Zoloft can have negative side effects if the are incorrectly prescribed. The same can be said for literally ANY medicine. That’s why it’s important to *take the damn meds and report any side effects *to your psychiatrist. That way you can get the RIGHT meds. Stopping your meds without consulting your doctor is the WORST thing you can do, because that’s something that CAN AND DOES lead to more problems.

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not indict 40-year-old woman for killing mother See in context

The lack of understanding of what ‘mentally unfit for trial’ means is staggering, so lemme spell it out.

There is a difference between being clinically insane and mentally unfit for trial. You can be the former without being the latter. Being found not guilty by reason of insanity or mentally unfit for trial means the person was so mentally disturbed or defective that they were incapable of telling right from wrong.

Thats NOT the same as being crazy. John Wayne Gacy was inarguably a mentally defective psychopath, but he was still capable of understanding that his actions were wrong and then chose to do them anyway. He was clinically insane, yet not mentally unfit for trial.

And mentally unfit for trial can include things like Alzheimer’s and dementia. While we can’t know the specifics of the psychiatrist’s decision, what we CAN surmise as that he found the woman to be incapable of discerning right from wrong. He didn’t declare her actions to not be wrong, he declared that she was unable to understand they were wrong.

A pillar of western law is that we do not punish those who are incapable of understanding WHY they are being punished. It’s why we don’t jail children. The same goes for the mentally unfit. If this idea isn’t amenable to you, there are plenty of third world countries that execute the mentally ill/handicapped that you can go live in.

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not indict 40-year-old woman for killing mother See in context

So the result of the psychiatric examination was that it was OK that she killed her mother?

Yup. That’s exactly what happened. Definitely. 100%. Because that’s what court psychiatrists do. Determine if what someone did was ‘OK’. They definitely DON’T determine if the accused was of sound mind and capable of understanding the wrongness of their actions. That’s definitely NOT what happened. The shrink gave her a pat on the head and a cookie and said ‘she didn’t do anything wrong’.

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Posted in: 'Evangelion' studio receiving threatening fan comments; will report offenders even outside Japan See in context

Really? I don't remember fandom (of any sci-fi/fantasy/anime etc) being so toxic as it is these days.

Pre-internet, there could be robust discussions and good-natured banter in the fanzines, letters section, signings and conventions but this takes it to a new level.

Nah these kind of wombats have always been part of nerd culture. All the internet has done is allow them to screech in a manner that has to be heard.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman arrested for hitting crying 3-year-old girl at shopping center See in context

@Bjorn apparently does. As the father of a 6yo boy I would love to know his secret to preventing children from having little fits and crying.

Im gonna go out on a limb and guess Bjorn’s one of those "my parents hit me and I turned out ‘fine’" kind of parents.

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Posted in: Anger in France after 'civil war' warning over Macron's 'concessions' to Islamism See in context

Huh. I guess the military being a breeding ground for right-wing extremism isn’t an exclusively American phenomenon. We’ve just raised it to an art form.

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Posted in: Bomb kills at least 55 at girls' school in Afghan capital See in context

We all knew this was coming when the coalition decided to turn its back on the Afghans because we were “tired.”

It has to end at some point, unless you’re suggesting we just make Afghanistan the 51st state. It’s Vietnamization 2.0 - when you train a security force to rely solely on American firepower and logistics, you breed dependence. And just like the ARVN before them, once the Afghan security forces realize that Uncle Sam isn’t going to pick up when they call, they collapse like a house of cards.

At the end of the day, Afghanistan will only have peace and security is it’s the Afghanis who bring it about. Otherwise the Taliban will just steamroll the barely-independent, demoralized, and corrupt security forces the same way Giap did in 1975.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman arrested for hitting crying 3-year-old girl at shopping center See in context

child without a mask

Please point to the part of the article where it said the child didn't have a mask.

I think its weird how parents don't control or discipline their children any more these days

"The girl started crying, and while her mother was trying to calm her down, the suspect came from behind them and hit the child’s head once."

@Bjorn. From this comment and others you've made, I understand that reading comprehension is not your strong suit, but c'mon. It says, in the fourth sentence of the article, that the mother was trying to stop the child from crying when some random lady walked up and hit a kid that wasn't hers.

Nobody here was there are know the condition of the old person, people here are very quick to jump on the elderly on everything

"very quick to jump on the elderly on everything" is a very strange way to spell "hold the elderly responsible for their actions".

If her 'condition' is so deteriorated that she is incapable of hearing a crying child without reacting with violence, then maybe she ought not be allowed out in public. There is never a call to his a child, especially a random child in a shopping mall.

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Posted in: More support easing vaccine patent rules, but hurdles remain See in context

After he developed the polio vaccine - one of the medical wonders of the 20th century - Jonas Salk deliberately chose not to patent it. His idea would have made him one of the richest men in the world, but he chose not to patent it deliberately so that any company anywhere in the world could freely produce his vaccine. He gave up potentially become a billionaire so that people could have easy and cheap access to his drug.

Today, he’d be called a socialist.

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Posted in: Shooting at Idaho middle school injures 3; student detained See in context

You know your not actually making any counter arguments, right? 

We have murder laws. people still murder. We have DUI laws, people still DUI. Robbery laws, assault, rape.

Uhh he’s actually making a very cogent argument, it’s just one that you’re not willing to hear. So lemme spell it out for you.

Gun crime is the ONLY type of crime in America where people argue that the solution is FEWER laws, not more. People say that looser gun laws will prevent gun violence, yet no one seems to think few murder laws will prevent murders.

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Posted in: Shooting at Idaho middle school injures 3; student detained See in context

I see no mocking of children here.

Hold on there, pardner. He has a point. Gun nuts are basically petulant children, so his statement holds some truth.

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Posted in: Shooting at Idaho middle school injures 3; student detained See in context

"Doctor! This child's been shot! He's bleeding out!"

"Nurse! Bring me 500cc of thoughts and prayers, STAT!"

"I'm sorry. We did all we could. Ahem, sorry, I meant to say, 'we did the absolute least possible'."

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Posted in: It's a wrap: Biden buys tacos in boost for U.S. restaurants See in context

Mexican food

Lol the man thinks a taco bowl is Mexican food.

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Posted in: It's a wrap: Biden buys tacos in boost for U.S. restaurants See in context

At least Joe had the culinary curiosity to visit a Mexican restaurant owned by actual Mexicans instead of posing with the worlds least authentic taco bowl while proclaiming how much he ‘loves the Hispanics’.

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Posted in: New Zealand declines to call China's Uighur treatment genocide See in context

An utter disappointment, to say the least. Call a spade a spade.

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Posted in: Hands off my hijab! Young Muslim women protest proposed French ban See in context

Why would you want to live in France if it's not a good fit for you?

Maybe because just ‘moving somewhere else’ isn’t an option? Maybe they don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to do it? Or a job lined up? Or knowledge of a language besides French? Or maybe they want to live in France because France is their home?

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Posted in: Australian PM retreats from threat to jail Australians trying to return from India See in context


This isn’t a case of quarantine breaking. It’s not like these people came home and then failed to quarantine for 2 weeks or something. They are being completely locked out of their own country for an indeterminate amount of time. The article says the restriction ends May 15th, but what it fails to mention is that that date is not a hard deadline and can be legally extended indefinitely. Whereas other countries worked to evacuate their citizens from Covid hotspots immediately so they wouldn’t get infected, Morrison seems to have taken the opposite approach, locking out citizens completely with zero recourse should health individuals become infected during their forced time in India and idk...hoping India will take care of them? Who knows? Certainly not Morrison. What’s insidious is how he keeps talking about ‘keeping Australians safe’ as if the people he wasn’t deliberately locking down in a viral incubator aren’t the exact Australians he claims to want to protect.

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Posted in: Australian PM retreats from threat to jail Australians trying to return from India See in context

"I'm not going to fail Australia. I'm going to protect our borders at this time."

Though unconfirmed, those close to Morrison allege he followed up this comment with, “Curse you, He-man!” and then impotently shook his blue-skinned fists at the sky.

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