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At approximately 10:15, Israeli warplanes launched a missile at a rickshaw in al-Fokhari area, east of Khan Younis. As a result, two were wounded, including a child who sustained moderate wounds. 


At approximately 10:30, IOF stationed along the border fence with Israel opened fire at farmers in eastern Khuza’ah, east of Khan Younis. As a result, Bashar Ahmed Ibrahim Sammour (16) was killed.


PCHR renews its warning that civilians are the side paying the price during the escalation and emphasized that IOF’s ongoing strikes on residential populated areas and the use of weapons on the basis of collective retaliation constitute grave breaches of the four Geneva Conventions of 1949 that amount to war crimes


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At approximately 10:00, an Israeli drone fired a missile at a civilian car near Hamouda intersection, east of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip. As a result, four were killed in the car and another one was wounded. Those killed were identified as: Tal’at Jameel Mahmoud Aghah (34), ‘Atif ‘Abed al-Rahman Jum’a al-Barawi (47), Nael Khaled Yunis al-Barawi (22), abd Wael Fares Jaber al-Ghoul (55).

 At approximately 11:00, Israeli warplanes fired 2 missiles at a barrack near ‘Izbet ‘Abed Rabu intersection, causing damage to a PRCS medical point established there, to the Shari’a Court and other houses near the targeted area.


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Someone thinks that the victims of the Israeli regime's brutal oppression 'get their rockets from Iran' despite the fact that the Israeli regime has all of Gaza under a total siege.

As if that wasn't ridiculous enough, that if they were firing Iranian rockets, that they would be hitting the Israeli regime forces in the area the refugees were cleansed from by the Israeli regime rather than the volunteer human shields the Israeli regime asked to move in to the depopulated area also seems to be a reality he ignores.

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When the ICC rules on the events, will it be enough to get AP to drop the big lie about 'Palestinian aggression/Israeli response' or will it go the OANN route and continue the big lie even after all reasonable doubt that it is a lie has vanished?

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When the ICC rules on the events, will it be enough to get AP to drop the big lie about 'Palestinian aggression/Israeli response' or will it go the OANN route and continue the big lie even after all reasonable doubt that it is a lie has vanished?

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The Israeli regime is hoping that with a bit of time, the world's attention to its vicious oppression of Palestinians will fade.

It might, or like with the US injustice to its Black population, it might not fade before the next outrageous act of violence by Israel keeps the images alive.

But there's another clock ticking that the Israeli regime fears, rather than welcomes, and that's the clock on the ICC investigation into what has happened there. The almost inevitable finding that most of what the Israeli regime claims to have been legal uses of force were in fact criminal acts, and that most of what the Israeli regime called criminal acts of violence against it were in fact legal and justified, well, that's something that will leave a mark.

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First off, regular American Coast Guard vessels of this class are very well armed. And the ones that are seconded to the Navy to make up for the lack of shallow draft vessels (other than landing craft, which are not suitable for use as an aggressive patrol presence) that are suited to the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf are upgraded for heavier guns as a matter of course.

Secondly, given that the US is demanding that Iran agree to extreme measures that are not in the JCPOA, in exchange for the US only making an even smaller gesture of effort at coming into compliance with the JCPOA than it did when Biden was VP, even if Iran was the rigidly controlled absolute dictatorship of American propaganda (rather than the normal type of hot mess of conflicting and competing agendas from different parts of the elected bodies that make up the government, and the tendency of members of the various governmental agencies to interpret the guidance from the elected bodies in light of their own agendas) it wouldn't see any reason to not react to hostile vessels probing the borders of Iranian waters with the same 'yeah, we saw you coming, and are more than ready to deal with you if you step over the line' response that the US considers 'professional and defensive' when they do it.

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Has the US ever once admitted to its Navy vessels making unsafe and unprofessional approaches to other boats?

Has the US ever once admitted that it's Navy acted aggressively and opened fire unnecessarily in the waters around Iran? Even when they were firing (And hitting, with tragic results) a civilian airliner on its regularly scheduled passenger service flight?

So why take their unsubstantiated claims as something more than propaganda?

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It is likely going to be a different situation by the end of the month (when the US demand for vaccines drops drastically, because they'll be down to second shots for whoever of the 65%ish of the population that can and will get vaccinated) the Iran/Cuba vaccine starts trickling out, and India decides that it will no longer allow the vaccines being produced there to be exported to Canada, the EU, etc.

And probably an entirely different different situation by the end June, with an American variant that is pretty good at infecting those vaccinated with the first formulations hitting the radar screens of health professionals around that time, and then starting to seriously spread.

Now, that might wake the politicians of the world to the reality that in a 24 hour world (the time it takes for a middle management equivalent person to get from his front door to the front door of most of his counterparts front door even if they both live in more remote, small cities on opposite sides of the world) this isn't something that can be treated as a national problem, or a regional one, or even an alliance problem.

In a 24 hour world, if you have a virus that starts spreading before the people who have it know they are sick, it is the GLOBAL rate of immunity that counts, and it doesn't matter if your people are vaccinated if there's a population somewhere in the world who are a month or more down the list.

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Biden's position sounds reasonable, if you're willing to ignore that Iran ISN'T in violation of the JCPOA, that Iran has openly stated that they are firmly committed to reverse their snapback to the General Safeguards of the NNPT (which the JCPOA specifically authorized them to do if the US and EU3 violated the deal, which they did BEFORE Trump was elected) when it is verified that the US has finally come into compliance, something that they have been very careful to preserve the capability to by working with the IAEA.

Of course, if you're NOT willing to ignore that, Biden's position sounds as unreasonable as Trump's insistence that he won reelection.

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Given their support for the Israeli regime, and what they've done to Venezuela, their scolding seems pretty hypocritical, and their 'inaction' beyond virtue signalling understandable.

Basically, because the G7 live in glass houses when it comes to human rights abuses and 'economic mischief' they have to through blobs of foam, not stones.

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Asking someone in your vicinity to wear a mask is like asking someone in your vicinity to not smoke.

By reminding them their rights have limits, you disrupt their fantasies about being the most important, special, supreme person, and they might react badly to that.

But if you don't, there is a cost to that, too.

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It is important to note that the GOVERNMENTS of Canada, the UK, etc haven't formally declared that China is committing genocide, but rather that their legislatures have passed a nongovernmental motion that terms China's actions as genocide, without any commitment to actually acting as if China has committed genocide.

There are reasons for this that have nothing to do with China (an official declaration that what China is doing amounts to genocide opens up a path for their citizens to use their courts to force the official declaration that the actions of a certain ME country against Palestinians also amounts to genocide, which would provoke the ire of the US, for one).

But there's also the simple reality that those governments too have realized that their economies are too dependent on trade with China for actual actions against China to be politically viable.

Despite the politicking and dog whistles to a racist element, the NZ PM and government aren't taking a much different position from the rest of the 5 Spies.

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Of course, these are nations that started wars (or threatened nuclear war) over things far smaller and aggressive than the things that they are expecting China and Russia to simply smile and swallow.

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As a Canadian, I appreciate the situation the NZ government is in, because our government (used) to have to do the same dance with the US that NZ is trying to do with China.

Unfortunately, our politicians have basically given it up decades ago, which means we are going to be shackled to whatever positions the US takes, no matter how wrong, and how much it hurts us both economically and internationally.

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While I doubt that there was, or even will be, a deal naming names and funds, I'm also sure that there are going to be 'gestures' that include the mutual release of prisoners who's detentions have taken on political weight for both countries, and the 'voluntary' release of Iranian funds that the ICJ has repeatedly instructed the US its continued refusal to release violates international laws, IF the details on which illegal sanctions the US has to rescind can be worked out to bridge the gap between when the US announces the rescinding of those, and the ones that the US actually baldly stated were aimed at the Iranian nuclear power and isotopes program, and the time that the Iranian government can show its electorate that the rescinding is real this time.

Of course, if the extremely delicate process of getting an American sign off on the fairly obvious, that merely slapping another label on the same old sanctions didn't magically transform them into something not a violation of the JCPOA, doesn't turn out to be possible, any chance of things moving forward in a civil fashion disappears, and the pressure will be back on the ICJ to not just rule that the US owes staggering and ever growing amounts to Iran, but to give Iran the legal ability to seize American assets throughout the world.

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Now, imagine if the shoe was on the other foot.

Do you think that Biden would see an Iranian demand that American JCPOA compliant sanctions be removed before Iran moved to change whatever it had been doing that allowed the US to impose them?

The problem is that while both America's and Iran's opening positions (sanctions staying until it can be certified that Iran is back within all the limits that would apply if the US was in compliance, and then the US will pick and choose which sanctions go away over some period of time/The US must immediately drop ALL sanctions, and then when the effects of that have become apparent, Iran will move back to within those limits) are so far apart they're on different continents, their compromise positions (The US will lift those sanctions the US considers to violate the JCPOA in phases, as Iran reverts the snapbacks/ Iran will revert the snapbacks in phases as the US lifts those sanctions that Iran considers to be violations of the JCPOA) seem pretty close.

Until you realize that the US considers declaring new sanctions to be about something other than its supposed concerns over Iran's NNPT compliant, IAEA inspected and certified peaceful energy and isotopes program makes then somehow not a violation, but Iran sees no legal validity to such word games.

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Of course the enormous debt that the US is accumulating by imposing the ILLEGAL sanctions, and the political embarrassment of Iran being legally able to do exactly what it is doing (obeying the General Safeguards of the NNPT and keeping the ability to turn control and access to the more efficient centrifuges and the naval propulsion reactor enriched uranium over to the IAEA for the ever diminishing window when the US and EU3 can get back into full compliance and the end of the deal that was supposed to give the US a face saving way out of the dead end trap of the previous illegal sanctions) is something that the US has to also keep in mind.

With the ICJ judgement soon to be in hand, Iran can just tap on the door of just about any government or bank that wants to be part of the BRI and let them deal with the American temper tantrum at the law applying to them or abandon their plans of participation.

PS, if I was Blinken, I'd be making sure that who from the Israeli regime he met was classified for the next few decades. After all, that way he can claim he didn't meet with someone the ICC later issued War Crimes arrest warrants for (or worse, when the Prosecutor decides that if human rights groups can no longer ignore the blatantly obvious, neither can the ICC, and up the charges to Crime Against Humanity)

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Just a reminder that Iran IS in compliance with the terms of the JCPOA. Just as those terms would have allowed the US to legally impose the sort of 'sanctions' and remain in compliance if the IAEA and even Trump hadn't certified Iran to be in complete compliance, they allowed Iran to 'snapback' to the terms of the General Safeguards of the NNPT if the US and EU3 weren't to be in complete compliance. The US never reached complete compliance, and Trump (And Biden) forced the EU3 to choose between remaining in compliance or appeasing the US.

They chose appeasement.

Of course, no matter how often this inconvenient truth is called to the attention of the editors, they prefer not to bother you with the truth.

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Yes, I can see how Iran patrolling the PERSIAN gulf is aggressive and destabilizing, while the presence of ships from a distant nation, which is illegally occupying two countries, opposing the prodemocracy movement in Yemen and Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and Palestine is being totally passive and stabilizing.

In the same way I can see how Biden taking over the White House was aggressive and destabilizing, and Trump's protesters at the Capitol were totally passive and stabilizing.

Remember that there is one, and only one country that was in violation of the JCPOA before it repudiated its acceptance of the deal, forcing the UK, France, and Germany to become violators of the deal too, which released Iran from all obligations under the deal (it's adherence to the General Safeguards of the NNPT predates Obama, and continues to this day) and that country's closest ally in the region not only is under ICC investigation for war crimes, but Human Rights Watch just asked the ICC to open an investigation on it for a Crime Against Humanity.

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First off, let's remember that statistics about population put out by the Israeli regime have the same basic flaw as statistics about population put out by the White State in South Africa, they omit a significant amount of the actual population because the regime doesn't want to admit that the ruling ethnic group is a minority of the population.

Secondly, the statistics for what the regime claims to be the entire population (though it's only half of the legal population) are so high because, as a regime dedicated to the oppression of so many, it maintains tight surveillance of everyone, and they offered to give the pharmacartel complete access to a database, that would have seemed excessive to the Stasi, on everyone who had any sort of reaction to, or experienced a failure of the vaccine.

This while, of course, going to some lengths to restrict the ability of a lot of its full population to get access to any vaccines, PPE, medicines, water, or adequate food.

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The thing is that while India is the largest vaccine maker in the world, the US decided to restrict India from getting the supplies needed for India to ramp up its production for its domestic use after most of the on hand supplies had been locked up to fulfill its production for places like Canada and Europe.

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Notice how, just like the Canadian version, this wasn't a government bill.

The reason being that if either of these governments officially declared that what the Chinese were doing to the Uighurs met the definition of genocide, they were opening up a path for their citizens to use their courts to get what Israel is doing to the Palestinians officially recognized as a genocide by their country too.

And you can imagine what the American reaction to that would be.

Add in that, unlike this virtue signalling move, an official recognition would require the governments to take certain measures against China that would impose significant costs on themselves.

And between cutting themselves off from the two biggest economies in the world, or being cut off by the two biggest economies in the world, well, let's just say that the future political prospects for all the politicians who voted for a binding, official, government recognition of genocide would be nonexistent.

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I want you to imagine this scenario.

Iran officially announces that in response to the Israeli regime's attack on Iran's IAEA inspected, NNPT compliant, nuclear energy and isotopes program, and the refusal of certain states to condemn such an attack, and to isolate the rogue state, it is going to eliminate the regime's ability to protect its nuclear weapons program from conventional attack, and then launches not two waves of a couple dozen missiles like it did against the American bases that were the source of the terrorist attack that killed a high ranking Iraqi military officer and an invited guest of the Iraqi government on their way to a meeting with the democraticallyelected President of Iraq, but a sustained stream of the newest version of those missiles to 'splash' all those missile batteries, armoured vehicles, and command centers that lit up yesterday.

They have the capacity to do that, and the US already set the precedent that such attacks are allowed by ignoring (Well, officially, but it was pretty clear they supported) Israeli regime attacks on rogue nuclear weapons programs.

Then, a few days later when their missiles are down to rearranging the smoking rubble of those military sites around the source of the regime's nuclear weapons, it sets a deadline by which either the IAEA has control over, and is dismantling Israel's illegal nuclear weapons program, or it will eliminate the threat to humanity it represents itself with sustained missile strikes on the regime's entire military.

The US won't be able to bully and blackmail a resolution against Iran through the UNSC, even if every one of the countries that abstained to appease the US in the UNGA sides with the US on a motion supporting the Israeli regime, it's going to fail by a wide margin, and direct US military intervention, even with the usual gang tagging along would take a long time to put together, or accomplish little but to give Iran all the legal justification it needs to eliminate every US base, warship, and military convoy in the region leaving isolated clusters of US troops scattered throughout countries where civil war against the regimes they've supported are breaking out.

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And yes, there is no equivalency at all between a missile fired at the most aggressive war criminals in the region's supposedly (according to the official position of the US, completely inactive nuclear weapons program and the war criminals terrorist attacks on a functioning, IAEA inspected and certified peaceful civilian nuclear energy program.

To pretend that the Israeli regime isn't the nuclear weapons rogue state with a history of launching attacks on its neighbors, and that Iran's nuclear program isn't an NNPT compliant energy program is to pretend that Trump won reelection and the Capitol Rioters were peaceful prodemocracy activists.

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Funny how the MULTIPLE Israeli regime's missile attacks just disappear when Syria fires a missile, which, of course is not 'in response', the way the fifth or so missile that the Israeli regime has fired at Syria somehow is.

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According to some people, pointing out that even the tragedy of watching Chauvin get away with murder wouldn't break the will of the protesters against injustice, but inspire them to face violent oppression and the harassment of the emboldened racists was a 'threat to the jurors'.

That those people found the prospect of even more protesters, more determined to end the injustice of racism, threatening tells you what they are. Hint, they're the same as the folks who found the people who tried to walk across the Edmund Pettus bridge frightening, and that even after the egregious miscarriage of justice at the hands of police, they came back, more inspired to face violent oppression and the harassment of the emboldened racists, terrifying.

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Floyd could talk while Chauvin was on him. If he could talk, he could breathe, despite saying “I can’t breathe.”

I'm guessing that you're not familiar with the Salem witch trials and the 'pressing' of the accused until they either confessed, or died because the weight on them meant they couldn't inhale. They truly WANTED confessions, not death without confessions, so they didn't crush theory stone them, they pressed them.

And you're definitely not someone trained in rescue techniques for people caught in construction trench cave ins. There's an entire section on the need to ignore that they're still talking to you while buried to the neck, they're suffocating and need IMMEDIATE response or they're dead.

PS, what made crucifixion so horrific a death it was only reserved for terrorists was because what killed the victim was not being able to get enough air in to live, but still being able to talk.

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The 'he doesn't reflect the values and beliefs' statement would be a little more credible if he was a 'former Santa Rosa police officer' because he was fired, rather than a RETIRED Santa Rosa police officer.

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First off, the majority of the American public does want something done about this, but between the politicized courts and both political parties having convinced themselves that if they offend a small but vocal special interest group, they'll lose at least 2 elections, which will give the other party enough time to bake in enough rigging and talking points they'll spend their next win undoing that rather than working on baking in their own, it doesn't matter which of the two they are forced to pick from, nothing really gets done.

And the irony is that the 'freedom' that the screamers say would be 'lost forever' if the government did act on the gun problem means the freedom to be searched again and again by private 'security guards' if you want to do a lot of things, like go to an amusement park, attend a sporting event, etc

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