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Posted in: Forty years on, Bob Marley's rich legacy thrives See in context

Wtf downvotes that?

who the cap fits! Let dem wear it!! Hehe

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Posted in: Forty years on, Bob Marley's rich legacy thrives See in context

One Love!!

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Posted in: As part of attempts to strengthen the vaccination system, dentists will be joining doctors and nurses in administering vaccinations. See in context

Well done guys. Took a while. Now have a look at pharmacists as an option if you really want to speed things up. This stuff, you know logistics, ain't rocket science.

Surely there has been a semi-deliberate ball drop on the vaccination roll out as japan does what it always does, lags behind over cautious. Trying to scan for potential problems that may get them into trouble, then someone has to answer to someone! Nightmare!

The old saying , 'A rolling stone gathers no moss' may be worth putting up on a billboard for Japan 2.0! We shall get there, eventually!

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Mate, I’m from Perth and saw Bondies big kangaroo parade in the streets when we won the America’s cup ! Our Prime Minister Bob Hawke on national tv,

”Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum." 

good times.

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Kyak* And that be your opinion which you are completely entitled to. I get it guys and am actually for postponing until next year. Just a bit of friendly banter and pushback to the cancel everything crew. Those happy souls that would be happy to see the Olympics cancelled entirely.

starbucks* how good was Cathy Freeman!!!

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Starbucks* if you are an Olympian, you’ve earned it. It’s a privilege I have zero issue with, and if the games are in fact to go on it’ll be nice to take pause for a few weeks and see the action. If it can be done it should. We will see within a fortnight, maybe less.

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You shouldn’t have to knock one section down in order to feel that it’s your turn for respect mate. Aussies love their sports and sports hero’s. It’s a big uniting force in our culture. A good one.

In fact we celebrate the tops in any field well in Oz, but sports are just so accessible to young and old. No identity politics on the sports field. It’s as level a playing field as you are ever gunna get in life. Pity it can’t be replicated elsewhere.

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Posted in: Job offers for 2022 university graduates improve as COVID-19 fears subside See in context

The virus is still here but companies are projecting forward. Hiring some cheap tech savvy graduates to help make the transition to post corona economy 2.0 is just the smart move.

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Yep we had the mean spirited types screaming bloody murder over athletes given priority over the rest of the population, but by and large Aussies know the hard work that goes into becoming and Olympian and got behind our team. Private donor, well played.

As usual, Aussies just getting on with it in these trying of times.

The vitriol hatred , one sidedness and negativity of those trying their best to make enough noise to shut the games down has just made me wanna support our athletes now. Go for gold Aussie. Would be cool if we could tune into any sport being played by any country real time. That’d be a first.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

Postpone it till next year that way those athletes can have a bit of breathing space but still maintain form and compete. Summer/winter Olympics on the same year.

Japan has to sort out its vaccination logistics and work with its eternal rival, China. An olive branch to the CCP (who may not deserve it, but get one anyway, you know the Olympic spirit ) who are not going to take well to the Boycott China Olympics movement already in swing.

Avoid a war even ( or a Taiwan invasion by a spited and pissed off CCP ) , that would be nice. A simpletons approach Im sure but not impossible. Three birds with one stone. Isseki 3cho !

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Expat , brutal! But it definitely resonates. Maybe we can count on the ever important concept of ‘face’ to keep things from going totally pear shaped. Nothing more important than face apparently in Chinese culture. The world just needs to become one giant mirror!

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Reckless * they do say history repeats!

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New Zealand trying to hand out an olive branch to the CCP in the hope that actual dialog is possible. Probably getting burnt in the process but worth a shot.

If China is set on its zero game ways it will further alienate itself from the international community and to where one has to wonder? The talk of and murmurs, even predictions of an actual war is disturbing. Especially cause we are dealing with enough thanks to the chaos the pandemic has delivered.

However, talking TO someone and talking AT someone are two massively different conversations. You can run and hide till the crows come home to roost , but trying to shut down and control any narrative always has been a loosing strategy. Let’s see if nations can work it out, otherwise...

In times of such uncertainty, calm heads must prevail. In that spirit reaching out is always a welcomed approach.

What would de-escalation look like is the research question?

What would it take to appease China into not flexing too much? Probably a lot.

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Posted in: Now that classes will be online, I won’t be able to hang out with the few new friends I’ve made since being able to go to campus in April. It’s tough for me to focus during online lectures. I feel lonely... like I don’t belong anywhere. See in context

Covid is the final and timely nail in the coffin for so many educators who got away with absolute drab, behind closed doors, until now. Forcing teachers, students and content online means that it is all finally out there. If anyone ( parents とか)bothers to take the time and have a look at what’s on offer from those charged with educating the young hungry minds and and next generation, try sitting through some idiot speaking to a camera in monotone in front of a blackboard. Dry, listless, dead. It was bareable if you had your classmates to entertain you, but take that away and its just bleak. We wonder where all the competent leaders of the nation are? And now we can see why. The deinspiration machine of j education. RIP.

Those that can actually engage the students will be doing quite well online or off, and don’t worry students it won’t last forever and hopefully education 2.0 will be a healthier place post covid. Enjoy making your content. Chuck in some visuals, sounds and real talk. Use the plethora of tools at hand. Tell the story of why your chosen subject is so awesome ,make it engaging, small group chats, connection etc, you know; the stuff that should’ve been happening behind those closed doors.

If for some strange reason you can’t ( and it’s fairly obvious) please have the grace to step aside. Bad teachers don’t even realize the damage they do. Ok, sorry folks. Bring on the EduRevolution. Rant over! Have a toppa golden week!!

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Posted in: North Korea says Biden has a hostile policy; warns of response See in context

"through diplomacy as well as stern deterrence"

Will mixed messages work in East Asia? Or will this kind of doublespeak be taken as a sign of weakness and further proof of the systemic disconnect within the Biden administration. We shall get to find out, that’s for sure. Are the pros at the helm and is their a course being set?

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Posted in: Australia's Perth at risk of 2nd snap-lockdown with 3 new COVID-19 infections See in context

Circuit breakers to keep the most isolated city in the world Corona free. McGowan is going fully fledged savior and so far, it’s working for him. Bit over the top according to mates back home in Perth, especially if you are not a fan of the labor party which many aren’t, but hey they watch the news from around the world and get it. You’d be a mug to not lock this thing down if there’s a chance you can. Small inconvenient stops, then back to relatively normal life and footy until the next inevitable cluster hunt.

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Posted in: Japan sets the bar for whose rights should be protected very low. The U.N., on the other hand, believes in protecting the rights of all human beings, regardless of their residence status and how important a country sees border control. See in context

as long as Tokyo's priority remains the strict maintenance of national borders.

well, that’s gunna be a quick conversation.

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The wheels are in motion on all levels. Japans flimsy approach to testing and vaccination didn’t do it any good, but if they can pull this off and once the tremendous performances of the athletes surviving ( even choosing to knuckle down and thrive) despite the noise, setbacks , mass disruptions and difficulties that pandemic delivered to their dreams then that alone should be moment to pause. Sporting stories are human stories so once the systematic problems of the games are put aside glory will be on show as it has in the past as it will in the future. Yeah I know it’s very peptalkish but I still believe this can work.

Hey, they pulled the Grammies and the Oscars off! It was different, but still cool in a world 2:0 sort of way. Let those athletes with the real grit, talent and resolve to push-forward be the Meta-Story the games. That’s what we will celebrate. The individuals on show. Know I’m looking forward to shouting Ozzy ozzy ozzy over a few beers!

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Posted in: China says it has been invited by IAEA to join group over Fukushima water plan See in context

Great, now we get to see the Fukushima mess used for political gain by a tyrannical dictatorship. That’s definitely gunna help.

If China and South Korea were serious and wanted to get on board a regional effort to HELP solve the problem together with Japan that would be great. But..... watch it become a finger pointing screaming mess that makes the problem worse. Yay politics.

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Posted in: Virus surge, by-election losses put Suga's future in question See in context

Is there an actual opposition party capable of taking the reigns from the LDP?

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Posted in: COVID-19 vaccination for those under 65 may start in July: minister See in context

will consult experts if needed, but stopped short of elaborating.

Level: Boss, with Japanese characteristics.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it not the job of leaders and government officials to be ABLE TO connect with the people they are charged with representing BY elaborating and explaining the various options on the table?

You have to admit, the patience of the population is incredible!

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Posted in: Prefectural governors seek COVID financial aid for businesses See in context

Joe, was wondering the same. Votes?

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Posted in: Pfizer confirms fake vaccine shots on sale in Mexico, Poland See in context

As much as this pandemic has woken people up to their better natures of diligence, community spirit and cooperation, the scum of the earth still lurk. Wrinkle cream ay?Lovely stuff.

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you have to wonder if this “slow approval process” is gunna cut it with the people of Osaka as the efforts of the central government to deal with reality eventually get examined and judged. (Perhaps the lack of any real opposition to the old LDP isn’t turning out too well)

September? Hmmm, good enough if you don’t know what’s going on in other countries efforts. I imagine this is what those in charge must be banking on. Planning retirements etc.

Hate to come down so hard, and I’m sure some people are working hard somewhere, but patience must be running thin.

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Posted in: Japan says Chinese military likely behind cyberattacks See in context

Payback for the Biden/Suga announcement. They don't waste their time do they! Japan now in the awkward situation of having to back up its own rhotoric.

The dreaded A word. Action.

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Posted in: We need to deliver a strong message to the public to alter practices that have become so pervasive as to be perceived as custom. See in context

This is why these guys get paid the big bucks! Saving the world, one step at a time ?

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