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Posted in: Enjoy fresh, nutritious tomato beer from Fukushima prefecture See in context

Nothing from Fukushima for me for the next 200 years, which makes it unlikely i will knowingly eat or drink anything from the region.

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Posted in: Sprinter Blake says he would rather miss Olympics than get COVID-19 vaccine See in context

But also selfish. No thought fir the Japanese people he could infect.

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Posted in: PR chief at center of scandal involving Suga's son hospitalized after resigning See in context

Disgusting cowardly behaviour. But not just from her, she is forced into this by the Abe administration.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics should have fans in stands: Hashimoto See in context

The only things we are waiting for is the early announcement of the cancellation of the Games and vaccination.

That is what the people are asking for.

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Posted in: Rights groups target sponsors for Beijing Winter Games See in context

These organisations care only about their own interests and revenue.

IOc is the one that must be challenged first, than the sponsors and YES also the athletes. Like any other individual they must choose between ethical and moral values over selfinterest. They can not be excused from that. They are young, but in most cases young adults, not children.

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Posted in: Japan to begin allowing foreign Olympic athletes' entry next month: Nikkei See in context

Pls note that the Olympic village does not open before July, so the athletes go to training camps all over Japan. Ideal superspreaders.

plus the LOC said earlier that athletes should come late and leave soon after their event. As announced also by IOC and government.

Australian open was a disaster and players do not want to continue the season in this fashion, 6 nations is a mess because of the French teams infections, soccer games are cancelled allover as the music festivals in Europe are cancelled one by one.

Rugby in Japan and j league have just started. Let’s give that 2 weeks and see.

The Olympics in Tokyo would cost many lives. If held

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Posted in: Athletes will be in the athletes' village, and their quarantine can be managed, but it will be difficult to manage and isolate foreign tourists in the same way. See in context

No worries, Yamaguchi San, there will be no foreign fans or ticketholders but I do not agree at all that the Olympic Village can be managed as far as the virus is concerned.

and with Kawabuchi in charge , he will run it as a military bootcamp.

very best regards

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay scheduled to begin in one month — without cheering See in context

Pathetic and grotesk.

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Posted in: The system is letting down students just above the scholarship threshold. Many such students work to support their families and may eventually be forced to drop out if the pandemic continues. See in context

The system only cares for the system so pretending she cares for these students is just that.. pretending.

something to “ study” for her so she can continue to collect an unearned salary.

Japan has far to many universities and most of doubtful quality and yes i am aware of the great reputations and official graduation results but those are manipulated to make the Universities look good.

getting into some Japanese Universities can be difficult ( except for the rich) but getting a degree is an automatic consequence of getting in.

better study that. And instead of “ studying “ poverty under students, give them some of your univ salary

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Posted in: China says Japan-U.S. security treaty a product of Cold War See in context

This imperialist madman in Beijing can have a hot one as far as i am concerned. He is looking for one.

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Posted in: Takeda starts clinical trial of Novavax COVID-19 vaccine in Japan See in context

Start ??? Funny if it was not so sad

so Johnson and Johnson ? The best one in the market is for what year.

of course the Astra zeneca must be pushed as will be locally produced.

i will not accept vaccination with the AZ vaccine nor the Chinese junk. But i am fine with J&J, Pfizer, Moderna en even Sputnik

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Posted in: Births in Japan hit record low in 2020; deaths down for first time in over a decade See in context

Why is it so difficult to understand that deaths are down ? The near universal wearing of masks prevented flu infections. There are also significant less traffic deaths

one striking thing is that sharp reductions in heart and cancer treatments have not lead to more deaths and that shows how many unnecessary surgical procedures are performed. I know, early to make that a definite conclusion but stil.

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Posted in: Golden oldie 'King Kazu' leads Japan's soccer veterans See in context

Once admired him for his professional soccer careers longevity but he now becomes an embarrassment.

It is very important for anyone to observe and accept TIME. And too live through the changing phases with dignity.

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Posted in: Travel agency JTB to cut capital to become eligible for tax advantage See in context

This is pure tax evasion and that is a criminal offence.

with all the money received from government, other money funnelled through support campaigns to them, with their near monopoly on government travel, including local governments , they still can not make money. Also they had near exclusivity on the rugby worldcup through a JV with Dentsu and with STH.

this has been one of the last surviving dinosaurs and time to euthanise it.

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Posted in: Concerns mount over trace app for potential foreign Olympic fans See in context

None of the government apps have so far worked. They are not supposed too. The only purpose is to sugarcoat the pockets of the friendly companies.

the worse designed the more money for redesign and updates.

what foreign fans anyway ? WHAT Olympics ? 5 months before the start, having had 8 years to prepare and it is an enormous mess. Covid complicated things but it was a mess from the beginning.

5 days in the new job and Hashimoto has crawled under her desk

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Posted in: Pandemic wedding plunge adds to Japan demographic woes See in context

Is it stil allowed to say that my wife and I are stil very happily married after 16 years ? May i ?

we made that decision out off love and we are as happy as on day one with each other. We live in Japan but we are both Belgian so it is not a convenience marriage. I read so many negative comments here on marriage

And we have decided we do not want children but we want to enjoy our lives. That is ,I think, also an important reason for many couples. Children are not a must for a happy marriage.

I am happy to support ,through taxes ,other couples. It is called respect and solidarity. Frankly , I think the world should reduce the current numbers of humans by half to make it better and liveable for all creatures.

Japan , by 2050( much earlier then statistics say) will have 80 million people and each of them will be much better off.

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Posted in: Ikee books Olympic qualifiers spot after leukemia treatment See in context

Just awe and respect. What a lady. Japan should be grateful for her. An inspiration, an example.

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Posted in: There will be demand for travel during the spring school holidays in March, so we should think of doing a Go To campaign to properly support the tourism industry then. See in context

As I said with regards to the Avilgan story, Japan never accepts failures so failures must be presented as success.

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Posted in: 12 Japan firms to end business deals involving Uyghur forced labor See in context

I completely agree with Kurisupisu.

I but nothing made in China. Nothing. I will not do business around Beijing 2022 or any other business or representation for Chinese teams, federations or individuals.

Every brand I am a customer off, I drop as soon as they start production in China.

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Posted in: Fujifilm to restart clinical trial of Avigan to treat COVID-19: report See in context

Japan can not deal with its own failures so they don’t ever recognize them as failures.

That goes for this failed product and the complete failure of developing a vaccine but also for the entire domestic pharma industry.

a complete misplaced sense of nationalism but we know better than to expect that to change ever

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Posted in: WhatsApp to move ahead with privacy update despite backlash See in context

No problem, i dont need them. Terminating them

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Posted in: Hashimoto asks staff to work as 'one team' to win public trust for Olympics See in context

I think appointing a woman just for being a woman is just as sexist as not appointing her for the same reason.

Both Hashimoto and her Olympic ministry successor add zero value to the organisations they work for

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Posted in: Hashimoto will not give Mori any official Tokyo Olympics role See in context

Hashimoto is an embarrassment for Japan

1) I will not accept the role, changed within a few days to..ok then

2) I will not resign from the LDP changed in half a day to present her resignation.

3) she is a sexual harassment offender

4) she is a very very close Mori supporter and is placed there by Mori in reality through his Canon friend.

5) having been an athlete does not mean you have any expertise in management

6) as Olympic minister she did not give a peep.

really, sad.just sad

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Posted in: Sponsors, volunteers welcome Hashimoto as Tokyo Olympics head See in context

She is no expert in sports marketing or management at all and just a sad attempt for political correctness. As she is considered by Mori as “ his daughter” the old guard also stays in charge. With the Canon rugby pal from Mori presiding the selection committee nothing else was to be expected.

what a pity the Japanese public is so easily nurtured back to sleep.

About her replacement, the returning Olympic minister was so invisible in her first time at the job they forgot to reappoint her earlier in the Abe cabinets.

Hashimoto’s first speech was about as motivating as a 4 hour documentary watching grass grow.

Nothing changed.

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Posted in: I wonder how many companies can survive the coronavirus pandemic without compensation. There should be no difference in payouts to companies that have lost sales, regardless of the type of business. See in context

I completely agree with him. Also many new restaurants and bars, and a number of existing ones are defrauding the taxpayer by just operating to cash in on this 1,8 million a month.

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Posted in: From Twitter star to vaccine czar: Taro Kono's moment in the spotlight See in context

Kono San is the only person to clean up the LDP and stop the decline of Japan on the economic global rankings.

He is intelligent, speaks perfect English and I support him even if he has once, 23 years ago broken an agreement with me.

Some things are and must be bigger than self interest. I do think he should make up for that mistake but that is difficult for any politician.

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Posted in: Ex-director sues Amnesty Japan for firing him over Japanese ability See in context

Most NGO’s or NPO’s , and all of them I know, are only and exclusively concerned with their own interests.

one of them in Japan stole my 2 dogs 4 y was as ago and gets protection from police and media. The management people enrich themselves but pretend to be volunteers.

Most of these organisations take advantage of the true goodwill of real volunteers and donors.

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Posted in: Trump's acquittal is a sign of ‘constitutional rot’ See in context

No, it is a sign of a strong decline in ethical and moral values. How many people actually know the constitution of the USA ?

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Posted in: The government will consider lifting the state of emergency over the coronavirus after confirming that the strain on hospital bed capacity in areas under the emergency has eased substantially. See in context

No problem, as long as you manipulate the positivity numbers, keep refusing people to enter hospitals and let them die at home and register deaths as pneumonia instead of COVID.

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