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Posted in: Next 'Star Wars' series to hit Disney streaming service in May See in context

“The Bad Batch” has a chance of being successful if...

...Kathleen Kennedy is not involved.

...the tales remain in Star Wars canon, i.e. abide within the universe of the Star Wars Trilogy, e.g. the Disney Trilogy is not Star Wars canon.

...character development is important to Disney. justice is NOT what the show will focus on.

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Posted in: 50 LDP lawmakers urge local members to oppose separate surnames See in context

Japan's Civil Code requires a married couple to share a surname, and conventionally, the burden has largely fallen on women to change names after marriage.

A marriage is one man and one woman becoming one for one lifetime. Japan’s Civil Code did not create arbitrarily marriage or surnames but simply protects the basic social structure of society, the family.

Taking an axe to the root of civilization, the family, by interfering with marriages through superfluous legislation, i.e. demanding double surnames, helps no one.

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Posted in: Keira Knightley says she has no interest in filming sex scenes for men See in context

If women do not want to be objectified, they should not show off their objects.

Possibly this will be a continuing and growing positive trend in Hollywood where plot, rather than fornication, is the center of a film’s focus.

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Posted in: House Democrats deliver Trump impeachment charge to Senate See in context

House Democrats deliver Trump impeachment charge to Senate

Along with resignations signed by those Democrats who incited violence and insurrection since last March.

IF this were a perfect world.

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Posted in: U.S. to reverse Trump's 'draconian' immigration policies, Biden tells Mexican president See in context

The United States plans to reverse the Trump administration's "draconian" immigration approach...

The "draconian" immigration approach that legal immigrants support.

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Posted in: Biden faces a more confident China after U.S. chaos See in context

China was also emboldened by a President pro tem Biden crying on camera and for also stumbling angrily at a question by a reporter.

China is more afraid of Biden taking China down along with America.

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Posted in: Biden pushes to get food, cash to crisis-hit Americans See in context

Americans would have had more financial relief several months ago if the Democrats had approved the stimulus check proposal...but they denied it in the House because they wanted extra money added for their pork projects and also due to an upcoming election. They did not want Americans to see another stimulus check with President Trump’s name on it before Americans voted.

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Posted in: TV audience for Biden inauguration tops Trump's viewership four years earlier See in context

Only 4%!?!

Pretty low considering how many people are in lockdown and stuck at home.

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Posted in: On first day, Biden rolls back Trump policies on border wall, climate, WHO, health, Muslims See in context

President pro tem Biden seems to have learned from his predecessor. After opposing President Trump’s efforts in fighting the pandemic, Mr. Biden is now embracing them.

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Posted in: In farewell address, Trump urges prayers for next administration without mentioning Biden See in context

U.S. President Donald Trump, in a farewell address released on Tuesday, urged prayers for the new administration of President-elect Joe Biden...

This Christian act tells us more about President Trump than those Leftist news commentators who cannot let go of their hate.

...leaves office with nearly 400,000 people dead of the coronavirus whose risk he downplayed, an economy struggling from the pandemic, and relationships strained with key U.S. allies...

This reads like the talking points of the Democrat Party rather than a news piece. Hundreds of thousands dead across the globe is a horrific tragedy. A tragedy that would have been compounded if Mr. Trump had follow Mr. Biden’s advice from last January to the present.

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Posted in: Biden arrives for inauguration with big plans, big problems See in context

...coronavirus pandemic, soaring unemployment and grave concerns about more violence as he prepares to take the oath of office.

This is all only one issue. The pandemic. All President pro tem Biden has to do is not screw up the solutions President Trump put in place to repair the damage from the previous administration.

...put forth a Covid aid proposal...

Aid that has been held up by Biden’s party. Hopefully, he will apologize for this in his inaugural speech.

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Posted in: Trump trial pending; McConnell calls it 'vote of conscience' See in context

Democrats intend to move swiftly on Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID aid and economic recovery package to speed up vaccinations and send Americans relief...

Democrats stalled relief for Americans for months. The Republicans proposed getting stimulus checks to the public as quickly as possible, but then the Dems put on pork spending and the Republicans responded with demands to remove said spending...and on and on. If the Democrats had ever been interested in the American people, they would have agreed immediately with the second stimulus checks.

And if Democrats were serious about their impeachment and trial rhetoric, several of them would resign due to their incitements of insurrection and violence since last March.

That all being said, those Democrats were elected in office as well as the RINOs and, therefore, the fault for many of crucial policies failing to be enacted is on the American voter for electing the same political hacks into office again and again. Mr. Biden was a senator for decades and look at the mess he helped to persist.

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Posted in: Trump impeachment trial could begin on Inauguration Day See in context

...of incitement of insurrection...

I watched President Trump’s speech and I read his speech, and if that was an incitement of insurrection, many Democrats will need to resign for their innumerable incitements before I would take these impeachment proceedings seriously.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez to perform at Biden inauguration See in context

Lady Gaga, a woman who is openly anti-social, will sing the national anthem?

Not interested.

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Posted in: Comparison between Capitol siege, BLM protests denounced See in context

But the two events were fundamentally different.

A claim not born out by the evidence. Neither the riot at the Capitol building nor the riots attacking Americans’ businesses and government buildings are justifiable.

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Posted in: Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot See in context

When people feel powerless and their legitimate concerns are not being heard or outright rejected, they will engage in unjust acts, such as mob violence, because we are all morally imperfect and unjust.

That being said, since last spring, unlike the Left, President Trump has not promoted riots nor described looting as a “nonviolent act”. Quite the opposite. However, this does not excuse President Trump for not speaking more clearly last week once the mob began running amok.

Hopefully, President pro tem Biden will help end the American national pastime of riots and violence by condemning those who support it.

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Posted in: Obstetrician at 'baby hatch' hospital struggles for women's right to confidential births See in context

The children are allowed to know their mother's identity once they turn 16 years old.

This is the one part that most people will agree with. At some stage, children are entitled to a relationship with and care from both of the people who brought him or her into being. However, no child can defend these entitlements themselves. These entitlements must be supported proactively, before harm is done, for those rights to be protected at all. Depriving a child of relationships with his or her parents is an an injustice to the child.

Let’s not create more child suffering to satisfy adults’ desires.

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

The time has come to reflect on what is the difference between Americans and Democrats. Americans, Left or Right, are against violent protests and riots. However, Democrats have failed to decry the riots and protests that started from the spring of last year.

If there is to be unity in America, the Left (Pelosi, AOC, Biden, etc.) and the Right (McConnell, Blunt, etc.) need to listen to the American people, not the elites.

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Posted in: PBS' 'All Creatures Great and Small' aims to be timely tonic See in context

All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

The Lord God made them all.”

A wonderful theme woven throughout the books is the celebration of the uniqueness of humans while also sharing the soulish qualities of their animal familiars. Hopefully, this endearing celebration of God’s creation will not be lost in this series.

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Posted in: Japan's additional Aegis ships could encourage further arms buildup See in context

Having a gun in your home does not increase crime. Japan needs to be prepared for criminal nations like China and North Korea.

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Posted in: Biden to take oath outside Capitol due to virus restrictions See in context

Huh!?! The oath of office is usually taken outside!!

Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump...

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Posted in: Genderless high school uniforms spread in Japan to meet needs of LGBT students See in context

When one states they are transgender, they are acknowledging what sex they truly are though they may feel differently, i.e. born male but feels female.And with this acknowledgement of knowing that one was born innately male or female comes the explicit self-evident truth that these students know whether they should be wearing a male or a female uniform.

just because someone claims to be gender confused does not mean that we ALL must be gender confused. Pretending a boy is a girl is anti-science and helps no one.

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' film 'Rogue Squadron' due in 2023 See in context

Seeing the photo of Mark Hamill at the beginning of the article, Star Wars fans would all have leapt for joy. Has Lucasfilm and Disney finally learned something!?! Were they returning to Star Wars canon!?!

And then they read the article and learned that gender sexual political agendas are still unbelievably what is being pushed by Disney on the public. The Disney Disaster Trilogy Tragedy and the Han Solo Sucks film were not a big enough hint that non-canon material, i.e. out of line with the Trilogy, does not sell. The Mandalorian sells. Baby Yoda sells.

(If you want to see what a Star Wars film should look like, search for Ivan Ortega, a film editor, on YouTube and his The Last Jedi Re-edit. He saved Star Wars for many fans using what footage he had.)

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Posted in: Viewers 'hungry' for LGBT+ movies, says 'Happiest Season' director Clea DuVall See in context

Anyone who has Hulu will not be impressed by any claims of record breakers since the channel’s content is far from being impressive. Any new film will do very well, especially when you consider that Hulu has added the entire Harry Potter series AGAIN! And the entire Resident Evil series AGAIN! And the Planet of the Apes series AGAIN!

So any new film will be a winner, especially one that shows people living a cohabitating or adulterous or gender confused or sexually depraved lifestyle, like the film Fifty Shades of Grey.

However, genuine love is not giving your approval or facilitating behavior that will damage another person in body, soul and spirit...nor by funding productions that affirm such behavior.

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Posted in: Hope growing that married couples will be allowed to use different surnames See in context

Sadly our generation has been afflicted with a piece of defective public policy, Marriage Deconstructionism. Forcing ordinary citizens to speak and act as though same-sex unions, polygamous unions, incestuous unions, pedophilia unions, bestial unions are all equal with marriage is societal suicide.

Further weakening marriage by not respecting the bond made, and exemplified, by taking on your spouse’s last name is just another nail in the societal coffin.

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Posted in: Criminal probe, legal fights await Trump after White House See in context

It is a hallmark of the human race that when you become a well-known figure, cockroaches will appear out of the cracks hungry for monetary scraps or fame they neither earned nor deserve.

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Posted in: Obama, in memoir, recalls Japan's revolving-door leadership era, bowing to emperor See in context

....he stirred controversy in the United States for having bowed too low.

"Later, I learned that my simple bow to my elderly Japanese hosts had sent conservative commentators into a fit back home," he said.

Mr. Obama still does not understand!?! When he bowed to Japan’s emperor, he bowed as a representative of the American people which means EVERY American bowed to a foreign leader.

Mr. Obama embarrassed the entire nation and he still cannot be man enough to apologize!?!

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Posted in: Biden outlines plan to ease economic inequity amid pandemic See in context

Biden, a Democrat, has vowed to spend trillions of dollars...

And the American people, and the American economy, asked, “ Are you trying to destroy us!?!”

Let us hope this is not similar to the Obama-Biden eceonomics that stalled the US economic recovery for eight years.

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Posted in: Bill submitted to recognize users of donated eggs, sperm as parents See in context

Children have a right to a relationship to the people who brought him or her into the world. Denying this is an injustice to the child. Denying full disclosure of the information of everyone involved, including the medical staff, to the child should never be allowed.

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Posted in: Japanese firms start to reconsider asking for resumes to specify gender See in context

Companies need to know what gender a potential employee might be due to uniform requirements, company facilities designated for one of the two genders, company health benefits, emergency treatment for workplace accidents, maternity leave, and so on.

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