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Posted in: Shhhh, they're listening – inside the coming voice-profiling revolution See in context

JT, thank you for this article. I had no idea that the tech firms would do this or be able to do this. I guess I will have to revert to my hostile Mediterranean accent every time I am near an electronic device, so it gets the image of someone they should not mess with.

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Posted in: Osaka loses to Muchova in 3 sets at Madrid Open See in context

Nothing was wrong with the headline. I learned who was competing, who won, and because it took 3 sets it was a competitive match.

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Posted in: Japan Sumo Association to hold first-aid lecture after wrestler's death See in context

Agreed and make that doctor a woman

@Lamilly, women cannot enter the sumo ring.

My question is why the Japanese Police have not arrested anyone yet. They are so quick to scoop up all sorts of other negligent actors for a wide variety of offenses in this country. Leaving the poor man to lie there for five minutes unattended has to be criminal negligence.

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Posted in: Britain to send 1,000 more ventilators to India See in context

The United States has many unused ventilators created because of Mr. Trump invoking the Defense Production Act. Why is Mr. Biden not offering to ship those to India?

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Posted in: Russia turns to China to produce Sputnik vaccine See in context

 after the successful technology transfer, they will start with an order of 80 million doses to sell back to Russia.

I thought Mr. Putin was smarter than this - transfer your precious vaccine technology to China, and then pay them for the service. He should have licensed it with the price being free vaccines for Russia and the Chinese could keep the rest of their profits.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM Ardern says differences with China becoming harder to reconcile See in context

Ardern said there are things on which China and New Zealand "do not, cannot, and will not agree", but added these differences need not define their relationship.

Madam Prime Minister, there are some universal values and human rights that you either support or you do not. If it was not for your double standards, you would have no standards at all.

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Posted in: Australia defends decision to penalize its citizens returning from COVID-ravaged India See in context

I am baffled by what opponents of this move want. "Let's fix our quarantine system rather than leave our fellow Australians stranded..."

That's a sound bite or a tweet. What's a realistic policy that will protect the rest of the Australian population? Frankly speaking, I cannot think of anything other than assuming they have been exposed and quarantining them for 10+ days and testing them regularly.

Maybe the complaint stems from these people having to quarantine in a hotel at their own expense?

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context

the suspect, Kazuhiro Arita, is a company employee from Osaka Prefecture,

He will soon be an unemployed man from Osaka.

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Posted in: Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster-than-light space travel a boost See in context

It is amazing that the Star Trek series was created about 55 years ago but the writers already understood the concepts. "Negative energy" = "anti-matter".

At the rate of technological advances, these things might be reality within 200 years, if continued research and investments are applied.

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Posted in: Wealth of Japan's richest surges nearly 50% during pandemic See in context

An asset bubble has formed due to the easy money policies of the Central Banks. The only thing shocking here is the low level of increases among these super-rich, compared with the super rich of other countries. Relatively speaking, the average $5B gain is stale bread compared to the rich pastries of uber rich in Europe and USA.

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Posted in: Germany faces lockdown until June as curbs fail to push down cases See in context

The high case results in Europe are a direct result of the EU bureaucracy acting too slowly with regard to the vaccines. Now they are going to be chasing the virus the rest of the year.

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Posted in: World military spending grows despite pandemic See in context

Adventurism by dictators and autocrats causes instability at the nation-state level. No one is rearming because of the junta in Myanmar or the fool in the Philippines, who are solely focused on internal challenges. The vast growth in worldwide military spending is because of tyrants with designs on other nations' territories and resources, and the need to deter them.

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Posted in: UK denies that Johnson said 'let the bodies pile high' See in context

I'm no fan of Mr. Johnson but too many people here are too quick to believe any outlandish stories about him, simply because it fits their world view. I'll cut off my beard if this story is proven to be true.

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Posted in: 4 pro baseball stadiums will close to fans during state of emergency See in context

The Giants-Carp game on TV this afternoon had a huge crowd - yes, I understand that the restrictions begin tomorrow. But if it was serious enough to stop having crowds at all, then it should have been serious enough today to bow a few times and tell everyone "we are very sorry for the inconvenience but spectators cannot attend, please apply for a refund of your tickets". Inconvenience trumps community health? Or, "maybe the virus won't spread until this coming week."

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Posted in: Official of Mito prosecutors office arrested for filming up girl’s skirt See in context

He was having a mid-life crisis. Twenty years after graduation from university, he is still just an office clerk to a crowd of younger and smarter attorneys.

That being said, he works in the Prosecutors' office. Does anyone on this site believe the Prosecutors will indict him and take him to trial?

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Posted in: Sri Lanka arrests top Muslim leader over 2019 Easter attacks See in context

The corrupt Sri Lankan government gets a win-win here. They set the country's minorities against each other while also weakening the political representation of the Muslim minority.

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Posted in: Biden recognizes atrocities against Armenians as genocide See in context

Mr. Erdogan fancies himself as the next Ottoman emperor; he sees himself as the man who will rebuild the Ottoman empire. He does not think anything done during that time was improper, whether it was subjugating the Greeks or the slaughter of the Armenians, Chaldeans and Assyrian Christian minorities.

He has an election coming up. I believe this statement from Mr. Biden will help rally Mr. Erdogan's Islamist base and strengthen his position in Turkish domestic politics.

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Posted in: India's crematoriums overwhelmed as virus tears through country See in context

Twitter should be ashamed of itself, taking sides in a political dispute, and blocking the tweets of journalists and opposition politicians.

And for someone who declared victory in January, this disaster may be karma for Mr. Modi.

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Posted in: 107 victims of 2005 fatal train derailment in Hyogo remembered See in context

Four people found Not Guilty in a Japanese court? With the 99% conviction rate we all hear about, I guess that means the prosecutors were 396 out of 396 on the rest of their 400 cases.

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Posted in: Pooping at supermarket checkout lands Kitakyushu man ¥300,000 fine See in context

Reminds me of Robin Williams in "Moscow on the Hudson", saying "I defecate" in the department store, and seeing the fun reactions of people trying to prevent it. [The joke was that he was trying to announce his defection.]

Or last year's real video of US Congressman Nadler making his slow get away after having a similar download.

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Posted in: Japan says Chinese military likely behind cyberattacks See in context

The Japanese must hedge and say it is "likely" rather than it is "definite", because once you start admitting you have been definitely attacked, the citizens expect you to do something like reciprocally attack.

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Posted in: Death by Zoom: Virus-hit Indonesia orders executions online See in context

We can all see that many people say and do things online that they would probably not do, or at least be more hesitant to, if in the presence of the target of their animosity. This article shows it is true all the way to the extreme end of human judgment, in these capital punishment cases.

So many people online are quick to "own" or "destroy" other human beings - just look at the language we use to describe these hostile verbal executions. If they had to confront them in person, perhaps they would be more likely to show mercy, or unable to pull the trigger, or incapable of passing judgment.

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Posted in: Ex-table tennis star Fukuhara's husband files for divorce See in context

I would do the same if Mrs. Affist was running around with some other married man.

And the last time we saw her on TV, after the birth of baby #2, Ms. Fukuhara seemed to have finally grown up and seemed mature, chubby and happy.

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Posted in: 3 suspects who robbed elderly woman at home after one asked to use her toilet arrested See in context

I would love to know how the police tracked the suspects down. Old people don't often have security cameras but perhaps the perps used a car with a license plate trackable to them, and it was caught on a nearby camera at the right time, or maybe a neighbor saw the team departing and was able to provide some good evidence.

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Posted in: Bus driver arrested after fatally hitting 13-year-old girl in Akita Prefecture See in context

A bus is a lot less maneuverable than a teenager. It's very hard to bring a bus to a quick stop. The bus driver is not going to be negligent, at least in the normal sense, when he is unable to defy the laws of physics and stop his multi-ton vehicle in a few metres.

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Posted in: Osaka request for emergency will include store closures, online school classes See in context

Watching the Giants-Hanshin game right now, and the stadium is definitely 50% full. The trains are full. The stores are full. People are ignoring their government leaders, other than 99% are wearing masks (although many are below the nose).

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Posted in: Tanaka allows 2 homers, loses in return to Japanese baseball See in context

Welcome back to NPB! The competition level has improved while he was away.

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Posted in: Biden's chip dreams face reality check of supply chain complexity See in context

In other words, Mr. Biden is dangling a $50 billion bribe to these executives, who will know which political party is responsible for the largesse.

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Posted in: Fukuoka man arrested for breaking into store, putting on female staff’s apron and shirt See in context

The poor young lass now is severely creeped out knowing there is a loser out there, infatuated with her, who is willing to commit crimes to wear her clothing!

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Posted in: Man, woman found dead in Tokyo hotel in apparent murder suicide See in context

Was the staff not suspicious when this couple checked in with their gardening shears?

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