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Posted in: Bolsonaro fined as he flouts mask rule before motorcyclists See in context

The picture above looks like a two-wheeled Honda. What photos are you referring to?

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Posted in: Biden to name Pulse Nightclub a national memorial See in context

The Pulse nightclub murderer was an Islamist terrorist who hated gays. This is never mentioned in any recent articles.

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Posted in: China cautions G7 that 'small' groups don't rule the world See in context

"small groups don't rule the world" - until the small group of the CCP leadership is able to do so, then it will be perfectly fine for a small group to do so.

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Posted in: Woman cyclist killed in hit-and-run with motorbike See in context

Even if the bicyclist caused the collision, the driver of the heavier, powered vehicle is expected to drive with the skill of a "professional driver" (someone who makes their living from driving, such as a taxi driver) and will be deemed solely at fault or mostly at fault. In addition, the motorcyclist will be charged with failing to render aid and with leaving the scene of an accident.

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Posted in: Suga refers to Taiwan as country, drawing fire from China See in context

The disappointing thing was that Suga was justifying restricting or denying privacy rights and pointed to the three democracies in doing so, as if he wants to or hopes to be able to have similar lockdown authority here in Japan.

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Posted in: Judge rejects effort to return MLB All-Star Game to Georgia See in context

Why was this in a Manhattan court and not an Atlanta court? I'm not an expert on venue and jurisdiction, but I thought plaintiffs could sue anywhere the defendant has operations. As MLB has operations in Atlanta, the plaintiffs should have been able to sue in a more friendly jurisdiction. Did these hick rubes from Georgia think an Obama-appointed judge like Judge Carponi would rule in their favor?

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Posted in: Olympic chiefs propose Brisbane as host of 2032 Summer Games See in context

Did someone in Queensland or Brisbane provide the traditional selection inducements to the bank accounts in Switzerland? Has there been an Olympics awarded in modern memory that did not involve large cash transfers to the members of the IOC and their families?

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Posted in: Bach scraps plans for quick June visit; will be in Tokyo in mid-July See in context

Mr. Bach is staying away to avoid getting pelted with tomatoes and other rotten fruits by the seething Japanese populace.

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Posted in: Four decades on, where's the HIV vaccine? See in context

Thank you for the informative article.

How do these companies know the success rate of their vaccine tests? Do they really have 2600 women in a poor place in Africa engage in risky behaviors in order to see how many of them do not become HIV positive? Or worse, have them engage in sexual relations with known infected persons? After all, an effective test would be to compare against real world conditions. Hopefully the vaccine works wonderfully. But if it doesn't, will Johnson & Johnson provide these now-HIV positive women free antiretroviral therapy the rest of their lives?

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Posted in: AI is taking over job hiring, but can it be racist? See in context

"and I didn't go to a top university"

Well, there you go. It isn't your race or your first-generation college student status. Latino race is a plus now. First-generation college status isn't going to show up in the AI filters. But they certainly program the algorithms to take into account the college the person attended.

I read an article last year which indicated that hiring managers, when facing thousands of nearly identical resumes, will sort by colleges - assuming the student who managed to get into an elite school is more likely to have greater intelligence, drive and motivation, than students who didn't get into such schools. In fact, it is similar to Japan. Everybody wants the student who attended Tokyo, Kyoto, Keio or Waseda. They don't want the students who went to schools no one has ever heard of.

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Posted in: Peru socialist Castillo extends narrow lead in polarized vote See in context

This election is too close for the win to be trusted. Peru is not known as a model of voting integrity. Both sides are presumably manufacturing votes right now, or leaning on the vote counters.

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Posted in: 4th member of Cuban baseball delegation defects to U.S. See in context

I am concerned for their loved ones back home. The Communist government will do things to punish their families - their parents, their siblings, even their grandparents - for the crime of defecting. It has always been a tool in the toolbox in order to deter others. "There have to be consequences" (or everyone else will try to leave too.)

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of girlfriend in Kyoto See in context

So let's get this 43-year old guy from Kyoto and the 40-something woman from Taito Ward in Tokyo (see other current JT Crime story) together after their sentences. They both murdered their significant others. They probably have a lot in common. At least, if there is a dispute, they both bring equal levels of homicidal intent to the discussion.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over fatal stabbing of boyfriend See in context

The article said it was "his apartment" but then said he was a company employee from Kashiwa. Nevertheless, I am wondering if the trivial argument was him kicking her out or ending the relationship, leaving her without a plan.

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Posted in: Russian crew member arrested over boat collision that killed 3 Japanese See in context

Vladimir will be most displeased.

About 10 years ago, wasn't the captain of Chinese fishing boat arrested near the Senkakus for colliding with a Coast Guard boat? But then the Japanese government quickly knuckled under and dropped charges. Watch for something similar here.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 743 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,536 See in context

They are starting the vaccines, at least, so hang on! Mrs. Affist's parents both have their first jabs scheduled next week. By early July, they will be considered to be "fully vaccinated" like many of the other octogenarians, and the death rates will come down. It seems like a race against time to get the vulnerable immunized before the Olympics bring all the world's variants into Tokyo.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for attempted murder after setting wife on fire See in context

His wife was disabled. What a wretched heart to try to burn her to death inside the family home!

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Posted in: Police identify remains in suitcase retrieved from Lake Biwa as 2007 murder victim See in context

Why murder a dental clinic manager? I cannot imagine the practice was that lucrative. Perhaps he realized his partner was cooking the books or skimming off the top, and that led to them removing him. At least his family can now have a funeral and have some closure.

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Posted in: Ohtani hits 15th HR in 6-run 4th as Angels defeat Rangers 11-5 See in context

It is so sad that he has to play on a horrible losing team. He's plainly the best pitcher and the best hitter on the team, but there is only so much that he can do for them.

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Posted in: Iran, world powers resume talks on U.S. return to nuclear deal See in context

Iran had centrifuges before the JCPOA, and they continued to use them during the Agreement. The JCPOA at its best simply delayed Iranian nuclear weapons. Now they are using them more extensively and aggressively. Any new deal needs to remove them, not just retard them.

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Posted in: New Zealand health systems hackers release patient details to the media See in context

The government will pay the hackers once the hackers start publicizing the actual health data of the government officials. Let's see, the mayor needed penicillin treatments three years ago. Oh, the governor's daughter had a teenage pregnancy. Hmmm, the program administrator's spouse had prescriptions of methadone and buprenorphine (in other words, to treat an addiction.)

Right now, the hackers have only released names, phone numbers and addresses of patients and staff. Wait until they release sensitive patient information, especially of those with the ability to pay a ransom...

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Posted in: Bytedance billionaire CEO to leave post to 'read and daydream' See in context

I'd like to leave my post to read and daydream. But I am not a billionaire.

Good luck, Mr. Zhang!

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Posted in: Mickelson holds on to lead PGA Championship See in context

I may have to get up early to watch this tomorrow!

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Posted in: Diet enacts bill making revisions to Juvenile Law See in context

allowing for the full names and faces of 18- and 19-year-old offenders to be published.

So we can expect more of the TV shots centered on the perp in the middle of back seat after his apprehension?

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Posted in: Domestic violence consultations in Japan hit record high in FY2020 See in context

The article requires some context. Not all of these are physical abuse cases.

Domestic Violence to the Japanese mind includes arguing and raising voices at each other. A loud quarrel is DV. The posters above noted why disputes were more likely in 2020, but do not let the increase in numbers make you assume all were for physical violence.

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Posted in: 21 runners dead as extreme cold weather hits China ultramarathon See in context

These races, even in well-to-do Western countries, have a minimal number of medics at the aid stations. They expect some hypothermia cases, are ready to do some transfusions, treat some sprains and breaks - but nothing like this or on this scale. They might have one medical evacuation helicopter on standby. I can't expect even those standards were followed in China.

Expect the provincial authorities to arrest all the organizers and send them to jail for several years.

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Posted in: Cashboxes containing ¥42 mil, 10 expensive watches stolen from hotel room See in context


he obviously did not trust the hotel staff to allow his goods to be placed in the safe.

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Posted in: Ibaraki health center warns people not to eat with foreigners to prevent spreading COVID See in context

I had hope when I read the headline that the government was actually trying to protect the foreigners, as none of them should have been infected in their home countries (because none of them have been able to travel to their home countries since the pandemic began). The vectors are coming from Japanese citizens allowed to return from places like India and Brazil and other out-of-control locations. So when the poor stuck-in-Japan foreigners encounter those returning Japanese, THEY are the ones who need to be protected.

Then I read the article and could not believe the stupidity.

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Posted in: Changed by pandemic, many workers won't return to old jobs See in context

Employers who want workers in a competitive job market need to do what is necessary to entice workers to return. Increasing wages and benefits, or profit sharing, or improving work-life balance, will lure workers back to their jobs.

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Posted in: Toyoda Gosei starts operation of new auto airbag plant in Mexico See in context

I was under the impression that they were taking over Takata's old plants and infrastructure, which have been available on the market for several years, although this article says it is a "new" plant. I hope Toyoda really did start from scratch.

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