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Posted in: Unused COVID shots piling up in Japan amid slow rollout See in context

Taro Kono is an incompetent disgrace.

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Posted in: Wages in Japan see 1st rise in 13 months due to less part-timers See in context

This means more shadow employments (Temporary plus slavery condition).

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Posted in: WHO approves China's Sinopharm vaccine in potential boost to COVAX pipeline See in context


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Posted in: Bill to amend law on Constitution revision referendum likely to pass Diet See in context

Assume if Japan can revise the 9th amendment, then how can Japan feed and maintain its armies?

- Reserves for resources are poor as Japan is an island nation with no strategic systems of supply chains like the BRI.

- Japanese population decline is unstoppable. No young people fighting for Japan soon.

- Japan has no answer to Chinese and Russian supersonic-to-hypersonic missiles that are capable of hitting all American bases and JSDF bases.

- Japanese economy declines worse by each year as living standards go down for every Japanese individual. No morale with people on an empty stomach!

- Japanese talents are draining fast as all educational facilities and research institutions are falling behind. Japanese universities barely appear in the top universities of the world, while China has many of them. Of course, Japanese youngsters refuse to learn useful STEM skills as well as any international skill (foreign languages for example).

- Japanese politicians are godly incompetent and don't know how to govern or have any plan for the future. The young Koizumi made up a number on climate change and didn't actually know anything about environmental science. Japanese elders in the bureaucracy don't even know how to use computers!

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Posted in: Nissan to sell entire Daimler stake for $1.4 billion See in context

US Auto Sales in April 2021, Asian Brands

1) Toyota/Lexus : 224,386

2) Hyundai/Kia/Genesis : 160,676

3) Honda : 148,538

4) Nissan/Infiniti : 102,800

5) Subaru : 65,726

6) Mazda : 31,991

7) Mitsubishi : 10,163

If China never gets troubled by American dealership systems as well as national security excuses, most of the American cars would easily be Chinese by now.

Hyundai and Kia are pretty impressive.

@mmwkdw sorry to burst your bubble but Japan's judiciary is ranked equally with USA and is far better than judiciary of countries like France, Germany, Japan Judiciary is not as bad as you think. In-fact far from it. Sure it isn't perfect but it's not bad at all.

From your speech, it's clearly that you're never in the US.

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Posted in: Kyoto families angered by new policy forcing high school students to buy tablets at own expense See in context

Japanese elites are the most out-of-touch people in the whole world.

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Posted in: Nissan to sell entire Daimler stake for $1.4 billion See in context

If Nissan is ever saved from bankruptcy, then it is always the Japanese government footing the bills. The Japanese taxpayers pay the bills.

Really? Then when are we going to start seeing arrests of Taiwanese executives in Japan since FOXCONN owns 65% of SHARP? Someone has been reading too many John Grisham novels.

There is an Asian favoritism bias in the Japanese bureaucratic world - mostly towards Taiwan. Taiwan is a critical ally of Japan, so Japanese bureaucrats let it slide because it is far more disastrous to see a weak and poor Taiwan being vulnerable for the absorption under the hands of the CCP.

If any Taiwanese firm wants to buy a Japanese core business tomorrow, Japanese bureaucracy will allow it.

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Posted in: Egypt court upholds seizure of Japanese ship that blocked Suez Canal See in context

Shoei Kisen Kaisha, which interestingly is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imabari Shipbuilding,

The Egyptian fine is larger than 1/3 of the revenues of the whole Imabari group, and this does not account for the measly small profits since shipbuilding is extremely low in profits and expensive. There is no way that Shoei Kisen Kaisha can afford to pay the fine.

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Posted in: Japan venture strives to spread its wagyu evaluation tech using AI See in context

That's not AI. That's arithmetic.

Japan is good at PR.

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Posted in: Abe backs Suga's re-election as head of ruling party See in context

Nikai pulling the strings of his two puppets.

Nikai is a Shadow Shogun. However, the true masters of Japanese politics are the Pentagon, the intelligence community, the Trilateral Commission.

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Posted in: G7 to consider mechanism to counter Russian 'propaganda' See in context

They should do less talking and more taking action. Especially with Japan, they speak about big games but no guts.

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Posted in: Keeping it real: Appraisers sift China second-hand luxury market for fakes See in context

Microchips have been inserted in the sole of women's shoes made by Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo, while Burberry has experimented with Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFiD) in its goods -- a technology that uses radio waves to identify a tagged object.

Soon, China will counterfeit it too.

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Posted in: Strong wind gusts damage 92 buildings in central Japan See in context

Japanese infrastructures are crumbling due to years of disrepair and non-maintainance.

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Posted in: ANA predicts rebound after record annual loss See in context


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Posted in: 5 Japanese automakers to jointly develop vehicle communications devices See in context

Toyota has invested in Suzuki, Mazda and Subaru.

I stop taking this article seriously after mentioning these two.

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Posted in: Man, teenage girl found dead in hotel room in suspected joint suicide See in context

Poverty in Japan gets worse every day.

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Posted in: Japan emphasizes concerns over China's military in diplomacy report See in context

Do more, talk less.

Japan does not even sanction China, while the US, EU and CANZUK already did it. Japan is all big talks but no guts nor action.

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Posted in: Fighting erupts in Myanmar; junta to 'consider' ASEAN plan See in context

Tatmadaw already won as the ASEAN backs them. Especially with Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand for assistance to the regime.

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Posted in: Muji announces switch from PET bottles to aluminum cans See in context

Doesn't this firm affirm its support for the CCP and Chinese genocide of Uyghurs?

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Posted in: In Japan Inc, activist investors come in from the cold See in context

"All hail foreign ownership!"

Japan pretty much created its own downfall anyway. Foreign owners will finally start moving things around for the better. Look at Sony, foreign owners forced positive changes where Sony focuses on creating good gaming devices instead of Sony rice cookers!!

Don't get drunk on an economic bubble! That's the lesson that all nations can learn from Japan.

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Posted in: Honda aiming for 100% electric vehicles by 2040 See in context

That will be too late.

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Posted in: Prefectural governors seek COVID financial aid for businesses See in context

Recipe for more corruption

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Posted in: Chevron, Toyota announce alliance on hydrogen technology See in context

Elon Musk was right about Toyota. Japanese dinosaurs are too dumb to see the future.

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Posted in: Cultural Affairs Commissioner criticizes Japanese music, angering many See in context

Criticizing and crucifying any person for speaking the truth = ONLY IN JAPAN!! WAO RYOU!!

The problem with breaking Japanese musicians abroad isn't the quality of Japanese musicians. The problem is the insularity of overseas audiences, who want everything sung in English and sounding just like their own popular music. We've already seen too much African music processed and spat out so it sounds just like London or LA, and more commercially the Eurovision song contest used to have much more genuine local colour and flavour in the music (believe it or not!) before it became just a great big glitzy dancefest. Personally, I can't see the point in defining Japanese, or any other non-Anglo, acts as "successful" if in order to achieve that they're just going to sound like the product of any studio, anywhere.

South Korea proved this wrong.

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Posted in: Recession risk looms with 3rd state of emergency See in context

Japan has always been under a permanent recession (Ultra Great Depression) since the 1990s. Now, Japan got an extra whammy of recessions from the Covid-19 and Abe's 2019 tax hikes.

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Posted in: Wealth of Japan's richest surges nearly 50% during pandemic See in context

Stocks, stocks, stocks. Imaginary value in pieces of paper.

Thanks to Central Banking purchases of bonds, infinitely.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. plan to keep watch on Rakuten after Tencent investment See in context

well, Tencent's investment doesn't seem that high,

United States23.6%




United Kingdom7.4%

FDI inflows into Japan.

Go to Okinawa, Tokyo and Osaka. Chinese-owned real estates are omnipresent under the guise of spectral companies.

Tencent is an atom of the global M&A drive from the CCP.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. plan to keep watch on Rakuten after Tencent investment See in context

What did I tell you guys here many times over?

China infiltrated pretty much all of Japan at this point, thanks to the bubble collapse and forced neoliberalism on Japan in the 1990s. Japan dropped all of its protectionist defenses and socialist elements of the economy for the entry of the American style of capitalism. Foreign ownership soars through spectral companies, like the one that Tencent uses, except for Americans and Europeans are more numerous than Chinese for now.

If the US was serious about fighting against the CCP, then they should have not destroyed the Japanese economy permanently to appease hungry vulture funds and greedy investment firms. The consequence of Japanese entry into neoliberalism is the cracking of protectionist barriers for the CCP creeping inside fast. The US refuses to fill up the holes in Japanese protectionist barriers because Western investment firms haven't done pillaging and dominating Japan yet.

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Posted in: Bodies of 2 adults and 2 children found in parked car in Yokohama See in context

I am more disappointed at many comments and the article itself for the lack of mentioning the possible cause of poverty driving this family into despair. This is a regular occurrence in post-bubble Japan, and Japanese elites refuse to accept this reality.

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Posted in: U.S. keeps Japan, China on monitoring list over currency practices See in context

It's time Japan made a break from the US regime. No need to declare war but no need to have US troops occupying Japan either. Kick them all out! Economically speaking, China is much more important.

See what happened to Yukio Hatoyama when he tried to expel Americans from Okinawa.

The same thing will happen but much worse if anyone dares not to use the USD for transactions. See Iraq and Lybia.

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