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Posted in: Mitsubishi pulls out of Vinh Tan 3 coal project in Vietnam See in context

Chinese engineering companies will be happy to take over the project, so what is the point?

I think Koreans will take over as the Vietnamese government has been ignoring Japanese businesses in recent years to only host business events with Koreans. When Suga visited and left Vietnam within 1-2 days, Vietnam prioritized the hosting of Korean-Vietnamese businesspeople as there has not been any Japanese event of such in 2020.

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Posted in: Suga says G-7 leaders gave unanimous support for holding Olympics this summer See in context

Empty statements. If G-7 leaders don't send any athlete to the Games, then it is no. We don't need words from their mouths to confirm anything.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson backs Tokyo's hosting of Olympics See in context

Meanwhile, the British economy is at the worst period in the last 300 years.

PM BoJo has no credibility.

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Posted in: Putin indicates Russia will not negotiate territorial dispute with Japan See in context

It is game over for Japan at this point.

The USA definitely won't help Japan as the Yanks gave those islands to Russia in the first place.

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Posted in: Japan in balancing act with U.S. over sanctions on Myanmar See in context

Kirin made a stupid move.

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Posted in: U.S. backs Japan concerns on China ships See in context

Japan Forward is owned by a Japanese far-right organization. They admitted that the USA may backstab Japan on this one. Unlike other ultranationalists, they warn of the high possibility of China seizing the Senkaku islands. Very strange!

It is very rare to see Japanese ultranationalists acting clever.

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Posted in: Half of Japanese firms in Vietnam, India plan to boost operations: poll See in context

What about technologically unstoppable Vietnamese and Chinese tech behemoths investing in substandard Japan?!

Because you choose to look a different path and revel in your perfect world as almost every Japanese here.

I keep on hearing all about Vietnamese and Chinese powers, right here almost daily.

I don’t think anyone sharing that sentiment. It’s only you though,

Without impunity, of course.

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Posted in: Osaka drops plan to open casino resort by March 2027 See in context

Magnate Sheldon Adelson pulled his bid out of Japan for a right reason.

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Posted in: Virus threatens 'game over' for Japan's arcades See in context

And Panchikos, perhaps?

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Posted in: Toyota says Q3 net profit soars 50% See in context

Toyota: Thanks, China-sama

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Posted in: Japan to start COVID vaccinations next week despite syringe shortage See in context

Dafuq! I am so done with Japanese bureaucracy.

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Posted in: Fewer people to get Pfizer vaccine in Japan due to syringe shortage See in context

China is laughing all the way to their syringe factories. So much for Japanese empty rhetorics of decoupling!

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Posted in: Japanese submarine, Hong Kong ship collide off Shikoku See in context

So much for telling me that Soryu-class submarines are better than nuclear submarines. Yeah, a Japanese ultranationalist once told me that Soryu-class submarines are better than any Ohio-class or Typhoon-class.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks end at 30-year high on global economic recovery hopes See in context

You've been telling us that the Japanese economy is owned by powerhouses of Vietnam and China.

No related to what I am saying. Don't deflect the topic.

I answer without impunity.

@septim dynasty if you read wsj, try reading about how mach gains BOJ did from this stock rally.

A lot of people have a question, and I merely provide a suitable answer.

An answer that everyone already knows.

Before the imfamous bubble, it was in the forties. They still got a long way to climb before reaching records.

People before the 1990s actually experienced prosperity and the expansion of the middle class. This doesn't feel like the 1990s.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks end at 30-year high on global economic recovery hopes See in context

Bank of Japan has become the largest shareholder of the entire Japanese market.

This answers your question, Yubaru.

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Posted in: Suga apologizes for glitch in Japan's COVID-19 contact-tracing app See in context

They never took responsibility harshly for the Tokyo Stocks Exchange digital crash.

An apology with no actual action, again here!

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Posted in: Japan's farm exports hit record high in 2020 despite pandemic See in context

By market, Hong Kong was the largest buyer of Japanese agricultural exports with a 1.2 percent increase, followed by China with a 6.6 percent rise and Vietnam that saw an 18.3 percent growth in shipments.

This answers your question u/robert maes.

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Posted in: Kirin ends beer alliance with conglomerate linked to Myanmar military See in context

Now, China is happy to replace the Japanese stake.

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern to UK over new Chinese maritime law See in context

Instead of enacting socially responsible economic policies, Japan, like the West, has been more than happy to outsource its manufacturing base to the Chinese in order to keep the hedge funds and shareholders rolling in the green.

You perfectly described what I want to say.


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Posted in: Sony forecasts record profit after PlayStation 5 launch See in context

Their best decision ever is to drop the Japanese market in the long term. Good riddance!

Japanese consumers are not as rich as Western or Chinese consumers anymore. Sony was smart to pursue this path.

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Posted in: Japan regrets Sri Lanka's scrapping of port terminal deal See in context

The problem comes from the inadequate financial power and commitment in both India and Japan. China bids better, and now they dominate over Sri Lanka.

If anything, Japan and India should reflect on this economic failure. The USA should do something if it wants the Free Open Indo-Pacific plan not to go bankrupt.

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Posted in: Thousands protest Myanmar coup in Tokyo; demand Japan take tougher action See in context

It means nothing as Japan still invests in Myanmar.

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Posted in: Japanese shares end higher as robust earnings lift sentiment See in context

Probably because, contrary to some JT "economic wizards" Japan can live and prosper without the "miserly" 7.8% receipts from tourism???

This is the answer from the article.

"Japanese shares ended higher on Wednesday, with transport stocks leading gains, as Wall Street's tech-driven rally overnight and strong domestic earnings forecasts boosted market sentiment."

"Robust earnings of global IT firms have boosted investor expectations for better earnings of Japanese companies, while worries about a short-squeeze triggered by U.S. retail investors had been erased," said Koichi Kurose, chief strategist at Resona Asset Management.

Without Impunity. :D

They live in the World's creditor Nation yet still don't get it.

You mean American propped USD. Bank of Japan is operated by Wall Street puppets or Goldman graduates?

You seem to me like the one who lives on a different dimension.

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Posted in: S Korea drops description of Japan as 'partner' in defense white paper See in context

This will be fun in East Asia.

North + South Korea will definitely launch nukes towards Japan if there is a golden chance.

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Posted in: Sri Lanka halts port deal with India and Japan See in context

I suggest people should read this article before throwing the usual accusation of "debt traps" against China.

China will take over Sri Lanka, It is going to be a colony of China

It is not exactly like what you and Indian ultranationalists describe. China is essentially doing the elite capture throughout the world - buying supports from local elites through expensive development programs. If you study Chinese history, you will see that China does not use military force to project power through conquest (they still use it occasionally for self-defense and regional projection of forces), rather they "persuaded" nations to submit as tributaries to the Chinese in exchange for the access to the world's largest economy for thousands of years.

China is rebuilding the old day prestige, and it needs a safe trade route. In order to accomplish this goal, it needs allies willing to stand with China in times of help. The quickest way to accomplish this is to secure supports from local elites.

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Posted in: Japanese defense official warns Myanmar coup could increase China's influence in region See in context

Burmese military junta will be neutral, and that's all what China needs.

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Posted in: Japan gets details on 2 million offshore accounts to combat tax evasion See in context

Abe was in the Panama Papers dealing with this massive tax evasion and nothing was done. As usual the Japanese bureaucracy is late to the game and ill-informed and will not pursue the biggest culprits.

LDP cronies and Japanese bureaucrats are pretty much the richest people in Japan at this point, while Yakuzas were eviscerated by Obama's sanctions in 2009. This only leaves the Japanese politicians as the richest ones in the room.

Japan's economic situations are getting worse each year, so it is not a surprise to see Abe and his cronies are trying to flee Japan with their assets and wealth.

Anyone with any sense won't be hiding offshore assets in back accounts under their own names. They'll be in trust accounts, holding companies etc with no identifiable links to Japan. and won't feature in the rsults.

That would be the Chinese using Japanese names. It happens that Chinese elites and wealthy business people usually use Japan as a gateway to launder their money outside.

I met a Japanese manager of five Kabukeicho prime real estates in 2015, and he revealed to me that his bosses are Chinese mainlanders, Hong Kongers, Macanese, Taiwanese. The Chinese took over the whole Kabukeicho steadily since the 1990s. Chinese mainlanders are a recent phenomenon who swiftly took over most of the real estate assets in the district. These people are largely provincial Communist officials and business cronies tied with the officials. They have too much money, so they dump a portion of them upon the Japanese real estate markets. This Japanese manager presents himself as the CEO who operates and "owns" the real estate assets in the district, while it's the Chinese bosses who really own them.

Chinese business elites use multiple sources and ways to launder money worldwide as the CCP is getting more adamant on regulating capital flows. One of the smartest ways that I saw Chinese businessmen did was that they used the RMBs to purchase massive quantities of oil in Thailand, then they sold all the oil at the higher price to gain the USDs.

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Posted in: Panasonic to end production of photovoltaic products by 2022 See in context

Meet Vsun, a self-proclaimed subsidiary of Fujitsu in Vietnam.

However, there is absolutely no Japanese in any level of company management. If there are any so-called Japanese solar manufacturers in the world, I bet that 3 in 4 of them are Chinese/Vietnamese. Because both Chinese and Vietnamese businesses have been using the name of Japanese firms for brand advertising and deflection of Western legal hurdles. Chinese and Vietnamese businesses simply sign a contract to borrow the name of any big Japanese corporation for an annual fee, while those new companies will be categorized as subsidiaries of those Japanese corporations but all revenues and management aren't Japanese at all.

Panasonic or Mitsubishi has been doing this to look big as a way of luring naive foreign investors. In truth, many Keiretsu groups aren't really that big anymore. I bet the Panasonic factory in Malaysia is definitely a Chinese one for sure.

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Posted in: JAL forecasts higher losses over pandemic See in context

Bailout time!

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Posted in: Japan's COVID crisis reawakens deflation fears as cash hoarding returns See in context

Obviously JT gaijin is not affected one bit; getting richer is all they do while living and moaning about Japan.

With "no impunity|.

Your obsession with me is a disease.

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