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Posted in: Fukuoka man arrested for breaking into store, putting on female staff’s apron and shirt See in context

Call me crazy but how about just saying, 'Hello' as an opener?

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Posted in: Fukushima's future See in context

Must be such a rush as a toddler to fly like that. Wish we could remember what it was like!

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Posted in: High court rejects appeal of Aum cult leader’s 4th oldest daughter to receive his ashes See in context

His hair and ashes should be disposed of completely so that there is nothing left of him at all, anywhere.

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Posted in: Japanese airlines asked to cap arrivals from abroad amid pandemic See in context


Not the greatest idea to schedule any international travel this year. I'm surprised that even 3,400 people are allowed in each week but I assume many are Japanese citizens returning to Japan.

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Posted in: Torch relay poignant for father of 12-year-old tsunami victim See in context

Unfathomable pain and anguish for those who lost anyone in that tsunami but losing a young kid like that is the absolute worst. You'd always feel guilty that you couldn't have been there to help and protect them. Then there are the 2,000 or so bodies that were never found.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 340 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,316 See in context

Still not close to the peak of 2,500 in one day. Let's hope it goes down again tomorrow. Still see a few idiots not wearing masks (including Westerners) in Tokyo.

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Posted in: 25 health care workers in Japan suffer anaphylaxis after vaccination See in context


Yes, it's newsworthy in that if you or someone you know had an allergic reaction to a vaccine but weren't told beforehand that others had had the same reaction, you might wish you had been told.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 116 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 600 See in context


If you can prove mask wearing in Japan hasn't helped keep numbers down, then maybe some would listen. But while you are gathering your evidence, better to keep that mask on.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 116 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 600 See in context

If it is true that people aren't dying in the hundreds or thousands each day due to Covid in Japan, then something is going right. The UK peaked at 1,820 deaths in one day in January (and has about half the population of Japan), the US peaked at about 4,400 deaths a day in January (and has 3 times the population of Japan) and Japan peaked at 108 deaths on one day in January. Those numbers are not even close to being in the same league. Let's hope those peaks are never eclipsed in the future.

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Posted in: 76-year-old woman arrested for killing husband with saw See in context

Hated him for five years? Quite a twist on Veni, vidi, vici.

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Posted in: Women speak out about sexual violence after Great East Japan Earthquake See in context

It all goes back to the old adage: women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place (or opportunity). Very sad and pathetic that some men would take advantage of a woman whose husband has just died, whether it be a disease, an accident or a tsunami. Those men know how disgusting/pathetic they themselves are, but still do such things.

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Posted in: Trump demands 3 Republican groups stop raising money off his name See in context

If you think about it, Trump always loses in the end. Whether it's businesses he started, women he married, the popular vote (twice), supporters, lawyers, the list goes on.

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Posted in: Monkey business See in context

The one on the left looks like a beaver or otter at first glance!

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Posted in: Man arrested after living with corpse of mother for 4 months See in context

Norman Bates style.....

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Posted in: Hotel employee arrested for stealing Go To Travel coupons worth ¥1 million See in context

Silly man. Thanks to the Go To Travel coupons he stole, he will probably Go To Prison.

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Posted in: Attacks against Asian Americans in U.S. intensify a year into pandemic See in context


It's well known that most college-educated people in the US tend to vote Democrat, not Republican, and it's not a coincidence. For the vast majority of graduates, for at least four years college forces them to think more about the US, her issues, and the world. It just can't be compared to only having completed high school.

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Posted in: Attacks against Asian Americans in U.S. intensify a year into pandemic See in context

Trump appeals to the uneducated; those who don't have higher order thinking skills. Racist people tend to be uneducated as well. Fix the education problem in the US and many things will be fixed.

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Posted in: 2 American men wanted for aiding Ghosn's escape arrive in Japan See in context

So veterans should be immune from any criminal prosecution? No wonder they didn't win their extradition case. Somehow don't think these two will be getting bail (as Carlos may have arranged boxes to smuggle them out...!).

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Posted in: Republican calls grow for U.S. to boycott 2022 Olympics in China See in context


Yes, but it gets a bit harder for China to explain the real reason for a US Olympic boycott to her people. That's obviously one of the main reasons for it. If more Chinese people learn what is actually going on with the Uighurs in Xinjiang, then the government will feel pressure.

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Posted in: PR chief at center of scandal involving Suga's son hospitalized after resigning See in context

'That has raised suspicions of cronyism in a nation where plum jobs are often hard to come by without connections.'

Well, that sentence basically confirms that cronyism is necessary to get a 'plum job' so there isn't much to be suspicious about! It's the norm.

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Posted in: Trump hints he may run again in 2024, proposes new voting limits See in context

Yes, Donald, the Supreme Court ,'didn't want to do anything about it', because they know the election wasn't rigged. Luckily for the US and the world, you can't ever win an election with only 25-30% of voters supporting you. The more he talks and carries on, the more he helps the Dems.

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Posted in: Trump hints he may run again in 2024, proposes new voting limits See in context

Just go away you loser. You lost bigly. You should be put away and probably will be sooner rather than later.

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Posted in: U.S. implicates Saudi crown prince in journalist Khashoggi's killing See in context

The US hates Saudi Arabia, but just loves its oil. The US helps to create a bogeyman (Iran et al) so the Saudis have to spend a large chunk of their oil revenue on weaponry supplied by the US.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested over robbery, assault, kidnapping See in context

Wonder how the police found them 13 months after the crime. Better late than never of course.

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Posted in: 1st death confirmed in Feb 13 northeastern Japan earthquake See in context

Nice of the family member to check on him 12 days after the earthquake....!

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Posted in: Toyota begins building smart city near Mt Fuji See in context

Point taken. Fuji is active but has been dormant for 300 years.

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Posted in: Toyota begins building smart city near Mt Fuji See in context


Dormant, not active.

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Posted in: If you die from the COVID-19 vaccine in Japan, the government will give your family over ¥44 mil See in context

How many wives or husbands are hoping his or her partner drops dead from the vaccine?!

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing more than 100 slippers, shoes from schools See in context

He was bound to slip up at some point.

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Posted in: Djokovic fires warning as he ends Karatsev dream See in context

Hope Tsitsipas wins against Medvedev and then Djokovic. Just to make things more interesting.

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