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Posted in: China says calls for 2022 Winter Olympics boycott doomed to fail See in context

Well all you people getting riled up, stop buying Coke and MacDonalds.

After that see what happens.

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Posted in: The man who saves forgotten cats in Fukushima's nuclear zone See in context

The cats aren't pets, they are pests.

Culling them is the most humane thing to do with them.

Same for wild dogs.

If it's not a pet, it's wrecking the eco-system, as is this man.

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand introduce Super Rugby rule changes See in context

Rugby is screwed, just have everyone play rugby league already.

Silly rules designed to appeal to non fans.

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Posted in: Woman’s body found in car; husband arrested See in context

bring back capital punishment. then they may think twice about carrying out these horrific crimes.

Try a little knowledge perhaps?

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Posted in: Swimmer Seto wins first race after suspension for affair See in context

 I would hope his wife leaves him

why? maybe she told him to go get what he needs. Just cause one side is getting laid elsewhere doesn't mean the kids have to live in a broken home.

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Posted in: Australia's Dragons end talks to bring on controversial Folau See in context

Good, that toxic religious homophobe will fade away hopefully.

Dragons finally did something smart.

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Posted in: Heavy snow causes 130-vehicle pile-up on Tohoku Expressway; one dead, 17 injured See in context

Heavy snow causes 130-vehicle pile-up on Tohoku Expressway;

one dead, 17 injured**

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Posted in: Green tea strawberry dessert sandwiches: Today’s reason Japanese convenience stores are awesome See in context

y'all better be careful there is a culinary opinion watchdog on JT.


I f i ever find myself on this board second-guessing people's culinary tastes, I ' ll need to take one serious look at my sad self and make some very drastic choices.

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Posted in: Team GB 'hugely confident' Tokyo Games will go ahead See in context

Surprise surprise, a man who is paid to promote the Olympics promoted the Olympics. Why is this even news?

Mr England would have better spent his energies telling his own government to get his own country's Covid measures sorted first. How are they going to hold trials and training camps? Are they basing selections on 2019 performances?

what a shambles.

Bring on Paris 2024 and have Tokyo2028. 2020 is munted.

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Posted in: Japan's Top League rugby on hold over coronavirus outbreak See in context

Inept management across the board. Almost every other country with professional sports has established bubbles and PLAYED matches. In tre Japanese lets suck wind through our teeth and wait fashion Osamu Ota and company have knocked this ball on again.

Amy potential momentum left from RWC2019 has well and truly been kicked out on the full and the ball has been lost in a sea of leaderless blazer wearers.

How will Kieran Read clash with Beaden Barrett? They play different roles and it's extremely unlikely that they will even get near each other. Sometimes the hype merchants need to chill out.

Bugger I was hoping for some local rugby.

Super Rugby Australia please don't screw it up. If Covid breaks out again go into bubbles and stay there.

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Posted in: FamilyMart introduces sauced buns to turn their popular fried chicken into burgers See in context

very good must mean different things in different cultures.

It's deep fried frozen chicken that is then left under a heat bulb for a long time. It's cheap and fast but good?

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Posted in: Japanese pray for end to pandemic in annual ice bath ritual at Tokyo shrine See in context

surfing in Aomori with an air temperature of -8 this weekend.

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Posted in: Australia's long battle with racism in sport See in context

Don't leave the NRL out of the article please. Olsen Filipaina the first Pacific Island star got called all kinds of stuff, by his team mates and coaches!

He would go home from trainings crying but his mum wouldn't let him quit.

He laid the table for a league that is over 40% Polynesian now. As late as last year NRL commentators were hamming up Polynesian players names on live broadcasts.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over 77-year-old man’s death in Tochigi See in context

What's the odds that either he was ripping off the mother or he found her daughter was?

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Posted in: Prioritize athletes for vaccine so Tokyo Games can go ahead: IOC member See in context

money before lives. Long live the Olympics!

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Posted in: Man subdued by police after trouble at apartment dies See in context

chances he had a heart attack.

chances are the police did more than just handcuff him.

chances are nothing much will change vis-à-vis suspects being pinned down and held till they stop resisting.

chances are this was a medical issue and a well trained EMT could have helped prevent this mans death.

RIP and condolences.

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Posted in: Group protests over comments by Japan cosmetics firm on Koreans See in context

DHC Don't Hire Chon?

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Posted in: Group protests over comments by Japan cosmetics firm on Koreans See in context

Good on them.

And the racial slur as well.?

Try saying "we don't use Jp parts in our cars" and wait for the Jpanese to cry foul.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for stealing wallet from sleeping passenger on train See in context

This is what happens when you drink yourself silly then expose yourself.

Did we read the same article?

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Posted in: Hundreds of Japanese adherents of QAnon contesting Trump's election defeat See in context

Proving once and for all that morons are mutually exclusive but not geographically.

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Posted in: SANZAAR boss Marinos named new Rugby Australia chief See in context

if anyone can put Australian rugby back on track it is him and if he can not do it, better close the door on Australian pro rugby because nobody will be able to do better

So why didn't he do it for Super Rugby?

Talk about falling upwards, only in Australian Rugby.

Marinos probably going to put all his eggs in the Japanese basket.

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Posted in: Actor Iseya gets suspended sentence for cannabis possession See in context

some one dobbed him in, probably cause he was talking about it.

lesson learned, if you break the law, don't tell anyone about it.

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Posted in: Delivery robot See in context

safer than the clusterfest that is UBEREATS. Seriously dangerous riders that have to take risks to try and make some money and a company that takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for injured or damged third parties. Japan would be a better place with no Ubereats.

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping mother’s body at home See in context

ut was very sure abt getting her welfare money every month...?

It's direct credited, what would he need to know?


Good for them. Fortunately they are well on the way to adulthood. How would you treat a child on the spectrum?

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping mother’s body at home See in context

I call it laziness and a result of poor parenting.

I'm guessing you don't have kids.

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Posted in: Start of Australian Open confirmed for Feb 8 See in context

Victoria is Covid free. It will happen and Naomi Osaka will win it!

Mens will be a first time grand slam winner.

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Posted in: 4 die after being buried by snow in Yamagata See in context

Time local towns paid younger folks to do this work.

But old folks are very independent and don't like to ask for help.

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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

If your employer has a dress code, you follow it, period.

So a Sikh can never work in a company that bans hats?

Why can't employers show respect to cultures and religions? You know like they ask their employees to propagate.

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Posted in: Police officer shoots knife-wielding man dead in Niigata See in context


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