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Posted in: Japan to establish agency to speed up digitalization See in context

I have no doubt they'll push big tech to have the function added to fax machines.

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus vaccine booking system crashes after Salesforce outage See in context

Seems like it's just faster and more assured you'll get a vaccine if you become an Olympian. Has Japan produced an app related to Corona that actually works?

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Posted in: Japan to vaccinate Olympic athletes: reports See in context

You mean they lied?? NEVER!

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Posted in: Aichi city gave pharmacy chain chief, wife priority bookings for vaccination See in context

"a completely unnecessary response"

Ummm... that's the harshest language you can think of Kono? Maybe worried about how YOU are going to explain it when it's the Olympians turns over the dying in old folks' homes?

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Posted in: Japan speeds up COVID vaccine rollout for elderly See in context

Sooo... three today instead of two?

in any case, they sure are making a mad dash before vaccinating athletes so they can say their priorities are in order. Not like they’ve had MONTHS to do this, and we have old folks homes becoming mass graves.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

Guarantee that if the IOC starts hinting at postponement again or cancellation Suga would say it’s not up the them.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

Athletes getting vaccines before others? No foreign spectators? Taking away doctors and nurses for the games? Nope... never putting the Games first.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

Complete and utter BS. And the other day he said IOC has no say in what Japan does and should be quiet about the state of emergency, or another rep did anyway. And the IOC says it’s up to the host nation

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Posted in: Two different Olympic scenes: Inside and outside the National Stadium See in context

This is gaining a lot of overseas traction, and some nations are beginning to finally question holding the Olympics in the current state, and especially with Japanese having vaccinated next to no one (and putting the lives of Olympians first). While Japan claims to be powerless to put into place any legislation that would allow a hard lockdown, I am betting they are discussing ways to put a lid on the growing protest because it is accomplishing what no voices or actions in Japan can accomplish -- embarrassing the government and perhaps forcing them to act.

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Posted in: Another security breach at TEPCO nuclear plant uncovered See in context

If any foreign nation ever decided to SERIOUSLY attack and cripple Japan's infrastructure, steal secrets, etc., all they would have to do is walk in the front door. From Japanese politicians/businessmen who leave laptops with state or company secrets on a car dashboard while they go get drunk at a yakitori (or just fall asleep on a train and leave it there when they wake) to TEPCO once again failing with security, the place doesn't need to be hacked -- they hand anyone the keys.

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Posted in: 10 Japanese firms may have links with Myanmar's military junta See in context

Is anyone surprised? Japan has one of the most dismal human rights records in the modern world, so why would they HONESTLY try to make a difference elsewhere? Sure, the government SAID they wanted to, but actions against it? About the same as Kirin -- failing to act to end the relationship while trying to portray themselves as caring. Well done, Japan! Unless they end all these relationships immediately, they support the junta and what they are doing literally.

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Posted in: Man kills 6, then himself, at Colorado birthday party shooting See in context

bass4funk: "Another person with an illness problem"

Must have been white, then. In any case, he couldn't have done this without the gun, and THAT is the illness of America, and the mental problem of people who support it. And by doing so, you support such killings. Period. Stop with the excuses, and the support, and make some common sense gun laws.

Or, heck, grab your 25 guns and get all the other gun nutters to line up in circles, draw, and have at it. Leave the people who DON'T want to be reading about massacres everyday -- or be in them -- alone in peace. It'd be a better world if the gun-nutters weren't in it.

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Posted in: One-year-old child found dead in car; mother unconscious in suspected murder-suicide bid See in context

And, another! Honestly, please kill yourself first, then others (meaning leave others alone). The only good thing is that the mother survived, and now I hope we don't get a bell-jar verdict of one year and she spends the rest of her life in prison.

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Posted in: Man kills 6, then himself, at Colorado birthday party shooting See in context

Come on, guys, it's not about guns. He could have done the exact same thing with a package of Doritoes as long as he had the intent, and then killed himself by shoving them all in his mouth at the same time. I mean, it simply can't be about guns. We 70 gun massacres in four weeks in every country, not just the US. Well, okay, sure, nations with any kind of real gun laws only see one 30,000ndth of the gun deaths the US has, butt hat doesn't PROVE anything.

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Posted in: Should you add wasabi to your soy sauce at a sushi restaurant? See in context

If you like it, you should. If you don't, you shouldn't. If someone tells you you shouldn't, but you want to, and you are a customer, you should tell them if they don't think you should use it, they should not offer it. You'd think a nation that can't order pizza without a bottle of tabasco sauce and with it already covered in mayonnaise and corn wouldn't care so much.

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Posted in: Fukushima flower grower ready to make Tokyo Olympics bloom See in context

I always love these stories of how someone thinks their person feelings and ideas are what everyone else should like. It's like when Abe and others said, "Let's force the delegates to eat produce grown in Fukushima as 'proof' that it is safe!", or when people make moronic campaign posters using what THEY think are good ideas, but clearly were never checked or voted on by anyone else. The woman's sentiment is nice, but what's she going to do if an athlete rejects the bouquet out of concern? She can't get angry at them for it, it is their choice. Or worse, what if one takes it, hears it's from a no-go radiation zone, then flings it on the ground in disgust?

Imagine if a bicycle enthusiast from the Ukraine decided he wanted to make people more aware of what happened in Chernobyl. So, he goes into the no-go zone, takes an abandoned bike, cleans it up, then says he wants to give it to a cyclist as a special gift. That is what this woman is doing, and she may well be met with the same reaction I bet some would give her with her bouquets.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

TheResident: "It's not like they are taking Japans vaccines!"

Japanese athletes will be, or rather, they would be vaccines that could otherwise go to people who should ACTUALLY be prioritized. That's but ONE example of why you're being short-sighted, and downvoted as a result.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman arrested for hitting crying 3-year-old girl at shopping center See in context

Lock up the old bag for a night, and tell her when she ultimately complains that she is making too much noise. Honestly, these entitled old fogeys should be THANKING the mother, because it is her, and her child, that stand between a Japan with a future and one with none at all. Kudos to the mom for having the patience not to knock the old bat down, and also not to just let it go. I hope the old woman spends said night in the klink, but also has to pay a few man yen in compensation, plus get some kind of probationary discipline wherein if she ever repeats the action she will go to prison for a good length of time.

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Posted in: New cases appear to be ebbing now but that is because fewer people got themselves tested for the virus during the Golden Week holidays. See in context

Well, this didn't age well. The very day it's published Tokyo reaches another high, and even beats Osaka!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head says Bach visit to Japan now unlikely See in context

Bach: It’s absolutely safe and secure, and not only a testament to how the nation has overcome COVID-19, a tribute to the victims of the only nation to suffer atomic bombings, and how much the nation restructured after 3/11, but proof of how the virus had been beaten! But, I can’t go. Just wire me the money, thanks.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

Doesn’t matter the cost, doesn’t matter the deaths that result, we want our money.

history is not going to judge any of these people well. Sadly, that doesn’t help us now. Don’t forget this in the next election, people. I guarantee once the Olympics end we are going to get SLAMMED taxes and “shouganai”s, and suddenly they’ll start talking about serious lockdowns, far too late, as the systems around us still standing collapse (medical, welfare, etc.).

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Posted in: Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes See in context

Once again, your family? Expendable. The Olympics? #1 priority of this government.

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Posted in: Infant's body found buried in garden of abandoned house in Nagano Prefecture See in context

Guarantee they just charge with "improper disposal of a corpse".

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Posted in: Tokyo governor says mutant strains of COVID-19 becoming dominant See in context

Of course the strains are taking over. That tends to happen when you have no actual rules and people realize there is no punishment for not following the advice the lawmakers don't follow themselves.

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Posted in: Ishikawa town builds giant squid with COVID relief funds See in context

The irony being, of course, that now they have a lot less money to use for what it was intended, the prefecture will suffer more from Covid, and there will be less if any tourism.

I mean.... usually they make a MODICUM of effort to try and cover misuse of funds. I guess not here.

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Posted in: If you have been working remotely since the pandemic began, what kind of work style would you prefer after (if) the pandemic has been eliminated? See in context

Sorry, but with the train companies cutting hours so that you are FORCED to endure packed trains despite the virus, and the government shouganaiing it, I'd rather not have to commute at all. I mean, I don't have to anyway, except a bit on foot or by bike, but I'd rather not have others suffer through it all the same.

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Posted in: Japan was wary of U.S. military taking control over Fukushima crisis See in context

Of course they were wary! Can you imagine something ACTUALLY getting done... by someone else? Because nothing was getting done here. Shimizu -- responsible for the plant -- ran off to Osaka complaining of a tummy ache. Kan didn't even KNOW about what was going on until one reactor building exploded. Then they spent... what... days thinking about what to do and panicking before the US mounted "Operation Tomodachi", resulting in a number of those military personnel later dying as the J-government said there was no proof it was a result of leaked radiation? The US wanted to dump water on it right away. The Japan-side was busy thinking about ways they could salvage the plant.

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Posted in: Japan faces longer state of emergency, casting doubt on Olympics See in context

Get ready for a huge announcement Friday about how they are going to make a decision in the future!

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Posted in: Japan's child population hits record low after 40 years of decline See in context

Not to worry... the government is "looking into it", no doubt. In another 20 years they may even have talked about it and be thinking about having discussions on what to do. The politicians at that time -- probably the children of current politicians -- will blame the politicians (no their parents, though) of yesteryear, saying they inherited and can do nothing about it.

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Posted in: Osaka loses to Muchova in 3 sets at Madrid Open See in context

Can't win them all, and congrats all the same to Osaka, and a big one to Muchova. It is good to have strong competition -- for everyone.

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