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Posted in: 2 high school girls, 50-year-old man found dead in car in apparent joint suicide See in context

lunheim: "Some people here claim that Japan has an exceptionally high suicide rate. That is not the case. Japan's suicide rate (14.3) , according to WHO statistics, is approximately the same as e.g. Sweden (13.8) and the US (13.7) (ref. the Wikipedia article on global suicide rates)."

Yeah, but how about for children?

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Posted in: A mister no more: Mr Potato Head goes gender neutral See in context

I really don't think it's a big deal. I also don't think it would be a big deal keeping the "mister" and introducing a "ms." (didn't they have one before anyway?). Whatever.

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Posted in: Man killed after leaping from platform into oncoming train in Kobe See in context

bobcatfish: I truly believe as a society we need to do more to help each other and provide services, free of charge, to promote wellness and deal with people who have mental issues and/or suffer from depression. Suicide should not be considered the best way out of any situation, and I applaud those with the courage to seek out help. I do not pity people who in their final act cause others so much pain and physical suffering so they can stop theirs.

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bobcatfish: "My brother committed suicide by jumping from an overpass some 20m to the freeway below. Sometimes I wake up in the middle night thinking how alone he must have felt in his final moments."

Did your brother fly through a car windshield and injure the driver of said car and other passengers? Because this guy did, and what's more, you admit your brother's suicide haunts you and you struggle with it, for which I am sorry for YOU, but not for him -- he made you feel that way.

"That selfish coward!"

Your words, not mine. I don't know the details of your brother's case. If he, in his decision to take his own life, took others with him or even injured them, and even for what he's done to you and the rest of his family in killing himself, not have the right to call him selfish? What do you say to the person who had his arm broken by this jumper? You going to say the jumper was NOT a coward and was thinking of the others he may well hurt and just decided he himself was more important (the very definition of selfishness)?

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The worst part about these absolutely selfish cowards doing this is that they can't be charged afterwards. I feel very sorry for the man's family, and the driver and those who witness and otherwise suffered as a result of the man's actions.

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Posted in: 2 high school girls, 50-year-old man found dead in car in apparent joint suicide See in context

Jind: "Japan and South Korea has the highest suicides in the world."

Yes, and they also have the highest number of hours of schooling, and entrance exams, in the world. Coincidence? I think not. At least not for the teens.

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Zoroto: "As the SOE didn't cause the fall in the case counts, neither will the lifting of it result in a rise."

Not true. You see, even though the lip-service SOE didn't stop people from travelling to crowded offices in packed trains, or kids playing contact sports while attending overcrowded classes, some people DID avoid otherwise risky behaviour of their own volition. I'm not sure how you don't think it didn't result in a fall in case counts even a little, since it was more than 2000 a day for a while in Tokyo alone after GoTo peaked, and it has fallen considerably (if you believe the numbers, anyway).

But, I mean, you DO have a point, albeit indirectly -- it never really was an SOE to begin with. Nothing at all changed aside from restaurants being asked -- not required -- to close a little earlier.

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Posted in: Gov't to lift state of emergency for 6 prefectures on Sunday See in context

As with the last time, places in Osaka have already extended business hours a week before the thing is lifted anyway, just to prove how arbitrary it is.

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Posted in: Go To Travel campaign may partially resume after state of emergency lifted See in context

I hope if they succeed in their folly of restarting this moronic endeavor before the pandemic is over, that it results in the end of the Olympics here. Because, that is what is likely to happen.

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Posted in: Go To Travel campaign may partially resume after state of emergency lifted See in context

What did I tell you? First thing they'd start talking about when the SOE was lifted is restarting the GoTo Campaign that helped it spike last time. They never learn here.

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Slick drifter: Why does it have to be domestic violence? Perhaps she was a gold-digger and got tired of him. Or maybe it was all great when they were young and passionate and in love, but as they aged, especially him, he became senile and unable to take care of himself, and she got tired of it all.

That'd be my guess... she had to take care of him, and it was all just too hard, and this was the way out. And heck, maybe violence was involved (although if she murdered him I'd say ultimately the violence we can prove is on her part). Point is, we don't know.

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From the explanation of the crash, it sounds like he's lucky he's still alive.

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Posted in: What are some past TV shows that could no longer be aired because they would be considered politically incorrect? See in context

I don't think there's much of anything you could show again. Some of that would be for good reason, but for some cases it would be due to perhaps one or two episodes or lines through an entire series, if even that. I don't think you would ever find any show that was perfect by today's standards.

I have the entire collection of Seinfeld of DVDs, and watch them from time to time in the background while doing something else. I always cringe at the fashion, but wow do I cringe at some of the lines and other content sometimes. Still love the show on the whole, though.

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Posted in: Nissan ex-CEO tells Japanese court Ghosn's pay was too low See in context

So, all three committed more or less the same crimes, two are non-Japanese, one is Japanese; two they want to hang, one they dropped all charges... hmmm... wonder what the running theme is.

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Posted in: Celebrity doctor arrested for alleged stimulant use See in context

Suspended sentence!

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Marriage, especially in Japan, is just a legal procedure and a bureaucratic mess, and that’s all. Proof of that is that people will declare a marriage with documents they have to pay for at City Hall, and IF they have a celebration of the marriage it could be months later. They do it at fake churches and hotel lobbies. What’s more likely here is the hotels that rent the partitioned lobbies are worried about the drop in income. Can still love and have a family without the legal procedures that turn it into a farce.

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Posted in: Preservation of 2011 quake devastation sites faces funding crunch See in context

Reminds me of the millions spent on preserving the dead tree at the behest of a mere few people. I'm not saying this should be forgotten -- not at all -- but keep one, extremely poignant site, and do what the nation does when it comes across far more important archeological digs or what have you; document it, take photos, then pave over it and use the land.

"We should not consider the maintenance cost to be a matter only for those local governments, but we must share the burden throughout society,"

Nahhh... actually, I think "we should not consider the maintenance cost". Period. There is no reason to have EVERYTHING be a museum of the disaster.

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Posted in: Japan renews claim on South Korea-held island See in context

They can renew any claims they want, the fact still remains Dokdo still is lived on, administered, and owned by South Korea. PERIOD.

Alan Harrison: "When it comes to local disagreements regarding islands around Japan, many commenters keep referring to "international law". I think what they really mean is Japans version of international law."

Spot on. Because they keep saying, "Well... shucks... why doesn't SK go to the ICJ, as Japan has asked, to prove it's there's?" and then they turn around if the same is suggested for the island dispute with China and say, "Well, Japan doesn't need to go the ICJ because we know the islands are ours! There is no dispute!"

Well, likewise, SK sees no dispute, which makes sense. The islands are theirs, it's fact, and so they have no more need to entertain the idea there's a dispute than if you sat across the street from my house and claimed my car is yours and we should go to court over it.

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Posted in: TEPCO says Fukushima nuclear plant seismometers were broken See in context

If there is another quake like that of ten years ago, and a subsequent tsunami, we are in the hands of inept people like TEPCO, which means you can kiss most of Kanto goodbye this time.

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Posted in: Japan considers creating waiting lists for COVID-19 vaccine: Kono See in context

""I don't think the international community will introduce a system preventing people from doing something unless they get shots,"

Well, if we go on historical precedent, Japan would be the country demanding others have said passport before coming to Japan for work or even travel, but then act shocked when they are asked to produce the same.

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo ask gov't to lift state of emergency early See in context

Osaka implemented it first in the original run, and now Yoshimura is bowing down to the pressures of big business, and no doubt the governments are already frothing at the mouth to start the next local "go-to" campaigns.

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Burning Bush: "Dying with Covid does not necessarily equate to dying from Covid."

We know, we know... and people who die of lung cancer who were heavy smokers didn't necessarily die because they smoked. It's all a farce, smoking helps your throat -- especially menthol, etc. You injected too much bleach, my friend.

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Posted in: There will be demand for travel during the spring school holidays in March, so we should think of doing a Go To campaign to properly support the tourism industry then. See in context

I told you! IMMEDIATELY after the SOE is lifted they want to bring back a campaign that helped the level in Japan spike to where it threatened everything and where people are still dying from. So completely predictable.

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Posted in: Suga refuses to move into official residence despite criticism See in context

“...drawing criticism that he could be slow to respond in event of a crisis.”

has nothing to do with where he lives. He’s slow to respond to things because he’s an extremely poor leader who’s best efforts at doing something new are to stand up for what his predecessor did.

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Posted in: Fujifilm to restart clinical trial of Avigan to treat COVID-19: report See in context

Wow, Japan is SO desperate to have its name in the game they are going to go ahead with something that not only has no proven positive effect, but that has known negative side-effects including birth defects.

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Posted in: Mother whose daughters died after being left in overheated car gets 6 years in prison See in context

Well, I said the other day we'd be lucky if she sees five years, and I was pretty close to the mark. Good old Japan, an ageing population and it puts the value of a child at a mere couple of years. Meanwhile, when the US extradites the men who helped Ghosn escape how much do you want to bet each of them gets 15 years or more?

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Comment: "I think it’s very Japanese. “We want your money. We don’t want you though.” Am I wrong?" Not if you add, "And when you leave, please say good comments about us!"

In any case, I bet the people who designed this poster then went out and had an enkai to celebrate it -- a very much talking enkai, to boot. Government representatives have shown time and again they don't follow their own advice and suggestions, I'm not going to go meeting friends at restaurants and be silent while we dine. Sorry. Make it law, and I'll obey, but asking me to go out and spend but telling me not to enjoy myself while doing it, no thanks. I'm all for a strict lockdown to end this plague, but they don't want to do that, and will make no laws to ensure people follow guidelines, so I'll do the same as they do.

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Posted in: Pandemic puts pressure on gov't to open up rice stockpile to charities See in context

You gotta love Japan, the people in charge and who can change the laws saying, "Our hands are tied! It's the law!"

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor suspensions produce inexperienced plant workers See in context

So, close all the plants. Problem solved. Get professional decommissioners in there.

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Posted in: If a decision is made to cancel the Tokyo Olympics, how, when and where will the announcement be made public and who do you think will make it? See in context

I think it will follow the usual pattern; constant denials that there is any problem, then admitting there's a problem but that it can still be done. Then denials that they've discussed cancellation. Then Suga (PM) expressing doubts about it being held while Koike says cancellation is an "impossibility", then it being cancelled the next day, and Koike throwing a tantrum and suddenly threatening to lock everything down (holding up a big sign saying she'll lock everything down).

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