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Posted in: New kids' TV show emerges from the Mister Rogers universe See in context

Seeing an animated successor on PBS in Massachusetts made me wonder about how PBS is handling it, but somehow I think Mister Rogers may be smiling at this.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian caught up in ancient Roman statue smuggling row See in context

Pukey2May 6  09:21 pm JST

Call me cynical, but this family will do ANYTHING for more publicity.

She and Kanye are getting divorced and now this. Her reputation is disreputable enough but this is a deplorable way to extend your Famous Fifteen minutes.

Give it up and go away, girl!

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Posted in: Japanese schoolgirl and karate teen subdue violent shoplifter See in context

AGMay 4  07:22 am JST

Great story! Those are the times to use martial arts’ skills!

Karate can come in very handy at times.

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Posted in: Girl's death in Hokkaido prompts probe into alleged bullying See in context

Thomas GoodtimeToday  07:17 am JST

An absolute tragedy. That poor girl.

Her bullies should have the book thrown at them. Scum

And the school officials as well for not doing something about this abusive crap. And the conformity atmosphere doesn't help.

She indicated that she was suicidal before. Was she abused at home as well, maybe?

Teen years are really tough for many people, and the bullies of those years usually never mature beyond that level. They grow up (physically) to become bigger brats.

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Posted in: More young Japanese look to Marx as pandemic, climate crisis magnify economic inequalities See in context

dagonMay 6  07:28 am JST

"Many people noticed the contradictions of capitalism when they saw only socially vulnerable people struggling during the coronavirus pandemic," Saito told Kyodo News in a recent interview.

Many others had this awakening circa the 2008 financial crisis and bailout of the banks' moral hazard.

Japan does not have the same stigma concerning labeling things like low cost medical care "socialism".

Again, I recommend reading Einstein's "Why Socialism" for a balanced, scientific, humanitarian perspective.

Some in America have howled about Obamacare being 'socialistic' but it isn't. It's a step toward what laborers in America need badly. And it's not a partisan issue either, Gov. Schwarzeneggar of California proposed such a plan for his state. He said that in his native Austria (and other countries) they don't call affordable health care 'socialism', it's just something they do.

dagonMay 6  08:31 pm JST

Okay dueling quotes bob. And when you are discussing "Marxism" , and examples of success , would you include Finland?

Marx based his theory and manifesto on previous 'socialistic' economies from the ancient Hebrews to all Native American nations. He strongly advocated labor unions which would eventually lead to revolutions and the planet would be classless and 'the state would wither away'. When the Communists set up the USSR, it became 'Marxism-Leninism'. Marx's ideal and vision was hijacked by Lenin and in China it is 'Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung thought'. If Marx were to see a Communist government (like the CCP) he would not recognize it. What we know as 'Communism' is not what he advocated. And as for the social and economic inequalities of society, he was clearly right on the spot. However, afterward some people took his ideas and made something grossly ugly, oppressive and corrupt out of it.

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Posted in: Infant's body found buried in garden of abandoned house in Nagano Prefecture See in context

Do the hustleMay 6  07:37 pm JST

DOEL HARRY - This is CRAZY .... STOP IT. The babies are innocent let them live

I lived in Japan for nearly two decades. The callous abuse and family murders ceased to astonish me after a couple of years. It is often defended with, “It happens everywhere.” However, the callousness and selfishness are quite unique to Japan. Like the mother who poured boiling water onto the hand of her 17 months old daughter because she wouldn’t stop crying. Babies left in convenience stores toilets and dumpsters. Babies placed in plastic bags and left in cupboards. Babies cut up and flushed down the toilet. The imaginative ways people discipline their kids. Putting them in a cold shower, locking them on balconies in winter, locking them in cupboards and garbage bins, burning them cigarettes and the old favorite head slap knock down. 

Just saying “It happens everywhere.” is a cop-out attitude. Yeah, as they say in America 'Crap happens' but it doesn't need to happen. And there's no excuse or justifying abusing or killing kids. none.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context

That cretin doesn't care about anybody, let alone himself.

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Posted in: Japan to set up no-fly zone during Tokyo Olympics See in context

Are they afraid that the awful TV movie 'Black Sunday' may come true?

Aly RustomToday  07:50 am JST


> snowymountainhellToday  08:14 am JST

How about a “No Fly Zone” into ALL of Japan starting Jul 9, 2021 - Sep 6, 2021:

“The Tokyo Olympics are sched between Jul 23 - Aug 8. The Paralympics from Aug 24 - Sep 5.” -

CANCEL the “Tokyo Fiasco”!

Wait until next year.

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Posted in: World's oldest person, 118, pulls out of torch relay See in context

Tokyo-mMay 6  10:11 am JST

The world's oldest person, a 118-year-old Japanese woman, has decided not to take part in the torch relay for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics over pandemic fears...

Good for her. She has much more sense than the government.

And the IOC too.


Very wise decision.

She didn't get to reach of 118 by being a stupid bimbo. The government and IOC should listen to her.

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Posted in: China rejects G7 criticism on human rights See in context

GdTokyoToday  06:53 am JST

Because of course they do. Screw the CCP. As the Chief of Staff Leo in The West Wing once said “They are strong, I’m stronger.”

Oh did somebody hurt Xi's feelings? Suck it up, cupcake. Truth hurts. Wah!

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Posted in: Myanmar's military seizing young men to crush uprising See in context

Just last September militia crud loyal to Trump acted as his Blackshirts, abducting citizens and bystanders (some were white) into unmarked cars, detaining them w/o access to legal help and releasing them uncharged. It's what happening in Myanmar again, this only shows that the government there is illegit.

Capt. Aye Thazin Myint is a liar. She is causing nothing but misery for Myanmar.

The movement towards civil war continues.

The totalitarian regime has been waging internal ethnic wars for devades. And it's been plucking off pedestrians in the cities lately wthout provocation. They are waging war on the publis and it's time for the people there to RESIST this illegal oppressive regime.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

If Japan postpones the Games until next year, more people will be immunized and the benefits Tokyo will reap will multiply big time. But first things first, we need to use our noodles.

Delay the Olympic Games!

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Posted in: Myanmar's military seizing young men to crush uprising See in context

zichiMay 5  02:40 pm JST

Their country, their rules, right?

Who the citizens or the military junta? 750 protestors and others killed including young children. The military junta actually lost the election. They are not the legal government.

> Desert TortoiseMay 5  11:58 pm JST

Circa 1991 my employer of the time aske me to go work on an oil development project in Myanmar. We were providing support for Unocal's oil fields there. At the time it was a well known fact that the Tatmadaw was using slave labor to build the pipelines and do other work for Unocal. With that history it does not surprise me to see the same Tatmadaw doing this today.

And it's same old crap now. Press gang into portage for their internal wars against certain ethnic groups like the Karen and Shin. Work them until they die.

zichiMay 5  02:40 pm JST

Their country, their rules, right?

Who the citizens or the military junta? 750 protestors and others killed including young children. The military junta actually lost the election. They are not the legal government.

> Militarism has always been a cancer on societies. When, one day, the tyrants and minions of the Myanmar junta meet their bloody end we shouldn't shed a single tear.

And remember what Bob Marley (and Eric Clapton) said long ago about putting a bucket in the water well: One day the bottom will drop out.

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Posted in: Bruce Springsteen receives this year's Woody Guthrie Prize See in context

snowymountainhellToday  07:05 pm JST

Like his music or not, Bruce Springsteen is a true American storyteller worthy of this honor. 337 songs attributed to Bruce. ”Fire” was intended for and sent to Elvis but he passed away before it could be produced. The Pointer Sisters, Patti Smith, The Ramones, Johnny Cash, (even Elmer Fudd) and many others owe respect and gratitude to Bruce for their Gold record careers. Springsteen leaves a legacy documenting many aspects of a ‘real’ America.

Absolute true. Bruce is a prolific songwriter just like Prince. Both these artists have written between 500 - 1000 songs and while both of them have written (and/or recorded) a few that should've stayed in the vaults IMHO, the good far outweighs the weaker stuff/junk. And both artists have contributed songs and have had them covered to and by other artists.

In many ways Bruce ranks among Prince and the Beatles or the Rolling Stones when it comes to songwriting. Even if you ain't a fan of any of those artists, chances are you've heard songs you like by who-know-who-or-what and the writing credits are listed under 'Springsteen', 'Prince Rogers Nelson' (or one of his aliases) or 'Lennon/McCartney' or 'Jagger/Richards'. Yes Virginia, he's that big and that's why Bruce deserves this honor.

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Posted in: Japan faces longer state of emergency, casting doubt on Olympics See in context

Bjorn TomentionToday  04:09 pm JST

No one wants the games except a few selfish athletes and a few entitled govt people who have their hands in others pockets.

Represent the people's wishes not yourselves for once , make the right choice NOW !

this pandemic is nothing to be fooling with. Nobody caused it to happen, nobody is to blame for it. We have to stop hiding from the truth, we need to get vaccinated and to use our heads. Once the virus is over and has run its course we can resume everything business as usual. But we gotta use our heads and take precautions.

The Olympic Games were cancelled during the two World Wars. Thank God we're not having one now but if we delay the Tokyo Olympics to even next year - just ONE year, things should be better for all of us and the benefits that Tokyo will reap will be astronomical. Beyond belief. Guaranteed.

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Posted in: Turkish leader defiant on Biden mention of Armenian genocide See in context

elephant200Apr. 27  02:59 pm JST

I just dont understand why the arrogance Turkish government refused to admit the massacre of Armenians in 1915, actually it was the previous "Ottoman Empire"'s warcrimes, the present Turkish government has nothing to do with it and it was 100 years ago! Nobody in present Turkey should bears any guilts or responsibility for those atrocities! In World War 1 there was even dont have the concept of "War Crimes"! Just admit it and shows sympathy of then Ottoman Empire has done was unacceptable and thats all!

Look at my previous post. Turkey today keeps vlaiming they arose from the ashes of or waged a war of independence from the dying Ottoman Empire. They say Big Boss Man Kemal Ataturk remade/remodeled it all into the Turkey of today. OK, the Ottoman Turk Empire is no more and the Republic of Turkey is here and now? So why is the whimpy crybaby Erdogan being such a ninny about it? During the Yugoslavia Wars the past oppression of the Ottoman Empire was an excuse for the Serbs to commit genocide aagainst Bosnian Muslims and they called them 'Turks' as well. But they were 'ethnically cleansing' Bosnians, not Ottoman Turks. And the modern Turks aren't Ottoman Turks either yet Erdogan is being such a snot about all this. Stupid!

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Posted in: Bruce Springsteen receives this year's Woody Guthrie Prize See in context

JimizoToday  10:01 am JST

Never been a big fan of his music although I do like the ‘Tunnel of Love’ album. The ‘boss’ image with the whooping stage shows was a bit cringeworthy.

Still, respect to him. He has had a great career

Seen him live four times, each show was better than the previous. He truly does deserve this reward and as for his 'whooping' stage shows, he's a showman. And as for he 'Woody Guthrie' award, he's more electric. He's ROCK, not folk but nonetheless he truly earned this honor.

And his shows range around 4 hours. He's the toughest artist to get tix for (even harder than U2 and the Rolling Stones!) but you will get your money's worth, GUARANTEED.

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Posted in: Egos clash in Bezos-Musk space race See in context

if they both pooled their considerable resources and found the humility to work together, then the risk would be shared and perhaps if successful lead to other more philanthropic joint ventures.

Both need their heads banged together.

Nations are working together to explore and colonize space but it should never be a playground for the spoiled filthy rich kids.

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Posted in: Swimmer calls for expulsion of junta-led Myanmar from Games See in context

South Africa was banned for many years because of its apartheid policies. Myanmar is basically doing the same to the Rohignya and is committing genocide against them. I'm with Win Htet Oo on this one. These evil dirtbags have no place in a community of nations.

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Posted in: Chauvin's lawyer seeks new trial, hearing to impeach verdict See in context

SuperLibToday  10:33 am JST

Chauvin is toast, and rightfully so.

He had a bad rap sheet before last year and he's up for tax evasion charges too. He ought to shut up and take his lumps.

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Posted in: Power up like Godzilla with new limited-edition Godzilla Energy Drink See in context

This next song is about the greatest sci-fy monster in the whole wide world. It's Godzillaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Trudeau tells Canadians not to pick and choose vaccines See in context

Beggers can't be choosers. Do ya wanna live or doncha?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping boiling water on 1-year-old daughter See in context

TokyoJoeToday  07:38 am JST

Japanese women are all to frequently doing unthinkable things to vulnerable children. Utterly sickening.

So a baby won't stop crying so you dump scalding water on her hand and she cries some more.

Real swift, man. Not. Take the baby away from this wench.

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Posted in: Olympic host towns pull out over pandemic See in context

Call them off for the year. Reschedule them for 2022.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court hears case on student's free speech See in context

bass4funkToday  09:38 am JST

I’m so glad I raised my kids properly, If you have to use vulgar language it basically means you failed at parenting and properly teaching your kids on how to communicate to use the English language and having a lack of vernacular, you have to use profanity and gross gestures to get your point across? Sad and pathetic.

It's not the school's business what the students do outside of it. One major problem is parents themselves use bad language at their kids in public. I've seen a dad use an f-bomb in a bookstore at his daughter who looked about 9 y/o, much too young to know what the word means.

And when I was in the first grade there was a stupid bully kid who called everyone an 'MF' because he thought he was 'cool' but he looked like a fool.

Since our excuse of a President Trump constantly popped off his chops and stank his diapers in public, looking like a fool then this HS school also has the right to do so as well. Growing up comes with responsibility and if she wants to make an idiot of herself by cursing because she didn't make the squad then let her. There's more to life than prancing with pom-poms and she's about to face adult life soon. There's more to life than cheerleading.

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Posted in: Pokemon manhole covers spreading with eight new Pokefuta in Miyazaki See in context

KentarogaijinToday  11:05 am JST


That's because Japan gave us Pokemon. These manhole covers are cool.

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Posted in: Guiliani wins two Razzies for infamous 'Borat' scene See in context

u_s__reamerApr. 25  09:14 am JST

Ghouliani can take comfort and consolation in the fact that he wasn't caught with his hand "in the till", or "with his pants down", but since justice matters, will he be able to avoid his "day in court" that he richly deserves?

Yes, a trial for abetting in treason.

runner3Apr. 26  01:44 am JST

Trump's who team should have got a razzie.

TrumpChump wasn't even good at portraying a POTUS. He was, is, and always will be a criminal traitor coward and an immature spoiled lippy sassybrat. A LOSER. A razzberry to him too!

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Posted in: The Oscars: 5 memorable moments See in context

Turn the page.

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Posted in: Tokyo state of emergency does not affect Games: IOC See in context

Call them off until next year.

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Posted in: Harris tells U.N. body it's time to prepare for next pandemic See in context

We need to take the steps. Remember how ebola got contained during the Obama era?

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