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Ha. Dumb 'smart' spellchecker.

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'Reverse Plan'?


I don't know whether to call that an 'oxymoron' or the decision making pricess of a moron or two.

Why stop with the alcohol?

I wanna see the 100 meter dash, run backwards.

Invite the athletes to a spectator-spotting event.

Go back to rectal thermometers, and reverse 'inplant' 'em ... orally.

Put those $2,000,000.00 per year Big Pharma CEO salaries to work making something more useful ... like an artificial pimple.

The unfolding narrative is enough to raise Marx's eyebrows. No, not Karl. Groucho.

'Following the science' has become such a whimsical, labyrinthine thread of 'logic' — Kafka, Escher, and Gödel are now the water boys for Monty Python's 'The Philosopher's Football Match'.

One year after 1984, came the Terry Gilliam movie 'Brazil' — a documentary of things to come.

As usual, now copied to a text document immediately after hitting the 'post' button (for probable future publication). Things have a mysterious way of being deleted as 'Off Topic'.

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Hmm ... it does not appear to be available yet through Amazon Japan, but appears to be an indigenous part of the U.S. consumer society. As with so much of the emerging rentier model of business ... if you want to keep full function of the app, be prepared to pay $50.00 per year.

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While the narrative is beginning to unravel in the rest of the world, Japan Inc. is still desperately trying to play catch up. Where most see chaos and fear, a few see 'opportunity'. And why not? Those machiavellian opportunists are the ones who created and sustain the chaos, fear, and predictable behavior in the first place. I still don't know who bankrolls a particularly persistent shill's presence in comments, and probably never will, but he is clearly on the take.

As for the tenor of the article, whether it is just the usual, run-of-the-mill pigs lining up at the money trough, or we sheep being taught to fear the wolf — only to be eaten by the shepherd ... the critical thinking human is an increasingly rare beast in this menagerie.

So while another recent FUBAR article touts the rising market for luxury sports cars, it is austerity for most of us, along with new social norms that can't even be successfully applied to chimpanzees. Those winners with their hands deep in the pockets of the corporate nation-state, their techno-social engineers, and their trolls and shills ... seem to be having their way with us — our attentions spans at twitter length, easier to nudge and herd.

For those few 'social' primates still left among us, those with the time, critical thinking skills, and moral integrity to look at the inner workings of how the 'authorities' do it, I highly suggest Laura Dodsworth's latest book ... ''A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic''. If not more fun than a barrel of monkeys, at least more valuable than a thousand tweets. Dang it. Animals everywhere.

As has become my protocol, as soon as I hit the post button, I am copying and saving the article and all comments thus far. Posts have a odd habit of unpredictably evolving and mutating with some creative editing, or disappearing as quikly as a Dodo bird. I've gained a keen interest in understanding how Japan Inc. also controls the narrative. A digital record helps. 38 years in Japan, but when I read Dodsworth's England, I thought I was looking into a mirror.

Cheers all.

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Great article, and I kind of enjoyed the ironic tone of the video.

Reminds me of Otto's 'Bob'. Having Ed Motta join in on keyboards and vocals would've upped the ante.

Funny, just last week, I was performing 'Garota de Ipanema' as part of my self introduction to Jr. High students in an unnamed city of West Tokyo ... but if had shown a video of this version, I would probably be unemployed. Again.

But for bad English translations of lyrics, 'Mas Que Nada' have got to be the worst. Even Black Eyed Peas couldn't save that one. Even better than Jorge Ben's original, Brazil 66 still sets the gold standard.

And yeah, despite being such a hard place to live for many, to my ears, Brazilian Portuguese is one of the sexiest sounding languages on the planet.

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Not only because of bio-engineering (anyone still remember the media blanket thrown over any mention of that odd furin cleavage site in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 about a year ago?), I had increasingly become so disgusted with blunt but effective social engineering and profiteering at a world-scale through mass media, social media, and a particular forum-that-shall-not-be-named (henceforth referred to as 'fubar') ... that I haven't turned on my television for a few weeks now — and depend on triangulating for news through original abstracts, independent websites, or competitors to YouTube.

I took a break from fubar because my own posts were either routinely disappeared under the rubric of 'off topic', edited without my permission, and followed with a trail-of-tears downvotes. Ha, I could say 'My dog, Spot.' and get an instant squall.

Though slow in learning the game, I've spotted another strategy in controlling the narrative. Regardless of number of comments or their length, with a flip of the ''Comments have been disabled You can no longer respond to this thread.'' switch, the editor decides whether the water is getting too hot, or who gets in the last word.

But I'm glad to have returned for a brief peak and comment at the Pic of the Day, May 30 and June 2, and now here. What now seems like a lifetime ago, I thought I was the only one who had a problem with a now easily identifiable shill for Big-Pharma (particular thanks to Gooch, Raw Beer, and Alfie Noaks), and am pleasantly surprised to find myself among a few who have both a moral backbone and critical thinking skills regarding the official narrative and its would-be apologist. Extra kudos for those who've shared time and sources of information in comments that could be removed or edited at a whim.

For what it is worth, (and as long as this post lasts) some names I'd like to add to the pot ... YouTubers Chris Martenson, (Ph.D. Toxicology, Duke), Dr. Sam Bailey (Medical practitioner and author, New Zealand), Ivor Cummins (Ireland), already mentioned in comments Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, Dr. Scott Jensen (Minnesota Senator and physician), Dr. Peter Breggin (Harvard trained but independent), Dr. Judy Mikovits (there is a good reason her book is ranked so highly on Amazon), Kary Mullis (Nobel Prize winning inventor of PCR ... and even more enjoyable, if not directly relevant, book), Laura Dodsworth's deep dive into England's social engineering through fear (State of Fear), and 'big-picture' social gadflies The Corbett Report, The Last American Vagabond, and Alison McDowell — all of the above waaaaay above my pay-grade, but also way above a particular shill's.

As I've learned the hard way, the moment I hit the 'Post' button, I am saving the article above and all comments to date, to hard disc ... a future reference and possible publication regarding how a 'creative' manufacturing of history sustains both the narrative and perverse incentives alike. Joseph Goebbels might have taught the world to sing 'in perfect harmony', but now that I've found out that crows and ravens are the world's largest songbirds, I am having a go at learning how to cackle. ;-)

Even more than the article, some of the comments preceding my own made my day, give me some hope.

Cheers all. — steve

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Hmmm ... a scientist and a leading medical practitioner not allowed to follow science, so they are following the money trail. And though easy enough for the layperson to understand, not a very pretty walk in the park.

Ivermectin is a 40 year, world-wide history of effectiveness against parasites, and as of about 10 years ago, showing statistically high levels of efficacy and safety as both a prophylactic and treatment for a lot of viruses, including the corona virus. YouTube, and probably this forum, will probably not allow this particular science based evidence to be shown. Why? It is no longer under patent. At most, 12 dollars a tablet.

We are being nudged and herded to take very new types of vaccines, despite their unknown long-term effects, under the justification that emergency measures protecting the public health are more important than scientifically demonstrable safety and efficacy. Yet a proven drug that lead to a Nobel prize is banned from even discussion, much less authorized emergency use ... does not meet the same standards of safety and efficacy of new vaccines?

C'mon folks. It doesn't take rocket science to understand what is going on behind closed doors.

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Hello Virusrex ... could you please state your sources?

I was a biology lab director for over 20 years, and in the past have tried to state my sources on this forum, only for that information to be rapidly deleted as 'off topic' and with no recourse ... not unlike more qualified virologists, pathologists, and medical practitioners who have sound scientific evidence for challenging the pandemic policies.

Last July's congressional anti-trust hearings against Alphabet Inc. (Google/YouTube), Facebook, Apple, and Amazon has been proven to be too little, too late. Governance, as well as the health care system, the military, the penal system, education, mass media, social media, and just about any institution you can name ... have all been captured by corporate interests.

Few institutionally funded STEM professionals will put their careers at risk, and neither their mortgages, new Lamborghini's (see a concurrent article about the glut of luxury goods pointing to an obscenely growing wealth gap) and kids' education costs.

And when those qualified, experienced researchers and health care providers who are independent of institutional control — AND rise to meet the obligation of moral autonomy — but are not allowed a voice on mass media, and banned or blocked from social media — I can be reasonably assume that the growing, totalitarian, corporate nation-state is pretty much a protection racket scheme run by perverse, vested interests.

From yet another angle, as a professional linguist, I was taken aback to find that as of 2018, the Merriam Webster dictionary's meaning of 'anti-vaxxer' was changed to state the following ...

": a person who opposes vaccination or laws that mandate vaccination"

Did everyone get those last four words?

Like Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Sam Bailey, Dr. (and Senator) Scott Jensen, Dr. (Senator and former presidential candidate) Ron Paul, Chris Martenson Ph.D. (Toxicology, Duke), and a long list of others fighting the good fight ... I have had my polio and measles vaccines, and without regrets.

But I'll be dammed if I am going to submit to mandatory vaccinations with 'new mRNA platforms' that have not passed the rigorous standards of scientific protocol. They have been foisted onto the public under the name of 'emergency' ... a euphemism for 'strike while the iron is hot' ... business opportunities abound ... in the manner of Josef Mengele, Grigory Marianovsky, The San Jose Island gas experiments, Porton Down, The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Unit 731, Project MKUltra ... shall I go on about the steady drumbeat march of 'scientific progress'?

Even as a former lab director, by fiat of Merriam Webster, I am now, officially, an anti-vaxxer.

Next thing you know, they will be separating me and my kind as unfit and unclean — not permitted to take off a 'surgical' mask — which has the scientific equivalence of trying to filter out a boat load of plankton with a tuna trawl net. Under the name of emergency pandemic policies, the state of Washington banned fishing ... while allowing golf courses to stay open. Pretty clever virus, wouldn't you say?

With a gradual ratcheting up of institutional authoritarianism driven by perverse incentives, so what if pregnant women, children, or the elderly are harmed by the vaccine more than helped? The laws protecting Big Pharma from even the most coldly calculated profits over deaths, outweigh laws protecting what is left of individual human rights.

No matter the scale of inhumanity, they can't be sued for malpractice.

What is moral has been completely swallowed by what is legal.

But to make it even easier, why do you think vaccines and their Big-Agra 'Roundup' counterparts are tested in developing countries? Because what few laws such countries have protecting individual health are so easily gamed, and palms so easily greased, all for corporate and individual profit. It is not as if this is a new thing. Ever read Rachel Carson or Naomi Klein? How about Howard Zinn?

For those who have a low tolerance for books, you still might recall how the Sackler family found the American dream on the back of the opioid crisis.

Have you seen the salaries of Big Pharmas CEO's?

We are talking about an average of 20 MILLION dollars each — and that is not counting their stock options.

These CEOs did not rise from the ranks of altruistic scientific researchers hoping to save humanity. They are 'businessmen', and if not pure, simple.

Even a cursory look at the history of litigation against Big Pharma shows that protecting the public health is not the priority of these companies or CEOs. I suggest starting with the wiki read on the CEO of Johnson and Johnson.

I know this will be this post will be either deleted, and if justified at all, stuffed into that rabbit hole of 'off topic' ... or edited without my permission to the owner's of this forum's taste. But no problem. As I said earlier, I now know to copy-paste anything I write here to hard disc ... saving it among many examples of how even marginal public comments are manipulated to match the official narrative of those with questionable incentives.

You are correct in that I am biased.

As a former science educator, I made sure that my students knew there was no such thing as a disinterested, unbiased, objective observer. Like the understanding of mathematics by Gödel' or Feynman, T.S. Kuhn and Karl Popper were right about science.

Though the heuristics of science, science as a problem solving process, follow an ideal of trying to minimize human biases, science does not, nor can not, exist in a social vacuum. All scientists work within biases and assumptions which can not be proven by science. Even the choice of research area is largely determined by the market.

Yes. I am biased — and freely admit it.

As a life-long educator for both Japanese and American institutions (private and government), my bias, my highest priority, is to empower the marginalized and hold authority accountable. As for yours, Virusrex, I have my suspicions, but out of courtesy, and the scientific spirit, will not state them.

Rather, I will end this post with a twist on Hanlon's Razor ... my razor — 'Never attribute to incompetence that which is adequately explained by corruption.'

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He Sven,

Agree with you in principle, but when the numbers are coming from the same institutions pushing a particular narrative, I tend to be a bit skeptical.

For example, the exponentially large numbers of people testing positive for bits of RNA fragments with the PCR test (which Nobel Prize winner inventor Kary Mullis insisted was NOT a diagnostic tool for the presence of a disease) is set at typically 38 to 40 cycles. But for proof of the 'effectiveness' of vaccines, that exponential number of positives is drastically dropped by simply changing the goal posts for positive to 28 cycles.

Above and beyond this, doctors (including Republican Minnesota senator and physician Scott Jensen) were given unprecedented and 'ridiculous' instructions from the CDC to increase the numbers of deaths by conflating 'dying OF the virus' with 'dying WITH the virus' (along with other comorbidities. Hospitals have been documented of having the deal sweetened with thousands of dollars of financial incentives (at tax payer's expense) for reporting each death from the virus as opposed to other causes. Odd that unlike previous years, there has been a drastic decrease in death from other causes ... including 0 deaths from influenza in Canada last year.

Two sayings might apply here ... 'There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.' AND 'Show me the incentives, and I'll show you the outcome.' (Charlie Munger).

I have no doubt the scare-narrative will be maintained by the ... uh ... 'objective fact-checkers' of this fine 'news journal' by removing this post under the excuse of 'Off Topic' ... but not before I copy everything for my records of a future history of propaganda in Japanese 'news outlets'.

Cheers Sven!

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Hmm ... Just finished reading Zinn's history, and thinking about what that 'out of chaos comes opportunity' meme means for those pursuing pandemic-prosperity theology. Maybe the government can make a neo-FDR 'New Deal' — putting all those unemployed teachers, social workers, and former local shop owners back to work in a new, healthy gig-economy job ... Uber Eats, minimum wage for Amazon or Walmart, or waxing and buffing all those new luxury cars mentioned in another of today's articles. Kind of like that Karate-Kid thingy ... wax on, wax off ... building character, health, AND giving the nouveau-riche something to smile about. ;-)

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Yep. More evidence the public health 'problem' is being used as a cover for the ruling elites to further concentrate wealth at the expense of the working class.

I was at the marina yesterday (Arasaki, Yokosuka) chatting with the boss about selling my diesel powered fishing boat (Yanmar EX30) I have not used in years - partially due to hip replacement surgery, partially due to unemployment - underemployment for the last 5 years.

I was shocked, and then not, to hear the pleasure boat market is now experiencing a big boom, as well as the market for vacation cottages in the mountains ... for those who can afford it (mostly big stock-market players).

Like most of the world, the public health policies had driven us into what appears to be a periodical war-time economy of socialism for the rich, austerity for the rest of us.

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No social distancing, or has the photo been strategically cropped?

And holding hands? Actually touching someone?

They seem to be on a designated path, but no indication that they are within approved walking hours.

No hand sanitizers or temperature sensing devices?

Whatever happened to goggles protecting the eyes from the virus?

Not yet any visual proof those two have yet received the jab.

Are those masks hermetically sealed?

Too much fresh air and sunlight.

Nature is scary.

Where is Big Brother when you need him?

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Posted in: Kyoto families angered by new policy forcing high school students to buy tablets at own expense See in context

Now working as an ALT for a city in West Tokyo which shall remain unnamed ... I can vouch for the connectivity issues. 3rd Junior High school students have access to a tablet, but might as well go back to a pre-digital era because the constant system freezes from the slooooowwww - speed internet access appears to be the technological equivalence of those now mostly mothballed language labs of a previous generation.

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Funny how the timing and location of this viral surge and these lockdowns are coming on the heels of the world's largest worker's strike in history — which got very little coverage in mainstream media. Clever virus indeed. I encourage the clever reader to explore some possible correlations between these two events ... similarly not covered in mainstream media.

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Posted in: Plenty of moral reasons to be vaccinated – but that doesn’t mean it’s your ethical duty See in context

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Posted in: In Japan Inc, activist investors come in from the cold See in context

I've seen these group dynamics play out in institution after institution ... educational, journalistic, governance, religious, scientific, and even NPO's.

— Communities become institutionalized for commodification.

— This trend is led by those high in 'dark-triad' personality traits ... narcissists, opportunists, and psychopaths.

— Traditions, rules, and algorithms displace empathetic paths of communication.

— Credentialism displaces meritocracy

— Social status in the hierarchy tends to become more highly correlated with extraction of resources from those of of lower status, rather than creativity or production of wealth.

— Given enough time, mission drift, corruption, and eventual collapse are inevitable, wise management can only postpone the inevitable, relatively fair and egalitarian communities are as ephemeral as Mayflies.

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Maybe Maria Takahashi's 'Poodle Exercieses' was ahead of its time.

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Seeing the words 'Canada' and 'psychedelics' in the same sentence, I expected the article would be about Dr. Gabor Maté (father of independent journalist Aron Maté) and others using ayahuasca to treat addictive behavior, particularly addiction to other more dangerous drugs (such as heroin) commonly associated with the growing numbers of homeless in Vancouver.

His book 'In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts' gives a bit of information about that, but his YouTube lectures might be more up to date. I am surprised this was not even mentioned in the otherwise long and detailed article.

Somewhat connected, Nobel Prize winner and inventor of PCR tests, Kary Mullis, gleefully documents his personal experience (and many cutting-edge STEM researchers in Northern California during the late 60's, early 70's) with psychoactives (particularly LSD) in his autobiography 'Dancing Naked in the Mind Field'. Great read.

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Wow. Did anybody just see today's NHK evening broadcast?

Somebody in the LDP needs to order Yoshimura to wear a mask when making such grim announcements. At only 45, maybe it's because he is still a little green in the game, but he could barely contain the mirth in his eyes and corners of his lips while asking the national government to take charge in upgrading this critical crisis from a 'quasi-emergency' to a 'full-emergency'.

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@P. Smith

What media should we be using?

Original peer reviewed research and books.

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Posted in: Japan has entered 4th wave of COVID-19 infections, says gov't panel chief See in context

'Quasi Emergency Measures' for business suspensions, lockdowns, increased vaccinations ... but no advice about getting some Vitamin D supplements — if not sunshine, exercise, and fresh air to build the natural immune system.

Why? Just follow the money.

For those inclined to take the corporate media for their word ... be afraid. Be very afraid.

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@William Bjornson


My only change in coinage would be 'corporate nation-state'.

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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

Normalized to fear the wolf, the sheep will be devoured by the shepherd. Some used to call this a mere 'business cycle'. But this one's gone viral. ;-)

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p.s. And I suppose that since the last lockdowns were so effective, those jabs will be even more so.

Once we have all been vaccinated, we will no longer need lockdowns, social distancing, hand sanitizers, temperature checks, U.V. lights, or masks. Right?

Maybe just a yearly 'top-off' jab to help those volunteer CEOs of Big Pharma pay their rent?

Or a social credit system ... uh I mean 'vaccine passport' ... to prove we have been responsible for not killing granny with the selfish behavior so common among otherwise 'social primates'?

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Nailed it blue in green (favorite piece on the album).

Those daily televised meetings in masks ... every day — a new record number of cases or new and more dangerous mutations somewhere in Japan ... those 'randomly' chosen interviews of worried people who think the government should take more control, uh, I mean 'responsibility' ... the coincidental flow of wealth from the working class to the corporate sector and their stock portfolios ... and the suspension of the rule of law by emergency measures.

But it's not just Japan. Corporate owned news bites, twitter length attention spans, minimal critical thinking skills, science literacy, and education reduced to 'compliance to authority' .... seems to be fairly evenly distributed world-wide.

Here on the edge of Tokyo, in sunny Noborito ... still waiting for the constant wail of anguish intertwining in harmony with a non-stop drone of ambulance sirens. Still looking for people to suddenly drop down in convulsions in the streets. Still wondering why the hospital staff gave me a grin of 'unnecessary' when I offered my services as a volunteer translator for the ... uh ... 'crowded?' lines of vaguely symptomatic foreigners. Still looking for the socially distanced crowds around the Shinto/Buddhist graveyards with those black-car funeral processions clogging the streets.

So this is what a pandemic looks like?

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context

'Standardization'. 'Harmony'. 'Diversity'.

Choose two.


That choice has long since been made.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo fire chief recalls tense days of Fukushima disaster response See in context

No problem zichi.

Didn't former Prime Minister Abe say he would 'take personal responsibilty' for any forthcoming problems? ;-)

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