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Posted in: Capitol defenders blame bad intelligence for deadly breach See in context

Bad intelligence and one very, very bad president.

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Posted in: U.S. deports former Nazi concentration camp guard to Germany See in context

Was he a proud SS guard or just an unlucky army grunt following his superior’s orders?

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Posted in: Kyoto slammed for manga telling people not to talk at restaurants See in context

I have a confession to make. I have given in to my better judgment on a few occasions and gone to a few of my favorite eating establishments before this awful pandemic began. I do it for a couple of reasons. One, I just want to get out and do something normal again. Two, out of a sense of loyalty, I want to support my favorite spots so that they will have enough business to enable them to stay in business. However, I try to avoid the most crowded times & days and try to go when there are fewer people.

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Posted in: White House working with Facebook and Twitter to tackle anti-vaxxers See in context

Thank goodness Trump, a big time anti-vaxxer himself, is finally out of the picture. He left office without any foundation at all for the incoming Biden administration to work with in terms of helping the American people combat this killer pandemic. It goes without saying that the election of Pres. Biden has undoubtedly saved countless American lives.

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Posted in: Trump repeats election claims in TV interviews See in context

Give Trump a diaper change and a muzzle. Maybe Trump needs to think about something else, like criminal court. Let's get those trials started and find out how dirty this guy really is.

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Posted in: Proud Boys suspect's lawyers blame Trump for Capitol attack See in context

Proud Boys suspect's lawyer (maybe):

"Can't you see by the dull expressions on their faces, Your Honor, that my clients are incapable of thinking for themselves. Just look at how stupid they are! Now, Donald Trump, he's the real villain in all of this who took advantage of the soft infantile minds of millions of Americans and caused this riot to happen!"

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Posted in: Dolly Parton asks Tennessee not to put her statue at Capitol See in context

She's a classy lady.

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump tells Rubio she won't run for his Senate seat See in context

Wanna make a bet Sen. Rubio is at Mar-a-Lago right now kissing Ivanka's and Donald's royal rear ends?

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Posted in: After criticism over Mexico trip, Cruz flies back to frozen Texas See in context

Sen. Cruz during the snowstorm (like a chicken): "Buk-buk-buk CANCUN!!!"

Sen. Cruz after being spotted in Cancun: "Buk-buk-buk MY JOB!"

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Posted in: Trump looks to reassert himself after impeachment acquittal See in context

Isn't it hard to believe that Trump might run for president again after the treason he's committed? All thanks to the spineless republican senators who have their heads buried in the sand. This ain't your grandparents' republican party . . . that's for sure.

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Posted in: Impeachment isn't the final word on Capitol riot for Trump See in context

Trump should be criminally charged in the wrongful death of the one murdered police officer, and also implicated in the suicides of two other police officers involved in defending the Capitol from his crazed mob. Hopefully the court will finish what the republican senators lacked the spine to do.

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Posted in: Senate acquits Trump as Republicans save him See in context

These worms have set a very dangerous precedent. What'll happen in the future when somebody like Hitler comes along? Such a person will have a chance to take over the government and become a dictator.

Oh, but it's January so it's too late and we have more important things to worry about. And besides Trump might send his supporters after me. I might lose my job or even my life! It's best to just follow the big lie and obey.

That kind of thinking is dangerous and it was the same way when Hitler rose to power.

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Posted in: Democrats argue Trump planted seeds of Capitol attack with false election claims See in context

"The only way we're going to lose this election is if the election is rigged." .. Donald Trump, August 2020

What a liar and schemer. Trump said this several months before the election in November while he was dismantling the postal services nationwide. It's surprising that he lost with all of the voter suppression he was getting away with. It also just goes to show how much the majority of people couldn't stand him anymore because they came out to vote in droves.

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Posted in: Democrats argue Trump planted seeds of Capitol attack with false election claims See in context

Trump should do serious prison time for a charge akin to involuntary manslaughter regarding the deaths of those police officers.

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Posted in: China says actors must follow moral guidelines or face bans See in context

China says actors must follow moral guidelines or face bans......

They should apply the same moral guidelines to Chinese tourists.

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Posted in: Trump trial gets go-ahead after emotional, graphic first day See in context

Bring in the murdered police officers' families and let them testify. It would interesting to hear what they have to say about Trump's part in their loved ones' needless deaths.

The law & order president . . . year, right.

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Posted in: Hong Kong denies bail for opposition publisher Jimmy Lai See in context

Poor Hong Kong. It’s been swallowed up whole and is in the belly of the beast now.

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Posted in: North Korea developed nuclear, missile programs in 2020: U.N. report See in context

Should anybody, other than Donald Trump, be surprised?

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Posted in: Trump lawyers blast impeachment trial as 'political theater' See in context

Trump and his loyal followers are real killers. They proved it in January when they attacked the US capitol. If Trump walks free, then the justice system has failed.

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Posted in: Two Christians publicly flogged in Indonesia for drinking, gambling See in context

Kooky religious nuts. Not a good place to live, especially if your beliefs are different from the kooks who are calling the shots.

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Posted in: Biden says no need for Trump to get classified intelligence briefings See in context

Benedict Donald will sell top secrets to any foreign bidder to make a buck. Don’t tell this narcissist anything.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign workers hit hard by pandemic See in context

Everyone’s expendable, sad to say.

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Posted in: Voting company sues Fox, Giuliani over election fraud claims See in context

Giuliani, Trump, Rep. Greene, Rep. McCarthy, Fox TV, Q Anon . . . What a bunch of crazies! The GOP tent has become the GCT (Grand Carnival Tent) as Rep. McCarthy plans yet another sleazy trip on the crazy train to Mar-a-lago to visit the Clown in Chief of Republican strategy.

Hopefully Dominion Voting Systems will be successful in suing the hell out of these slanderous nut jobs and liars.

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Posted in: Slain Capitol Police officer honored: 'We will never forget' See in context

I will never forget what Q n'numb did. What a bunch of morons. It makes you think about what Pres. Jefferson said about education being essential for a vibrant democracy. The U.S. is failing in that department right now..

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Posted in: Nearly 11,000 Hong Kongers moved to Taiwan in 2020 See in context

Escape From China!

Coming to a theater near you!

Seriously, if you have a choice of living or not living in China, the majority of people who live there want to get the hell out, pronto.

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Posted in: Trump accused of 'grievous betrayal' in impeachment trial brief See in context

Zaphod, Are you disappointed that Trump’s attempted coup failed? It kind of sounds like you are.

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Posted in: Trump accused of 'grievous betrayal' in impeachment trial brief See in context

New entry suggestion for Wikipedia: Trump’s Failed Coup

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Posted in: Trump accused of 'grievous betrayal' in impeachment trial brief See in context

Trump should go to Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick’s family on his hands and knees to beg for forgiveness of his death during Trump’s failed coup. Has any president ever left the White House in such a hideous shadow of disgrace?

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Posted in: Biden boosting vaccine allotments, financing for virus costs See in context

What a difference an election makes! President. Biden has done more and continues to do more than Trump ever did to fight Covid-19.

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Posted in: Trump accused of 'grievous betrayal' in impeachment trial brief See in context

Has any president ever committed treason on the same scale Trump has?

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