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Posted in: After 15 months, Radio City reopens with Dave Chappelle See in context

The sensibility of Biden over Trump...vaccination to all and following the science is allowing for a reversal of the dumbest presidential decisions of all from Donald, his mishandling of COVID. Dave Chapelle is a great speaker of the truth and comedian, symbolically and legitimately the guy to re open Radio City.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka won't be required to talk to press at Tokyo Olympics See in context

She can do what she wants. Say what she wants. But her past actions and rather dumb words have little to no credibility to many.

Stay silent, please, Naomi, or learn to think and communicate better. She's obviously not very smart. She's a bore who thinks she has a voice when she wants to be a crusader and clams up when she wants to be a mouse.

Can't have it both ways, but she obviously doesn't have a clue about that. If she has mental health problems, maybe she should address them before swimming in her own soup. The media is an excuse for what she sows.

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Posted in: Israeli PM: World powers must wake up on Iran nuclear deal See in context

So Israel is against a deal limiting nuclear arms in Iran. Riiiiight. That makes sense.

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Posted in: Alcohol allowed but no condom distribution in Tokyo Olympic village See in context

That photo is a microcosm of why there is zero confidence in the sensibility of the Japanese. Look at those two. Unsure as heck of their own agenda is what it looks like. Body language, clothing and the depressive nature of the empty location screams uncertainty. These are not confident people, in fact, look like prisoners told to pose and say what they're told or they'll be executed.

As is the case of Japanese work culture, these two probably have questions in their hearts, but for their job, they will go against their own will and brainwash themselves into believing it's all good.

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Posted in: Verstappen pushing Hamilton hard in thrilling F1 title race See in context

Mercedes made a bad call on the first pit stop, choosing not to pit Lewis before Max.

Either way, it would have been tough for Merc to beat the Red Bull, but Mercedes is making mistakes of being the slower car, and it should be the aggressor, not playing to try not to lose.

They needed to make the 2 stops, but the loss of time in the first one determined the race, making it Max' race from the moment he got ahead of Lewis.

Red Bull has the better car, consistently so far, but it is a long season, and Lewis is a driver of great patience and intelligence. It isn't over, yet.

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Posted in: 86% fear COVID rebound if Tokyo Olympics held: poll See in context

To say 86 percent of people in Japan are concerned by just calling 2000 people is giving a false image and can be missinterpreted.

2000 people is plenty. It's the randomness of the poll that determines accuracy, not more numbers.

It makes a lot of sense to believe 86% is an accurate number, within a +/- of 3% error. Do you just want this to be wrong as a narrative being against vaccination, masks and believing COVID will increase because of the Olympics?

Seems so, because the lack of vaccination here along with the push for the Olympics go hand in hand, and Japan is playing with fire. Little doubt the Olympics is a super spreader type event. It's been obvious for a long time the priority is the money of the Olympics over the safety of the people.

But then, Japan is a country who would sacrifice its own people in a desire to be right about a wrong.

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Posted in: Bear shot dead after rampaging through Sapporo See in context

Poor bear.

Mistaken to believe human beings are more important to this earth than other living things. Humans are ruining the earth, not the bears. Rabid bear? OK, so confirm it to be by tranquilizing and euthanize if necessary, but don't just shoot the bear and kill it. Damn, that just sucks.

Bothersome because the Japanese find reasons of following misguided rules and poor human qualities that allow them to shoot the bear and look the other way. It's a cultural problem that rules rule and sensibility does not.

Particularly the politics and every day salaried corporate worker, don't have enough empathy toward humanity much less to care about wildlife...bears, dolphins, whales,'s all about the yen, or some messed up tradition that needs to be modified or quit...rarely if ever about the earth, nor the heart. They're like a bunch of Trump's in this regard. Global warming? Nah, shoot the bear, tho', it'll kill ya.

People who love their guns want to kill.

That's a simple view, but why else does anyone want to own a killing machine? Gun protection is bs, one doesn't kill or be killed in this world, as many idiots believe. A need for guns exists for survival and safety: the ultimate ridiculous irony of gun lovers.

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Posted in: Republicans introduce bill to fire Fauci, face of U.S. Covid response See in context

Inject that hydroxychloroquine!

Swallow it, Marjorie, it'll cure ya!

Honest! Trump said so!

Fire Fauci! rah rah!

GOP the fascist party of lies.

Party of fools.

Smile, ya'll. Look smart. Do your best! Be a patriot! and Don't worry, be a liar!

Lying cures all! COVID spread by Fauci! Insurrection by the left!

Yay Lies!! Go GOP!!! Yay Lies!!

Blur them lines. Say whatever you need to. Use Giulani and Trump as your model. It can be 100% stupid, but who cares?!! Lies work!! GOP: IgnoranceRus.

Spread fake news, ye cult members and blame it on the left!

Keep doing it, GOP, and More lies! More lies! More lies!

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Posted in: Grand Slam leaders pledge to address Naomi Osaka's concerns See in context

She's a human being. She has black blood. She has Japanese blood. Yet, from what she has done and said in the past, I find little evidence of reason to support why does things she does and say things she says.

They do not come from critical thought. Things she does have made little sense, and I believe she needs to have more reasoning in her actions. It seems like a middle school child trying to do the cool or righteous thing, without true consideration of commitment.

I have no idea if her depression is real or not. No one does. She can say it is so, but it could be she has avoidance problems and is just immature. She seems rather juvenile.

She has little credible behavior, so when something happens with her, it's just, 'here we go again'. Not even the worst of tempestuous tennis players cause as much silly news as she does.

I'm a staunch supporter of BLM. I believe Lewis Hamilton and words he says. I don't believe Naomi Osaka's. She seems disingenuous and rather ignorant, which causes questions on her behavior, whatever it may be.

If she believes she has her mental health issues, she shouldn't have gone to the French open to expose it. She should have communication with her management or someone who can advise her to get help and not go to the tournament at all, and take a break from tennis, period.

A mature person would have the foresight to do this, but she chooses being the world center of attention when she says she hate that part of it. I'd say it's hypocritical, but really, it's just dumb. Get a little smarter, Naomi, you are in a world of huge money and in the eye of the world.

The way she does things makes her look like she's a wannabe martyr, and if it was my child, I'd hope she could talk to me and I'd advise her to take care of things away from the public eye. And knowing she is painfully shy, to not bite off more than she can handle. One should be pragmatic if one is to be a political voice or otherwise, knowing or should know fame causes attention and scrutiny.

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Posted in: High schools to begin mental health education amid rise in suicides See in context

Expat: agreed.

The high school problems are a symptom of a ubiquitous problematic Japan. The Japanese cultural and societal ways of the workforce, where adults live for their company life. The rules can be wrong. Their actions can be wrong. There is bullying, and they allow it. There is abuse and they refuse to acknowledge it.

Change and ideas are mostly frowned upon and archaic protocol's continue on and on, as the majority of workers kiss up to the top and the minority that do speak their mind are instantly bullied and become the brunt of blame for everything, no matter if proof shows otherwise. The business hierarchy in Japan is often about avoiding blame themselves and making themselves look good to their superiors. It isn't about true production and is not a meritocracy, it's mostly narrative of a manager who swims in false pools, and the lemmings that follow.

Some of us have experienced directly the gaslighting and constant blame of foreigners in a Japanese work place. It goes against all critical thought, ideas of empathy and fairness. The Japanese never buck their systems for risk of being ostracized, and thus suppress their own thoughts and personalities for the 'greater good of the company'. A person who constantly does this never understands the words 'to thine own self be true'. And with that they don't understand the value of loving themselves, and consequently, others.

In the process they lose themselves as people, not having a true opinion they trust. They're so confused as to who they are as individuals, without being able to express their thoughts properly and with consistency and transparency. They become cowards. And at some point, realize how hollow they have become.

I do feel sorry for how it affects the education system as kids 'learn' in high school, which drive too many to kill themselves.

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Posted in: Biden orders more intel investigation of COVID-19 origin See in context

Biden goes through proper channels, and rightfully wants information of the origins of the coronavirus.

He doesn't flippantly call it the China virus, causing prejudicial and problems of racism, without proof, like Donald Trump did. As an Asian/American, I am still pissed off at the insensitivity and complete irresponsibility of Trump and his damaging words.

So whether the virus came from a lab, or not, Trump is complicit in every attack on Asians in America following his stupid statements concerning the coronavirus.

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Posted in: GOP purges Cheney for 'unity,' but Trump bent on retribution See in context

The GOP had the choice of going with what was their principals from the days of Reagan in the people who represented Republicans for the standard of the party. McCain, Romney, Bush and Cheney were among those who touted GOP principals and condemned the lies and insurrectionist ideal of Trumpian followers.

The GOP is now a cult. Simply, the Trump followers...QaNon, Proud Boys, insurrectionists, liars...they're the one's that dictate what the GOP now is. They could have chose one way or the other, but they chose to boot out the people who want some truth and democracy for the lack of humanity, the nationalism, racist tendency and misogyny of which Trump is.

Anyone who is a staunch conservative who approves Cheney's dismissal is an enemy to democracy and truth. They'll dismiss such a statement, but they're mentally sick, no doubt about it.

The split in the country just got worse, but the new cult party of the GOP will fail. It should also no longer be called the GOP or Republican, as it has little to nothing to do with democracy.

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Posted in: 'Everybody's tired' as condensed NHL schedule takes its toll See in context

What a mess.

It really isn't. There are certain difficulties that have been and will need to be dealt with. Overall, the quality of play has been excellent, and it's been exciting, in spite of some limitations.

As far as the Northern Division teams playing in the USA, they're actually lucky they're going to have 4 playoff teams playing in Canada before one of them gets a place in the final four. The Canadian teams are visibly weaker than the teams from the 3 divisions in the USA.

If the divisions were as normal, I think maybe one or two, at most, would make the playoffs and real doubt any of them would have made a conference final. Certainly if it was a regular season playing a normal schedule, it would be doubtful any team would be a top four favorite to go to the finals. I believe Toronto is the fourth favorite right now, but it's because there is little competition to win the Northern division as they are the only team in a division who are clearly dominant.

At present the Leafs would be 7th in overall standings, but are first in their division with the largest point separation between second and third place teams compared to the USA one's. If they had to compete against all the top teams, they'd likely be 10-16th in the overall standings, and maybe miss the playoffs, entirely.

As with the Blue Jays and the Raptors, the team that makes the final four will likely be required to base in the United States for their games, but in that context, the last Stanley Cup playoffs were played in bubbles in Edmonton and Toronto and the USA based teams were required to live in those bubbles, so there are obstacles to overcome due to the pandemic.

The upcoming playoffs will be a disadvantage to any Canadian team, but they have to just deal with it. It is the Canadian quarantine laws which is why they must relocate in the states to play. COVID means requiring flexibility to get through, and unfortunately, there are difficulties, but the hockey's been great, and it isn't a mess.

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Posted in: Minneapolis police face investigation after Floyd murder verdict See in context

This is theater. It’s the way they’ll smuggle in the St.George policing act which is all part of the defund and abolish police initiatives. It’s theater.

After the verdict, Biden spoke to Grifter Crump via telephone and said this is now the chance to make a genuine move against systemic racism. Biden also said to similar effect at the podium later that night. As well as VP Harris.

Okay. So Little Rock 9, Birmingham bus boycott; marching into packs of dogs and racist cops with batons, the voting act, the civil rights bill, affirmative action; MLK, Edgars, Malcom X; the sit-ins and the walkouts; the deaths. None of that was a genuine attempt to stomp out systemic racism? Really, Biden?

And then, if it is such, what about all the hootin’ n hollerin’ you done about all your civil rights efforts in Delaware in the sixties? Was that not genuine or just another lie? And what about all your time in Congress? Are saying, Joe, that in all that time you’ve never took a genuine crack at systemic racism? Well, I believe you if it be so.

Justice was served with the verdict. But as always with the insatiable mob, it’s never enough. And why would they let it be. Racism and victim hood the real oppressors too much money and power.

Theater? Of course, not. It's a legitimate response to a court case that has shown a policeman abusing his power to kill a man. Imagine anyone being scared by being pulled over by the police for any reason. The very thing that is supposed to protect you might kill you for no reason other than your skin color.

Don't give me that 'theater' bs. It's KKK and Proud Boy thought to not believe there is systemic racism in law enforcement and needs to be investigated. Stand back and stand by, right??

Hootin' n hollerin'??? NO!!! First of all what an insulting use of implies stupidity and foolish words, instead of reason and attempt to right wrongs. These vile words of sarcasm insult me and anyone who believes there is a need to investigate systemic racism.

Justice has been served in this one case. But the case is a symptom of a much larger problem in law enforcement in Minnesota and many areas of the USA, which is the source...the disease...that creates this symptom of unnecessary killings of people who are not given proper treatment by the police. There is ample reason to investigate the on goings of systemic problems. And those problems are created by people who have racist tendency.

Biden is trying to fight systemic racism, but what he's really doing is fighting unfairness, which was often promoted by Trump. I expect nothing less from you than to support the wrongs and the ideals of bigotry and racism.

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Posted in: 'Mad Max' prequel to be filmed in Australian outback for 2023 release See in context

Anya Taylor-Joy is a special screen presence. She is now a major star with Furiosa. The Queen's Gambit was her Golden Globe breakout, and she's been excellent in films like Thoroughbreds. Good for her, she's a wonderful actress.

Chris Hemsworth is a major star. I look forward to the film, it should be fun and in the hands of George Miller, another great look.

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Posted in: Russia bans top Biden officials as tensions soar See in context

"There are a lot of killers. You think our country's so innocent?"

I can kill my countrymen and Trump approves. I can do whatever I want with this puppy as American president. Do not laugh, comrades, we don't want to show our hand and have Biden president, he may resist my killing nature, unlike the useable Donald. Make sure to further hack their computers and give him the election, comrades!

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Posted in: Trump insults Pence, McConnell in speech to party donors See in context

Of course Trump insults Pence.

Trump didn't care what happened to Pence at the insurrection, he certainly would not care, now.

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Posted in: Trump addresses GOP as power to shape national debate wanes See in context

The worst president ever is now the worst ex-president ever. What a tool the GOP is for him. Too easy to mentally manipulate the weak willed cult. They don't even realize....

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Posted in: Biden tightens some gun controls; says much more needed See in context

America loves violence first and guns are something that are convenient to use. One of the issues no one seems to realize is America is brainwashed by the government into thinking violence by way of the military, and by association guns and multi round guns, are necessary and put on a pedestal.

Every time there's a sporting event that promotes military appreciation. Every commercial making the military look like a wonderful career of hero's. Every fly over. They're all making the military a positive glory in the minds of Americans, every day.

When a pretty sideline reporter gushes over military appreciation...thank you for your service and she is smiling sincerely, people stand and cheer. They believe thanking the military is the right thing to do, but it is a brainwashing process, where violence and guns are necessarily great and American's believe it.

It's actually really stupid to believe in violence and killing, but it's ingrained in the American thought process, which gets reinforced further by repeating pledges of allegiance, singing the national anthem and God Bless America with all her religious fervor. Kill for God, country and family is the idea and it's wrong. Religion is another subject, but it gets mixed into everything American to sports, government and the military, and justifies killing, constantly in American mind's.

This all allows for the idea that guns are good because the military uses them and the military is what is allowing for the USA and free world freedom. Guns are a positive instrument for democracy, the constitution, and religion are being filtered in by propaganda noise, but American's are either too stupid or stubborn to realize, so people emulate and want multi round weapons. It's beautiful, right??

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Posted in: Man bitten by pet dog in serious condition See in context

People and their dangerous dogs, guy is lucky to be alive. Dogs need to be licensed like guns. Especially now that we know they carry the Corona virus.

Dogs are great. Man's best friend, by a mile.

Get real, such an over paranoid comment.

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Posted in: Putin signs law allowing him 2 more terms as Russia's leader See in context

Uh-huh, you are free to believe that.

As if you wouldn't have approved of Trump cheating to stay in office. Sheesh, get real.

Seems like that’s exactly what the Dems are doing now.

Makes zero sense(nothing new).

Even your narrative should tell you it's Trump who loves Putin and puts money in his pocket, Biden's the dude who said he's a killer.

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Posted in: McConnell pledges battle over Biden infrastructure plan See in context

Mitch McConnell is still driving an Edsel. Movin' up to a gas guzzling truck, someday. Love those fossil fuels, Republicans. More coal, baby, more coal.

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Posted in: Japanese karate champion testifies she was bullied by official See in context

Maybe girls shouldn't be doing martial arts if they're going to cry abuse for rigorous training.

Notice how none of the men are are crying "abuse"? This is hardcore bushido.

Maybe men are too scared and lack the courage to say they're being abused when they know they are.

Maybe Japanese men don't understand abuse and believe foreigners and women just don't understand this is the way things are in stoic Japan. I've heard that one before, and it's a belief of ignorance and stupidity.

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Posted in: Suspect in attack on Asian American woman in New York arrested See in context

This is the usual angle adopted when suspects are pocs: blame society and the lack of social services. Despite millions given annually to such services. This story, I believe will run a short course, like the Atlanta shooting, because it doesn’t lend to the desired narrative: white nazi Trump supporters are out committing racially motivated hate crimes at the behest of Trump. This demonstrates how far from reality leftist ideology is from reality, and the dangerous consequences as a result of negligence towards the truth.

Good grief! The statement you quoted is from the police commissioner of NYC. A demonstration of leftist ideology? NO. The Commissioner is saying something he sees happening in the streets of the city, and making a comment of reason based on his experience and knowledge, over some ideology.

The worst thing about what you write is you don't have a clue what the guy's ideology because you don't know who this person is, and because of this, you expose the worst in your own ideology and bias in an attack on the commissioner who made a comment of empathy and concern.

And by the way...Police Commissioner Dermot Shea is a Republican elected to office.

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Posted in: Biden unveils $2 trillion infrastructure plan See in context

Only about 25% of Biden’s infrastructure proposal has anything to do with infrastructure. The emergency covid bill was even less about covid. 

This isn't the Trump administration, it's not about narrative and lies. Money will go where it's supposed to, not into the pocket of the President.

The goal should not be to vilify wealth; ideally, we want everyone to have wealth. 

That's exactly what Biden said. He doesn't have anything against billionaires, the infrastructure plan is to get more jobs to more people, and build an infrastructure which is crucial to America. Infrastructure is key to increasing efficiency and the basis for a better economical model due to ease of access for all.

The real national emergency is the mortgaging of the nations future. There is no chance that this debt will ever be repaid.

Actually, if one is so short sighted not to understand how better infrastructure takes investment, and that investment will lead to a better future, then one cannot understand how debt will be paid and more.

This debt is not just dollars and cents being paid back in dollar in cents, it's about America keeping up and leading by public programs such as infrastructure improvements which are necessary to allow for economic growth.

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Posted in: GOP governors ignore Biden's latest plea on mask mandates See in context

Republicans are a joke.

They're fighting a solution for prevention, instead of fighting the pandemic.

So stupid.

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Posted in: U.S., allies dissatisfied with WHO-backed COVID origins report See in context

I'm confused, which group of experts is the authoritative truth and which side is "dangerous misinformation"

Just the use of the word 'authoritative' shows your passive aggressive mentality and sarcasm toward what is truth and not.

Misinformation is actually not dangerous to those who critical think...gather information with an open mind without narrative and bias...and make a decision based on wanting to find and believe the facts. Finding the cause of COVID is based on wanting information with transparency.

Those who choose to believe the misinformation are the one's who are dangerous because they want to and do believe lies as an alternative fact. They cherry pick information and build narrative and it gets worse from there, as they influence the less than smart to believe the lies.

Republicans and people who do this are just wrong, and not really sure how they continue to live with the mentality their world of lies is good to go. I guess they hate humanity in general because truth and honesty is a staple of social existence, and living misinformation is juvenile and ignorance is their go to move.

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Posted in: Restaurant chain operator sues Tokyo gov't over COVID opening hour restrictions See in context

There was an edict, but edicts are not laws.

There has to be a basis in facts and arbitrary edicts are not how democracies flourish.

Can you show everyone here how many cases of Covid are attributed to being transmitted in a restaurant after 8pm?

8pm is an arbitrary time based on nothing and can only be considered a foolish edict. If an edict is issued that you can only wear red color clothing after 6pm when there is a pandemic, would you follow such a foolish edict without question?

Perhaps you will, but I suspect most of us will not.

Because it is an edict, as you say, but not law, then it's a suggestion by the government, and suing the government is nonsensical. The party suing must be idiotic to bother showing up at the hearing, so, just ignore the edict, right??

Why not? It couldn't be because the court of public opinion wouldn't go to your restaurant, anyways, in the name of health for the masses. But what do you care? It's just an edict for dummies, don't follow it, do as you please.

You obviously don't get the reasoning nor the culture if you think an edict by the government in Japan is easily dismissed.

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Posted in: Karate world champion Uekusa verbally abused by coach: sources See in context

My coach at the elementary school level "verbally abused" me every day.

I thought it was normal in sports.

It isn't.

You were unlucky and perhaps it has affected you in negative ways you don't realize.

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Posted in: U.S., China wrap up testy face-to-face talks See in context

America doesn't need any help making a mockery of itself.

Americans don't worry about getting poisoned and killed if they happen to say so, themselves.

China and Russia? SHHHHHH!!!! Or you know, they'll convince you otherwise.

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