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That’s exactly how to do it, right long before the development even starts. In the country I was born there were / aren’t such posters and now it is filled up with all kinds of terrorists and other immigrated criminals.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,204 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,904 See in context

@bob That’s the number of only one day, not all the days before since the pandemic startet and not the numbers still to come for years or centuries. In addition you need a lot of resources for every single case of them, a special room, bed, expensive sophisticated medical devices, ECMO at hand if it escalates further, available doctors 24/7 and a minimum of five nursing staff and much more. Considering this, everyone should quickly develop a certain and still healthy degree of panic and hysteria....

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,204 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,904 See in context

The correct denominator for this is ‘an outlier data point’. lol

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Posted in: The governments of many countries, including Japan, have said they will not make a coronavirus vaccine mandatory, but legal experts believe companies could order staff to get a vaccine, unless they have a health exemption. What's your stance on this? See in context

Both ways are not practicable. If it is not mandatory, you will probably never get the necessary herd immunity of now significantly more than 80% as now all those new infectious virus variants appear. And if you make it mandatory it will be the same outcome. You will see it then for yourself, why this also won’t work if the vaccination would be declared a duty. I don’t explain it, otherwise it is (again)

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Posted in: I think that more and more people, including those spending more time at their homes, are eager to enjoy analog sound, not being satisfied with listening to the music on smartphones and other devices. See in context

That’s only a nostalgic feeling for some older people, memories of youth, to touch their old vinyls, see them turning, hear the dust and scratches, or the old self-repaired cassette tapes putting into the ghetto blasters...I know, that might be interesting for a few minutes, why not. But the modern smartphones, digital audio players and headphones with high sampling rates, HiRes and noise canceling are so good and sophisticated that you won’t miss old tapes or vinyl records for a second. You can take that outstanding quality with you wherever you go because so small in size and in fact, you can newly re-discover all the old songs, all suddenly sounding different , great, perfect, amplified, up sampled, in full frequency range etc. Don’t miss it, you are an audiophile too, but of course have to make other statements as a vinyl records shop

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You say it, nothing @cleo. He could be simply taken out and testet in a separated room or from home by videoconferencing. When you enrolled for university studies, did you have to show your heart for others and for example proving with a receipted payment for UNHCR or so? Come on, you and I know that this all should’ve played no role regarding an exam to show so far accumulated school knowledge .

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What has coverage of the own nose to do with showing science, mother tongue and English language knowledge in an exam for university entrance? That student has some behavioral and social issues and is highly probable not useful for nursing or other social sciences and professions and the like, but that isn’t subject to or checked at all in these exams.

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Posted in: Do you think climate change could lead to a greater crisis for humanity than COVID-19 or any other pandemic that might occur in the future? See in context

I also can’t answer 2millions have died so far from COVID, so they aren’t affected by climate change in the far future anymore. Someone forgot to implement measures against a possible pandemic beforehand while broadcasting only climate change issues on all available propaganda channels. You should really a little bit more concentrate and work on current circumstances, issues, catastrophies. You can fight your beloved climate change topic and all non-electric or whatever non-ecological cars and vehicles later, when you have solved current problems and survived these ones.

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Of course it’s nonsense, look at the global infection numbers and vaccination availability, a mess.... But you could perfectly use the facilities as a central corona treatment center, accommodate infected people with lesser symptomatic manifestations , buy some ICU beds and ECMOs for the sports venues turned into corona treatment only hospitals. It’s useful, has logistical and anti-spreading advantages because locally concentrated , not distributed over all Tokyo area like now, and the best thing is, all other hospitals can return to normal (business) operations, make necessary medications and treatments for postponed patients with cancers and the like, or all other sick people who just waited or denied to go to hospitals because of infection fears. Turn the bad thing of no Olympics or stubborn infectious Olympics simply into something good and useful without great additional efforts.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

That’s not OK in these days, regarding the pandemic dangers. But it’s also very clear, that you can’t forbid them drinking after 8pm while forcing or encouraging them to work from 9 to 5. Allow all or forbid all, that’s the decision that has to be done consequently.

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It’s not the wooden house....You simply cannot trick scientific rules, for example that within a defined system, in this case society, existing differences are developing into the direction of balance, equal distribution, osmosis and such. If you are now more forced to stay at home, not going to restaurants, do only necessary shopping and other things outside , let’s say nowadays because of the corona pandemic, you are a longer time at home, cook there, use heaters, stoves, electrical appliances, and those also get more quickly overused, old and defect etc. A bunch of reasons everyday and everywhere, how something could catch fire, compared to normal times, when they are not at home, eat outside , don’t cook, don’t use flammable things and appliances. I think you got the point... it’s just no use. If you avoid the one risk, you surely are caught by the other.

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Not sure about the details, but that will fill up the prisons, with all those infected who refuse hospital or cannot pay fines, and of course the already stressed hospitals , with the rest of all infected who abide, and make both kinds of facilities , no, in addition also police and justice buildings for example, a nearly perfectly distributed super spreading network throughout the whole country, additional ideal for the viruses to mutate into new spreading variants and spread, because the staff is of course not imprisoned or locked up in the hospitals and will distribute that high concentrated virus load in all surrounding directions. It’s the same sick logic as with concentrated eating out time spans until 8pm and shortening commuting possibilities, leading to even higher densed platforms, trains , station buildings and surrounding shopping stores. It will probably work, but only for the

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Biden and the rest of that communist entourage at the top now? That decision must just have resulted out of a mass delirium. Even the whole capitol looks already like a North Korean army facility. It’s just like slurping a spoonful of corona, just to accelerate the unavoidable end to maximum speed.

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Posted in: Apple invests millions to back entrepreneurs of color, part of racial justice effort See in context

Better place your bets on the sun freezing during next week. That has a probability, although rather

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Posted in: Japan's suicides jump 16% in COVID-19 2nd wave: study See in context

We probably won’t see too many comments here from all those people who were calling for a complete lockdown.

Really? Here is one. It was quite clear, what the development will about to be, already in early spring last year you could calculate it with a very simple transition matrix, to keep it simple here, that’s not the audience for sophisticated logical or mathematical thinking btw. That took even me only five to ten minutes or so. Now look...If they had then implemented a complete lockdown assisted by border closures, and even only in the fewer affected countries at that time, we wouldn’t now discuss or shed tears about global economic, health system, corona victims and suicides, disasters on all areas , here and today. Nobody wanted or wants to listen, even now, but believe me, that virus with its variants are taking over instead and ‘shouting’ louder every wasted second, until you hear it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,592 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,759 See in context

Yes, you are glory in a certain Nothing is dropping. You have to ADD the new daily numbers to all the numbers you’ve already summed up before. Or some shorter, it’s still rising, not stopping or sinking.

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Posted in: Saturday marked the first anniversary of Japan's first confirmed COVID-19 case, a man who returned after visiting the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus at the time. Can you remember what you thought when you read or heard about that case? See in context

Close the borders , while you still can, you idiots, were probably my thoughts then. And that’s the same what I have to say now , one year after that first case. You can see for yourself, what it has lead to, here and even more around the globe. Unbelievable, that stubborn ignorance...

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Not even a simple FFP2-mask or available vaccine for all citizens , but playing like idiots in space and throwing away the last financial resources at maximum high speed.

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Still very very low. 120,000,000 with 4204 deaths.

A minimum of 4205 people have surely another opinion, but only one could still now type it

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Posted in: Japan may consider further stimulus package for COVID-19-hit economy: Kono See in context

You should give it next time personally to every citizen, and only useable by that one person, for instance mynumber-based or so, not per household, then of course the one in the household who doesn’t urgently need it, takes almost all. For example, I got only 10%, the rest became unknown household budget, I also partly profited from or didn’t, the economy also profited or did not, I just don’t know. Now guess, how in all similar cases, and there are many, we could support the surely guess it, with almost

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Posted in: Japan's new university entrance exams begin See in context

Your dreams will come true or false or any value

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Posted in: Saizeriya president calls requests not to eat out for lunch ‘nonsense’ See in context

The problem behind is, that they all are in full panic and don’t know what to do or to let. Because they just don’t want to listen to what has been said more than once and admit their incompetence.

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Posted in: Man arrested for soliciting prostitution from high school girl See in context

High school? Then it’s only studying for entrance examination, literally.

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Posted in: When do you think a decision will be made on whether or not to cancel the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

The virus strains make the final decision, no one else.

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Posted in: U.S. capital locks down as security threats mount See in context

Exactly like Cuba, another heavily armed communist banana

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Posted in: Kono calls U.S. Capitol riot shocking; yearns for 'good old days' See in context

No, Mr. Kono, have a more closer and detailed look. It’s all not so very much about their democracy. The president never has been elected by the people directly, but only by a few elite members of the electoral college. No, that hasn’t been changed, but the composition of the population very much has, and therefore now the majorities, the behavior of all those many fractions, their completely opposing point of views , capabilities and the common scaring future outlook, performed by that new majority. Compared to the old

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Those are the priorities? Bare of any logic, because if here the lights are soon turned off as nothing is done locally, but in contrary the resources are by priority all quickly given to other far away countries, also Senegal and many others cannot be helped ever again, be it this time or with other issues or pandemics.

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Posted in: He has almost no skill at messaging. Even at press conferences he's looking down and reading notes. That doesn't invite trust from citizens... The result is that his support ratings are falling. See in context

Obviously those less skills were more than sufficient enough to get onto the top of the country and still to stay there, not even elected by all the citizens and under exploding corona infection numbers. Mr. Ito seems to be envying him, but that makes no sense. Being not part of it means never becoming part of

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Posted in: 6 high school students arrested for beating up 15-year-old boy See in context

Be better more than very friendly with the few remaining youngsters, the little remaining ‘future’ of the country. If you are helpless in your senior residence soon, and you surely are earlier than them, you will be so happy if such little gangsters serve you by throwing a new diaper into your direction or face, if you paid them

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Posted in: Man goes on trial for killing police officer, security guard in Toyama See in context

If that should become another spreading cluster, those spectators kill more people than the one at trial. Unbelievable...can’t they watch it remotely or wait until the outcome is in the news?

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