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Posted in: Chinese rocket segment disintegrates over Indian Ocean See in context

Is it the fact that the rocket was Chinese that particularly annoys you? Apparently 40,000 metric tons of international space junk drop out of the sky every year:

Most of that burns up on the way down, never to touch the ground/water.

Skylab hitting Australia is what got the international standards for controlled re-entry to happen. There are legal requirements Basically, it says the country from where a rocket is launched is legally responsible for any debris hitting the ground from it. When SpaceX launches a private rocket, if parts land in some other country, the USGovt is responsible for any legal challenges.

There are still deorbit accidents. Last month SpaceX had an accident that let a pressure vessel hit a farm in the US, but China doesn't even attempt to control reentry and target specific, unpopulated, locations.

When China launches, they've had stuff fall off the rockets and land in nearby Chinese villages, sometimes destroying homes: Chinese launch sites aren't on the coast, so boosters often come down on land. This isn't a state secret.

China uses multiple strap-on boosters, each hits the ground separately.

Europe, US, NZ, Japanese all launch from ocean-side locations so boosters land in the ocean.

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Posted in: U.S. wants COVID vaccine patent waiver to benefit world, not boost China biotech See in context

Health care in the US is a "for profit" industry. Until that changes, capitalists are going to capitalist. Don't give away trade secrets. The world already did that with China the last 20 yrs. It didn't work out well.

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Posted in: U.S. states scale back vaccine orders as interest in shots wanes See in context

The USGovt just needs to announce that the "free vaccinations" will end in 30 days, unless demand increases. The expectation that Pfizer/Moderna will charge $120/dose and J&J $50 after that time will get people into line.

School systems and Universities need to be clear that vaccination will be mandatory to attend any school functions beginning July 1 for any child over 12 (the approved age for Pfiser vaccination).

Procrastinators will put it off until something meaningful forces them.

of course, medical exceptions would be exempt.

Every week, the US should be donating the left over doses to COVAC until the cost limit already published is reached.

I'm not in favor of forcing pharma to give away their IP and hands-on production knowledge to anyone. I understand there are some very subtle techniques required for mRNA vaccine production. That shouldn't be given away. Giving away trade secrets is not acceptable - we did that the last 20 yrs in China. Hopefully, someone has learned that is a bad idea.

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Posted in: Israel police clash with Palestinians in Jerusalem See in context

What is their crime other than being born on that land?

Their parents allowed Jordan to attack Israel flying over the land, so Israel took it.

Imagine there's no heaven

It's easy if you try

No hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people

Living for today... Aha-ah...

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Posted in: Aussie basketball star threatens Olympic boycott over 'whitewashed' photo shoots See in context

Photos of the team should show the team.

Professional athletes or those paid to train and compete by their countries should be banned from the Olympics.

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Posted in: Dive by See in context

Nobody at the event tested positive. There were over 400 people involved. See other story on JT about the covid results post-event.

One person tested positive on arrival and was quarantined.

The sky isn't falling.

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Posted in: U.S. supports Ukraine against 'reckless' Russian moves: Blinken See in context

It is very clear what Ukraine gets by joining NATO.

It is less clear what NATO gains by this expansion.

Perhaps Russia would like to join NATO? Wouldn't the solve lots of problems?

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Then why are those 75% even here?

The World Cup is a "qualifying event" for divers and countries who haven't already earned a spot in the Olympics for July/August. It is open to the world, with some eligibility requirements controlled by FINA to ensure competitive athletes. In theory, 25% of the athletes who don't normally compete at international competitions could win, knocking the people who we've watched on TV for a decade out of the Olympics. There were a few surprise winners at this competition and a few former winners who didn't qualify for July's games. Sometimes a diver just has a bad day and doesn't win as expected.

How did they get here, and what was the quarantine?

I bet they flew - on an aeroplane. There are links provided and web searching will easily find the rules for the different groups in Japan at this competition as related to quarantine.

Only the Japanese venue workers, volunteers, coaches and athletes are still in Japan by now. Everyone else has left or is at the airport. The sky isn't falling. They've been in high risk contact with people, so I hope they are required to quarantine for a few weeks at home while still being tested with the tests paid for by FINA.

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Posted in: Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes See in context

The data for how safe each of the vaccines actually is won't be available for 30 yrs. So far, the vaccines when produced following the creators processing steps are highly effective at preventing the worst COVID cases and some are also effective at getting to herd protection levels when 70-80% of the population are inoculated.

There are very few people who have complications from the vaccines in the first 8 months.

So, what are the options for what we know - forgetting the Olympics.

get a shot that has already been giving to 100+M people and hasn't shown any atypical reactions for nearly all people getting dosed. Beginning living life more and more like we did before COVID.

don't get any vaccine, continue to have travel, businesses, socially distancing, masks, and more people die?

We know that COVID is deadly to people, more as they are older, but some kids have also died. Women under 40 who have been vaccinated have about a one in a million chance of short-term complications from the vaccine. For others, the risks are much, much, less.

A number of the vaccines use delivery methods similar to other, long time, vaccines. SputnikV, Sino-whatever, J&J, AZ, all use the older methods to deliver the vaccine.

Two vaccines use mRNA techniques, which are certainly much more effective based on the phase 3 trials, but also lacking in long-term, huge group studies.

For me, this was clearly a high reward, little risk choice. Get the shots. Stay out of hospital over this. Sure, we may still get the infection and end up in bed for a few days, but we probably won't have to stay in hospital and certainly won't die from it.

For many people, watching the Olympics is an easy mental health booster. It is for me. I would have volunteered my doses for an athlete somewhere in the world to get theirs on a priority list. Staying at home until August/Sept really isn't much of a hardship to me and I'd really enjoy seeing world-class athletes compete.

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Posted in: Italian court hands U.S. tourists life sentences for murdering policeman See in context

The story above leaves out that the officers didn't follow procedure, then tied and blind folded the teens at the police station. There are photos.

The teens say they thought the two police were thugs and didn't show any police credentials. The Americans claimed they didn't know these were police. "Poliziotti" translates to most American ears fine. Same for "polizia", so if the officers used those terms, I can't imagine an American not understanding, unless fear had taken over.

Being out very late, seeking drugs, leads to trouble. My parents were always clear that if I wanted to get into trouble, I should do it before midnight. Now, if they'd been in Madrid, where dinner begins around 10p, perhaps being out after midnight could be understood.

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Posted in: U.S. Space Command tracks Chinese rocket for uncontrolled re-entry from orbit See in context

SpaceX had a pressure vessel fall onto slightly-populated NW USA last April.

If China didn't design for a controlled re-entry burn up over oceans, then it is negligent. But if they did and something went wrong, that's called an accident.

This is a Chicken Little story designed to make people afraid for sensationalism, not the reality. There is a 30% chance it will hit land. Of that 30%, it is extremely unlikely to hit any population areas. Much of the planet is wilderness and farms.

Relax until there is something to be afraid. That will come in about 2 days, if it happens at all.

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Posted in: Italian court hands U.S. tourists life sentences for murdering policeman See in context

Found guilty of attempted extortion, assault, resisting a public official and carrying an attack-style knife without just cause.

The law matters. I must admit when I'm in Rome, I never think to carry a huge knife. Trouble was going to find these young men, regardless.

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Posted in: It's a wrap: Biden buys tacos in boost for U.S. restaurants See in context

Southern Americans know it was Cinco de Mayo. That means tacos and margaritas around here.

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Posted in: Vaccine tourism: Canadians fly south for shot as U.S. demand falls See in context

Most states have a residency requirement to get the shots.

Florida didn't, until the news learned about foreign fat-cats flying in on private jets to get vaccinated. Now they have a residency requirement - most people show either a FL DL or state ID to get the shot, but some "seasonal residents", can show a 2 other documents - basically a recent utility bill and mortgage/rent payment - if they don't have a state DL or ID card.

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Posted in: G7 calls out China over rights at virus-shadowed meeting See in context

This is too soft an approach to get China to change anything. Nothing will change until companies are forced to withdraw from Chinese engagement and pull manufacturing, testing, purchasing, R&D out of mainland China. For fun, move all that stuff to Taiwan. Provide a 5 yr period for this disengagement. Shut down KFC, McDs, Pizza Hut, Apple, etc. inside China. Disengage.

Let's not forget Kong Kong and Macau in our list of Chinese issues.

The WTO needs new rules as well. No "developing nation" status and supports for countries with space programs or nuclear weapons or bio-weapons or chemical weapons. We want nice neighbors, right? Make it hurt where we can. The US, China, Russia, India, France, Pakistan, Israel, GBR, should all pay more since they are known to have nuclear weapons. Also, abusing international rules should have some WTO/UN impacts. China (and others) are ignoring international fishing laws.

As for China's recent rocket booster uncontrolled return. Something didn't work like it was supposed to work. Last year, a Falcon9 booster had a failure and it hit property in the NW USA. Pressure tanks hit, nobody and no property was damaged. The Earth is huge. Best to aim for the ocean outside shipping lanes, but with the speed these things travel, 2 minutes off on the de-orbit burn and the ground location can change by 2000kms.

We already know how to make China upset. Just ask Pooh Bear what he doesn't like.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian caught up in ancient Roman statue smuggling row See in context

I'm not a fan, but can see where she'd pay a professional art collector to handle things like selection, acquisition and storage.

Does anyone think that Bill Gates selected the art in his homes, planes, or what gets seasonally brought out to keep the walls changing?

I don't.

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Posted in: Action star Steven Seagal gives samurai sword to Venezuela's Maduro See in context

When I see actors doing dumb things, I just recall that they are only actors and not role models for anyone. I do wonder what he's doing in Venezuela, but being polite to your host is good manners once you are there. Perhaps he wrote a "love letter?"

I'm seldom disappointed by Seagal's movies. We know what will happen almost always and the action is usually fast and fun. I do remember 1 film where he was killed about 15 minutes into the movie. I was shocked, but most definitely surprised.

For a while, he was making films in eastern Europe. As long as they don't pretend to be somewhere else, that's fine. Drives me crazy when a film set in Florida has mountains in the background. Florida doesn't have any hills, much less, mountains.

JCVD movies are similar. Love his series on Amazon Prime. At least JCVD is funny.

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Posted in: Dive by See in context

Since September 2020, 270 world championships and world cups had taken place involving over 30,000 athletes, who had been subject to more than 200,000 tests. He noted that, even without vaccinations being widely available, not one of these events had turned into a virus-spreader, providing proof that international sports events with a large number of international participants can be organised while safeguarding the health of everyone.


Nobody has spread COVID at any major events since last September. The Protocols being used have been working. No need to freak out. Their plan is working.

I don't have any problem with Olympic athletes being "selfish" in an Olympic year. About 75% of the competitors at this event did not qualify for the Olympics. There are 12 qualifying slots in each event. The Woman's 3m had 48 entrants. Some prior Olympians didn't make the cut this year.

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Posted in: New Zealand declines to call China's Uighur treatment genocide See in context

Alas - JT doesn't buy the articles for very long and doesn't post the comments from those stories.

Beijing accused of forced sterilisation, abortions, and pregnancy checks on hundreds of thousands of minority women.


The campaign over the past four years in the far west region of Xinjiang is leading to what some experts are calling a form of “demographic genocide”.


The population-control measures are backed by mass detention both as a threat and as punishment for failure to comply. Having too many children is a major reason people are sent to detention camps, AP found, with parents of three or more children ripped away from their families unless they can pay huge fines.

Police raid homes, terrifying parents as they search for hidden children.

What do you call that if not genocide?

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Posted in: In synch See in context

Meaghan & Caeli won the competition.

Caeli won the individual 10m competition a few hrs ago.

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Posted in: New Zealand declines to call China's Uighur treatment genocide See in context

Forced abortions and forced long-term birth control ARE genocide.

They are just easier because many countries don't consider abortion to be killing.

Is the US committing genocide against young black men in US cities?

No more than they are committing genocide against whites, which are killed more often by police by raw numbers.

Nobody called Tiananmen Square Massacre a genocide, even if 10,000 Chinese were killed there (that's a high estimate), because it wasn't about ethnicity.

The Uighur's treatment is 100% about ethnicity and removing everything culturally that makes an Uighur an Uighur. Their culture, religion, and having Han Chinese "minders" (both people and MANDATORY smartphone tracking apps) to watch the family members for any signs of "undesirable" thoughts, beliefs, and actions, as determined by Beijing. But since all smartphones in China have mandatory govt tracking, Chinese don't think this is odd.

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Posted in: Biden aims to vaccinate 70% of American adults by July 4 See in context


if someone has medical complications which prevent vaccination, then they should NOT get it.

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Posted in: Biden aims to vaccinate 70% of American adults by July 4 See in context

US TOTAL CASES: 32,267,958 (+32,460 New Cases)

US TOTAL DEATHS: 574,679 (+404 New Deaths)



Zichi, the US CDC numbers say 404 new deaths. Where's the 1000/day coming from? Is that world-wide?

I come from a large family with many kids. One of my siblings has refused to be vaccinated, yet. Everyone else and all their kids have already been vaccinated - so 22 people have and 2 have not.

The 2 who haven't just aren't too concerned. Because the shots have to be thawed, I don't see how they will have walk-up injections. I'm thinking that the US needs to stop paying for the doses in 30 days - announce that so everyone who doesn't want to spend $40 out of pocket (2x $20), will get their shots sooner.

In the family, everyone had a reaction after the 2nd shot except me. I had zero discomfort. One of my other sisters was in bed for 3 days. Most just felt a little tired and "off" for 1 day after the 2nd shot.

Of course, if someone has medical complications which prevent vaccination, then they should get it. I have no problem mandating any of the approved vaccines as required for employment locations with over 10 people or entering any public venue with over 10 people - with the medical exception, of course. Seems like common sense. Not being vaccinated is selfish.

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Posted in: Hands off my hijab! Young Muslim women protest proposed French ban See in context

I cannot understand why they would want to pass a law that discriminates.

Because it makes non-Muslims uncomfortable, which is a form of discrimination.

Hoodies make some people uncomfortable too.

Face masks and winter full-masks/hats make people uncomfortable too. Here they had an exception for medical masks to be worn in public in the laws, but until 2020, almost nobody was seen wearing a medical mask in public because it made about 30% of the residents uncomfortable, due to history of the region. Of course, religion almost always wins in the courts, so there was a religious exception. Oddly, some nudists have a religion, but they aren't allowed to be nude outside their homes. Seems unfair to me.

When children display religious "signs", it is impossible to tell whether those are their own idea or that of an oppressive parent or religious leader. Some parents gift religious jewelry, clothing, books, and forced their kids to attend religious schools and training classes.

How can the "state" know if it is repression/child abuse or truly religion when children are involved? I'd lean towards only allowing adults to wear religious clothing in public and only if it doesn't hide the identity of the person. Hijabs should be fine, provided the full face can be seen. The same would apply to all hats, masks, worn in public. If wearing a hat isn't illegal, then covering up one's hair shouldn't be illegal either.

Anyone can wear whatever they like, next thing you know you'll be forced to use same clothes with same color.

Ok, I'm a nudist. I don't think anyone should wear any clothing. It is oppressive when I'm forced to wear any clothing in public besides footwear.

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Posted in: Biden raises Trump refugee cap after delay backlash See in context

This cap is for all refugees from around the world. Many come from the middle east because they helped America out there at huge risk to their own and family's lives. America owes them.

I don't have any issue with those good people. There are examples of others who were invited and arrive over the last 30 yrs decades with next to nothing, but made a life and added to the community in the US.

I think the US has normally set the refugee number closer to 100K/yr. Perhaps I'm wrong, but we are a nation of immigrants. My grandparents where brought to the US about 120 yrs ago as very young children, fleeing Russian oppression after living there for a few hundred years first. Russia wanted to alter the agreement, so they left.

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Posted in: Stranded cricket star slams Australia over India travel ban See in context

There is the spirit of the law that has to be considered.

The border lockdown by the Aussie Govt is about saving lives. Selfish people want a loophole.

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Posted in: U.S. begins reuniting some families separated at Mexico border See in context

They should reunite south of the US border - as quickly as possible.

Families should never be separated, unless there is child abuse. Oh - sending your kid to a foreign country alone, THAT IS CHILD ABUSE.

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Posted in: In synch See in context

BTW, I think they are doing a back 3.5 off the 10m tower. If you've never been there, it is worth going up to consider jumping off.

Meaghan is just 155cm tall and Caeli is 160cm. These are not big women, though they appear to be compared to the tiny Chinese divers.

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Posted in: U.S. to launch trade talks on COVID-19 vaccine distribution See in context

Someone needs to say it. Demanding that companies and people work for free is morally objectionable. If people wish to volunteer their time and resources, that's completely different and up to each individual.

Post-pandemic, the prices for all COVID vaccines will go up 3-10x. Pfizer said they expect to charge $130 per dose, for example. Big pharma has a goal of "good enough" drugs, not cures. They'd rather we need a pill for $50 every month to slow disease progression for 40+ yrs, not a 1-time, $3, cure. When they create drugs, they have a plan to change the formula 5 yrs before the patent ends for each minor modification. They also seek out as many uses for a drug, sometimes questionable, so more people will buy it.

I feel bad for India, but they have nuclear arms! Any place with nuclear arms should be paying full price for everything. Repercussions for non-friendly actions. India was known for stealing patents for a long time. In theory, they stopped in 2005.

People in the USA know that we pay the highest costs in the world for drugs and health care. That is part of our duty to keep medical science moving forward. We are capitalists and expect to be paid. We groan about it, especially me since the ACA increased insurance costs 4x, for much less coverage, and none of my original doctors have been in any of the plans we could afford post-ACA.

Sanders lives in fantasy land, not the real world. He doesn't need any savings, since his Senate job will provide a very nice pension. All his wealth should have been given away long ago to backup what he thinks others should do by personal demonstration of those ideals. Forced giving isn't giving. It is theft.

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Posted in: U.S. denies Iran claims of prisoner deal; UK plays it down See in context

I don't feel like President Biden needs to make any progress with Iran. The current situation is fine and will be for the next 40 yrs.

I feel bad for for all the normal people in Iran. They are in the grips of a religious-authoritarian govt. I don't see any way out for Iranian leaders. They will never give up, so their people will suffer, indefinitely.

I feel bad for Cubans in the same way.

The solution for both these places is easy, but impossible for the current leadership to accomplish.

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