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I'd actually like to know for a fact whether bears who've had this sort of contact with people do in fact become a menace or whether this is just a pretext for an expedient solution.

Besides, it didn't eat anyone, it just flayed at them as it was totally stressed out. So I'm not too convinced by all the self appointed bear experts on this panel.

If Hokkaido had an actual protocol instituted by bear experts on how to deal with this shirt of situation, perhaps this could've been drawn to a better end for all, much earlier. It was first spotted in the middle of the night, so they certainly had enough time to get some kind of plan into action.

Instead the cops and some local yahoos and their rifles were running around like headless chickens.

This disorder and inability to make good decisions under pressure reminds me of something...

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I'm sure it could've been tranquilized and released it far enough for it not to be a nuisance. But I think it wouldn't be wrong to say that Japanese people show little empathy towards animals, and that could be why they need to humanize their poodles with little coats and hats.

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Thank goodness the Olympics are going ahead or they'd still be needlessly tinkering with the vaccines' approval.

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They're all going to be vaccinated, so I don't understand what the fuss is about.

I saw the Aussie softball team on TV - who are all vaccinated - at mealtime separated from each other by those plastic see-thru shields, forbidden from speaking to one another. It's an internment camp. The irony is that us - the general population - are the only ones who aren't vaccinated. So, I don't see why these poor people need to be the targets and victims of Japan's incompetence. Every time Japan has been in foreign news in recent years it's been due to one shortcoming or another. This place is fast becoming the laughing stock of planet Earth.

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It's one thing to criticise inaction and incompetence, but to ceaselessly keep reading negative comments on here when positive measures are finally been taken, says more about the rectitude of those who write them than that of those they rebuke.

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Posted in: Advocacy groups ask gov't to rethink harsher anti-cannabis law See in context

While the rest of the civilized world are relaxing legislation around its use, good ol' Japan is, yest again, doubling-down on the side of ignorance and oppression. The 60s never happened here.

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In the UK, St John's ambulances trained volunteers to administer vaccines over a weekend.

Knowing that they'd rather let people die and the economy suffer than even consider such a scheme here, frustrates me beyond words.

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The Japanese government is completely incompetent, yet the voter turnout in my ward for the by-election a week and a half ago stood at 30.45%. If you're looking for someone to blame for this fiasco (whether it be vaccine distribution or the Olympics), it falls squarely on every single eligible voter who can't be bothered to cast their ballot, and those buffoons who keep supporting this revolving door of political dynasties and their cronies.

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@WA4TKG Ham radios, or any other kind of field radio frequency emitting devices, are illegal in Japan. You can't even use an EPERB here (or if you do, you need to get a radio station license: I'm not joking). What you want is an InReach by Garmin. A satellite tracking device with two way emailing capabilities, weather updates with an SOS button pinpointing your exact coordinates regardless of weather conditions.

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And for those questioning the quality of the search and rescue, you cannot fly choppers in gale conditions with zero visibility at sea level, let alone at 3,000m altitude. How could anybody even think otherwise?

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I'm up in the Kita Alps now. I started climbing Yarigatake on Sunday but turned back due to high avalanche risks and deteriorating weather conditions. There was a young man behind me that decided to continue up despite my warnings and the subsequent warnings of the mountain hut staff who were coming down due to the bad weather. Only inexperienced foolhardy individuals would've climbed in Monday's weather. Yesterday I was in the Karasawa basin (alt.2300m) and it very hot - shorts and t-shirt hot - and there were avalanches non-stop, including slab avalanches. I saw two in the space of less than an hour. But still, some people were climbing...

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Please remove this wrongful advice from your website. Show a modicum of social responsibility.

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Posted in: Death of man attacked by bear sparks conversation about what to do when facing one See in context

Never get agitated around a brown bear; that might work with a black bear but it sends grizzlies into a frenzy.

Never shoot a bear unless you're super confident you will kill it with one shot - which is extremely unlikely.

Bear spray is by far the best and safest defence mechanism - and BTW, there are no "safety pins"; there's a plastic thing that quickly slides off.

And, finally, bears have amazing hearing, so they will hear bells before they can be surprised by you coming up the path, the latter being what one is trying to avoid.

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Not only are they doggedly pursuing this fallacious myth as to its danger, but the government's actually in the process strengthening its anti-weed laws! The degree of ill ignorance and dogma in this country is flabbergasting.

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