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Posted in: Anti-nuclear rally See in context

Beware those who advocate nuclear energy/power.

Vested interests often lie beneath such positive representations.

Well done to the protesters.

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Posted in: Calls grow for Cuomo to quit from top New York lawmakers See in context

No, not me. I never called for anyone to be physically harmed.

Enough of these blatant fibs.

You've called for people to stick a fork in him, several times.

If I wish you good luck and shout “break a leg” does that literally mean, “I want you to break your leg?” You liberals are taking this woke culture waaaay too seriously.

Ah, the signal.

You should address that to a liberal, then. But I'd rather be woke than a joke.

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Posted in: Race, title and anguish: Meghan and Harry explain royal rift See in context

Disgusting family and institution. These two are well out of it.

But the fascination with them continues, not least from angry males who feel Harry has been emasculated.

Who will spit venom and character assassinations at MM.

They will be along soon, to tell us the obvious - not all males.

Yes, we know. But there are some very vocal males who fear strong, black/mixed race women. It's their worst nightmare and they will do anything they can (in their limited fashion) to denigrate and take her down.

All that said - monarchies are archaic and have no place in the modern world. All their lands, properties and ill-gotten gains should be taken from all of them and distributed amongst the needy, the marginalized, those who struggle against the brutalities of late capitalism.

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Posted in: Restored Chaplin films to be released in cinemas worldwide See in context

But a guy who went after the very young girls as he did would never survive in today’s Hollywood.

And rightly so.

As with the likes of Woody Allen and Polanski, it is difficult to separate the men from the art.

I am certainly not blind to Chaplin's disturbing fondness for teenagers. Obviously, that does tend to tarnish his image.

I stand by my description of him as a genius, but do not condone his behaviour.

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Posted in: Biden marks 'Bloody Sunday' by signing voting rights order See in context

It does not, and minorities already have the right to vote

Apart from the widespread voter suppression in predominantly black and Hispanic areas.

There was harsh scrutiny of state policy that placed 53,000 voter registrations in suspense over small discrepancies, 70% of which were Black voters. Georgia’s practice of aggressively purging hundreds of thousands of voters from the rolls became a matter of national attention. For many, the election illuminated how severely restrictive voting rules could affect an election outcome.

45 even admitted that if it was easier to vote, his disgraceful GOP would never be elected again.

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Posted in: Calls grow for Cuomo to quit from top New York lawmakers See in context

His real crime is sending Corona patients to nursing homes, lying about it, and then blaming Trump for the thousands of deaths he himself cause. In a sane world, he would go to prison.

This is not a sane world.

Trump, a twice impeached criminal, self-confessed sex offender, serial liar and mass murderer walks free.

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Posted in: When a woman comes forward about being sexually assaulted or harassed by a now-famous man a long time ago, how do you know whether to believe her or not? How should the media report such cases? See in context

These brave women come forward and relive the trauma of their experience, knowing they will be vilified and targeted by angry conservatives, online incels and an intrusive press.

I commend all who come forward, it cannot be easy.

For some it can be, of course, cathartic. Excorcising those demons which they have internalized. Horrors which have caused depression/addiction/abusive relationships/suicidal feelings.

And for some, it's too late.

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Posted in: Calls grow for Cuomo to quit from top New York lawmakers See in context

He should step down. His postition has become untenable.

If you're man, and accused of making a woman feel uncomfortable, it's over, you're toast.

Harassment is not something that should be acceptable. Ever.

Stick a fork in this guy.

Less calls for violence, please.

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Posted in: Restored Chaplin films to be released in cinemas worldwide See in context

Such a genius. From the early silents to the likes of Monsieur Verdoux.

Chaplin, Keaton, The Marx Brothers and suchlike. Great stars and visionaries.

Some people don’t like B&W films or slapstick.

Can never understand why. Not only are these brilliant films but they are a window into the past.

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Posted in: Okinawan women's civic group chronicles sex crimes by U.S. military See in context

The United States Military should pull out and go home.

Indeed they should.

When China claims the Ryukyu Islands as historically theirs don't come calling for help!

Ah, the caveat. The inevitable warning often used by apologists for occupation.

Every occupied country gets that. You'll be invaded, your financial system will collapse, it will be so much worse without us, etc etc.

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Wonderful shot.

Monkey punch seems reluctant to engage. Perhaps he doesn't want to see no evil, etc.

Monkey on right is a symbol of foreign military occupation.

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Yet President Joe Biden says the U.S. will not sanction the Saudi government, calculating that any direct punishment could risk Saudi Arabia’s cooperation in confronting Iran and in counterterrorism efforts.

The Great Satan will always put money ahead of humanitarian concerns. No matter which idiot is in charge.

Capitalism, see?

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Posted in: Pandemic-consumed U.S. relapses in drug addiction See in context

Well, what do you expect when you lock people in their homes and destroy businesses.

Fascinating to see the far right concern over drug addiction. Previously, it was all "lock them up" and "why can't these people get a job" and other reactionary favourites.

I understand that finally some states have put an end to this nonsense and opened up (neither of them run by Bidens party, sadly).

And once again, the GOP will be responsible for a surge of covid cases, if and when it happens.

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Posted in: Okinawan women's civic group chronicles sex crimes by U.S. military See in context

I have read more cases about Japanese women abusing the laws and playing the sex game for profit. Crying wolf.

This is about members of the US forces here, abusing and assaulting women and children.

I do not blame them


as it is easy cash like being a comfort woman complainer, but come on. Watch the animals in the animal kingdom and you will soon learn, see and accept sexuality as a part of the animal kingdom persona.


Rape and sexual assault are carried out by humans on other humans.

Specifically, though not exclusively, by males on females.

This shocking chronicle is yet another reason why the US military must be sent home.

They've occupied Japan long enough.

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Posted in: 163 jockeys, others in horseracing get virus rescue money improperly See in context

Horses for courses.

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Posted in: Next 'Fast & Furious' movie delayed until June See in context

Tokyo Drift was cool.

Ridiculous, but cool.

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Posted in: Royalty TV: UK monarchy and television have complex ties See in context

Perverts and parasites. What was MM thinking of, marrying into that lot?

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Posted in: When you were a child, what profession did you aspire to? And did you actually join that profession when you became an adult? See in context

I achieved some of my goals, that's good enough for now.

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Posted in: Myanmar police fire on protesters in ancient former capital See in context

Sanctions do not work.

Sanctions do work. They helped, most notably, with bringing an end to apartheid in South Africa.

Gorilla tactics do. Learn from Vietnam

I don't recall primates helping bring an end to the carnage that left over 2 million Vietnamese dead, but the resolve of the people in that country managed to drag them out of the mire that colonialism, occupation and imperialism had them trapped in.

After the military is deposes, ASSK must step down, esp in light of her turning a blind eye to genocide.

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Posted in: Brexiteer Nigel Farage steps down as leader of Reform UK See in context

He's in an ad on YouTube selling financial services, I believe.

The pound shop Powell, back to his city boy roots?

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Posted in: Biden, Democrats prevail as Senate OKs $1.9 tril virus relief bill See in context

So why are people buying expensive cars that they can’t afford?

The most evil of evils.


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Posted in: Biden, Democrats prevail as Senate OKs $1.9 tril virus relief bill See in context

And besides not really helping anyone, what’s it for?

People the Randians, rich and rightists sneer at.

People struggling to keep their heads above water.

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Posted in: Trump demands 3 Republican groups stop raising money off his name See in context

If he says stop doing this in his name.... that also make uncomfortable for the communists.... Where is he skimming money?? This is a mental sickness ...

You're welcome.

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Posted in: Trump demands 3 Republican groups stop raising money off his name See in context

Without looking at more details,

Lol. Seems to be endemic in 45ist world.

my instinct tells me this is part of the effort to remove the Rinos from the party, who betrayed Trump so badly. But as usual, the press only writes an anti-Trump narrative without giving context.

The RINOs are the traitors and malcontents Trump told to march on the Capitol, the people that Tucker Carlson believes are "gentle patriots".

It will be good to see the GOP implode, mind.

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Posted in: Trump demands 3 Republican groups stop raising money off his name See in context

He should have stopped using The Rolling Stones, Village People & Creedence Clearwater Revival's songs.

Did he ever check the lyrics? Particularly the CCR track...

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Posted in: Florida governor faces growing charges of vaccine favoritism See in context

I don’t assume anything, numbers don’t lie.

Except when they don't support your theories and political beliefs.

DeSantis is in a band?

According to your post, he's becoming a rock star. Are you a bit confused this morning?

I’m in favor of everyone getting the vaccine if they need or want it regardless of race, class or status.

So, if the rich want it first, you're in favour of preferential treatment.

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Posted in: Accuser says talk of Cuomo as AG spurred her to come forward See in context

This guy is in so much trouble, he’s pretty much done, stick a fork in him!

The far right, advocating violence again.

I mean, if Hillary (of all people) takes the victims position, it’s pretty much over for this lying piece of work.

As it should be. Predators should be held accountable. No matter what their politics are.

Wouldn't you agree?

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Posted in: After record COVID-19 deaths, Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to stop 'whining' See in context

President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday told Brazilians to stop "whining" and move on, in his latest remarks attacking distancing measures and downplaying the gravity of the pandemic.

Of course he would.

The pampered bigot got the best treatment available, something millions of ordinary Brazilians don't have access to.

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Posted in: Florida governor faces growing charges of vaccine favoritism See in context

Liberals and Dems are upset because people can’t move to Florida fast enough, they’re allowed to work, they’re allowed to leave the mask at home, they’re allowed to live their life without all the government big brother over your back intrusion and the good part in all of this, they can’t stop him, no wonder DeSantis is becoming a rock star in the GOP. Trump’s protégé did well.

I thought you were solidly against wealthy rock stars and hypocrites?

Are you in favour of the elite being first in line or are you against it?

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Posted in: Swiss to vote on whether to ban full facial coverings in public See in context

cliche after cliche, stereotype after stereotype. Now I’m starting to wonder if you really have Muslim mates.

Well, I'm hardly going to give a random site popular with the far right access to them, am I?

Where I'm from and where I have lived, people mix and tend to treat each other as equals, human beings.

Some of even us share the same interests, football teams, going to the pub and hanging out.

Don’t come to a western country if you hate us and our way of life.

Could say the same to extreme right wingers, in Switzerland or here.

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