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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing women’s shoes and replacing them with new ones See in context

Sorry, this is just a whole new level of weird.

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Posted in: Australian airline Qantas to require COVID-19 vaccination for international travelers See in context

It's almost certain that countries will soon require this as a condition of entry, and as such if Qantas was servicing a route to such a country, they would be obliged to comply and enforce this.

I highly doubt a carrier will willingly allow a person to board who doesn't have the rights to enter the destination country and as a result, a lot of the dissenting noise, is just that.... pointless noise.

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Posted in: This work pod built for two could be the new way to have face-to-face meetings in Japan See in context

Sorry, this gives me the same mental image of prison visitation rooms?

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Posted in: Australia's second-biggest city eases lockdown as virus cases plummet See in context

There's no time limits being outdoors as of today.

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Posted in: chairman wants Japan-China tourist travel to resume this year See in context

It is a very dumb idea.

I'm not going to focus about China or not China, my point still stands.

At least for some time, if you are going to focus on tourism, it should be to a smaller and more manageable group where all the resources are on hand, for example, contact tracing, and so on are readily available and able to deal with any potential issues that may arise in a rapid manner.

Whether this smaller group be to China or to any other nation is completely moot, but this proposal smacks of "oh my gawd I want my profits now let the floodgates open" and is beyond stupid, foolish, and reckless.

I love to travel as much as many other people, but this proposal does not respect the greater community one bit.

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Posted in: 7,600 Japanese Facebook accounts stolen in suspected scam See in context

Two-factor authentication is literally a must nowadays.

I'd go as far as using a password manager to manage and long scrambled unique passwords through said password manager..

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria sees COVID-19 cases drop See in context

the sheer dumbassery of far too many citizens who didn't take Covid seriously. Sigh.

KFC, butter chicken and Big Macs in Wodonga come to mind....

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Posted in: Japan, China to work toward restarting travel See in context

I'm not going to get into the pro/anti China politics here.

However, it's still a dumb idea, unless you can restrict the travelling pool to a 1:1 reciprocal arrangement, for example 5,000 travellers either direction at a given time. Only then may it be remotely workable, BUT......

It only takes one for to create a whole load of extra headaches.....

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, France prod companies to rely less on China, but few respond See in context

There's a case for certain lines of products such as pharmaceuticals and PPE to be moved out of China, sure.... as countries have learned the hard way that any disruption to supply chains for these particular types of goods is beyond unacceptable and I guess the only way to combat disruption is to have these produced locally...

But for others? It totally depends.

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Posted in: As governments around the world apply strict measures to contain the coronavirus, millions of people are losing their jobs and companies are facing bankruptcy. Do you think the economic fallout is worse than the health impact? See in context

pandemic. We can all rebuild later when this is all over. It's harder to rebuild an economy if your workforce is decimated by the virus. I just hope that decision makers value human lives more than money

I cannot agree any more with this comment .

I am very lucky my job is secure as I'm in agribusiness. You can literally physically feel the despair, the uncertainty and the hopelessness going around.

The economic impact of this crisis will be worse than the health impact

It's a very tough call. You're either just outright dead, or you could be in for a world of hurt due to no job, no money which leads to no house, no food, etc.... oh yes, and maybe in some cases no treatment if you are sick.

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Posted in: WHO says prepare for local virus outbreaks; China slams U.S. control travel controls See in context

A lot of self-righteous whining from the CCP. Hua Chunying is beyond irresponsible with her lofty sanctimonious lecturing and is well and truly out of line and beyond inappropriate.

Even if you don't get sick, hypothetically speaking, you still shouldn't go to China in this current set of circumstances.

The notion of going to any location where almost everything is shut, and travel restrictions can be imposed at just about any time, regardless of whether it's justified or not, and where supplies of critical supplies such as food and medicines and other related protective clothing is beyond reckless and absolutely stupid to stratospheric magnitudes. Especially as a non-resident, where a degree of unfamiliarity of local customs and environment is almost certain, you invite an elevated sense of risk in concert with the earlier outlined concerns.

Lastly, if you do get sick, considering how local emergency services are being absolutely hammered by demand, they are not going to be in a real position to be able to assist you in any way (because of getting absolutely swarmed under). They have thousands, say possibly tens of thousands of sick patients to look at per hospital. What makes you think they'll be able to "prioritize" you over this literal horde of sick locals?

Answer: They probably shouldn't be.

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Posted in: Man accused of killing woman and wounding another in Sydney See in context

Oops. Can't edit...

Local news link:

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Posted in: Man accused of killing woman and wounding another in Sydney See in context

This is fairly close to my workplace. Local news is reporting that there was a deceased woman in an apartment block nearby which they've confirmed is related.

That woman had her throat cut.

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Posted in: China accuses FedEx of 'holding up' Huawei parcels See in context

Sounds more like general incompetence from the carrier rather than actual malice.

FedEx apologized in May for "misrouting" 

I think many who have lived in a Western country have seen this many a time regardless of carrier. For those in Australia, I'm sure they have many, uh, "fond" memories of the performance of AusPost!

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Posted in: Schoolgirls chase suspected train groper and get timely assist from tripper See in context

Good work that the girls chased him, to many weirdos here!

It's a good sign that people are 1. willing to not take crap like groping on the chin and will do something about it and 2. people aren't just necessarily going to sit idly by.

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Posted in: Australian tourist arrested over graffiti around Kamogawa River in Kyoto See in context

Its starting to get embarrassing to be travelling as an Australian - that's four in a little over a month.

Agreed. We have too many of these worthless bogan twats here in Australia.

They're usually the first to harp about "how ethnics need to adhere to Aussie values here" but when in trouble they [email protected]# and whine about how "unfair" it is, and "get over it" and "it's your fault you're so easily offended" and so on.

Make a complete example out of this idiot and imprison him at least long enough for this to become a permanent stain on his future employment prospects.

This is the age of very freely available information about ones' actions in public. He'll pay for it more than just getting banned and deported from Japan.

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Posted in: Australia's ruling coalition wins surprise third term See in context

However, on the other hand labor have lost seats, too. Therefore, both major parties have so far done worse than before

Both parties bled votes to a point of just under a -1% swing.

Preferences from UAP and One Nation did help the LNP get over the line and steal seats, but they notably lost Tony Abbott in what can only be described as a savage rout..... and this was called very early in the night with a very large margin to Zali Steggall (-13% swing).

The Libs lost 2 seats but Labor lost 4. So, there was no large landslide movements in this election. but for Labor, a completely abysmal showing in QLD was enough to put it out of reach in a decisive way.

Australia is and will probably remain somewhat conservative, but I do not really see it rewarding or going to the far-right anytime soon...... the far rightists in this election for the most part could only really be described as a total fizzer.

While Clive Palmer did capture about 3.5% of the vote, this did not translate into a seat (in both House of Reps or the Senate) at all.

One Nation did fare a little better, and at this time they may gain a Senate seat but it's not guaranteed nor likely, only that they are "ahead" in counts, but like Cliver Palmer, no House of Reps seat.

Fraser Anning, well, he was a complete fizzer in every sense of the expression and was absolutely nowhere near in gaining any House of Reps seat, nor even retaining his own Senate position.

So, in summary, the movements were extremely small, but they just weren't in Labor's favor, and that's all it takes.

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Posted in: Australian election vote count reveals close contest See in context

Tbf, Bill Shorten's a dud. Not pm material, never was, never will be.

I can't say I'm fond of Scott Morrison, but I have to agree with your statement. Bill Shorten isn't exactly an inspiring leader like Bob Hawke or (initially at 2007) Kevin Rudd was.

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Posted in: Australian election vote count reveals close contest See in context

It's now a matter more to do if the Coalition truly gets a majority government.... but unfortunately it is not a night for the ALP.

Labor may take 68-70 seats, I think, so they've taken (although a small one) a step backwards.

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Posted in: Australian election vote count reveals close contest See in context

Australia will swing to the left.

Maybe, but not tonight.

It's pretty much out of reach now, and it seems that the ALP has actually gone backward a little, largely due to a terrible showing in QLD.

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Posted in: Australian election vote count reveals close contest See in context

Difficult for Labor to get over the line right now.

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Posted in: Australian election vote count reveals close contest See in context

It's policies of late have been likened to those of the Trump administration causing tribal divisions and unrest in what is usually a relaxed country.

Too early to say, the only given that has happened here tonight is that Tony Abbott is out.

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Posted in: Australian election vote count reveals close contest See in context

Well, current results are definitely surprising and are close, but have LNP slightly ahead (WA seats have not started counting just yet.)

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Posted in: Polls open in Australian election; opposition tipped to win See in context

Seems the LNP did better in QLD which may really help its cause, however, it's almost certain that Tony Abbott has lost with such savage swings against him.

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Posted in: Polls open in Australian election; opposition tipped to win See in context

Erm, look under "Warringah"...

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Posted in: Polls open in Australian election; opposition tipped to win See in context

Polls are now closed. Multiple exit polls are pointing to ALP around 52-48 mark.

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Posted in: Polls open in Australian election; opposition tipped to win See in context

I had more of a challenge to determine who to put last rather than whom to put first this election....

UAP, One Nation, Fraser Anning (or Mr. 19 votes) etc....but there were a lot more muppet candidates this year across the board, eg people who thought rape jokes on social media were "funny", or comments slagging their own fellow party members as being "notorious homosexuals" rather than actually bothering to address the issues that people are concerned with (regardless of one's leanings).

The leadership shenanigans, nor obstructionism on the Banking RC from the LNP over the last few years certainly don't help their case, either.

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Posted in: Mosque shooter charged with murder; NZ PM Ardern promises to reform gun laws See in context

I'm beyond sickened by the blame-gaming going around on all types of media about this topic.

To try to associate immigration, such as in a way Senator Fraser Anning did, deserves nothing but the utmost of condemnation. By all means have the discussion but not inside the contexts of this shameful act that has happened, and in no means try to link it to the events of yesterday afternoon. Have some decency. Stop and think about this. These people are immigrants who migrated LEGALLY.

To try to deflect blame and say "the leftists made him do it", is beyond reprehensible.

I am personally not an advocate of large scale immigration nor the Islamic faith, but I repeatedly stress that at any time absolutely no individual, regardless of gender, racial background, religious identity, nor political belief "deserves" the kind of fate that befell people in Christchurch yesterday afternoon.

No person deserves such a fate, anywhere in existence, regardless of his or her views differing to mine, or to anyone elses'.

To try to portray a group of unarmed women, elderly and infirm, and the very young, given that there have been gunshot wound victims as young as one year old as a threat when all they were doing was legally congregating in a common building practicing a common belief that is different than your own puts any argument you make into serious question.

It's high time to draw the line in the sand - if you want to be heard, then you have to be prepared to listen to another's wish to be heard.

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Posted in: 49 killed, more than 20 wounded in 2 New Zealand mosque shootings; 4 suspects in custody See in context

The death toll is surely set to rise....

They did think things very thoroughly, especially with the revelation that there were several vehicles rigged as IEDs.

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Posted in: China demands U.S. drop Huawei extradition request with Canada See in context

Why should China or Chinese companies be legally bound by what the US decides is legal or not?

Normally I find you to have reasonable arguments, but you're really far off the mark on this one.

Huawei is a business entity trading in the US, so the US has every reason to be going after a company that is alleged to have committed financial crimes / fraud/etc and so on.

As the CFO, allegations about fraud and misleading banks with sanctions makes her the absolute top of the food chain for something like this, and a splendid prime target.

Is there politicking occurring here? Definitely. But to say they don't have jurisdiction is pretty laughable.

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