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In my 1/4 of a century here the most common complaint I have heard relates to being denied an opportunity to find a place to live because one is a foreigner. The guidance says,

*(1), (2) These measures will only be taken with the understanding and agreement of the relevant parties, and cannot be forced if either party is unwilling.

So they will try to rectify the situatoin where somone will not rent to a foreigner but there is nothing they can do about it. Maybe there will be one or two cases where a landlord is convinced to rent to a foreigner but it may not be a comfortable situation afterwards.

At least they are trying something but much more is needed if Japan truly wants to become a "financial hub" or attract "talented foreign workers"

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Whatever one thinks of the Emperor I must say when he speaks it is rarely about himself and most often if not always about the Japanese people.

I would much rather hear the Emperor speak than any of the politicians in Japan any time.

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This part of the article is very distrubing.

Regulatory officials asked TEPCO at the meeting why it did not have seismological data from the Unit 3 reactor for Saturday's quake, and utility officials acknowledged that both of its seismometers had failed — one in July and the other in October — and had never been repaired.

TEPCO also said that seismometers at all but two of the reactor buildings that survived the 2011 disaster were submerged by water from the tsunami and have never been replaced.

Right now, as far as I know, seismographical instruments do not perform a safe shutdown function as they would during normal operation however they provide valuable data which can be used to determine the level of assessment required within the plant to look for further damage.

However the more important concern with this is it makes us ask what other instrumentation (some which may be performing critical safety functions) is inoperable or has not been calibrated within its (typically one year) calibration cycle.

Even the strongest supporter of TEPCO cannot rationalize that this is OK.

It is not OK and should trigger a full and very invasive audit by the NRA.

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I can understand what you say completely about your personal normal life. Of course we all need to make those kinds of decisions. What may be right for me may not be correct for you (we are probably different ages, etc.). Your statement makes sense. There are however some cases where our actions might impact others.

However in this case the government is dealing with a policy modification which impacts millions of people. If the change is made the amount of human to human interactions would increase and therefore the chances for infections would similarly increase.

It is a tough decision to make and I do not envy those who have to make it.

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It seems the SOE has had some impact on the transmission of the virus. This is a difficult decision as if they lift the SOE and the cases go up again there is certainly going to be some implied (if not real) responsibility on those making the decision.

My understanding is compensation for businesses that must close early or chose to close is already earmarked and in place so it would seem the more conservative approach of continuing the SOE for the intended duration may be the best choice.

We are all far removed from the decision making process so we will have to adapt to whatever decision is made.

My only hope is the global trend of decreasing cases continues.

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In this case we have to give kudos to the pilots and secondly to Boeing in this case for building an aircraft that could safely land during a catastrophic engine failure.

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Posted in: Japanese airman, U.S. instructor killed in training jet crash in U.S. See in context

@Gd. Thanks for your post as well which accurately explains one of the reasons he may have been there and why the use of the aircraft.....just read what you wrote.

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I understand the importance of the rice stockpile and the history behind why it is there but this situation would seem to warrant its use and not only for children but for a wider segment if the population. One meal a day for a University student is pretty bad.

For those here who want to help directly and have the means to do so 2nd Harvest in Tokyo is helping people (and has been for a couple of decades).

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The average age in the industry was old prior to 2011 and we are now 10 years later with most plants in Japan shut down so this is only logical.

It would be interesting to have more details such as who is included in this study? Electricians, instrument techs, operators, management, janitors, etc.).

My primary concern would be with the experience of the operators followed by those working on critical safety systems and instrumentation.

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Posted in: Japan's celebrations rocket into orbit as Osaka's win takes off See in context

She certainly is at the top of her game and is very focused and intense but seems to remain very well composed and self confident considering she is still only 23 years old. I am not a big fan of tennis but I enjoyed watching her and noticed some of her serves were clocking in near 150 km/hour (93 mph).

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Chills is not an uncommon side effect of the vaccine as during the trials 14% exhibited some for of chills after the first injection and 35% after the second injection. Pfizer has clearly stated this in their published studies. For anyone interested it starts on page 19/30 in the link below. Chills alone should not be a significant cause for concern and most of the reported cases were not severe.

The study does not specifically address hives although it would like fall under "redness". If it is truly hives then the recipient likely had a more severe and possibly allergic reaction to the vaccine.

Remember there are 6 or 7 vaccines being developed. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine uses a a different bio technology.

Based on all of the research and reading and my personal circumstance (including age and certain allergies) my doctor recommended and my mom's doctor in the U.S. both recommended I get vaccinated but in my case they are suggesting the Johnson and Johnson version so I will go that route (I am hoping it is available in Japan).

I remember in the 80's (seems like a different life) when I deployed to a different country in SE Asia I felt like a pin cushion prior to leaving and as Glenn said above I also had a strange reaction to the yellow fever vaccine.

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context

What seems to be lost in all of this is what happened to the victims. I cannot imagine what they have been through.

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As you can see in my post above I believe Japan should ensure an apology meeting the criteria set forth by the Human Rights Committe is provided, BUT

From an article in the Huffington Post

As part of the latest “apology,” Japan pledged 1 billion yen ($8.3M) for the creation of a South Korean foundation to support the surviving South Korean victims with medical, nursing, and other support services. South Korea, in turn, pledged to “irreversibly” drop its demand for reparation, end all criticism of Japan on the issue, and remove a memorial constructed by Korean “comfort women” survivors in 2011 in front of Japan’s embassy in Seoul.

As a non Korean and non Japanese I see both sides of the issue. South Korea did in fact agree to end this forever in 2011 but they are not keeping their promise to do so.

In the end I feel most sorry for the victims who seem to be pawns in all of this. The term "comfort women" is much too "nice" of a term for what was done to them. Those women were brutally raped and it must be awful for the women...the real have had to live with this for so long.

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I am neither Korean nor Japanese and although I am a Permanent Resident here it is tiresome to see this issue continuously brought up in various ways. The idea of seizing assets of Japanese companies operating in Korea over this issue is incorrect and wrong.

On the other hand it seems in this case an apology is being asked for. Given the fact that an apology alone is subjective the best thing that could be done is to ensure such an apology meets all criteria in Paragraph 22, items (a) through (h) of the following document (UN: Basic Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of International Human Rights Law and Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law) which is stated below as well. I do not know whether or not Japan has met all criteria.

22. Satisfaction should include, where applicable, any or all of the following:

(a) Effective measures aimed at the cessation of continuing violations;

(b) Verification of the facts and full and public disclosure of the truth to the extent that such disclosure does not cause further harm or threaten the safety and interests of the victim, the victim’s relatives, witnesses, or persons who have intervened to assist the victim or prevent the occurrence of further violations;

(c) The search for the whereabouts of the disappeared, for the identities of the children abducted, and for the bodies of those killed, and assistance in the recovery, identification and reburial of the bodies in accordance with the expressed or presumed wish of the victims, or the cultural practices of the families and communities;

(d) An official declaration or a judicial decision restoring the dignity, the reputation and the rights of the victim and of persons closely connected with the victim;

(e) Public apology, including acknowledgement of the facts and acceptance of responsibility;

(f) Judicial and administrative sanctions against persons liable for the violations;

(g) Commemorations and tributes to the victims;

(h) Inclusion of an accurate account of the violations that occurred in international human rights law and international humanitarian law training and in educational material at all levels.

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Lots of positive indicators. I hope the numbers are accurate and the trend continues. The decrease in serious cases and deaths is encouraging.

I really hope the trend continues here and overseas.

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context


Then if it is no exaggeration there are quite literally 15 people in Japan and 35 in the United States qualified to make this decision for the rest of the population.

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context


Reference needed,

Reference for what? The Norwegian government? Why did they choose to publish this information? Your question should be directed at them, not me.

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context

@virusrex - on additional point. The question about you working for Pfizer is a complement and was not meant in jest. You have alot of information and I do read your posts. I just to not agree with you 100% of the time.

No - I do not think a kid can read and come up with the same information you do. It requires either having the background to digest, understand, and process the information or even working in the industry.

My concern is with the suppression and censorship of information which seems to be popular nowadays (especially for those with the power to engage in such censorship).

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Posted in: Over 100 injured, trains halted after M7.3 quake strikes northeastern Japan See in context

I was at a factory in Kitakami in Iwate on March 9, 2011 and that day there was an earthquake of similar magnitude (Shindo 6 / mag. 7.2 or 7.3). It was like nothing I ever felt before. It was a definintely a precursor to March 11, 2011.

However at that time (the March 9, 2011 quake) there were no aftershocks and the rest of the seismic pressure was released on 3/11/2011.

In the case of last night's quake there were numerous aftershocks so hopefully there will not be a recurrance of 2011.

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context


you are not being exposed to the same biased information that you were not even able to recognize in your own comments.

I am quite aware of the possible "informational bias" however this statement came directly from the Norwegian Medicines Agency who are also quite well aware of the potential bias but decided it was important to publish this information anyway. That said I consider the informatoin important to add to the knowledge base. The Norwegian Medicines Agency did not post the additoinal informatoin you are referring to. I do not know why.

Yes I am quite aware of the risks of informational bias and still choose to read and study this information anyway.

Do you believe the Norwegian Medicines Agency should suppress this information or not release it to the public?

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99.99999% of humans cannot make an informed decision about the vaccine.

Using that logic and calculating the number of people capable of making such a decision there would be a grand total of 15 people in Japan (or around 35 in the U.S.) who would be considered capable of making an informed decision. (I believe you used your number to make a point however)

We can extrapolate that to nuclear power, environmental issues, etc. etc. In that case we should be making very few decisions about our own lives and should follow some type of guidance from "authorities" or "expert panels" to make any decisions.

If we allow only those with specific and implicit knowledge of reactor cooling or safe shutdown systems for nuclear power plants then they could decide to restart all of the plants in Japan. In a couple of cases local governments have stopped them due to perceived risk......which is a good thing.

It is mind boggling to me that it is considered controversial to ask people to do research and make their own decisions.

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context


In further context your point is well taken and it is quite interesting.

Now whether the shiyakusho person's concern is valid or not - well that is another story...albeit directly relevant to this article...

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How many people over 80yo died on the same period in Norway but without being vaccinated?

I do not know the answer to the question. I am only presenting information. If you have that information I would certainly welcome it and would like to have it. I specifically mentioned the fact that those that died were 80 years old or older is important (as it certainly indicates the deaths were limited to those who are likely more susceptible to side effects). However people should have this information and be able to decide for themselves.

You are correct about my "specific" concern and based on my concern I will make a decision which people on the internet may or may not agree with; which is OK.

You have alot of good information. Do you happen to work for Pfizer?

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Posted in: Hyogo gov't worker leaves water running for a month; forced to pay half ¥6 mil bill See in context


It’s pathetic putting it upon the worker,

I fully agree with this. From what I have read this is clearly unintentional. On the other hand Abe intentionally squandered 46.6 Billion yen however there are no repurcussoins for deliberate action producing something that no one uses nor ever will. I do not know a single person who has used one of those.

The Hyogo government (who enable the great money wasting scheme which is now the Kobe Airport) can afford to "eat" this one and tell the employee to not let it happen again...

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context


Thanks for sharing that. It is a good argument for one of the available (or soon to be available) vaccines.


Do you include those that wish to do their own research and make an informed decision among the "cretins"?

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context

I know I should not be sharing this information but here is another article with more information about the risks.

For most people it is probably safe and the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

Another article discusses potential long term risks

There is a plethora of information available for all of us to read (of course after enjoying the cute cartoon character).

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Since the vaccine will be introduced here in Japan here is the CDC vaccine checklist for those who have not seen it.

Here is an article about 23 people who died in Norway (not a like or speculation) after receiving the vaccine. However they were all over 80 years old.

Another article about a doctor who died...from the NY Times (under investigation)

I am not saying "do not take the vaccine" and I am certainly in favor of vaccines (I have had numerous as have both of my kids). However do your own research, understand the risks and benefits, then make a decision.

There is a specific concern I have with this vaccine which is specifically mentioned by Pfizer. If I take the vaccine and have a negative side effect of course they will ask me "Why did you take it"? There are other vaccines coming and I would like the choice to take one of those.

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Posted in: Hyogo gov't worker leaves water running for a month; forced to pay half ¥6 mil bill See in context

Wow....seems a bit excessive for what is likely human error.

Using this logic can we hold Abe accountable for 46.6 billion Yen (or half of that bill) for the money which was squandered on those stupid masks?

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context


Your implication are people are too stupid to understand or listen? Of course the exception are the posters here at RikiWeb.

I will take the facts and data instead of the entertainers, elites, and cartoons before I just decide to "obey"

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context

In the US they use politicians, rap songs, and “stars”. In Japan silly characters.

Why not simply state the benefits of the vaccine and then the risks and people can decide based on their own physical condition and personal risk factors?

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