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It is still theoretically possible (same as coming from outer space or being a biological attack from other countries against China),

Please...this is a ridiculous statement...same as coming from outer space? If you are even 1/10th of a scientist you know that is a non starter.

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He should be concerned....

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Sorry for the "sensitive" athletes but what about the citizens of Japan and those who have lost love ones or their businesses during this pandemic.

The athletes are playing games...the rest of us are dealing with real life

Give me a break

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The link to the Wuhan Institute of Technology was ridiculed, "debunked", and censored (such discussion was not allowed). The fact that a leak may have occured from the lab (accidentally) was considered heresay and was "debunked" by the so called fact checkers.

It is no longer "debunked"

Now it is being accepted as a reasonable hypothesis and openly discussed by "mainstream media".

Censorship is not science and has no place in science. Ask Copernicus about this, who was once villified for his belief, against the mainstream "science" that the earth was not the center of the solar system or universe.

Open discussoin and the ability to postulate all possibilities is how we advance science as a species.

Covid should be no exception (and only is an exception for those with a vested interest in the outcome).

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Yoshino san has stated it very well

"I know the value of the Olympics has dropped to a point where people are saying the event doesn't even have to happen," said Tatsuki Yoshino, a core member of the men's national handball team.

The event does not need to happen however NBC and the IOC have dictated these games will go on.

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@theResidentToday  09:30 am JST

If you look back at my posts you will see that only 'supported' a reset of the cycle - and Tokyo holding the Olympics in 2024.

I do not have time to look back at your posts but I would fully agree with your statement about postponement. So on that aspect I would say we are in agreement.

I have never held the belief the games would be cancelled or postponed because there is just too much money at play and the Japanese Government (current govt.) is far too weak to push back against the IOC.

The financial risks to Japan (even considering penalties) far outweigh the benefit of the games and the Japanese citizens are against them.

The sad thing is that it is now obivous that the Japanese Government does not care about the Japanese citizens. My wife says the government has never cared about the average citizen as they are too far removed and detached from the average Japanese person's life. I had a hard time believing her (ironically I am not Japanese - she is) and I never fully understood what she meant until now.

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Todays target article for those in the 'against' the Olympics - Gives them something to feast on and away from the good vaccination news.

Many of us are not "against" the Olympics however would like them to be postponed.

There is nothing to "feast on" here for me. I live in Japan and for me I see the Olympics as an unnecessary risk with no financial benefit to the average Japanese citizen or Resident. On the other hand NBC and the IOC will be taken care of.

Why do you care anyway? You "won" - the Olympics will go on as scheduled.

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@alt.....this is correct. The infection rate is exponential with the current value of the exponent being between 1.2 and 2 (at least based on broadcasted data). The news reported the most recent variant is 1.5 times more infectious (not sure how accurate but that is what is reported).

The Colympics (TM) is a fool’s errand.

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Oh Hashimoto san - you are so full of yourself (as is the IOC and all other supporters of these games)

....earnestly hoping that the coronavirus pandemic will not stand in the way of hosting the global sporting showpiece and delivering a lasting positive impact on Japanese society and the rest of the world.

Really? Please elaborate.

The lasting impact on Japanese society is likely to be increased Coronavirus infections and will certainly be debt.

Hashimoto.....You are an arrogant fool.

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By the way and related to my post above. If we assume a 100% error in the other direction then we would expect more than 24,000 infected people to enter Japan.

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The other article states that Seiko Hashimoto is anxious about the upcoming olympics.

2 out of 9 vaccinated members of the Ugandan delegation (22%) tested positive. Not all of those coming to Japan will be vaccinated.

A sample size of 9 is extremely small so if we consider a 100% error (reduce to 11%) and extrapolate that to the expected number of visitors (80,000) we should expect over 8,000 infected individuals to be entering Japan for these "games".

Seiko Hashimoto thinks this is worth it.

The Japanese public does not, the Japanese medical profession does not, Japanese residents (such as myself and most of us here) do not.

It does not matter: The IOC and NBC will get their way.


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@Laguna....did you use the blue aerograms or the white ones with the red and blue outline...haha

Would love to have this thread keep going.

@Peter - I did not chisel the English essay but I remember using a slide rule also. I learned to program using punch cards..... that kind of sucked.

When the semester was near the end and someone was behind I remember they would code in an "infinite loop" or non resolvable equation to shut down the computer and buy more time to finish their work....yeah...that stuff really happened. Am I guilty? (depends on the statute of limitations)

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@the Resident - haha - you are correct. Downvotes (or upvotes) mean very little here.

Maybe people do not like your choice of payment method? I do not know.

I am old fashioned and use cash (and expect downvotes for that)

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The statement by Kono is correct. He is talking about efficacy (the ability of the vaccine to reduce the severity of illness) rather than risk.

From a risk perspective vic's post is correct. There is certainly a correlation between the vaccine and myocarditis in young people. I have advised my son not to get vaccinated until this is dispositioned and I believe vaccinations of people up to 30 should be suspended until this is settled. Even the WHO is now not recommending vaccination for those 30 and below. An article about the heart inflammation is below.

Also, the CDC has not approved the vaccines and they are only authorized for emergency use. There should be no mandates of an unapproved vaccine.

I am considering the Pfizer vaccine when it is available to me here in Japan. Based on my research I am not interested in the other vaccines.

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They just now reversed this decision. Guess they realized how stupid they looked

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I certainly do.

I remember in when I left high school to go to college I had the dorm phone only. My girlfriend at that time and I kept in touch by sending letters to each other. It was a lot of fun/kind of exciting checking that mailbox every day for a letter from her. Once the communication was received the level of appreciation was huge.

After that I lived in SE Asia and India for a spell. All communication was done by mail (to my folks, etc.). I remember in India on the few occasions when I called my folks in the U.S. (landline of course) I had to actually book the call 1 or 2 days in advance and show up at the precise time or lose the "window" of phone time.

I am in engineering/science now and in spite of the fact that technology makes my work much easier (or even possible) I still really long for those days.

Technology has so many advantages but on the flip side I believe we have lost alot as a species.

(I still have those old letters)

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I take nothing the Government says seriously anymore and care little about their Covid rules.

If they honestly believed Covid is a serious enough health risk which requires closure of businesses and destroying people economically they absolutely would not hold the Olympics. Postpone the games and I will take them seriously.

It’s really a bunch of 牛の糞 at this point.

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I have been living in Japan for 20 years. I have not had a vaccine shot offer yet. Japanese nationals have been living in Japan since birth. Most of them have not had a vaccine shot. Are we safe?

Over 25 years now for me and same situation. My in laws over 80 and their first shot is in July. I have yet to meet a Japanese person who believes Suga is “not putting the Olympics ahead of the welfare of Japanese citizens”.

I still have respect for the people here however I have lost all respect for the Government.

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And my 80 year old in laws who have paid taxes in this country their entire working life will get their first shot in July.

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It would be better to hold off on young people. The CDC is investigating myocarditis in that age group. Get the old folks taken care of first

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So create a State of Emergency for the games. The taxpaying citizens and residents of Japan have their movements restricted so the IOC and NBC can make their profits.

Neither the Japanese Government nor the IOC care one bit about the Japanese public and residents of Japan. And to make it worse our taxes now and future taxes will support this boondoggle.

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They can still get and spread the virus.

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What about the other 70,000 media, support staff, “dignitaries”, etc. who will also come and also be here “out of the bubble”?

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Taiwan is a country, not a region.

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Oops. Sovereign Nation of Taiwan

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Nice to hear something from Suga I agree with.

All the best from Japan to the sovereign nay of Taiwan. I’ve always enjoyed my visits there.

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80% of Japanese citizens want the games cancelled or delayed.

70% of Japanese businesses want the games cancelled or delayed.

Olympic sponsors want the games cancelled or delayed.

The IOC, JOC, and Japanese Government insist on pushing on in spite of all of the above.

NBC and the IOC seem to be running Japan and Suga and the LDP are just puppets of external, foreign powers.

No one cares one bit about the Japanese citizens.

Selfishness beyond belief.

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As much as I detest Trump (and I truly do) I equally detest Mark Zuckerburg who once stated unapologetically that people that trust him with their information are stupid &^#s (words which cannot be repeated here). That is the reason I never used Facebook. The move is obviously political based on the timing of the ban (i.e. 2 years which ensure ban through nearly all of the next election cycle).

Facebook, Twitter, etc. are not government agencies however they are afforded exemptions from certain regulatory requirements (they donate alot to politicians). They are major platforms used by politicians and it is an issue related to the 1st Amendment which the writers of the Constitution could not have anticipated.

It is ironic that many Americans seem to be OK with the Social Media companies aiding China with their censorship efforts and also censoring Americans whose viewpoints they do not like.

I am a Liberal and we used to say in Berkeley, California: "I may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it".

This was decades ago and seems no longer to be the case or general opinion of a large segment of Americans. It is quite obvious what is going on in the U.S. and even some of my much further left friends are starting to wonder what the heck is going on.

The latest revelations about the Wuhan Lab and Fauchi and the reversal of the media and some of these companies on this issue and now "allowing" or promoting discussion of what they once banned not so long ago are waking a bunch of people up.

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@Aly - I believe the softening has been gradually starting for 1 or 2 weeks. If one watches the news, reads the papers, etc. it is quite obvious this is exactly what is going on.

Good for Asif and in spite of your efforts and your story (which are honrable) I do not and cannot support you competing in games during a Pandemic when 80% of the Japanese citizens are against holding the games now.

If the IOC would even delay 6 month$ they would gain re$pect and $upport of Japane$e and people of many other countrie$. In$tead they arrogantly in$i$t on pu$hing on with thi$ fool$ errand. Yes it is about the $$$

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I do not know what they should do.

Seeing the young, healthy, group of Australians arrive in Japan was interesting.

Personally I would find it hard to look at myself in the mirror knowing I was an athlete in my 20s and got vaccinated and get a free PCR test every day when there are many in their 80's in the host country who are not vaccinated and when the citizens of such host country need to pay over 22,000 Yen for a PCR test unless they are showing extreme symptoms.

But I guess we serfs need to get our priorities straight.

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