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Japan to focus on greener society

I'll believe it when I see it. Tokyo is the only Olympic city not to build an Olympic Park (for 2020), and in my years here I've seen hundreds of street trees removed, never have I seen any planted (apart from a few green-wash shrubs outside new apartment blocks).

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When the definition of marriage changed from "a man and woman", we were told that the idea of people marrying friends, or their cat, or their fridge, or whatever, was nonsense. Seems not.

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Like others have said, even if this was a normal Olympics, I wouldn't be watching. Japanese TV coverage concentrates only on Japanese athletes, to the extent that if a Japanese athlete gets a silver, you are still left wondering at the end of the coverage who got the gold.

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Japan issues vaccine passports for Japanese citizens, but doesn't allow in non-Japanese people with full vaccinations.

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Praying is great, but when it comes to action, I can think of many things much more helpful than putting a mask on a Kannon statue. But, as usual, publicity stunts and empty gestures is all we get.

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Here in Tokyo we have thousands of tree-less streets lined with vending machines keeping drinks cold in the sun, and warm in the winter, 24 hours a day. If this world is not going to become pretty much uninhabitable for humans in the next century, we need to start right where we are and design our cities in ways that are more sustainable.

Personally, outside of a few European countries, I don't think there is any will to do so, certainly not in Japan, and I'm grateful that I don't have grandchildren who will have to grow up through the climate disaster this planet is about to go through.

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I just can't believe they are still going ahead with these games. I know they are, I know they are putting money above any consideration for human life, but I just can't quite believe how blatant it is.

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The target should be zero. At the moment Japan is designed around cars, with pedestrians and cyclists a mere afterthought. Local governments should be building dedicated cycle lanes, wider pavements, pedestrian zones, traffic calming measures, and so on.

Local communities are blighted by the noise, pollution, danger, disablement, and death that cars bring. It is time this changed.

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What happened to making sure that the elderly and the vulnerable were vaccinated first?

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They must also agree to have their location monitored by GPS, download several apps, sign a pledge to follow the rules, maintain social distancing, stay off public transportation for the first 14 days and keep organizers informed of your whereabouts.

How will they know anything at all about my whereabouts?

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If you are a foreigner living in Japan, you should at least be able to speak Japanese at a minimum.

I can't speak any Japanese at all despite living here for many years. I tried; I drove myself half crazy with home study, going to volunteer classes at the local library, paying for classes online, paying for a private tutor online, studying with wanikani and kitsun three times a day every day for years, joining online reading groups for the easiest mangas, really pushing myself to use Japanese when I was out and about, but nothing, nothing would stick. I drove my tutors crazy.... they'd spend an hour teaching me a simple phrase, but moments after the lesson, it was gone, like I'd never heard it before in my life.

People assume I'm arrogant or lazy for not being able to speak any Japanese. But no one would say I'm arrogant or lazy for not being able to do maths, or athletics. I'm simply not able to learn a foreign language, never have been.

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"A taste check will be required before entry"

If the security guard tasting your drink doesn't break into a smile, look at the bottle in his hand, and shout "oishiiiiiiii!", then it's not going in.

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The Tokyo government/s won't be happy until every street in this city looks just as bland as every other street. They dream of endless concrete, and nothing but brand names, private apartment blocks, and car parks. Only a few places still holding out - they won't last long.

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Just because a cyclist dies, does not make him or her the victim of the actions of a driver.

Unbelievable. Cars, and to a much lesser extent motorbikes, kill thousands of people every year in Japan alone. Globally the number is even more staggering; over a million people are killed by cars every year. And then millions more are injured or disabled by cars.

Cars bring noise, pollution, fear, injury, disablement, and death to every community in the country and the world, and yet their selfish entitled owners continue to see themselves as the victims rather than the perpetrators of this carnage.

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Rhinos aren't exactly doing well in Africa bud.

And this poor creature isn't exactly doing well in Japan, unless you think confinement to a tiny cage, a minuscule fraction of the space she needs, is doing well... "bud".

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Saitama zoo are protecting the rhino..

By keeping her in a tiny cage, and putting her on display for people's entertainment. In order to protect rhinos, or any other wild animals, they should be protected where they are, in their natural environment. Saitama Zoo isn't protecting this creature, it's exploiting her and abusing her.

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Tokyo looks more and more like a prison every year. No public space, no little patches of grass, hardly any roadside trees (except for a few stripped of their branches, or else a bit of green-wash as in this stadium), no street benches, virtually no bicycle lanes, practically zero pedestrian areas (just Ginza at weekends), tiny pavements or none at all, no 2020 Olympic Park (the only Olympic city not to build one), nothing at all to build a sense of community. Just ever more fences, keep-out signs, security guards, and anti-sitting measures. It's depressing, it really is.

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Poor creature. No freedom, stuck in tiny concrete and metal cages just so humans can gawp at her. Zoos really are rotten places.

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keep your fingers crossed that the non-alcoholic Dassai milkshake makes a return

The Dassai milkshake is really good. I've had a couple at Mos Burger and they are excellent. Are they no longer available?

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"If we wanted to be as safe as possible, we'd never leave our house."

Well, yes, that's why there were lockdowns in many countries. But not in Japan. In Japan there have been no lockdowns, no widespread testing, and no mass vaccination programme. How safe do you feel coming here?

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Many parks in Tokyo have good skateboard areas.

There are precious few parks in Tokyo, and almost none have skateboard areas.

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Posted in: Do you think professional sports stars should be required to attend news conferences after their game or event? See in context

Just imagine the scene.... the Wimbledon final, a long-hard fought contest, and at the end the winner trounces off with the trophy, no interview, just their back to the camera as they disappear off for their private celebrations. The journalists covering the event look around for something to do, the other player has also gone, no one wants to talk because it's bad for their "mental health".

End of coverage.


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Ah Japan, the country most posting here keep on telling us how bad it is, yet virtually none of them actually want to leave

I'm desperate to leave. If I met the financial requirements for a UK spouse visa for my wife, we'd be out of here like a shot, but I don't. So I'm stuck here. This is where I have lived for too many years, and where I'll probably remain for the rest of my life. And I have every right to moan about it when it messes up.

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I don't think this warrants arrest, losing his job and exposure in the media.

We're talking about the chief of police. Not a rebellious teenager, not a confused pensioner, not someone living in terrible poverty. The chief of a police department. Someone who we should rightly expect better of, higher standards. It most certainly does warrant arrest, losing his job, and all the media exposure it can get.

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Nasty, ugly, polluting things, and - as we all know now - perfect breeding grounds for viruses.

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Spitting in public is frowned upon in Japan

I wish someone would inform my neighbours of that.

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Five people, only two wearing masks.

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It's time the world started treating Japan with some of it's own measures. Right now no foreign students are allowed into Japan, vaccinated or not, so Japanese students should be barred from entering other countries too.

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environmentally friendly

Tokyo refused to build a 2020 Olympic Park. It could have used the land at Tsukiji. The only Olympic city not to build an Olympic Park. How environmentally friendly is that?

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Posted in: Nishimura says TPP to start talks on UK joining pact See in context

The Labour Party hasn't been in power since Gordon Brown in 2010!

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