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Posted in: NBC drops next year's Golden Globes over diversity row See in context

The far right, desperate to consign both diversity and Hollywood to the dustbin.

Article has nothing to do with 'far right'. Quite the contrary, it's about the far left eating its own tail. I think most people in the center would love all this Hollywood diversity and woke consigned to the dustbin judging by how the viewing figures have fallen off a cliff for these virtue signalling competitions.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for burying infant’s body in garden of vacant house See in context

Another crazy Japanese mother, it's getting out of control. Unbelievable.

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Posted in: Trouble mars skateboarding's rising popularity in Japan See in context

Never had an issue with a kid skateboarding in Japan, they all seem to keep themselves to themselves and respect pedestrians. Uber cyclists however are a menace, selfish, dangerous, unpredictable and speeding as fast as they can to there next delivery with that massive box bag on the bag muscling other people off the pavements.

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Posted in: One-year-old child found dead in car; mother unconscious in suspected murder-suicide bid See in context

Again with the crazy Japanese mother's, it's scary. Awful for that child who never got to experience so much of life.

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

Yep, good work Jgov. Stopping me having a lunchtime beer (alcohol free beer allowed) with my weekend lunch with my wife is a surefire way to beat this terrible Wuhan virus once and for all.

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Posted in: Asian American health workers fight virus and racist attacks See in context

Especially conservatism.

Yet you choose to live in a conservative country(Japan). Hmm, something doesn't add up, the communist countries not appealing to you?

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

What a bunch of losers. Imagine taking time out of your day to do that.

You are taking time out of your day to read and negatively comment on their actions.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping boiling water on 1-year-old daughter See in context

It mentions nowhere that she is a single mother, why so many posters assuming that? She is selfish, heartless and easy to snap and be violent.

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Posted in: Biden aims to vaccinate 70% of American adults by July 4 See in context

Japan aims for 4%

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping boiling water on 1-year-old daughter See in context

Japanese women are all to frequently doing unthinkable things to vulnerable children. Utterly sickening.

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Posted in: Japan's child population hits record low after 40 years of decline See in context

My son is almost 3 and has not been able to get a government hoikuen place yet despite us doing lotteries every 6 months since he was born. His private hoikuen only runs to 3 years old after that if we don't get a government place either me or my wife will have to quit our job or go part time.

It's shameful, these stories are frustrating as Japan isn't equipped to handle the low numbers of children they have now let alone more.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics could be held without fans: Hashimoto See in context

Could you hold it without cameras too and just send out an email when it's over please. Sick of the whole charade now.

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Posted in: China mutes reaction to Zhao's Oscars as S Korea lauds Youn See in context


Parasite is a brilliant film. However it should not have been eligible for any other category than International film at the oscars. However we saw what happened and I will ask the question again, how many US films win awards at Korean events, Hong Kong events, Bollywood events.

Bob Fosse likes to point out that Nomadland was a US movie directed by a Chinese millionaires daughter however what's his answer for Parasite, Korean director, entirely Korean cast filmed in Korea?

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Posted in: Oscar moments: History, glamour ... and what a weird ending See in context


I told you above I saw the movie, yes the central theme was one of the two main characters being black and gay. There was nothing special about that movie and like the other poster said it will be long forgotten in 10 years.

Conservative tears, lol, only people crying are the people financially invested in the oscars as this year again the ratings have fallen off a cliff (13mil down as another poster pointed out).

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Posted in: Oscar moments: History, glamour ... and what a weird ending See in context


Out of the ones I saw from your list

Manchester by the sea - dull

Moonlight - it's about gay black people, that was it, nothing interesting.

12 years a slave - had high expectations but ultimate let down.

Dunkirk - poor man's Saving Private Ryan

Didn't watch It follows as Get Out was a terrible movie which only received recognition for one reason.

Not seen the others but you didn't make a strong case I'm afraid.

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Posted in: Oscar moments: History, glamour ... and what a weird ending See in context


Correct, political woke point scoring has finally put the nail in the coffin for the oscars. Return to meritocracy and remove politics and maybe you could salvage it.

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Posted in: China mutes reaction to Zhao's Oscars as S Korea lauds Youn See in context


Absolutely spot on. It's getting farcical all the woke points scoring going on especially in Hollywood. So she's the second woman to win best director, how many more before the press stop banging on about it, will it be the 17th woman to win best director.

Also asians now being part of the 'people of color'. Not heard that before, is that a new addition to the category or was it always that way.

Anyway props to her, must have been tough being born the daughter of a chinese millionaire and privately educated all over the world at top schools.

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Posted in: Oscars more diverse as pandemic, protests shake up Hollywood See in context

How diverse are the Bollywood film awards? The Hong Kong film awards? Are the pc mob going to move their focus onto these problem areas next or is it just the prodominantly white countries that need diversifying?

I'm sure at this stage most rational thinkers can see through this nonesense box ticking. I doubt anyone takes the winners of the oscars seriously anymore.

The lady who is getting all the attention for directing nomad. I saw an article praising how she will be the first 'woman of color' to win best director and how great this is. They failed to mention she was born into priviledge' being the daughter of a millionaire chinese businessman and was privately educated in London and New York, doesn't fit the narrative as well as how she overcame so many hurdles and is so brave.

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Posted in: Japan needs to double share of renewables to meet emissions goal: Koizumi See in context

Japan is a joke regarding eco. Coming here in 2008 and seeing everyone in a conbini given plastic bags, items double or triple wrapped in plastic. It took until 2019 until the Jgov started to educate people on the misuse of plastic bags. Now we have radioactive waste being openly dumped in the ocean from 2023, it's laughable to think of Japan being eco conscious.

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Posted in: Tokyo state of emergency does not affect Games: IOC See in context

One truthful thing Bach said was it is about GW. It's no coincidence the Jgov let the figures rise in the lead up to GW, it's all carefully fiddled.

Continue working, but don't enjoy your free time.

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Posted in: Aso repeats claim that treated Fukushima water is good to drink See in context

Aso, put your mouth where your money is and have a night of drinking fukushima 10 year plastic barrel aged highballs with your oyaji buds.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 667 coronavirus cases; 1,209 in Osaka See in context

Olympic cancellation incoming, pressure mounting, I expect one of those preemptive thinking about cancellation gov press releases any day now ( which means it's been decided but we want to let the public think we are considering) then a week later it's been decided.

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Posted in: Suga arrives in Washington for talks with Biden; China topping agenda See in context

Two virile, strong leaders of men there. Wonder if the meeting will take place in house slippers, a comfy robe and a cup of hot cocoa.

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Posted in: Japan has entered 4th wave of COVID-19 infections, says gov't panel chief See in context

Jgov has two options.

Roll out the virus as an urgent priority and get a large percentage of the population (over 30's and vulnerable ) all vaccinated in 100 days.

Full lockdown for a month, nobody outside unless essential, all business closed, trains suspended AND all salaries paid in full on a furlough scheme.

But I will guess they will not do neither and will blindly carry on regardless with hollow platitudes and total inaction.

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Posted in: 60% dissatisfied with Japan's COVID vaccine rollout; 44% approval rating for Suga cabinet: poll See in context

The longer they leave the vaccine rollout the longer it will be before they see any foreign tourism money. Who from a developed vaccinated country would want to come here, too risky.

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Posted in: 'Nomadland' director Zhao not ready to make China childhood film See in context

Zhao, 39, was born to a wealthy Chinese steel company executive, and left China as a teen to attend a British boarding school before finishing her education in Los Angeles and New York.

Wow, so much privilege. Do the Oscar panel weigh up this privilege when deciding which 'minority' group to award to this year?.

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Posted in: Japan considers prioritizing Olympic athletes for COVID-19 vaccination See in context

Absolutely disgusting. Prioritize the people with health conditions and the elderly. Terrible idea. This Olympics just keeps getting less popular.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

No, just no. Let children be children.

If a boy wants to go to nursery in a dress that's his choice (or the parents probably). The teachers should stop any bullying, but that's it, don't need to teach kids all the fad's that the far left are trying to push as normal (which change on a weekly basis anyway).

Also Japan isn't 'struggling' to teach preschoolers. They rightly choose not to buy into this nonesense.

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Posted in: Man uses rope to lower himself from building roof in Pokemon card theft See in context

This is a more interesting story than anything hollywood can come up with.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka raises voice against anti-Asian hate crimes See in context

She sure moves back and forth between the various oppressed groups quite smoothly as events dictate.

Ha, touche. Very true.

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