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Posted in: Mori to resign over sexist comments; Kawabuchi, 84, tipped to replace him See in context

Boo hoo to those calling this cancel culture. Words have meaning and consequences. He isn't there to just represent men or those men who agree with him. He's there to represent men and women and if he can't do that without unnecessarily insulting at least half of those people, then he should resign. Do you want someone representing you if you have no faith in their ability to do that well, if they seem completely biased against you?

And when it comes to companies pulling spokespeople or ads, that's capitalism at it's finest so I can't imagine why any conservative would object. Companies are there to make money and if they feel they're going to lose money because of something someone associated with the company said or did, then they'd be fools to to not do anything and if they have shareholders, they'd also be irresponsible for not looking out for them.

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Posted in: 2 gay men caned 77 times for having sex in Indonesia's Aceh See in context

Burning BushToday  07:33 am JST

Intolerance of other cultures is not the answer.

But accepting the violent intolerance of two adults engaging in consensual sex is?

100 years after the end of colonialism and the West is still telling the "barbaric cultures" what to do and how to live.

Indonesia may not be a barbaric culture but canning two adults for engaging in consensual sex is.

Respect other cultures, races, religions and skin colors.

You can only make that demand when you respect the differing sexual orientation of others and the fact that what two consenting adults do in the bedroom is none of your business.

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Posted in: Someone in Michigan wins $1.05 billion Mega Millions jackpot See in context

commanteerToday  01:19 pm JST

It's not like Japan. The person will lose 30 to 40% to taxes right off. Also, their names are publicized and they will be approached by all manner of sharks and long-lost relatives and "friends."

No, it’s not like Japan, where the biggest regular lottery prize is something like the equivalent of $2,000,000.00. I think the Mega Millions starts at $20,000,000.00.

I have mixed feelings about publicizing the winner’s name. On the one hand, greedy “friends” and con artists come out of the woodwork. On the other hand, not knowing who the winner is creates opportunities for lottery fraud.

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Rumor is that it was won by a group of teachers and school staff from a Detroit suburb. I’m guessing they aren’t going to be complaining too much about the taxes. Everyone who buys a lottery ticket goes in knowing that a big win will be about 1/2 of the total and even with that, those teachers will still have multiple times more than money they’d make after a lifetime in the classroom.

As for having to have your name publicized, there are ways around that. You can set up a trust and have the prize won in the name of the trust. As long as you can keep your mouth shut and don’t make a bunch of impetuous, grandiose purchases, you should be fine.

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Wow! It’s totally okay when older men are seeing as being sexually active on tv shows but heaven forbid women in their 50s be depicted as such. I get it if the show isn’t to your taste and you don’t care for reboots but the vitriol being directed towards middle-aged women, on a fictitious tv show, is pretty pathetic and rather telling about those who seem so worked up about it. Really, just don’t watch it if it’s that triggering for you.

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Posted in: Man served 6th arrest warrant for drugging intoxicated woman, sexually assaulting her See in context

“...he allegedly drugged an intoxicated woman in her 20s, in front of JR Shibuya Station in March, and took her home in a taxi, where he had sex with her.”

If he drugged her and she was unable to give consent, he didn’t “have sex with her”. He raped her.

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

Simian LaneToday  08:28 am JST

The Democrats and their ilk are useless. Banning Trump from Twitter will rile millions, removing someone’s freedom to communicate is obviously a dark path to go down. Impeaching Trump too will do nothing but strengthen his fan base. Half the country think he is protecting democracy from the Democrats. They are starting a fire.

His freedom to communicate is not being removed. Who said he can't communicate, not that he's ever done it well? What is being removed is his freedom to use privately owned social platforms to continue spreading his lies and message of hate and violence. It's capitalism at it's finest, large companies beholden to no one but their shareholders. Isn't that a Republican dream? Besides, that the 1st Amendment is about the government not being able to take away ones right to free speech, not about Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey kicking you off of their social media platform. The only pity here is that these social media platforms waiting so long, too long, to take action.

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tooheysnewToday  07:52 am JST

Just what we need - sex with 70yr old obachans

Yes! That's exactly what we need. There are plenty of older women who still want companionship and physical intimacy. It's not just older men. Your comment is not just sexist but ageist and as far as that goes, the oldest among the three who'll be on the show is 55, so a fair ways yet from 70.

TokyoJoeToday  08:21 am JST

This show has ruined so many young women's lives, it's an awful example for women if how to live their lives. They hit late 30's realise suddenly that the chances of finding a trustworthy loving partner is gone along with any hopes of kids and a family. Then loneliness in old age awaits. Sad.

If that's what you think, then you really don't think much of women. I know plenty of women who watched and enjoyed the show and not one who wasn't able to separate it from reality or had it ruin their lives. Do men have this problem when enjoying television programs?

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

Ah_soToday  07:51 am JST

a growing number of lawmakers say that step is necessary to ensure Trump can never hold elected office again.

We should be careful what we wish for. Trump is now unelectable. A week ago he posed a serious threat in 2024. Now he is would never win the election.

It's not a matter of national mood. It would render him legally ineligible to run for office again. The Senate is constitutionally allowed to impose that punishment/ban.

Article I Section 3 of the Constitution puts additional possible remedies in the hands of the Senate: “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments,” the Constitution reads. “No Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.” It goes on to say that “Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States.”

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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

Burning BushToday  06:49 am JST

She’s paid to be an Assistant LANGUAGE Teacher, not a Beauty Consultant for elementary school kids.

It's not just teaching the language or surely Japanese teachers could do that themselves. It's also about sharing your culture and exposing Japanese children to other cultures.

Burning BushToday  07:54 am JST

I guess if the ALT came from a country where it's the cultural norm for men to go shirtless in public, it would be perfectly ok for that ALT to deliver a lesson with beergut and chest hair in full view.

After all, it's cultural exposure

Odd analogy unless you can let us know the culture where it's the norm for men to work in schools whilst shirtless.

sensei258Today  07:24 am JST

Bottom line is, she's paid to do what they want, not to do what she wants.

Surely within reason or an employer can require anything they like and even here in Japan that's not the case.

noriahojanenToday  07:24 am JST

The story, which involved an ALT from Latin America

Sorry, it's off the main discussion point here, but I can't help exploring her background, wondering if she is a qualified (TESOL-certified) English teacher. ALT program seems lax.

A little bit of reason would have gone a long way on the part of the school (school board) towards keeping their employee happy. It's a bit ridiculous to say that students can't wear earrings so neither should she be able to. She's not a student and teachers can do many things that students can't. It just seems like a very short-sighted way to nitpick and exert control and it's exactly that kind of nitpicking and control that breaks the spirit of so many people who want to just do their jobs the best they can. When you hire someone from another country, specifically because they are from another county, there should be a bit of give-and-take with regards to cultural differences and certainly the idea behind hiring an ALT from another country is more to expose the students to another language and culture than it is to try and mold a grown adult to Japanese culture.

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Posted in: Although Japan's Road Transportation Act basically bans taxis from declining rides to passengers, many taxi companies want drivers to be allowed to refuse passengers who are not wearing masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. What's your stance on this? See in context

SandyBeachHeavenDec. 16  04:34 pm JST

I think they should refuse no maskers, and drunks.

Weeeeeell.... let's not be extreme. Refusing to pick up drunks would cut the number of riders by half, at least.

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Posted in: How New Zealand essentially eliminated the coronavirus See in context

vanityofvanitiesDec. 16  02:06 pm JST

A small car is easy to drive.

Only if driven by a skilled driver.

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Posted in: Tom Cruise rants at 'Mission: Impossible' crew in London over COVID safety See in context

Whilst people might not like getting sworn at by Mr. Cruise, I'll be they like themselves or their loved ones getting gravely ill and possible dying even less.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for sexually molesting nurse during medical examination See in context

TokyoJoeDec. 9  09:29 pm JST


When I was in high school there was a lovely girl who had a very well developed set of chesticles. She ended up having them surgically reduced in size due to back pain issues.

And? What's your point other than confirming to everyone here that you clearly don't get it?

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for sexually molesting nurse during medical examination See in context

TokyoJoeDec. 9  07:31 pm JST

Im not sure the cup size of the ladys breasts however a more buxom women can cause extra strain on the lumbar region. It's basic physics.

Just saying.

And it's basic logic that it's completely unnecessary for a doctor to grope or otherwise touch a woman's breasts while treating or examining her for a back problem. Just saying.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden facing federal investigation over 'tax affairs' See in context

I don't remember Hunter Biden being on the ballot or any suggest on his father's part that he was going to appoint Hunter to any office or position.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting mentally disabled boy in park toilet See in context

P Smith: Japan would do well, however, to implement on online sexual offenders list like many jurisdictions in the West have. It would allow people to research neighborhoods to see how many convicted sex offenders live in the area. It would also help ensure convicted sex offenders do not gain employment with potential victims (as a teacher, which we have seen happen).

If thought policing is a serious concern to you than online sexual criminal registration lists should also be. A little bit of research will show you that more than a few people have been put on them unfairly and have had their lives ruined over it.

What I meant by monitoring potential victims is to use the knowledge that we have with regards to children most likely to become victims and to help them in whatever way we can to avoid becoming victims. Victims often turn into predators so giving them guidance and counseling so as to how to protect themselves from and recognize potential predators is not so much thought policing as it is preventative action. It’s to help prevent them being hurt themselves and hopefully, prevent them from them becoming predators themselves.

Helping children who are at risk, whether it be from sexual predators, dropping out of school, joining gangs, etc. is something that benefits those children and society as a whole. I’m not really sure how you get thought policing out of that.

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Posted in: A Grammys 'Savage': Beyonce leads with 9 nominations See in context

Starpunk: All the chart success in the world doesn't necessarily mean the music is good. Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Spice Girls, N'SYNC, Britney Spears, New Kids On the Block, and other chart toppers have put out albums certified as Diamond (10 million copies) by the RIAA but they are all TRASH.

You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but that’s the beauty of music, movies, art, etc. Each and every person has their own feelings and it’s really pretty irrelevant as to what you like or don’t like with regards to that. The point of the original post was whether or not she has been successful, not whether or not you like her music. By all means she has most certainly been successful.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting mentally disabled boy in park toilet See in context

Seesaw7Nov. 25  10:36 pm JST


Jail for life so it'll be a lesson for the rest.

While I certainly don't disagree with a long jail term I fail to see how that's going to be a deterrent to others with aberrant and unacceptable sexual behavior. I think it's safe to say that most all sexual criminals realize that jail time awaits them if caught but little evidence that jailing one deters another. The best solution would probably be better identification and monitoring of potential sexual predators, better identification of potential victims and yes, there are what legal and police terminology refer to as "ideal victims" and counseling/ guidance for those "ideal victims" so that they don't then turn into predators themselves.

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Sankei Shimbun quoted police as saying. Police said Yada told them he had liked teenage boys for many years and that he had committed similar acts on the boy on at least 10 occasions.

He liked teenage boys? I like teenage boys too, especially my nephews but there's nothing nefarious to my emotions. I think it would be more accurate and appropriate to say that he was "attracted to teenage boys", not that he liked them.

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Posted in: Thai police revive royal defamation law ahead of protest See in context

Not only is royalty a ridiculous concept in this day and age but the whole notion that there should be a law preventing people from criticizing them is beyond defense.

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Posted in: Millions of U.S. Thanksgiving holiday travelers defy COVID-19 warnings See in context

lostrune2Nov. 24  06:20 pm JST

As long as they accept the possible consequences

And no whinging! Even when ya can't get a bed in an overfull hospital

One of those possible consequences is another lockdown

That's all fine and dandy if the risk were only to themselves but they are also potentially exposing everyone who works at the airport and for airlines and doesn't have the financial means to say no to the work, not to mention the family that these workers go home to.

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Posted in: A Grammys 'Savage': Beyonce leads with 9 nominations See in context

yakyakNov. 25  03:35 pm JST

She married JAY-z for street cred. Her career was put on the back burner after that.

It's great that you know her well enough to say why she married the man she's been married to since 2008 but you clearly know nothing about her career. Dislike her if you want but opinions are not facts.

"Beyoncé is one of the world's best-selling recording artists, having sold 118 million records worldwide.[6] Her success during the 2000s was recognized with the Recording Industry Association of America's Top Certified Artist of the Decade, as well as Billboard magazine's Top Radio Songs Artist and the Top Female Artist of the Decade.[7][8] Beyoncé is the most nominated woman in the Grammy Award's history and has the second most wins for a woman with a total of 24.[9] She is also the most awarded artist at the MTV Video Music Awards, with 24 wins, including the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.[10][11] In 2014, she became the highest-earning black musician in history and was listed among Time's 100 most influential people in the world for a second year in a row.[12] Forbes ranked her as the most powerful female in entertainment on their 2015 and 2017 lists. She occupied the sixth place for Time's Person of the Year in 2016,[13] and in 2020, was named one of the 100 women who defined the last century by the same publication.[14] Beyoncé was also included on Encyclopædia Britannica's 100 Women list in 2019, for her contributions to the entertainment industry.[15]"

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Posted in: Hokkaido woman arrested for poking holes in 13 expensive melons with finger See in context

Oh no! That's so rude and uncalled for.

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Posted in: Tipping, white teeth, fast food, and other Americana Japanese people don’t understand See in context

The whole ‘why do Americans~’ isn’t exclusively a Japanese thing. There’s lots of aspects of American culture and thinking that the rest of us don’t understand, not the least of which is the ingestion of huge amounts of junk by people who can surely afford to eat properly.

Really? Isn't that the case with most anyplace? Why do Norwegians (and Minnesotans) eat lutefisk? Why do British barristers wear wigs? Why do Argentinians, when gathered in a group, drink matte out of the same cup? Why do Canadians drink clam juice? Yes, I get that the article is about things Japanese think are strange about America but it's just such a tiresome topic. Every single country on this earth engages in something that someone from elsewhere finds odd, distasteful, confusing or curiously appealing. I also get that people love to hate on the USA, which is fine, but again the topic has just been done to death and this article offers nothing new. Of course you're going to experience culture shock when you leave your own cocoon and of course it's not going to be made matter by approaching it with "Why do ...?" which is just bound to make people defensive. Maybe try a little harder to find the positive in the differences and the curious, especially if you've never even been to said country.

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Posted in: Tipping, white teeth, fast food, and other Americana Japanese people don’t understand See in context

cleoNov. 20  08:33 pm JST

Why is American food so colorful? What does that even mean?

I had a relative that used to send me really, really colourful jelly beans from Florida. They didn’t look like food at all, and didn’t really taste like jelly beans.

And once (never again) we ordered a birthday cake from Costco that when it arrived was almost luminous. The cake was OK, but the icing was bitter from all the colouring and inedible.

Perhaps they just didn't taste like the jelly beans you're used too and since when do jelly beans look like anything but jelly beans? I'm not a fan of grocery store cakes from most any grocery store.

Having lived in a number of different countries and continents, my experience has led me to believe that grocery stores are not the best places from which to order birthday cakes. You're better off making them yourself or going to a proper bakery. That said, where does Costco Japan get its cakes. Are they shipped in from the US or made onsite?

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Posted in: President of Fujitsu subsidiary arrested over fatal car accident See in context

MlodinowNov. 18  12:06 pm JST

Hitting and killing him is bad enough, but to not stop at all? If you hit someone in your car hard enough to kill them, no way you didn't notice. If he gets off this is a massive travesty of justice.

I'm confused. Where does it say he didn't stop or didn't notice? Is that just supposition on your part or are you basing it on information from another source?

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Posted in: Tipping, white teeth, fast food, and other Americana Japanese people don’t understand See in context

Asking why people like a particular food isn't a very well-thought out question. People in the US like hamburgers and coke probably for the same reason Japanese like sushi and mugicha or why Brits like Shepard's pie and a good cuppa' or Nigerians like egusi and garri. You tend to like what you grow up eating. Is that really so hard to understand?

Why is American food so colorful? What does that even mean? Is this person wondering about the variety of fruits and vegetables in a meal or colorful desserts?

Why are Americans so obsessed with white teeth? It's probably a combination of white teeth symbolizing good health and prosperity with a bit of vanity thrown in.

Why is it impolite to raise your hand in a restaurant? Who told you that it was rude? If it's a crowded, noisy restaurant, it's not a real problem as long as you don't start shouting or waving your arm around. Servers in the US generally come by your table fairly often to ask if you need anything so you shouldn't have to be waving to get their attention anyway.

Culture shock is perfectly normal and probably easier to deal with if you use a little common sense. Why do people eat certain foods? Most likely because those were the foods available or common in the culture in which their ancestors came from. Why do people do or not do certain things? Rather than asking as if those things are odd, wrong and just beyond comprehension, why not do a little research or ask someone who's from the culture where you're feeling the shock? Starting the questions with "why" sounds a bit accusatory and negative and is more likely to elicit a less than friendly response so it's probably better to ask that person to "tell me about .....". Keeping it open friendlier makes you sound curious, which the person might appreciate, rather than imperious and rude. Your culture is not better. My culture is not better. They all have similarities and differences, good points and bad.

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Posted in: President of Fujitsu subsidiary arrested over fatal car accident See in context

MirchyNov. 17  06:44 pm JST

It surprises me that you can hit a pedestrian to death on the way out of the parking lot. You supposedly don’t leave the parking lot like pit-box in Formula 1, I guess.

The man he hit was 83. In addition to the fact that he may have been physically frail, it really doesn't take all that much of a blow to the head to result in death. If he fell and his head hit the pavement or a guard rail the driver would not have had to have been going very fast at all. Your average car weighs 1,814 kg. Your average Japanese man weighs 62.5 kg. Considering the weight difference and the man's age, getting hit by a car, even one going slowly, could easily have resulted in death.

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Posted in: Best Masknist Award 2020 held to honor pioneers in Japanese mask fashion See in context

Why not just "Best Mask Award"?

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