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Posted in: A newspaper columnist in Australia, which has virtually eliminated the coronavirus through lockdowns, says of the lockdown as a weapon in the fight against the virus: If it was a drug, it would never be approved because its side effects include poverty, unemployment, depression, massive social dislocation, a loss of education and a transfer of risk from the old to the young. What do you think of his view? See in context

In my opinion, lockdowns alone won't work the same way that contact-tracing, vaccinations and disinfecting alone will work. You need to use all of them, but with discretion. My home country has been in lockdown since March 2020, with no possible end in sight considering the surge of global cases. This might be an unpopular opinion, but eliminating the virus also requires the population to play their part. I just saw a group of people having a drink last night, while two of my coworkers recently tested positive.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for attempted murder of girlfriend See in context

When anger is starting to give you tunnel vision and your hands start to move on your own, stand up and get out of the situation. Run away if you have to. It's better than doing something you will regret later on.

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Posted in: Altercation between train otaku leaves one with fractured skull, other in custody See in context

However, the 19-year-old suspect took issue with the place a junior high school student was standing to take his own pictures and told him to move. When the boy refused, the suspect began to shove and threaten him.

The guy could've just moved to a better place instead or just carry a mono-pod for action cameras or phones.

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Posted in: If you are working remotely, how have you arranged your home so that your workspace is divided from your private space? Or has that been impossible to do? See in context

I just set up my work laptop on the kitchen table and only on the kitchen table, and do all of my work at that place. And if I'm doing other things aside from work, I don't sit at that place. Needless to say though, I no longer enjoy sitting at that spot. It reminds me that place is my work place. I don't know what psychological trick is that called but, it works for me.

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Posted in: Panties stolen from man in Nagoya by male/female team of thieves See in context

Really bizarre but very entertaining to read. Definitely only in Japan. Maybe he was planning to replace them with a new set of panties like that thief who loved sniffing old shoes.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after throwing newborn son out the window See in context

Police said Ishihara has admitted throwing the baby out the second-floor window and leaving him on the ground due to what she said was her “inability to deal with the situation.” However, police said Ishihara insisted she never intended to kill the baby.

Then what were you thinking when you threw the kid out of the window, then? I already lost count how many mother-child crimes I've read this April, I don't even know what to say.

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Posted in: University student killed in apartment; suspect dies in fire in apartment below See in context

LamillyToday  10:29 am JST

You got me there. I wonder what would be a good solution though. If this happened once, it could happen again. I could probably install store-bought alarms or just improvise an alarm and have a weapon and my phone at my bedside just in case.

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Posted in: University student killed in apartment; suspect dies in fire in apartment below See in context

This is just dark, a potential murder-suicide and arson. I know there isn't much evidence in the article, but I'm guessing that the two knew each other and fell out. Aren't there any built in water sprinkler in these apartments? RIP student.

An emergency ladder was found connecting the balconies of the suspect’s second-floor apartment and Yoshioka’s on the third floor.

This is why I make it a habit to lock my balcony door at all times.

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Posted in: Mother arrested on suspicion of killing 7-month-old daughter by suffocating her See in context

These domestic violence on defenseless kids are just sickening to read. She could've surrendered the child.

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Posted in: Aichi man who stole and replaced women’s shoes goes free after victims decline to press charges See in context

Who would press charges if their shoes got replaced with a new pair? I might even thank the person by leaving a nastier pair for him. Kidding aside, at least he walked away free for a crime where nobody was hurt

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Posted in: Suga orders defense ministry to set up large-scale vaccination center in Tokyo See in context

vaccines are only a part of the solution. This is a good step, but the government should focus on virus prevention measures like preventing overcrowding on public transport, forcing all companies whose employees who can work remotely, to work remotely, and impose better contact tracing. Japan can do better than this.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested over fatal hit-and-run of cyclist in tunnel See in context

As someone who cycles a lot, I am very afraid of tunnels, especially if a large truck is coming up behind you. Here's the thing, even if you're a good distance away from cars, the wind that they generate can still throw you off. I've had my close shaves with truck drivers before. I agree with Bungle, walk your bike instead.

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Posted in: Do you think Olympic athletes in any country should be allowed to "jump the queue" and be vaccinated before other people? See in context

There are more important people that need to be vaccinated like emergency service personnel and workers in vital industries. The world should prioritize surviving first, sports are a luxury at this point.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head says cancelation not being considered See in context

The president of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee said Friday (23 April 2021) that canceling the Games set to open in three months is not being considered, even as the Japanese capital struggles with a resurgence of coronavirus infections.

A lot can happen in three months. If there's another surge of cases worldwide and in Japan weeks or even days before the big event, I'm curious how will they retract their claims. While this is already obvious to say, if the Olympics becomes a Giga-level spreader event, I can't imagine how will the government manage to save face should that happen. Let's hope the organizers have luck on their side and Nostradamus as their consultant.

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Posted in: High school kendo coach caught forcing students to pay birthday-tribute money See in context

In my job, there's a practice where the human resources department would collect money from the employees to buy management-level bosses gifts. When I was a new hire, I'd always give, but I've noticed that the gifts they give was too cheap for the collected amount, and there was no party afterwards. So in the succeeding years, I would not give when they asked and was always given the stink eye by the people around me.

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Posted in: After bars and restaurants close at 8 p.m. in areas where there is a coronavirus state of emergency, many people are buying alcohol at convenience stores and from vending machines and then hang out in parks or public spaces near train stations to continue drinking, thus leading to more possible virus infections. Do you think the police should disperse such groups? See in context

It would appear to help, but I think dispersing them really won't really help since, as the other posters said, people would still take the crowded trains and walk through congested streets to get home. Now, it's either the government steps up its anti-pandemic measures and improve contact tracing while still allowing the population to live normally, or just go full-on authoritarian dystopia with curfews, mass gatherings of a certain number, and public consumption of alcohol, etc. is banned.

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Posted in: Many countries are completing qualifying events to select their Olympic teams; others have unveiled team uniforms, while some have started vaccinating their athletes. Why do you suppose no country, other than North Korea, has decided not to come to Tokyo for the Olympics? See in context

I think it's because people are just itching to go outside and just do something and go back normalcy, such as a sporting event. Think of it like someone preparing their weekend outing when it is still tuesday and have posted the things they'll do and the food that they'll eat.

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Posted in: Unmarked police cars in Japan use Transformer-style trick when they pull someone over See in context

When they said Transformer-style, I was honestly expecting a more dramatic change in the car's looks. Nice car though. To be honest, unmarked police cars are like plain clothes police officers, you'll quickly learn to identify them once you see them a lot. In my experience, higher-end plain black cars in Japan usually carry the following people: high-level company executives or government officials, the yaks, unmarked police, the elite. For plain clothes police officers, they generally have a sharper and well-kept appearance than a regular person for their demographic and usually wears a baggier top to conceal their firearm, radio and handcuffs.

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Posted in: If the Tokyo Olympics are held, who do you think would be a good choice to light the Olympic flame? See in context

Someone who lost everything in 2011.

I second this! In my opinion, this would be more meaningful than any well-paid and pampered athlete, A-class celebrity, or kamisama forbid, a political bigwig lighting that bonfire.

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Posted in: Death of man attacked by bear sparks conversation about what to do when facing one See in context

How about bear spray? it's like pepper spray but a lot more potent and has a longer range, and apparently is very effective on humans as well. I've camped in Canada before and at least one person in the group carries one just in case. Carrying firearms or melee weapons for self-defense in Japan is unfortunately out of the question.

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Posted in: Tougher virus restrictions expanded to 4 prefectures See in context

Better yet, place even the least at risk prefectures under a heightened alert. there have been surges in several countries and there's the French variant that cannot be detected through testing. Better be safe and be a bit overkill now than be sorry in the future.

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Posted in: Japan backpedals on cooperation with China in Beijing Olympics See in context

I'm guessing that things are starting to turn sour again after their tensions over the Senkakus, Tokyo's meddling in Taiwan, and the "please drink treated water" comment by Beijing. This is to be expected.

We have not discussed and are not discussing any joint boycott with allies and partners

No country would openly claim this at this early in time. Wait a few months ahead of the event.

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Posted in: 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water, China asks Aso See in context

"A Japanese official said it is okay if we drink this water, so then please drink it," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters, adding Japan's ignorance of the ecological environment is "totally unjustifiable."

Of all of the propaganda and hollow words that the Chinese government spews out, this is by far the most sensible.

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Posted in: Name some movies that left you so confused at the end that you couldn't really figure out what they were about. See in context

The Matrix! I watched it when I was still in grade school and it never made sense to me until I was already in college.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested over alleged sexual assault of woman See in context

a cop copping a feel. No I was drunk and couldn't remember excuse?

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

I feel sorry for the fisherman and all jobs who will have to suffer for this.

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Posted in: Police find 424 stolen items at suspected underwear thief’s home See in context

This is just taking one's fetishes too far. But at least it's not as worse as that guy who collected bicycle seats or that guy who steals tennis rackets for the smell of sweat. I wish I could ask a Japanese sociologist why fetish addiction is quite hardcore among some Japanese.

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Posted in: Australia says politicians no longer exempt from sexual harassment rules See in context

Nobody should be exempted from this in the first place. A crime is a crime.

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Posted in: On average, how much time each day do you spend on social networking sites? See in context

At most an hour a week. If Youtube is considered a social networking site, then I spend at least 9 hours a week.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after woman clings to hood of car See in context

I don't want to turn this into a court room debate but, what would be the most appropriate course of action if you were in the shoes of the guy? pray that the woman can't break through the car as you call for the police? I don't know about you, but even if the assailant was unarmed and appears physically weaker than me, i'd still try to run away. God forbid if the attacker was armed and was stronger.

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