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Posted in: IOC chief Bach to visit Japan in May for relay ceremony, Suga meeting See in context

In my opinion, he's another atomic bomb. And one was enough for Hiroshima. The city's and prefecture's leaders should should say a hard, definitive 'NO!' I have no doubt 90% of Hiroshima's residents would agree. This visit would be the worst of gratuitous insults.

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Posted in: Mercedes rolls out luxury electric car in duel with Tesla See in context

I should have been born 20 years ago, not almost 70. This is going to be a fun ride.

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Posted in: U.S. opens more distance in worldwide race to vaccinate against coronavirus See in context

I'm in Canada, and in the 75% of unvaccinated. I'd gladly forego my 'jab' for my friends in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan backpedals on cooperation with China in Beijing Olympics See in context

Political double-speak. Stay on the sidelines. Japanese policy gone wonky.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay to be taken off main roads of Okinawa See in context

Who'd a-thunk?

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Posted in: Tougher virus restrictions expanded to 4 prefectures See in context

And here come 'The Olympics'. I think some heads need to roll.

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Posted in: Do you think that once the pandemic ends and travel resumes, there will be strong international demand for tourism to Japan? See in context

I travel a lot, and I've been to Japan almost every year since I was in Sendai for the 3/11 tsunami. I've got friends there, and they've got little children I'd love to visit again. But, I'm looking elsewhere for my next destination. The Japanese government's approach to COVID-19 is disappointing, and discourages in-bound tourism. But, that's just my opinion, and I'm glad JT allows us all to express ourselves.

I just booked my vaccination appointment, too. But that won't help in most cases of international travel because people are freaking out about what they call 'vaccination passports', as if such documents are racist, preferential or prejudiced. The whole issue of international tourism is a mess, and it won't be fixed soon.

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Posted in: Microsoft buying speech recognition firm Nuance in $16 bil deal See in context

I've been researching the topic since experiencing my doctor using it. I I like to sit in my garden and write. But a wireless tool that could type my dictation would be very handy considering my system's wi-fi capability. Almost like forty years ago and having my secretary come into my office with her steno pad and very good shorthand skills.

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Posted in: Japanese study finds that writing by hand increases brain activity more than electronic memos See in context

Handwriting letters to my friends in Japan is my GO-TO preference. And I know they appreciate the letters, not only because they're handwritten, but because I bring home a good supply of fancy Japanese writing paper and envelopes every time I visit them.

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Posted in: Restaurant, bar owners worry about tighter COVID-19 steps See in context

@wanderlust, I'm with you. Here in Victoria, where cases are minimal, restaurants and bars have been told to close completely until further notice. But the powers-that-be allow religious gatherings (although reduced). Bar and restaurant owners in Japan don't know how lucky they and their employees are.

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Posted in: NHL grapples with vaccine inequity between U.S. and Canada See in context

@proxy, you said it all (says this Canuck - not the hockey fan, the nationality).

@MilesTeg, the problem here in Canada actually IS government. Our geography is overblown. More than 90% of our population lives in major cities, easily within reach of air transport for the vaccine. Our real problem is that the provinces are all independent when it comes to medical systems and programs. There really is NO ONE in charge.

As for proof, I just took the British Columbia government's online test to see if I qualify for a vaccination. I've had a heart attack and two strokes. I'm 67 years old. I don't qualify before they vaccinate all aboriginals, regardless of their age, and regardless of whether they live on reserves or in the cities. I'm just a second-class white boy. Just another thing to live with. Or die with. Who gives a rat's as*, eh?

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Posted in: On average, how much time each day do you spend on social networking sites? See in context

Including my 20 minutes on JT, about 20 minutes.

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Posted in: Australia says politicians no longer exempt from sexual harassment rules See in context

I guess I'm old-fashioned, because if I think a woman I know - even slightly - looks nice in a new dress or with a different hairstyle, my first thought is to compliment her. And at my age, if that means being called a misogynist or dirty old man, I don't give a rat's as*. These 'woke' society issues are destroying male-female relations.

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Posted in: Suga willing to establish 'children's agency' See in context

A man in charge? The irony!

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will take away the fun of being at the wheel of your vehicle? See in context

I voted 'no' because I'll never, ever own a self-driving car.

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Posted in: Canada surpasses 1 mil COVID-19 cases See in context

@Designer02, I know how you feel. I'm 8 years older than you, had a heart attack a few years ago and a stroke last year. Still, I haven't the foggiest idea when I will qualify for the shot(s). And frankly, I don't give a damn. I've been single for a long time and being alone (not lonely) isn't something I dread, so it's easy to self-isolate. I wear a mask when I have to shop, and I stay home, work in my garden, write articles for periodicals, and go for hikes when I feel like it. Yes, the Canadian government has seriously bungled its approach to the problem, just like it bungles just about everything else. And from my perspective, it's Trudeau's fault. He's living off his family's name, nothing else.

@Goodlucktoyou, Almost all of those 23,000 deaths were elderly people with severe health issues, and (this is worse) residents of care facilities for the elderly. That's where the greatest shame for me, as a Canadian, sits. But that's a two-sided coin - we put them in those facilities when they're near death and can't look after themselves (happened to my father), so what can we expect? A prolonged stay, in deteriorating health, or a shorter one? Any sentient adult would wonder, and be more than a bit frustrated at not being able to do anything, especially with incompetent governments withholding vaccines or unable to handle the logistics of distributing them (yes, it's happening here in Canada).

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 446 coronavirus cases; Osaka logs record high 666 See in context

@klausdorth (and anyone who cares) - Golden Week is not something to look forward to. Not this year. But, if people are out and about, moving around, visiting, travelling, and praying at shrines and temple, celebrating all manner of human interaction and experience, I fear the numbers that will be announced only a few weeks before the (supposed) Olympics.

I live on an island that's managed to avoid the worst and control the rest, but we recently had a spike. A bad one that resulted in serious lockdown. And there are fewer than 600,000 people on my island, more than half of whom live in the capital city's immediate vicinity. Japan is not out of the quagmire. Worse is coming (and I'm no fear-mongerer, just a practical, logical, existential fatalist).

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Posted in: Olympic torch relay to be barred from Osaka public roads: governor See in context

It seems to be falling apart, one thing after another. Cancel it. Move on. The disgraceful bowing and apologies after the fact won't save face for Japan, where the political elite that's attached to the Olympics is already disgraced on the world's stage.

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Posted in: If you could live in any city in the world (post-pandemic), other than where you live now, which one would you choose and why? See in context

Victoria, BC - I've travelled a lot, and coming home to this small but picturesque city is always a pleasure. There's no better place than the City of Gardens.

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Posted in: What are some of the strangest things you have seen sold in vending machines in Japan? See in context

Women's panties. Used, no less.

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Posted in: Fukushima tries to update image with new multilingual website See in context

At first, I thought the comments were a bit harsh, but not after checking the link in the article. Couldn't find a simple 'click' for an English version. Very, very bad design.

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Posted in: China could step up armament, provocations near Senkakus, think tank warns See in context

Nothing like an annual rear-mongering report.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay providing cultural showcase amid pandemic See in context

The photo perfectly illustrates Japanese culture - everyone with their selfie cams and masks looking at next to nothing.

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Posted in: Supply bottlenecks leave ships stranded, businesses stymied See in context

It's happening with food, too. I've noticed a 15%-25% increase in a lot of basic foodstuffs, in just the past two months.

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Posted in: Japan's bid to raise ratio of female election candidates to 35% hard to achieve See in context

Throw women into the fray where they have to deal with misogynistic males who dominate political discourse? Makes me laugh.

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Posted in: Suga pledges he'll do utmost to prevent virus rebound See in context

“We will deliver courage and hope from Japan to the world,” Suga said.

What an inane claim. Deliver courage and hope from Japan? That almost made me puke.

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Posted in: China concludes espionage trial of Canadian citizen behind closed doors See in context

As a Canadian, I'm waiting for someone to take a shot at Meng Wanzhhou when she's out for one of her strolls or sitting in a nice restaurant for dinner. NOT that I want to see it happen. But that sort of thing happens everywhere.

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Posted in: Mesmerizing performance of traditional theater and dance held in Imperial Palace Garden See in context

This doesn't look like it's 'inside' the Imperial Palace Garden - more like the parking lot outside the outer moat.

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Posted in: China to issue visas to foreigners who have taken Chinese vaccines See in context

Does nothing to encourage me to visit China.

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