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Posted in: Japan finds new COVID-19 strain, while immigration faciliity reports infections See in context

"It is regrettable..."

How many times do I see this phrase every month.

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Posted in: Man to be extradited to Japan for aiding Ghosn's escape accuses U.S. of 'betrayal' See in context

In case some of you don't know, here in Japan, lawyers are not allowed to sit with you during police interrogations. The "torture" part is not necessarily physical, but psychological. They repeatedly ask you the same questions over and over and it is not uncommon for these interrogations to last upwards of 8+ hours each time. Yes, EACH TIME. Most people crack under this prolonged method of interrogation because you just want to get out of there as quickly as possible. That's the part that will get you, not knowing when the questionings are going to be over and not knowing your rights. You do have the right to remain silent and not say anything, but they'll still do their best to get some sort of statement from you and sign and fingerprint it before sending you to jail(in most cases) or letting you go home(if they don't think the prosecutor will accept their case against you). Either way, the lengthy questioning is what gets people confessing to things. If you have a story, stick to it.

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Posted in: Man flashes girl, asks how she rates him on 1-10 scale, then pays her ¥3,000 See in context

But, they took the money...

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Posted in: 3 women arrested for operating massage parlor offering sex services See in context

@Burning Bush

A question everybody needs to ask themselves is who is being harmed by this service.

If I could give you two thumbs up, I would.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 242 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,123 See in context

I wonder why they aren't posting the amounts of infected people from cities other than Tokyo. Tokyo's image is really taking some damage. Most people I know don't even want to drive through there anymore. I'm sure other cities are being hit, too, they're just not reporting it as much.

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Posted in: N Korea forbids people from using same name as leader See in context

That kid is crazy.

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Posted in: Sony Pictures network reportedly hit by hackers See in context

I'm going to guess that English is not their first language.

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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall near Kochi See in context

Yea. It has been raining on and off all day here in Shinjuku. I feel bad for those in the south, though. They're really getting it this year.

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Posted in: Man attacks customer with key in convenience store See in context

Maybe he was trying to unlock his potential.

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Posted in: Man arrested for posting online threat to blow up tunnel on Odakyu line See in context

I'm glad it was just a threat and that he did not act on it. My daughter and her mother lives in Zama and pass through Tamagawagakuen-mae on a daily basis. Get help with your anger issues people.

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