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Posted in: Chen wins 3rd straight worlds, beating Olympic champ Hanyu See in context

Hit the books? Hanyu just recently graduated from Waseda University...

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Posted in: Tokyo likely to reduce age limit on kids in opposite-sex public baths, report says See in context


There are actually some onsen where you can rent a private bathtub, or a room with one already installed. Good to spend some time with a partner or family.

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Posted in: Sapporo to release limited-edition Adult Choc Mint beer See in context

GWToday 08:56 pm JST

The article mentions are these fancy happoshu for Y4,378 or Y365 per can.......

Even if they are actually beer they are a bit pricy & why the hell do you have to order online for the most part!!!

Thankfully there are plenty of lower priced craft brews more easily purchased

Being classified as "happoshu" doesn't mean their quality is inferior or they have to be cheaper. A lot of Japanese craft breweries actually operate under a happoshu license.

Happoshu is not just about malt content, but also "non-standard" additives. Though the law has recently changed to allow beer with such additives to be classified as beers, there's a catch: the percentage of additives used in relation to the weight of malt used. That's why Belgian Witbier, for example, is classified as happoshu.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven Japan to double the shelf life of their onigiri rice balls See in context

BertieWooster wrote Today 08:21 am JST

My new year's resolution is to give up conbinis. The food is terrible, it's expensive and they are destroying local business.

Destroying local business? If their food are terrible and expensive and said local business can't fight that, well, something is wrong with your local business.

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Posted in: NiziU, Babymetal to perform for 1st time on NHK's 'Kohaku' music show See in context

You don't have to watch it all to enjoy/like it. Just watch the ones you like, people.

That being said, though:

-Too much idol groups;

-No Miyamoto Hiroji (or Elephant Kashimashi);

-No Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra;

-No Wagakki Band.


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Posted in: Survey finds only 23% of vehicles stop for pedestrians at crosswalks See in context

Not surprising. I'd like to know the percentage of drivers who stop OVER crosswalks.

Every time I see that I feel the urge to walk over the car...

Being a mere two meters ahead when the traffic signal opens saves only a mere second, or even less, for a car. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

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Posted in: What is your favorite Japanese beer? See in context

Mr Kipling wrote Oct. 24 02:34 pm JST

All the above beers are the same style of beer... Thats the problem with Japanese beers...almost all bottom fermented “lager” style beers. The supermarkets then import some foreign beers of the same kind. Or worse brewed under licence...

Most bars and shops in Europe will have at least 8 different beer varieties not just brands of the same generic rice beer.

If you want good beer you are looking at the wrong place (with some rare exceptions, like some Aeon supermarkets). Specialised shops are the way to go.

Personally, I find Nagano prefecture has maybe some of the best breweries in Japan. To name a few, Shiga Kogen and OH! LA! HO, for example.

Baird Beer, from Numazu (Shizuoka prefecture), with also some taprooms in Tokyo and Osaka, is another one I'd recommend.

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Posted in: 5 South Koreans die after getting flu shots, sparking vaccine fears See in context

Monty wrote Today 03:47 pm JST

I don't know if Flu Vaccine and Influenza Vaccine are same.

Me and my family are taking influenza vaccines for many years, and every season we have never got an influenza.

Just me 1 time but very very mild.

So I feel very very safe with my influenza vaccine.

And it is paid by my company.

Well, good for you and your family, buddy.

Me, I haven't taken a vaccine for years, without any major problems at all. Every case is different, but maybe more than a vaccine, eating well, sleeping well and having good hygiene plays a huge part.

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Posted in: All participants in Osaka 'orgy party' arrested See in context

Garthgoyle wrote Today 12:29 pm JST

Is prostitution legal in Japan, yes or no? Coz one, since they charged money AND paid to the women, then this could very well fall into prostitution. And two, there was an article here in JapanToday not long ago about escort business seeking being recognized for Covid19's government help, that they are regular business like any other.

Prostitution per se is not, but getting money for vaginal sex is (though paying for it isn't really, if I recall correctly). To complicate it, oral sex and even anal sex is NOT illegal.

And finally, to complicate it even more, there are some brothels known as "Soapland" that does involve vaginal sex. Everyone knows it does, but they're rarely busted by cops (and when they are, it's usually because some other problem than prostitution charges). The reason for that is that the brothel says it only charges the client for an "assisted bath", and they are not responsible for what happens inside the room between the client and the girl. The brothel supposedly can't do anything if they happen to reach an agreement and do it by their own...

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Posted in: The coronavirus pandemic, six months on See in context

@Fighto! Uh, I think 'Sneezy' was just being ironic, stating the obvious. Like, who likes Covid-19 and ever wanted it to have happened anyway?

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Posted in: Tokyo Video Gamers, a new bar with free-to-play arcade games, opens in Akihabara See in context

For those that want something more foreigner-friendly (games available in English too), there's a bar in Nagoya called 'Critical Hit'.

Though, in this situation, I don't really know if they've closed or not. Let's hope not.

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Posted in: 6 online workshops to experience Japan from home See in context

Tokyo-m wrote Today 10:25 am JST

Is there an online tour of the rush-hour?

There you go:

You're welcome. :D

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Posted in: World’s first make-your-own KitKat shop opening in Tokyo See in context

World's first? I think we have a mistranslation here.

Almost every KitKat Chocolatory around the world (and even Japan) allows the customer to make a customized one.

If you check the original website (, nowhere it states it's the world's first, but it does state the customized KitKat is unique in the world ('「マイ キットカット」は、世界でひとつだけの「オリジナル キットカット」').

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Posted in: Coronavirus makes popular Japanese restaurant chain raise prices by one yen, but not to earn more See in context

chugmagaga wrote Today 02:06 pm JST

Why accept only cash?

They are apparently going cashless starting next month (though some shops have already been accepting credit and debit cards since last year).

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Posted in: Kirin releases Home Tap Beer Service See in context

Wobot wrote at July 6 05:47 pm JST

> Where did you get it? This service is such a huge gimmick, only 4 litres of beer (8 cans) for ¥8000!!!

Rakuten. But Amazon, Yahoo Shopping and others also have some options.

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Posted in: Kirin releases Home Tap Beer Service See in context

It's just much better to buy a home beer server and use it with any beer you want. I bought one for less than 10,000 yen, and I can use bottles or cans with it.

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Posted in: Economy struggles to come to terms with shortfall of foreign workers See in context

garymalmgren wrote on June 7 08:20 pm JST

> Sorry, Jeff, could you explain why foreign workers are more cost effective?

They receive the same rates of pay and allowances as Japanese employees.

It's not the same everywhere. It really depends.

Also, most foreigners are not in direct contract under the place they work, thus not receiving the annual bonus and other compensations. Most of them work for a recruitment/employment agency who then "redirects" them to their place of work.

And about the article, I can't really see a shortage of foreign workers when a lot of them have just lost their jobs because of coronavirus and the impact it caused in some industries. If you can't have foreigners entering the country, use the unemployed ones who are already in Japan...

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Posted in: JFA approves loans to soccer clubs hit by COVID-19 shutdown See in context

dagonMay 22 07:47 pm JST

I guarantee if you gave any number of people that money in a loan with minimal interest that they could turn it around into something more beneficial to society, the economy and the planet than these soccer clubs

Chill out, people. JFA is responsible for Japanese soccer. It's only reasonable they would try to first help soccer clubs, else they risk losing everything Japanese soccer achieved so far. Nothing bad with that decision, they don't have to try and fix all the problems in the world.

Would you really help other people putting yourself and those that depend on you at a disadvantage? I don't know you, of course, but I don't think many human in this world can actually do that...

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Posted in: JFA approves loans to soccer clubs hit by COVID-19 shutdown See in context

AbbeyToday 01:09 pm JST

To soccer clubs ? !!! .

What about the small local businesses they promised money to ? !!!

We don't need soccer at this time !

We need small business to survive !

It's JFA's money, not the government's.

And, maybe you don't know, but not every soccer club can generate a big revenue. The majority are actually small and do function like "small business". A soccer club is not only players and coaching staff, there can be a lot more depending if the club can actually afford it: kitchen staff, pitch staff, first-aid staff, cleaning staff...

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Posted in: Cars with out-of-prefecture license plates targeted amid pandemic See in context

koiwaicoffeeToday 04:57 pm JST

These are the same locals that will beg for tourists from Osaka or Tokyo to come visit..

Unless they're running some kind of business or shop, I don't think locals ever want to have tourists to flock to their area.

I think it's much more joyful to live in an area when there are less people visiting the same places as you. Simple like that.

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Posted in: Mother accused of drowning 11-month-old daughter in bathtub to undergo psychiatric test See in context

sensei258May 9 10:16 am JST

Imagine the poor husband coming home from work to find his baby girl dead at the hands of her mother

Poor husband? Well, we don't know the full story, but if she was stressed she most probably suffered from postpartum depression or anxiety. And it usually gets worse if the husband neglects (unintentionally or not) helping raise the child. Raising a child is both mother and father's job, not only the mother's.

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Posted in: How well do you know your Japanese vending machines? See in context

You can also check the temperature of any drink by pushing the "return change lever" and pressing the button of a drink.

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Posted in: What are the most popular Japanese TV shows? See in context

gogogoToday 07:06 am JST

Popular TV shows if you are in your 20s and a girl.

The mentioned ones? Wow, no. Except 'Kis-my Busaiku', definitely not.

You can hate Japanese TV, that's fine and understandable, but you shouldn't put them all together if you don't know these shows.

That said, from that list I used to watch 'Mezamashi TV' (not anymore, too early for me) and currently only watch 'Getsuyou kara Yofukashi'. It's actually pretty funny, showing the quirky and stupid side of Japan.

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Posted in: Horrors revealed at virus-hit Canada nursing home See in context

RecklessToday 01:59 pm JST

Horrible. This is what can happen when you outsource your family obligations.

That's easy to say, but hard to actually do. Every situation is different, but suppose your mother/father/grandparents can't eat by themselves, can't go to the toilet by themselves and can't have a shower by themselves. Would you do all that for them? Would you really tend to your mother/father/grandparents with enough care after coming back home from a hard day at your job?

Also, some elderly simply need extra care, they can't be left alone else the risk of injury would be high.

And some people have to, you know... work so they have an income...

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Posted in: Concern raised over exclusion of bar hostesses, sex workers from virus compensation See in context

SilvafanApr. 3 04:12 pm JST

Not just compensation but also medical treatment because they are the most vunerable!

Dozens of persons in Shinjuku’s sex industry infected with coronavirus

To be fair, Shinjuku also has many 'host' and 'hostess' clubs, love hotels, strip clubs, karaokes, restaurants and also the world's busiest station, so emphasizing 'sex industry' in the title seems a little bit weird to me. Pretty obvious sex workers were not the only ones infected, right?

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Posted in: Beware of false groping charges, rip-off clubs, shakedowns over sex See in context

And if the club people turn violent? They won’t, says Matsumoto. Violence is crime, which drags their operation into new, untenable, unprofitable territory. They don’t want to go there.

Is that so? Crime can only be labeled as crime if there is proof of such action. Sad truth.

Can the client prove the club staff was responsible for a beating? Would he have some witness? I don't suppose so. The club, on the other hand, would have a paper with the (inflated) price there. And could probably prove the client didn't pay it.

And as much as they wouldn't profit much from a beating if there was not enough money in the wallet, that could work like a warning. Like, 'we checked your wallet, so now we have your address and we can find you anytime we want, so pay it so we don't have to resort to violence again and again'. Pretty scary and shameful if the client is married, have children or live with other loved ones.

Also, how would the client explain the beating to his family? Or his boss? Would he risk maybe losing his job? I think that's what the client would fear the most, not the menacing club staff per se.

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Posted in: Natto -- does the slime that's sublime really protect from the coronavirus? See in context

For those who turned away from natto, try it with some grated vegetable over it. 'Daikon' (white radish?) or carrot are pretty good, one adding some spicy notes and the other kinda citric, while also helping with the definitely bad smell.

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Posted in: 'Isekai' anime: 5 must-see fantasy anime set in a 'different world' See in context

Going into the 90's or early 00's, I would also mention some classic titles:

-'The Vision of Escaflowne', beautiful soundtrack by renowned Yoko Kanno (and Hajime Mizoguchi);

-'Magic Knight Rayearth', created by CLAMP, shoujo (kinda?) with mecha;

-'Digimon', timeless classic!

-'Fushigi Yuugi'. shoujo that also had a good male fanbase (which was not so common in the 90's);

-'Inuyasha', created by famous Rumiko Takahashi (Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura)

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing Brazilian couple in Shizuoka Pref See in context

Damn. Gotta learn to better use the quote function... (RikiWeb could have some 'Edit Post' function, by the way)

Sorry, people.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing Brazilian couple in Shizuoka Pref See in context

Mr Kipling wrote Today  02:17 pm JST

Sir Bentley... The original story back in Feb sounded a bit fishy so I suggested at that time that maybe the wife’s story seem a little odd. Wounds to arms and called boss not police..

Not that fishy if you consider that a lot of Brazilians living in Japan (even for a loooong time) can't really speak Japanese well. The main reason being most of them work at factories where other numerous Brazilians also work, so learning Japanese turns out not being really compulsory to get the job done.

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