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Posted in: Syria reports Israeli missile attack near Damascus See in context

The Middle East is in focus again.

Just days after US bombing over Syria, Israel follows up with attacks near the vicinity of Damascus. Why? Where is the legitimacy?

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Posted in: Republican calls grow for U.S. to boycott 2022 Olympics in China See in context

Whether US wants to boycott 2020 winter Olympics or not, it has little significance to China. In 1980, when US did the same thing to Russia Olympics, their absence did not dampen the spirit of sportsmanship at all..

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Posted in: U.S. in delicate balancing act as Saudi prince spared sanctions See in context

Since the early 1970's, after US gained full support from Saudi in using the greenback for international oil transaction, Washington has always been grateful to Riyadh.

Of course, US would not hurt Saudi's royal family unnecessarily. The two nations are scratching each other's back.. Got it?

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Posted in: Syria condemns 'cowardly' U.S. air strikes on Iran-backed militias See in context

Only 40 days in power, the US new admin has shown its inclination toward war.

No war please, use the head to think deep and more frequent..

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Posted in: Jailed Putin critic Navalny moved, probably to prison camp: lawyer, activist See in context

When Putin says yes, don't say no. When he decides, don't oppose him.

It does appear he is becoming more autocratic, but then there is no other way if he wants to stay on after 2024. Right?

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court inclined to expand warrantless entry into homes See in context

Is the supreme court preparing the nation to a dictatorial rule? One cannot believe such thing can happen in a country that highly treasures 'liberal democracy'.

What a mockery..

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 chief says gender equality efforts as important as virus containment See in context

The main perpetrator of gender inequality lies in deep-rooted male chauvinism that continues to prevail in many countries.

Do away with ominous chauvinism..

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Posted in: Concern over rich-poor divide seen on the increase during pandemic See in context

This is inevitably the case. More so, when the rich are getting richer, and the poor are facing more unemployment (notably the younger group) worldwide during the pandemic.

What else to expect from an incredibly unfair and fast rotting world !

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Posted in: Rockets target U.S. embassy in Iraqi capital See in context

US built a highly fortified huge base housing its embassy in the Green Zone of Baghdad. Lately, there have been several attacks on the base, could this signal in a new round of conflict and instability in Iraq?

Better not..

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Posted in: NASA releases Mars landing video See in context

Finally, half a century after its moon-landing saga, NASA has redeemed a bit of its past space glory after releasing the Mars landing video..

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Posted in: Japan requests airlines stop using Boeing 777s with P&W4000 engines See in context

Hope this 777 PW4000 is not the kind of blunder made by Boeing as it did on 737 MAX. There is an urgent need for further clarification to pacify the worries of airlines as well as passengers..

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor suspensions produce inexperienced plant workers See in context

One isn't too sure to what extent of the report is correct.

But one thing for sure, Japan should be more cautious in looking after its currently functioning reactors, having properly trained and experienced workers to manage them is a must.

The nation simply cannot afford yet another Fukushima saga..

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Posted in: Pentagon chief urges immediate reduction in Taliban violence See in context

'..progress toward peace in Afghanistan and an end to U.S. military involvement there depend on the Taliban reducing their attacks'. This is what the new Secretary of Defense announced.

In other words, US military would not end their presence in Kabul. Could anyone not guess correctly his intention?

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Posted in: NATO puts holds on Afghanistan decision, expands in Iraq See in context

It does appear that NATO is not going to pull out from Afghanistan or Iraq, irrespective of what new US admin is intending to do in Mideast.

NATO has its own covert agenda, they want to take more advantage of the two war devastated nations. Does anyone like that?

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Posted in: U.N. urges global COVID vaccine plan; warns of dangerous inequity See in context

No matter what, under whatever circumstances, inequity will always be around.

No matter how hard people want to eradicate it, inequity will always remain everywhere in this impossible world..

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Posted in: France, West Africa step up counterterrorism efforts See in context

While whole world is feverishly fighting against the virus to save lives, some extremists instead decide to seize the chance to take up arms against the poor to take away lives again, this time in West Africa.

Why is it so? Where lies the conscience?..

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Posted in: As the virus crisis drags on, hard-hit French youth struggle See in context

Many of her kind have been facing similar difficulties for the past several months worldwide. The notion of not getting any job after graduation aggravates the depressive mood further. It is truly a big mental burden..

Hope that year 2022 will witness the demise of all virus and their variants, bringing back some sense to the world..

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Posted in: Palestinians say Israel blocking shipment of vaccines to Gaza See in context

Could such allegation from the Palestinian minister be exact?

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Posted in: Australian PM promises investigation after allegation of rape in parliament See in context

Nowadays, in western countries particularly, women and female celebs are fond of revealing that they had been assaulted or sexually abused before, even supposedly happened many years ago. Why? Putting themselves in the limelight to attract attention?

Wonder how likely that could have really taken place without their consent..

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Posted in: On Parkland anniversary, Biden calls for tougher gun laws See in context

Tougher gun laws in US? Someone said this before.

It could be daydreaming..

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Posted in: Japan growth slows in Q4 as economy shrinks 4.8% over year See in context

Do expect the shrinking of GDP in most global countries for year 2020. Japan drops by ~5%, about half of UK's ~10%.

Strange though, the Nikkei index shot above 30,000, first time after its peak at 32,000 in 1990, then quickly started to keep dropping.

Something is awkwardly amiss. Perhaps something very devastating may really happen to global stock markets in the near future..

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Posted in: Thai pro-democracy protesters return to streets calling for royal reforms See in context

A royal reform in this nation (for that matter, many others too) is far overdue.

Protesters can keep protesting, the military junta can keep ignoring. Given the frequent protests that end up with nothing, does anybody know what would be the outcome this time?

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Posted in: Biden will try to close Guantanamo after robust review See in context

His mentor Obama said it 12 years ago, and perhaps his successor will say the same thing 4 or 8 years later. The outcome -- zero, nothing will happen..

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Posted in: Virus delay, sexism row: Tokyo's turbulent Olympic timeline See in context

Turbulent is the word -- not just for Olympics timeline, but also the Games itself.

One firmly believes that IOC should make a full evaluation of the virus spread scenario in April before making the final decision..

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Posted in: China bans BBC news broadcasts in apparent retaliatory move See in context

Such retaliation against BBC is seen as a necessity to counter propagation of fake and irresponsible news by BBC.

Wake up, Britain, this is not 1840 in the wake of Opium War when hopeless Qing's emperor was easily duped to surrender by sheer British deceptive propaganda.

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Posted in: Turkey's Erdogan says two-state solution only option for Cyprus See in context

In 1998, I visited Cyprus to present a science education paper in an international symposium at Paralimni. The plane from Athens landed at Larnaca instead of Nicosia in the island's north controlled by Turkey.

Cyprus is still divided. Ankara now wants it to become two nations. Not sure if this is agreeable to Greece. Never mind, keep talking..

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Posted in: Biden orders sanctions against Myanmar after military coup See in context

The more US decides to sanction against other countries, the faster it is pushing them more and closer toward China and Russia..

Trump was well known for imposing sanctions on the slightest pretext, now Biden seems no better. In fact, he could end up worse..

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Posted in: Japan pledges safe Olympics; medical experts aren't so sure See in context

Those who have vested interests in the Games, politicians or businessmen, should listen to the medical experts, people who are in-the-know. Never trade 'name or profit' for 'lives'.

We said before, wait till April to make a thorough assessment of the pandemic threat before making the final decision whether to have the Olympics or not.

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Posted in: S Africa seeks new vaccine plan after halting AstraZeneca See in context

The AstraZeneca study on 2,000 healthy volunteers showed just 22% were protected against the disease. This is certainly not good enough. So is Japan switching to other 'more effective' vaccines?

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Posted in: Biden: China should expect 'extreme competition' from U.S. See in context

'Extreme competition' can mean many different things, 'anything', yet it needs not be a 'conflict'. How illusive.

Extremely vague statement and annunciation of the most ambiguous type, especially in the world of politics and deception..

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