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Love the more environmentally friendly processes, but the overall look of them is quite... yawn. Predicted. Mundane.

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It's hardly going to be a wonderful Olympic Games... I mean there will be only Japanese spectators

There are non-Japanese people living in Japan too... at least I'll be a spectator at some of the events, and I'm not Japanese.

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I have tickets to a few events, and will be going (that is, of course, if spectators are allowed).

I have to admit though, that I am worried and concerned. I can only hope they'll make sufficient arrangements and really ensure social distances, and arrange extra toilets as to avoid huge queues etc. Just one extra seat between 2 people is not enough. Should be 2m of empty space around each person.

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While it might be a good idea, I think the biggest problem is the lack of vaccines that Japan has to administer. Until they can get a large amount, and that looks less and less likely with the problems now with the J&J vaccines, as well as the Astra Zeneca vaccine. There is just not enough to be given to people.

Japan has received around 17 million doses of vaccine, but has only administered 1.39 million doses so far.


Nothing will happen until after the Olympics when Suga will say Shotengai

Typo? Shotengai = shopping street

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Posted in: Name some movies that left you so confused at the end that you couldn't really figure out what they were about. See in context

Surreal movies that leave you feeling confused and dumbfounded are the best kind, in my opinion.

Why should everything be so rational, clear and obvious? It's one reason why I don't like action movies... no room for thoughts and cogitation during or after them.

One recent favourite of mine, from the surreal genre, was 'I'm thinking of ending things', even though in a way it all makes sense in the end - if you just understand, the end.

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Pukey2, I'm boycotting Qatar as well.

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finally rich

Cant understand why so many dislikes. but again, Im not from this like "me" obsessed generation.

Not a bad idea to fill part of these stadiums with children from the french schools in Itabashi, american schools in Minato, indian schools in Nishikasai etc

After all what are they going to show between games? The same japanese faces? Interviews with japanese and japanese in Shibuya?

The virus. We don't want to purposely infect all these kids with covid, do we? And for them to then infect their parents, etc.

If that wasn't a problem, then sure, why not. But sadly it just looks like the situation is getting more grim day by day..

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Even if Tokyo did as many tests as Osaka, the results would be the same. Testing asymptomatic people is a waste of resources and time. I sound like a broken record, but until people here can understand, I will keep posting how stats are evolved.

There are several people sounding like a broken record, trying to make you understand, over and over again, that:

asymptomatic people can also be carriers of the virus

they can spread it to others, who may then develop serious symptoms and who may end up in hospitals (if there's space, that is )

testing and finding also the asymptomatic people is extremely important, so that these people could then isolate and avoid spreading the virus further

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Posted in: Would you support a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics? See in context

Yes. For the lack of human and animal rights.

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Admittedly, it does start

" The organizing committee for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics is planning to secure a hotel with about 300 rooms for athletes with minor or no symptoms of the coronavirus,"

... it also continues as:

*The committee is considering reserving an entire hotel building located a few kilometers away from the athletes' village in Tokyo's Harumi waterfront district, which is expected to cost hundreds of millions of yen, according to the officials.*

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Regardless of your views on testing ( I’m in favour of more ), didn’t Koike say the number of tests was going to be ramped up?

Has anyone heard of a timeline for this? I honestly missed it if it was stated.

...I think we should send Ms. Koike questions about this, via Twitter and the Youtube videos she posts.

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Snowymountainhell, err, people not really reading the article properly?

Although granted, I also have inside info on this as well.

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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

Michael Machida,

well, when common sense lacks like this, the lockdowns become a necessity.

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So many misconceptions in the comments. The village and the hotel meant for the athletes who test to be positive for the virus, are two separate things. The pic is of the village, not of the “covid hotel”. They’re not at the same location. The athletes who don’t have the virus and the ones that do (symptomatic or not, as you can be an asymptomatic carrier,remember), are to be kept separately this way. I see that only in positive light. The covid hotel is meant for those that these positive during,I.e. in the midst of, their stay in Japan.

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Sal Affist

These numbers still reflect the difficulty of convincing your attending physician to order a COVID19 test. You have to have all the symptoms, PLUS have either traveled overseas or been in contact with someone who was or who also tested positive. If not, the sensei doesn't order the test, and you go home with some meds from the pharmacy. The numbers always have been artificially low here because they aren't testing at the rate that other advanced countries do.

This. But you forgot to add, that if you make the mistake and say you wore a mask, you're denied as well.

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The BBC had reported FINA was concerned organizers of the Diving World Cup had not done enough to protect athletes from COVID-19.

And I am seriously concerned that the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics are not doing enough to protect its staff and spectators from COVID-19.

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Well finally, there is at least an effort to do some social distancing.

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Who on earth is downvoting comments about condolences? No matter what your political opinion might be, or whether your pro or anti royal, this is fundamentally about a person, who died, and about people, who have lost someone dear to them. Downvoting these comments is utterly disrespectful, tasteless, and heartless.

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My condolences, especially to Queen Elizabeth. As a private person, she must be in pieces.

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Look! @Montgomery. There’s a blonde “person” without a mask. (far back, left of center). Where’re they from?

Dunno for sure, but looks Japanese to me.

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just one example.

I know people who have used this service, WITH symptoms.

In the page you provided, however, it says:

Can I take the test when I have any symptoms?

The PCR Test of our clinic is for those who are asymptomatic.

Great though, of course, if there are even some places where you can go get tested when you're symptomatic, but can't pass the strict hokenjo screening, but

a) it shouldn't be that ridiculously expensive - one more reason why people don't get tested

b) like mentioned, majority of the private testing places don't accept symptomatic people

c) when personal visit is required, it's difficult for people to get to those few places, especially if and when they have symptoms, especially if they don't drive/have a car - they may be far away from their homes.

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Bjorn Tomention

I believe Japan is undertaking Medicinal Marijuana studies and looking to legalise it for medicinal use much sooner than many thought they would.

The myth that Majrijuana is dangerous is exactly that a myth, it is not a drug it is a medicine, hence the fact it is being trialed for medical marijuana use here.

I really hope so. Someone close to me in Japan has Parkinson's disease, and medical marijuana might have a significant, life-enhancing effect on it (as seen on some videos). It's tough to watch someone who's full of life, curious and social, become a prisoner of their own body, unable to control it.

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theResident -

I haven't found a single private testing facility that would accept symptomatic people. The guidelines are clear and simple, like this one:

The test will not be given to those who have symptoms of such as fever, taste and smell disorder, or cold symptoms, or had close contact with an infected person.


or this one

We do not perform PCR testing for symptomatic individuals. Please do not walk-in.


or this one

Only those who are asymptomatic and want to have a PCR test for obtaining a negative certificate or for their peace of mind can have a medical examination.


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You can get tested outside a lot of major stations for a few thousand yen. Pay a little extra for same day results. Stop your whingeing Sanchez.

You can, if you don't have any symptoms. Symptomatic, and you'd need to contact the hokenjos. But to get tested through the hokenjo, your symptoms need to be Really Bad. (Oh - and prove that you were close to a positive covid patient, for more than 15mins. Oh, but, if you wore a mask then don't bother even dialling the number, they won't test you.)

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agree, something really severe could’ve happened here, especially at the playground. Small kids like to taste and eat things, in addition to touching them. It's also high time that boys’ idiotic pranks are not just brushed away in the society, with a shrug of the shoulders and saying “boys will be boys”.

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Those jackets are similar to the ones the government donned after the big earthquake 10 years ago.

For show only.

The electorate seem to like it because they keep voting for the same morons.

More like, the common sense people, and the ones who are against LDP simply don't vote - at all.

I've heard over and over again from my Japanese friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. that since they don't like politics or politicians, they just don't vote. They don't want to waste their time on something they don't like, and the consensus seems to be that there are only bad options. The voter turnout is roughly only 50%.

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Masks on. O.k.

No plastic dividers between participants.

No distancing.

Two out of three 'aint bad. It's Quasi good.

Seriously though - these people are exactly the ones that should be SHOWING AN EXAMPLE for others.

When people watch this, they think that this is what is required, that this is enough - when it's far from it.

I can see 29 people in the picture, but presumably many more were in that space. No social distance whatsoever. Do they all really have to be there physically? They really can't do these things remotely, with just the biggest players, like Koike, present?

People will ignore the recommendations for small groups and social distances, when they see pics like these, and then think this is e.g. the distance required, e.g. in offices etc. "Koike is doing it, so it must be ok!"

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Tokyo has more parks than most other big cities I’ve been to. I enjoy going to a new one every time. about natural forests, meadows, and such, not engineered and built by humans?

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Don’t misunderstand. They’re still bogus, as testing is still suppressed. Current numbers show the spread is increasing, but as they still test only a fraction of possible cases, they’re not revealing all of the positives, who could then isolate and stop/slow the spread.

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Some people here are still under the impression that the more people you test the more infections you will find and that is not the case. Why waste manpower and supplies and time testing people that show absolutely no symptons...and if you are going to claim that it will be proof that many more are contaminated and sick...then why are not hospital numbers running into the tens of thousands for people needing to be in isolation?

The point would be to catch the asymptomatic ones and the ones with mild symptoms, because even as such, you're still spreading the virus around you, possibly making others severely ill. When caught, these people would then isolate at their homes (no need for hospitals) for 14 days, work remotely. It would slow down/stop the spread, ease the burden on hospitals, also making it possible for people who are waiting treatments for other ailments as well to get treatment (many surgeries etc. are postponed because of covid-19).

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