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the Euros are going well

It would be awesome if the Olympics were being held in Europe or North America, where vaccines have actually happened and things are getting back to normal. Games held there this year might actually be fun. The fact is Japan isn't ready to host these games, not by a long shot. Say what you want about the Olympic Spirit or whatever, there are gonna be no overseas visitors for Japan to show off too, no boost in tourism or global image for this beautiful country. Instead it's going to be a sad, TV only event. The athletes are, at best, going to have a boring time in their drab youth hostels sleeping on their cardboard boxes. It's a huge waste and should be postponed until next year so we can see all the benefits.

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There are loads of completely credible doctors, medical scientists and journalists 

Can you name one?

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Looks exactly like a prison. Those cardboard beds are a joke.

I stayed at a hostel once a few years ago with beds that had no curtain or privacy wall, just beds in a room. After one night of snoring, farting and one dude waking up at 5 to open every zip on his hiking bag I swore never again. Give them a curtain at least, jeez.

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Looks like an advertisement for an aged care facility.

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Since they’ve been told not to use the comdoms I hope the showers at least have a bit of privacy because those beds aren’t going to offer any!

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LOOOOOOL looks like a youth hostel! I’m sure all the 6’4 olympians will be very comfortable in those ikea beds. Absolutely no privacy. What a mess.

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25 years old... and a business owner. Hope this POS gets the rope.

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Rampaged is a stupid word to use i this headline. Poor bear.

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Anyone remember a few years ago when they were just beginning to plan for the Olympics and there was all this talk of making Japan more foreigner friendly? Things like banning smoking in the streets, making more English signs, more onsens allowing people with tattoos. It's kind of sad to think that that feeling, where Japan was going to be able to show off what a great place it is to all the guests, is (along with public health and opinion) totally unimportant now.

Why has this turned into such a desperate struggle to make them happen this year? If they'd just postpone it for a year it could be amazing. I hope the people here pushing it through feel bitter embarrassment when the Paris Olympics take place and they see what could have been.

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I'd guess a big reason they are doing this is because restaurants and bars are increasingly ignoring these requests anyway. I got home a bit late last night and if I'd wanted to get a drink in a bar or a restaurant it would have been no problem.

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Personally I don't want the Olympics cancelled, just postponed. I rarely watch sports, but watching the the soccer world cup in a bar a few years ago, when Australia was playing Japan, is still a really fun, fond memory for me. I was looking forward to something like that again. The way the Olympics are looking to be held, is going to be incredibly lame. I don't even own a TV, I'm sure a lot of people don't, so even if I wanted to watch them alone in my apartment I can't, not that I would anyway.

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Smug face of arrogant privilege.

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This ain't China mate.

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Perfectly sums up the mixed messages the government has been sending the whole time. It's actually a good example to explain the situation to people that don't live here. Here's some condoms, but please don't use them. Here's a travel campaign, but please stay home. Please socially distance, but keep commuting to your cramped offices.

Suga would order pizza at a restaurant but then complain when they didn't bring him a steak.

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Well Japan hasn't really dodged anything yet, covid is still going strong here. And with the lack of testing I'm sure they've been creative in counting the deaths.

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Number of people with mild symptoms: unknown.

Number of people that have bad symptoms but no time to convince a doctor to give them a test: unknown.

Contact tracing: N/A

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But really, it was never about that. It's about control.

Gooch, why don't you think about that crackpot, internet conspiracy theory for a second. Lockdowns as a form of control don't make sense at all. Why would the people supposedly doing the controlling want to stop everyone from working, shutting down the economy and production? Wouldn't that be costing them a lot of money? Especially in Australia where people are being financially supported during these lockdowns.

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Are self serve nomihoudais common? And for 1000 yen, jeez.

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How about you donate a few vaccines to the people that live in Japan?

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LOL the podiums are literally made of garbage. Perfect.

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a much smaller Portuguese delegation of one female artistic gymnast and two accompanying staff

I laughed. What is with all these tag-alongs? I never knew the athletes brought so much dead weight with them.

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A year ago these scenes would make me think these people were total idiots. But at this stage it's hard to blame them.

That dude in the suit with the watch drinking a beer. I'm guessing he commuted to and from work on a packed train for close contact meetings all day. Some beers at a bar aren't worse than that.

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@Elvis is here

It's unreal how they always bring everything back to the games. Vaccines 'picking up' means we can see our friends and travel again. The Olympics will be the last thing in most peoples minds.

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How many days in a row has someone come out to say the games definitely aren't cancelled? Feels like everyday there are articles like this.

And why do they always say how safe and secure the games will be when having dinner at Gusto after 8pm is considered too dangerous? Is it the case where if you say someone enough times eventually you will believe it?

'It's not a lie if you believe it' - George Costanza.

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Japan has been in a half hearted, emotionally abusive lock down since the beginning.

-Don't have any fun or see your friends, but keep commuting to work everyday.

-Don't travel anywhere but here is a travel discount scheme please don't tell anyone you used it.

-Stay home but please go shopping to revive the economy.

I'd much prefer Australia's method, at least they have total freedom when the virus isn't rising.

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Steve how is “a year or two” a good thing? Most countries are looking at a month or two for this to be behind them. I don’t get why you support ignoring the virus and everyone going out and acting like there’s nothing to worry about.

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The Tokyo Olympics feels like someone who wants to make lemonade but they forgot to buy sugar at the store. They're too stubborn to wait and go back to the store, so they just squeeze the lemons into some lukewarm water and tell everyone to enjoy it. And by the way the house is on fire, but for some reason making the terrible lemon water is more important than putting it out.

If life gives you lemons, be patient and make lemonade when you can.

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Bloody hell that poor, poor girl. She had to go through elementary school, junior high school and high school with that hanging over her. I hope she gets all the help she needs and more.

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Australian government sees a few cases: lock it down and contain it, lives are important.

Japanese government sees hundreds a day: Shouganai, open the mall so my buddies can make their millions again :(

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It's unreal seeing other countries striving to get infections and deaths to zero when Japan seems to not care at all. I'm not going to participate in 'reviving' the economy, which I'm 100% sure won't be helping anyone that needs it.

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