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Posted in: Team GB 'hugely confident' Tokyo Games will go ahead See in context

He only got the job because of his surname.

Clearly an expert on all matters Covid and on the way governments will respond to ongoing record infections and deaths.

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Posted in: Man served 6th arrest warrant for drugging intoxicated woman, sexually assaulting her See in context

It clearly says in the article he has been in custody since November.  they are basically sweating him to get as many confessions as possible before taking the cases to court.  It's how the system works here.

Why this is additional news is more of a question.  he is already in jail.  Guess it was taken from a Satsu press release or so.

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Posted in: Hong Kong national security police make 11 new arrests See in context

HK being moved closer and closer to just being another city in China.

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Posted in: WHO team arrives in Wuhan to search for pandemic origins See in context

WHO being its usual effective self.

In the meantime we are seeing significant outbreaks in China again.  As in the rest of the world.  This virus is here to stay. 

Whatever the initial cause, we better learn to live with it.

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Posted in: Why do you think government leaders wear work overalls at press conferences ad meetings during crises like the coronavirus? See in context

Pols all over the world always dress in (what they think is) appropriate clothing when they are doing photo ops.  Military gear, work clothes, hard hats, protective goggles, sporting stuff.  Ridiculous I know, but now the accepted norm.

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Posted in: WhatsApp stresses privacy as users flock to rivals See in context

They will try to suppress the alternatives.

I don't believe WhatsApp censor yet, but wouldn't put it past them trying at some future date.

I think these companies may have overreached, both in their interventions in broader society but also in the extent to which they mine and monetize user data and usage habits.

Plus we are seeing a lot more of and about the people who run and have become rich from these platforms.  One look at Zuckerborg and Adolf Twittler and Satya Nadella and their ilk and their products no longer seem so cool any more.

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Posted in: Netflix announces 70 star-packed 2021 films See in context

Hope they are good.  A lot of Netflix content is pretty mediocre.  Like Hollywood I guess.

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Posted in: Domestic violence cases in Japan hit record high in FY2020 See in context

Reading this depressing news made me want to take my anger out on someone.  Lucky I don't have anyone at home to take it out on......

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Posted in: Chinese city tests millions amid fresh virusoutbreak See in context

more evidence that this virus is by now endemic in the world and that relaxation of restrictions will lead to it reappearing where it was previously considered gone or at least under control.  Vaccine will help but likely to become like flu vaccine that will be needed to be toped up or changes every so often.

In the meantime so much pain and suffering, also caused by the botched response to this in many countries.

My guess is we will look back at this in the future and wonder how we got it all so wrong.

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Posted in: Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot See in context

I love how posters on here who are clearly wildly successful and overachieving call the current POTUS and before that billionaire a loser.

He may be a jerk, but loser not so much.

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Posted in: Man with axe smashes New Zealand Parliament doors See in context

I wonder who "incited" him to do this?

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Posted in: How Ireland became most infectious coronavirus country See in context

Seems that the virulence and adverse effects of the virus are not a function of who is in charge or what their politics are or whatever.

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Posted in: Here we go again: What to expect as Georgia counts votes See in context

What we can expect is the same mess that made such a mockery of the presidential election.  Why voting should be so difficult is a mystery, unless to facilitate manipulation of the result.

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Posted in: Resident of 3 Australian cities told to get COVID tests and isolate See in context

More of the same all over the world, even those countries that have had a "successful" pandemic.  The consequences of the way in which most countries have dealt with this will become evident in the years to come.  And heaven forbid we have another new viral outbreak in the next 5 years before we can look back and properly learn the lessons from this one.

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Posted in: Avaloq's acquisition by NEC successfully completed See in context

Hope NEC can improve their product.  Plenty pf banks have had a lot of trouble using Avaloq.  client data leakages, down time etc......

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Posted in: Proud Boys leader arrested, accused of burning church banner See in context

A pro-Trump rally in December ended in violence as hundreds of Trump supporters, some wearing the signature black and yellow of the Proud Boys, sought out confrontations with a collective of activists and counterprotesters attempting to bar them from Black Lives Matter Plaza, an area near the White House. By nightfall, vandals tore down a Black Lives Matter banner and sign from two historic Black churches in downtown Washington and set the banner ablaze.

Nice and balanced.  Think there was a desire to make trouble on both sides. 

Also, he burned a banner - how many arrests and prosecutions were there of those who burned down businesses and government buildings and so on?

guess it was only a matter of time that this was going to happen.  His dumb drinking and men's club had become too high profile and law enforcement must have been itching to take him down and show they are "even handed" in enforcing the law......

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Posted in: Most U.S. COVID-19 vaccines go idle as New York, Florida move to penalize hospitals See in context

Adds to the body of evidence that the poor US covid response and purportedly outsize infection and death rate are a function of states running this badly and not so much the Feds.

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Posted in: Tuna goes for cut-price ¥20.84 mil at Tokyo fish market's New Year auction See in context

And in the South Atlantic.

Poor the tuna.

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Posted in: What’s in store when the Electoral College meets See in context

Or it all goes smoothly. Biden gets in. And we have 4 years of crony capitalist government and stagnation both politically and economically

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Posted in: What’s in store when the Electoral College meets See in context

The Proud Boys March in on masse. Stand the college down. Trump at their head, they March back to the White House and the much anticipated coup is underway.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden facing federal investigation over 'tax affairs' See in context

Also note that this statement and Joe’s cynical “support” for Hunter was made by the Biden campaign. That is strange. Also doesn’t bode well for either of them as it must be serious and also means that the Dems made Joe do it. President Harris sooner than we think?

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Posted in: Hunter Biden facing federal investigation over 'tax affairs' See in context

How is this Trump related? Hunter has been under investigation since 2018 by the Feds. Based on suspicious transaction reports made by a US bank. Anyhoo media and the Dems will do all they can to make this go away. Also not sure what else some people think is still to find about Orange and his family after 4 years of being investigated and subjected to accusations from all sides, none of which have n\been proven.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden facing federal investigation over 'tax affairs' See in context

Plus eve Swalwell story. Witch hunt chickens coming home to roost

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Posted in: Hunter Biden facing federal investigation over 'tax affairs' See in context

This is going to be fun. Until Joe tries to stop it somehow.

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Posted in: Japan fights coronavirus in luxurious style with million-yen masks See in context

I await the articles about a spate of muggings or similar in which these masks are stolen.

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Posted in: South Korea virus cases hit highest level since March See in context

Still small numbers but once again demonstrates that anyone who thinks lockdowns or other draconian measures can eliminate or even contain this virus are just dreaming.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM Ardern set to declare climate emergency See in context

Form over substance.  2050?  If this this really such an emergency surely faster and more serious action needs to be taken?

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Posted in: Biden appeals for unity in Thanksgiving-eve address See in context


Expect more like this.  Next Putin, then Xi.  Soon L'il Kim will start firing rockets again.

such a shame.

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Posted in: Biden appeals for unity in Thanksgiving-eve address See in context

Almost certainly he'll be gone soon.  And then we may get to assess the Biden bunch on their merits.  I personally am not optimistic.  He inspires no confidence and his team are an equally sorry bunch of prior failures.

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Posted in: Bird flu outbreak spreads to Fukuoka Prefecture See in context

The next pandemic?

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