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Posted in: The end of the pay phone? Japanese government considering getting rid of them See in context

...currently mulling over the idea of reducing the number of pay phones in Japan, and relocating existing pay phones to evacuation shelters, where they can be used in emergencies.

So, The Government wants to spend a ton of money to rip the pay-phones, and then pay even more have to move them into emergency shelters (which may already be within walking distance of such a facility per the universal service rules)?

In the words of Spock, "...his pattern exhibits...two-dimensional thinking."

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Posted in: ANA to offer employees leave for up to 2 years See in context

All Nippon Airways Co will introduce in April a sabbatical leave that will allow its employees to pursue personal interests such as studying for up to two years...

It's called a furlough.

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Posted in: Republicans signal deep resistance to Trump Senate trial See in context

"I think the trial is stupid. I think it's counterproductive. We already have a flaming fire in this country and it's like taking a bunch of gasoline and pouring it on top of the fire," Marco Rubio

Says the person sold the gasoline and wonders why Rome burned so quickly.

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Posted in: Drinkable cheesecake See in context

Drinkable cheesecake = hard pass.

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Posted in: Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot See in context

It's obvious Trump has the un-Midas touch (i.e. whatever he touches turns to ..... hint it's definitely not gold). This border wall that he has been so gung-ho about, that's going to keep all of these big bad illegal aliens out of the US (and that Mexico didn't pay for...), made it even easier for the coyotes to cross the border (as the Trump minions destroyed the natural border landscape that made it challenging for coyotes to travel across) SMH.


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Posted in: KDDI to offer cheapest large data mobile plan amid gov't pressure See in context

When you only have three main carriers and a handful of MVNOs, you can't expect too much competition or much in price differences. Besides, it's considered a major faux pas at the private golf course to be the guy who's trying to rock the boat.

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Posted in: Pelosi says House will impeach Trump unless Pence, cabinet force him out See in context

That sick SO* and his ilk need to spend the rest of their lives in prison - and definitely I'm definitely not of those "Club-Med and/or Rich-Folk" style of prisons either. I'm talking being locked up in a dirty, general-population, in a typical US Federal prison, where the general-inmate population knows exactly who you are as soon as you walk in. Trump and all and those who helped enable this insurrection, and those who allowed four innocent folks to be killed because of this revolt, need to suffer the consequences of their actions (I'm intentionally not counting that QAnon conspiracy theorist who was killed as part of the innocent victim list; which would make would make it five, as she clearly rejected her oath to defend the US Constitution – an oath you swear to when you enlist into the US Military).

There should not be a free-pass from punishment due to the race you are, or the privilege of the social/economic -status you happen to possess. If are you encouraging folks to form a sedition, and completely rejecting The Constitutional process - by ignoring the established process of how to amend or to even completely dissolve The Constitution - then you don't get to claim immunity from the punishment that results from advocating or engaging in that type of that malfeasance. The US Constitution clearly allows a non-violent process to dissolve the current system, and start a new one - without resulting into a coup d'etat.

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

Trump, as well as his group of flunkees in both houses of Congress need to have The 25th Amendment levied against them - now. Trump was on Twitter still ranting about how the election was stolen from him, while expressing love for the insurrectionist who stromed into an active meeting of Congress. He and his ilk got to go - now.

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Posted in: GOP plans to upend Biden win for Trump rips party apart See in context

GOP plans to upend Biden win for Trump rips party apart

I'm sure that Putin is saying, "your leaders in Congress are trying too hard to do my job for me."

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Posted in: McConnell puts off vote on $2,000 aid checks; Trump calls Republican leaders 'weak' and 'tired' See in context

Our leaders (not me, of course!)

Okay, common ground. We can agree that he's never been a leader.

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Posted in: Shakey’s creates okonomiyaki pizza See in context

So its Strawberry Cream Cheese Pizza will remain available through the end of February.

No, please let 2020 end at 11:59 PM December 31. I think we've endured enough this year.

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Posted in: Adult entertainment guidance center appears in Akihabara; some worry neighborhood is changing See in context

dichotomy has to do with the service being offered...

Yeah, that's putting it very PC. Talk about an area business change that's the equivalent of a cultural groin-pull.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe has stealth cameo in 'Cyberpunk 2077,' gamers say See in context

Cyberpunk 2077" was already going to be one of the highest-profile video game releases of 2020

Which version or on platform were you able to play without it crashing, so I could understand the context of this praise?

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Posted in: Hundreds of Japanese adherents of QAnon contesting Trump's election defeat See in context

adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory...

Folks do realize that QAnon is basically Scientology for broke folks right?

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Posted in: Trump golfs in Florida as COVID relief hangs in the balance See in context

During the Holiday season, President Trump will continue to work tirelessly for the American People. His schedule includes many meetings and calls

He's raging in Florida and he wants revenge at the entire world for not being as obedient as a dog to him - simple as it gets. He doesn't give a rip about anyone else but himself; never has, never will. He's intentionally sitting on this COVID bill, and plans to do absolutely nothing while he's still in office, while everyone else suffers. The fact he won't veto the COVID bill back to Congress, but he did for the US defense spending bill is proof-positive of that. Anyone who'd defend him, is only enabling him. I anticipate US comedian Bill Maher wining his $1 million dollar bet he made on national TV, (on October 18, 2019) that Trump won't leave office on his own accord.

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Posted in: COVID-19 appears to be suppressing the flu in Japan; number of cases down and decreasing See in context

When folks aren't somehow honor-bound or guilt-bound into showing up to work; and playing the office-martyr (only to get everyone else sick), isn't that a side-effect of the COVID work-at-home orders? Imagine, sick folks staying home from work, and not infecting everyone else they come into contact with? Incredible.

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Posted in: Final Tokyo Olympic budget soars 22% to ¥1.64 trillion See in context

Audits by the Japanese government over the last several years, however, show the costs are higher than officially stated and are at least 2.5 trillion yen. Tokyo said the Olympics would cost about 750 billion yen when the IOC awarded the games in 2013.

Ito said insurance coverage might pay out up to 50 billion yen to help cover increased costs.

You can always count on bureaucrats always do their part to protect their precious white elephants by downplaying the real costs to taxpayers, and insinuating (without committing) that it's always possible to offset the total cost of the project. I find it highly dubious that any insurance company will honor paying for any of these increased costs, as it's their business model to not payout claims (i.e. expect years of litigation before they even pay out even ¥1).

Considering that price tag has exponentially increased from what it was originally planed for, the idea of eliminating several events to save money is not an unreasonable consideration. There's easily a few dozen "sporting" events that can be cut. If for nothing else, till a vaccine for COVID is readily available to minimize creating super-pools of breading grounds. Hard choices won't be made by those in charge, and Japanese taxpayers can surely expect to see another consumption tax increase to foot the bill of this Three-Card-Monte fleece. The shampoo algorithm at its finest.

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Posted in: What’s in store when the Electoral College meets See in context

Once the EC casts their votes (as defined by Article 2, of the 12th Amendment - which in this case would be Monday Dec 14th) then Congress certifies the ECs vote on January 6th, that's when the nail in the coffin is done. As CNNs Jake Tapper rightfully said on Sunday Dec 13; in a warped way, we should be thanking Trump - as he helped expose all those in Congress who openly and willfully sought to subvert the votes of those who legally voted for Biden. Those same "honest" men and women who swore an oath of allegiance to the Constitution.

In essence, those members of Congress violated their Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution of the USA - Article 3 of the 14th Amendment. New Jersey's Congressman Pascrell said as much, those members of Congress who endorsed and signed on this farce to overturn the election, need to leave Congress. You can't go claiming that somehow a vote for the US President was illegitimate, while at the same time claiming the remainder of folks jockeying for different political positions on that same ballot were legitimate - without any evidence to support the claim in the first place.

Already you're reading about those in Congress who endorsed the manifesto, are now quickly turning tail and claiming to the effect it was a misunderstanding of some sorts. No, this was a straight-up power grab, and they got exposed in the grandest of ways - and yet you'll still have folks will be choose to be willfully ignorant of the facts.

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Posted in: Trump questions whether Supreme Court would hear election challenge as options dwindle See in context

Call this a defeat is putting very mildly, when the federal judge called-out Trump's lawyer Jonathan Goldstein on providing any evidence to disqualify 592 ballots in Philadelphia, and his lawyers begrudgingly agreed they never had a case to bring forth:

THE COURT: In your petition, which is right before me — and I read it several times — you don’t claim that any electors or the Board of the County were guilty of fraud, correct? That’s correct?

GOLDSTEIN: Your Honor, accusing people of fraud is a pretty big step. And it is rare that I call somebody a liar, and I am not calling the Board of the [Democratic National Committee] or anybody else involved in this a liar. Everybody is coming to this with good faith. The DNC is coming with good faith. We’re all just trying to get an election done. We think these were a mistake, but we think they are a fatal mistake, and these ballots ought not be counted.

THE COURT: I understand. I am asking you a specific question, and I am looking for a specific answer. Are you claiming that there is any fraud in connection with these 592 disputed ballots?

GOLDSTEIN: To my knowledge at present, no.

THE COURT: Are you claiming that there is any undue or improper influence upon the elector with respect to these 592 ballots?

GOLDSTEIN: To my knowledge at present, no.

This coming from the party who apparently despises "frivolous lawsuits." Sort of eliminates the need for any appeal to the Supreme Court about the merits of the case, when your own lawyers admit you didn't have a case in the first place. This coming from the party who apparently despises "frivolous lawsuits."

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan teams up with Godiva for first time to create delicious new dessert drink See in context

While in the USA the only thing to look forward to from McBurger is the McRib / McRat...

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Posted in: Japan pledges $720 mil for Afghan reconstruction at int'l conference See in context

Japan has provided some $6.8 billion over the period between the collapse of the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan in 2001 and this month, according to its Foreign Ministry.

And adding another $720 million is going to make a difference? Better question. Can anyone account for the moneys already spent, and provide metrics of what percentage of that money didn't get didn't get swindled by: warlords, corrupt politicians, or thieves?

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Posted in: Gundam and French cookware brand, Le Creuset, team up for stylish wine cooler sleeves See in context

¥3300 for a wine sleeve that maybe costs about ¥500 at Daiso? Oh, I get it now! It's because the personal insignia and it's from Le Creuset that makes the difference. Sorry, I overlooked that significant factor to justify the price increase.

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Posted in: 2nd arrest warrant served against woman for stealing ¥5 mil from nursing home resident See in context

Stealing from an 85 year-old lady in a nursing home? Man that's just plain dirty. No other way to say it professionaly without getting a content notification from the admins.

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Posted in: Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory See in context

As these Trump allies said back in 2016 when Hillary lost (and conceded her election loss 48 hours after the results were confirmed) "Get over it."

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Posted in: Japan's economy rebounds by 21.4% in 3rd quarter as pandemic pain eases See in context

Japan's economy grew an annualised 21.4% in the third quarter

A 12-month statement based upon three-month period of performance. I wonder how could anything go wrong with that strategic assessment?

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Posted in: Thousands rally for Trump, believing he won election See in context

Thousands rally for Trump, believing he won election

A famous quote by George Carlin comes to mind, but it has something about the power of folks in large groups...

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Posted in: 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek dies at 80 See in context

Damn it. He seemed like a very decent man. Cancer friggin' sucks. Which is the PG-13 phraseology that's permissible on this forum. Condolences to the family.

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Posted in: World leaders hope for fresh start after Biden win See in context

That old crazy person just had to go.

As Colin Jost on SNL last night pointedly said in his monolog, "...remember in 2016 when he lost the popular vote to Hillary by 3 million? He blamed it on illegal immigrants sneaking-in and voting. Well, this time he's going to loose by 5 million votes; which by his own logic, let in more than 2 million more illegal immigrants, and they all voted for Biden." Zinger!

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Posted in: U.S. Senate confirms Barrett 52-48 as Supreme Court justice See in context

The oath that I have solemnly taken tonight means at its core I will do the job without fear or favor and do it independently of the political branches and of my own preferences.

Except she wasn't able to articulate during her Senate confirmation hearings the most basic of civics lessons taught in grade-school, as to what are the five freedoms that are protected under the First Amendment - she got four of the five (for those who don't know its: religion, press, assembly, petition/protest, and speech). I suppose she'll eventually learn all (or at least most of) the Amendments of the Consitution while on-the-job, since she has a lifetime to figure it out.

So much for being a "Constituational Textualist" as she likes to harp about. The irony of Barrett not remembering the basic right to protest isn't lost on us. Hopefully she'll eventually learn the Amendments when her defenders are seeking her support on such matters, when they are eventually in the minority. This isn't being petty - its an expectation that's being asked for anyone applying for citizenship of the USA.

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Posted in: Some hospitals in crisis as U.S. nears high for COVID-19 cases See in context

Our hospital is not built for a pandemic

But it was built for making a profit. Thoughts and prayers.

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