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@Mr. Martin

I agree but, in America, the term 'corporate nation-state' seems redundant...

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What we see here are just the tricks and techniques of Corporate played by less talented psychopaths who do not have the financial power to make their scams legal or the intelligence to get away with them that, unlike so many others.

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When discussing the lack of concern for Human health and welfare of Corporate and senior Gov people, this story will be an example. For poisons like these, the Pacific Ocean is not an infinitely vast sewer into which generations long lasting toxins can be poured without conscience and, when considering these things, it is more a bathtub that many other people have to use and Tepco wants to take a BIG DUMP in it. It will be interesting to watch the background radioactivity counts climb along the Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia coasts. I'd bet that a good epidemiologist could even compute the number of 'extra' deaths among fishermen and, perhaps, fish consumers and even beach goers with children also from the increased ionizing particles and photons they will be exposed to, through no fault of their own, and resulting neoplasias. Tough decisions but the solution should not be simply the perp deciding to share the problem with everyone else on the planet. No?

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Roughly every week a new research report is published describing some new medical benefit from Cannabis. And what really is not appreciated is that Cannabis is a 'fruit'. [What!!?] A way long time ago, plants, those wily creatures who we appreciate so little, found a way to get us mammals to work for them. They hired us as both reproductive intermediates and as seed carriers and dispensers. Our pay was high energy containing 'treats' which allowed us to live and reproduce and become (there is always irony) the planet's top abuser of plants. But energy is not the only thing homeless, shelterless, always hungry animals need. And, so, one plant line took it upon itself to become the world's apothecary and, instead of high calorie nutes enfolding the precious seed cargo, Cannabis began to provide health giving and discomfort mitigating substances around its seeds and Nature voted with its illnesses and injuries by making Cannabis ubiquitous in the world, a solid biological vote of confidence. So, after millions of years of quiet participation, documented 8000 years Human usage in China, a corrupt American who owned newspapers discovered that people who use Mota "think too much" and also that it competed with his other interests such as paper making and fabrics and, worst of all, alcohol, and declared it a DRUG and ran a campaign of lies in his newspapers resulting in Cannabis being tossed in with actual poisons like opioids and extract of the Coca plant. Alcohol, unarguably the most poisonous and physically damaging of the lot was re-legalized and was untouched. Cannabis, once America's biggest cash crop (sails, ropes, et alia), became America's biggest source of psychopathic 'drug' agents and whole agencies set up to interdict any possible whiff of Mota smoke. MILLIONS of people were hurt by this before sanity started to break out on the U.S. West Coast and Oregon enacted Medical Cannabis because the evidence for its benefit over any injury ratio (1:0) was so breathgivingly obvious. But, once a Big Lie is implanted in our Little Brains and cemented in with mindless fear, cutting it out takes generations. What we see here. The deluded persecuting the innocent. And when the deluded finally become educated, will they apologize for the massive harm they've done to so many? Naw, ignorance has NO SHAME for the unnecessary damage it always causes. Will the 5000+ just this year be forgiven? No. Their crime was not 'drug use', really, but just disobedience to the ruling psychopaths. This too shall pass...but how many innocent people damaged before the bosses, themselves, discover pain and discomfort relief in a form which will not make things worse nor present the threat that any Big Pharma medication can present. Never, that is, NEVER has there been a death attributable to the use of Cannabis. Even water can't say that...

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This comment is about 'evolution' and the Human experience with it. It must be taken very seriously. Just forget the meaningless word 'evolution'. Darwin NEVER used that word and did not like it. It has a faux nuance of 'direction'. If sounding like one has actually read a book seems a positive pose, use the term 'natural selection'. The changes wrought by natural selection can go in any direction in which its constrained environment will move it. Genepool adaptation is always slightly behind environmental changes and are entirely at the will of the environment and genepools survive through time by CONSTANT adaptation using either information saved in its redundant DNA or, requires luck, obtains through mutation or lateral transfer. Fall behind too far and your carriers diminish to zero. A genepool is just a self-reproducing database of information moving through time with no 'destination' nor 'plan' other than how everything else around it adapts as well. Eventually whole systems reach a 'climax' stage where the system itself, composed of all of the organisms contributing to it in a balance achieved only after millions of years becomes the main driver of its constituents and all are in balance with each other taking their share, contributing their share, and systems such as these become stable to a wide variety of environmental changes, a 'climax hardwood forest' (or "old growth") for example, such as covered the entire eastern United States for 30 million years until cut down and completely destroyed in the 19th Century to extract Potassium for gunpowder. A good example is us. According to the FOSSIL RECORD, the Human cranium has been shrinking starting about 70,000 years ago. Before this, Homo sapiens cranial capacity was about 1500cc (contemporaneous Neanderthal, 1600cc). Home demens (us) is down to 2000 generation decline in Human potential began when our behavior changed and, instead of living in egalitarian, consensual groups, we became dominated by conscienceless psychopaths, as we are today. And we can see what happens, generation after generation, to the bright and disobedient among us who challenge the dominance of the psychopaths. They are removed, usually at a young age before they have contributed children, from the reproductive population (SELECTION) GENERATION AFTER GENERATION AFTER GENERATION for about the last 2400 generations. For us, the obedient survive and prosper having many offspring. The disobedient (only to power) not so much if at all. THIS is our 'evolution'. 'Natural' selection because it is entirely mindless even if the 'predators' are the same species, autopredation, a species characteristic unique to us. And we became organised swarms which could and did overwhelm and extinguish not only Homo sapiens but also Homo neanderthalensis and, maybe other forms for whom we have no evidence yet. Our psychopathy dominated swarms also extinguished most of the large fauna on every continent or land area we have invaded. In brief, 'natural selection' is just the overall environment, which is in constant flux, determining what characteristics in any particular 'niche' a genepool needs to express to remain extant in time. Successful adaptation of an entire genepool takes many generations for all extant members to carry and express the changes. Should a genepool fall too far behind, its expressed carriers will not be able to reproduce as easily, numbers will dwindle, and extinction, the loss of that entire system of information and behavior from our world. What has happened with us is that our crania expanded over a million years as Hominins found ways to significantly increase our ability to CO-OPERATE in groups and characteristics favoring that co-operation began to expand our crania. 70Kya, some small group somewhere in Africa became dominated by the pathology we see salient among us. These pathological individuals were also capable of murder which the normal Human of the time was innately not. When you can murder and your opponent cannot, dominance is easy. Forming a 'control structure', these individuals enslaved the norms and, over time, the universal Human social structure developed as we see it today. And this 'structure' is killing us. Our collective behavior has become as lice and we have no control over ourselves because the only thing our 'control structure' can 'see' is blind greed and blind greed has no concern for our 'adaptation' to the environmental chaos that is coming. Can we ADAPT to the coming massive changes in the two or three generations left to us here? Probably not. Natural selection. If we had the time left, we might pass through the stages we see in those Human Evolution fin to fist series but in reverse as our behavior drags us down again into idiocy. We are as subject to both the 'good' and the 'bad' of natural selection because, in Life, NOTHING escapes natural selection, either in or out. And what is promoted as 'evolution', the constant 'upward' trend of Humanity, was made a lie 70,000 years ago. This world and its mechanisms look very different when viewed not from self-congratulatory and delusional 'Human Reality' but from physical reality itself.

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Can someone ask him if he does men? My old Ecco's could use a refreshment...

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"Kids doing something stupid but why does it have to make national headlines?"

Yeah, it's disconcerting when living in a place where shootings, police murders, abhorrent racist abuse, and other violence does not take up most, if not all, of the DAILY news. Ya get used to it. But wait til you go back home after having gotten used to it... It would NEVER have occurred to me to want a CCL in Japan...

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Like a gambler whose 'luck' has fled to other venues, Britain can't get a break. But, perhaps that comes from cultural and biological exhaustion having sent over close to a DOZEN generations of their best people offshore and many fewer returning. The last two worldwide mass murders cost them a huge deficit in healthy, bright young people, childless and wasted, while the less mentally and physically agile were preserved at home. The dregs of 'empire', what's left after the killing, is difficult to look at and seems to be capable of little else than shots to its foot. Somehow, at least in my mind, the AZ always seemed a little questionable which maybe was the 80% rating it achieved out of the gate or...I dunno, but as soon as I heard the first news of the British vaccine there has been a question mark on it for me but more intuitive than verbalizeable. And, now, we discover that a zero was the difference, initially 80% but now, in use, 8%. Britain should go on vacation for a generation or two before they choose to make any more significant moves vis-a-vis their viability as a united people. And Johnson certainly is the most appropriate MC for this End of Empire special.

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If I were spit on, it would have been me going to jail and him going in some other direction in a different sort of vehicle...

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Complexity itself. It is not 'theory' but fact. We already see that as Life moves through Time, it becomes more complex both in structure and in behavior, and, at a point, we see that a second such system emerges atop the first which accumulates information and modifies its own behavior much more quickly that the genepool which supports it. At this point, that second system is still, as us, quite primitive in that it collectively cannot even see itself as it is but lives in psychotic belief systems all of which hate all of the others. Certainly there have been and now are worlds where the dominant organism did not go biologically deranged and become dominated by psychopathic parasites or become a predator upon itself, but, sadly, that is not the case on this one. We must realize that Complexity exists and will increase whether we are here to see it or not and that eventually this Complexity will become 'aware'. We cannot claim 'awareness' because what most Humans perceive as 'reality' is completely unrelated to their actual physical situation and there is no other 'reality' than physical reality. Looking at it 24/7, few Humans can see it because of the perceptual curtains and poor educations they have been subjected to in their developments so as to ensure 'less thought, more labor'. I use "born" because I see in that relentless random search by living matter to add complexity to itself as a process that will lead to 'awareness' but an unimaginably vast awareness which, I suspect, will have 'identity'. In my imagination, anything with a 'self-identity' has probably been 'born' rather than exploding out of a pointless point.

WADR (respect): Just a small correction. A "theory" sans evidence is usually called either an 'hypothesis' or 'some old guy's pot dream'...take yer pick

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And, really, there is some evidence that our Universe did not just 'spring into existence' but was BORN. Does infinite complexity fit into an infinite Universe? I suspect so... Is infinite complexity 'alive'? Hmmm... What would 'infinite complexity' look like? Perhaps like 'Creation'...

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The Universe show us how insignificant and fleeting humans on planet Earth are.

This is where our thinking should START because it is the most glaringly obvious thing about us. The only 'part' of us of any size and consequence is our own ego when we think we are 'special'. There are an estimated 8 BILLION Sol type stars in just our Galaxy alone, among perhaps an infinite number of galaxies, and most of these stars are expected to have planets of some kind and not a few will be water rich orbs (only ~30% of Earth's surface is LAND!) and requires only that, water, and the usual minerals, and Life will appear. Life is inherent in the properties of matter. There is one thing we can say about this Universe (this Creation, if you like) from our experience here. Our Universe craves complexity. That is what LIFE is, a constant, random accumulation of information represented in physical form which consistently over time adds past experience to its structure and grows in the complexity of the behaviors it demonstrates. There would appear to be in this place no upper limit to complexity. At this time, we are very near the bottom of that spectrum being so primitive we still think we may be all there is in an infinite (at least to us) Universe. We are late to the party, actually. And we live way out here in the sticks of our Galaxy (which may be a good thing if there are those like us who actually survive long enough to reach other stars) so not real touristy plus our 'welcome' is that we shoot at UFOs as a matter of policy, like a social visit to hostile Yanamami... We are just little links in an ongoing so far ~4 Billion year struggle of Earth to produce a carrier so as to expand, as Life ALWAYS wants to do, itself out into this place, our Universe. To this point, the Earth has failed to produce such potential but HAS produced an attempt that will, itself, set off a complete reset in the products produced by the Earth's ecosphere and perhaps the next instance of a data accumulating species will be her champion and take her where she wants to go. We won't because we pray much more to Death than to Life...

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Defining 'Genocide' according to the UN convention:

Article 2 of the Convention defines genocide as... any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

— Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2

The worst genocide since WW2

No. The worst 'Genocide' is the ONGOING GENOCIDE and there is an ongoing GENOCIDE which everyone ignores, or is told to ignore, in Palestine. THAT, ignoring a GENOCIDE, is the worst of all charges that the WWII Concentration Camp Survivors made, that the World IGNORED the Concentration Camps (see: Gaza), the reports of profound and serial abuse by Camp Trustees, the cutting off of aid to the Camps in 1943 by the "Allies" as "aid to the enemy" (direct cause of Typhus epidemics), and constantly repeated pretensions that there was "no 'problem" despite eye witness reports. That scenario is now Palestine and has been since circa 1920 when the British disarmed all of the Palestinians but allowed the invading Euro Communists (see: 'kibbutz') to possess whatever arms they wanted. And, as usual, the United States is up to its fontanelle in hypocrisy when accusing China of ANYTHING because there is little the U.S. has NOT DONE to people somewhere on this planet and, most notably, amongst its own peoples. NOTHING that the U.S. charges China with has any moral validity coming from Americans. Perhaps the Chinese could make a deal with the U.S. that, in return for ceasing to attempting to reculturize the Uighur's, the U.S. would agree to STOP KILLING PEOPLE everywhere else in the World. Fat chance...

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This is the kind of stuff you find littering the bottom of the fabled Human 'abyss'. Read and weep... For anyone who respects Humanity and believes it to be 'special', articles like this are high in the 'Cognitive Dissonance' spectrum and create serious doubt in one's own judgement as to what 'Human value' means. It seems to mean that the only Human worth is the ability to pull money from foolish people by any means available, and it's the 'availability' in this particular case which is the sadness, the price people will pay for delusion.

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I suggest we tell the hypocrisy crippled American political psychopaths to go away and leave the Olympics alone. With COVID destroying the games for everyone this go round, and America destroying the games for everyone next time, why bother? The last thing we see from America, or expect to see, is sportsmanship, fair play. or the moral stature America so blithely claims for itself. All we see are our parasites jockeying for best position to enhance their markets or mitigate their commercial incompetence by damaging a competitor. They care not at all for 'people' but lie uniformly when accusing others of behaviors which are notoriously American and do not involve any form of altruism or respect. We must ignore these idiots and do everything we can to bring Humanity closer at every opportunity. That is not in the best interests of our parasites who so easily and with hostility divide the less capacious from the more to their advantage (see: trump).

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@ Mr. Beeblebrox

And certainly none of this has any business being in nursery schools and kindergartens.

It's the benighted people who view SEX as a combination of things, all with morally disreputable nuances and emotional tones, that 'good' people only discuss in hushed tones and, in life, scares the bajesus out of them that think that the MOST central behavior and attentional subject of all of Humanity should be HIDDEN, should be PROHIBITED from the minds of those who will then have to behave from a position of complete and utter ignorance. If sex training were to proceed along with toilet training, the first thing Mankind might be deprived of is rape. It is difficult to teach proper behavior to those who have no idea what behavior you're talking about. It is not knowledge of Human sexuality which might damage a young child, it is the distorted and twisted way in which so many of us have to blindly find our way through a maze of bizarre beliefs and behaviors as we enter the sexual arena and, as any one with a functional mind can see clearly, it's not working out well for us. Our twisted attitudes regarding Human sexuality produce twisted and troubled kids who become twisted and confused and behaviorally inappropriate adults. Gender dysphoria begins very early as the internal identity of the child runs full on into the 'expected' identity imposed from without. The idea that children must be 'shielded' from the most important awareness of their lives is a sick idea, manifested in a sexually obsessive and sick societal sexual context and perpetuates the sickness in our children. And, especially for gender dysphoric children who are already confused and conflicted, understanding their own futures, as it were, will help them greatly to avoid the trauma and pain that will otherwise accumulate over time and allow them to develop in full mental health which, sadly, those afraid of the idea of sexuality will never know. Sex and kids. If these two words together make a person nervous, they would do well to take an internal audit of their own sexual attitudes to see what odd things their development may have implanted in them that would make it seem 'bad' to teach children about their most basic functions before 'society' does it in a way which leaves the child crippled and potentially a dangerous adult.

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Why is so difficult to discriminate between 'sex (physical)' and 'gender' (behavioral). Sex is a physical reality based upon physical structures whose biological purpose is reproduction and has, sorry to inform the ignorant, MORE than two physical forms. Beside the usual male and female forms, there are 'intersexual' forms of physical structure produced by our genepool, occasionally with help from intra-uterine experiences. So, too, are there 'intergender' forms of brain structure, equally a product of our genepool, and these produce 'intermediate' sexual behaviors and attractions. And these behaviors are present long before we can 'blame' them on 'nurture'. And they are 100% a feature of our GENEPOOL. Gender dysphoric people appear in ALL Human populations at relatively similar ratios. IT AIN'T NURTURE! And the oddest thing for me about LBGTQ is that the people most hostile to it are the people who are blindly denying it in themselves. THAT is where the 'nurture' is so poisonous...

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The problem with 'mindless condemnation' is that the problems being so happily condemned NEVER GET FIXED! People are pleased to mouth off in judgemental ways without ANY THOUGHT whatsoever as to WHY these things happen and WHAT we can do about them except wring our hands and say how terrible THAT person is for expressing Mankind's most ubiquitous impulse, the urge to destroy. And most of the time, the accusers know nothing of what may lurk in their own hearts given a sufficiently engaging situation nor remember their own acts of irrationality in the past. YES, it's a child. All over this planet, we (Humanity) murder children in the most horrific premeditated ways and the people who do this are our 'heroes'. Yet, here we become almost tongue-tied with judgemental criticisms rather than trying to understand WHY this can happen to a Human if, for no other reason, as a warning to ourselves. This man is now under a mountain of pig manure and will suffer for this, no doubt. But, what about the next and the next and the next...those are the ones we should be thinking about and condemning those who ignore the issue until times like these. Yes! It's a baby, and child abuse is the lowest form of Human behavior. But child abuse is a 'pandemic' in Humanity and a CURE would be worth an infinity of criticism but we'd rather exercise our outrage than our reason. Good on ya...

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My own suspicion is that the gents figure that if a woman became Emper[or] [none of this 'ess' stuff], she would do so well and be so popular that no male would ever again be Emperor. And that's NOT an 'irrational' fear for them...the World is getting tired of the male hand on the tiller...

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No 'iiki bun' here? A good story highlighting Human rationality and co-operativity. And what story of Human pathology would be complete without Corporate? If you've ever seen the anime short film "Godzilla meets Bambi", you'll get that same sense here. And, of course, the victim is made to seem the fool...

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A Beagle? A 'vicious', attack-dog Beagle? Isn't Snoopy a Beagle? Clearly it's 'his wife's' dog. Last year, I had to pick up our female Husky who was trying to get to someone's pet duck and stuff her into a car and she was in full 'attack' mood and my right arm got some damage but losing consciousness never seemed likely. I hope they checked for head trauma in the case that he was pulled off balance, fell, got knocked out, the dog gets 'crazy' and tries to get free and...right arm and ear. The 'unusual' press story a century ago used to be "Man bites dog!", but now, in our new age, perhaps it has become "Dog cold-cocks man". I like it... [really? A Beagle?]

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Fortunately, the infant brain is very plastic and this child will likely fully recover physically. Dad never will recover emotionally. Unemployed, multiple children, frustrated and unhappy, and he just lost control for a moment. But, he will regret this, and live with this, the rest of his life, would be my guess. These kinds of situations are so sad and destructive for everyone in them. He may dearly love his children but he may never be allowed to be with them again. As for condemnation, my condemnation of him in his loss of control would be equivalent to his condemnation of his child's lack of control, completely unjustified in that I am also a Human and understand that what happened to him and his child can happen to ANY Humans on this planet and does. People who never for a moment would expect equivalent behavior such as this from themselves, or be suspected of such capability, can find themselves completely in extremis and, impulsively, destroy their own lives. Any of us. So, instead, mourn for him the loss of his children, mourn for the children for the loss of their father, and mourn for all the rest of us who must live with all of that which is, sadly, Human. Pain, so much pain...

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but then kills or injures the cop, while he gets taken into custody, unharmed.

Not on THIS planet...

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Well armed containment prevented the USSR from imposing Communist dictatorships on all of Europe, Japan and elsewhere. So yes it is a tried and true approach that prevented the west from being subjugated by the USSR.

Hmmm, what is the vintage of this paranoid thinking? I think it was the 1973 or 1974 Propaganda season when this absurd hype was really big but it faded pretty quickly when exposed to intellectual light. They were overextended and could barely keep their navy afloat. But America had DEBT and could spend on useless weaponry way past what the Russians could. Debt won that round but America is still in that debt so who really won? And why do the people who spew this paranoia upon us always seem to think "THE ENEMY" is superman or will easily overwhelm the most heavily armed, militaristic, and demonstrably hostile people on Earth? Does it seem that the other people on this planet want nothing more than to see America fail? Or is it what America does to those people that makes Americans expect the worst from everyone? We are all just trying to live some kind of life but there are those who must have control and they come in all polities on our world, the bullies and their thugs. And it is these bullies and their enforcement thugs who start wars with other groups of bullies and thugs and it is us who die in them. And while America is 'containing' the Russians, the Chinese, America's enemy du jour whoever, WHO IS CONTAINING THE AMERICANS? And, just speaking of the internal China/Taiwan controversy, are 'containment' and 'harassment' and 'interference in internal affairs' synonyms? And 'containing' North Korea? Look away and Kim will RULE THE WORLD? Why North Korea but not Vietnam also? Vietnam is becoming compliant. Koreans, on the other hand, are a bit more stubborn when being abused and Hanguk willnever 'give in'. But they would sincerely like to join the rest of the world as a good partner as long as it's not in slavery to America.

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Hmmm, apparently this doesn't work as well or as easily in Japan as 'elsewhere'. It must be terrible to be suicidal, decide finally that the end to this place had to come, and then discovering your brainstem has a completely different idea and won't let you do it. But terminal Human desperation is not to be thwarted, at least according to this evidence, so what to do? Oh yeah! Go down to your local koban and ask the nice officer to shoot you. Poor kid's been reading way too much news from America... In America, suicide is a police service but you must present in your hand with something, ANYTHING, which could be misconstrued for a weapon by a near sighted bat, and the service comes with a 100% GUARANTEE. America does it better...

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"...agreement from South Korea right now under the Moon administration is meaningless. Moon's main political priority has been and continues to be appeasing Kim Jong Un. He put together the idiotic Trump-Kim show which accomplished absolutely nothing."

Apparently, not much attention to the detail of the "trump-Kim show" was given by this writer. This "show" was entirely trump's production. When the Stormy Daniels prostitution story was just beginning to tickle the newscasters, Kim saw his opportunity and, YET AGAIN, threw an offer of 'negotiation' on trump's desk and this time trump snapped it up like a naked person grabbing a towel when the door opens unexpectedly for the press blitz and noise-making that would, hopefully, drown out and obfuscate the nascent and undeniable prostitution scenario. Lots of glitter and glamor and photo ops and...noise...and handshakes and warm words and promises of future meetings....and then from trump, nothing. Months go by, nothing. Finally, pressure builds on trump for another meeting and he's forced to fly to Hanoi. Kim necessarily spends TWO DAYS on a train to get to Hanoi because he is SINCERE. What he meets when he gets there is the REAL trump who says, "Are you going to give us everything we demand?" Kim hesitates. trump jumps up and walks out. End of meeting. Back to abuse. trump's entire participation in the meeting was a LIE, a lie to try to obfuscate the reality of trump's character and, apparently, trump's handlers overestimated their guys' follower's 'morality' because sleeping with a prostitute while your wife is with child is OKAY for them. No ¡problemo! as one of them might say... And, of course, Christianity is big on 'tolerance'... In this story, the U.S. is the 'bad' guy...

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North Korea (Bukhan) has stated repeatedly that it will be willing to give up all nuclear ambitions if allowed to be treated as a free and equal nation in this world. BUT, NK is disobedient to the United States. It CANNOT be allowed to show such disdain for U.S. hegemony and, therefore, must be sat upon, stepped on, and generally treated as a pariah by psychopaths whose only ambition is DOMINANCE. The impossible to afford nuclear and missile programs starving NK are its only tool for getting the attention of the world to the conditions and oppressions heaped upon its independence. This is not to say that the people of NK are having a wonderful time with the current regime but, compared to other ongoing atrocities in our world in which the U.S. is a central player, they are doing better than most of our other victims who choose to disobey our wishes or resist our greed (see: Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Crimea, et alia ad nauseam). "Great Leader" Kim is sincere about reunification. He sees it as a way to 'retire' and be able to live in the world like other people in privileged positions, to travel and enjoy life. He's a 'millennial', afterall, no? The harder that U.S. force is applied to NK, the more resistant they must become if not to be turned into vassals of the U.S. like so much else around them. This is CHILD psychology! Japan is on the wrong side of history, here, and honest diplomacy beneficial to Japan, as well.

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"Let there be Light..."

School kids should study this hero.

Naw. They study other 'heroes', those that dance in the light of public display doing inane and basically useless behavior to the cheers and delight of many. But, for those who actually build the stage, light the lights, generate the very foundations of Human civilization such as Mr. Akasaki, there is only the recognition of his peers and his name just another useless fact to our 'well educated' mass. People who perform mindless but entertaining behaviors will always be 'heroes' rather than the people who make it possible for those 'heroes' to do anything at all. The only fair thing here would be to call every white LED chip an "Akasaki" but I doubt that will happen...

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Posted in: Police officer overtakes athlete as top profession for Japanese boys See in context

Sad. That's all they got, huh? Entertainer or enforcer... Speaking in generalities, the saddest part is that these are the most salient and attention getting roles in a westernized society. I would like to see women's (well...girls') ambitions reported, and I will presume them to be more compelling and broad minded than what the boys are left with. The biggest trap for girls is 'breeder' because the pressure on women for 'traditional roles' is much greater but, once a woman acquires a certain level of experiential wisdom and understands the prison she will be in with children in current western societies, the irrational need to add more mouths to our current overload is mitigated. For a woman, the MIND is her workshop and her playing field and she is her own enforcer. Water boy or warden? Well, better than no ambition at all...I guess

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Posted in: Woman arrested on suspicion of killing one-year-old daughter See in context

One year old is not too late for SIDS. And with SIDS, "no external signs of injury on Yuria’s body" is exactly what would be found. And this nightmare of infanticide accusations has affected many mothers who are in a deep state of traumatic shock and who may be only moderately coherent. So, before we condemn this woman, there is large room for doubt that this is a deliberate or insanity inspired death. Only at autopsy, and a medical examiner familiar with crib death will this woman's truth be known for sure. How horrible life can become in just a moment... and details make all the difference.

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