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Actually he could have done much better if he had not spent taxpayer's money on building a costly temple or the world's tallest statue or a new parliament building or a new palatial residence for himself.

....you can complain about that, but none of that would have made a difference in a country the size of India.

> Leave all that aside, the amount of funds Modi spends on his IT brigade or on PR could have been used to ramp up India's underfunded healthcare system.

....and again none of this would make a dent in Indias healthcare system, which is not something that can be turned around in a short time,

And apart from that, if you look at Corona death rates across the globe, you see no correlation between the funding of the healthcare system at all. Some of the most generous systems have the highest rates and some of places with almost no system have the lowest. It is just not that simple.

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Japan is going backwards due to the Oyajis that pretend to run the Country its time for a change..how about forced retirement for all politicians at 70 would be a start..

Well, just over 70, maybe 74 would be thinkable, but no country should have leader 78 or over. That would be just insane.

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But do take it in moderation it you do, else you might find yourself in a koban filming yourself.

In that case, I recommend better editing. Most of the video was just him skateboarding, and at the short koban session the camera was pointed down, so all we sa were shoes.

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He could also be a domestic terrorist spreading covid!

Good point. In these virus panic days, his behaviour is not just moronic, it also dangerous. Certainly a lot more than being maskless, which some people throw a hissyfit over. Throw the book at him.

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Borders are federal, where it's illegal. State laws don't have any impact on laws at the border.

Ah OK, that makes sense. I did not realize that are federal laws about this.

No. Is this the new lie they're telling you in the bubble these days?

Question of honne and tatemae, no? A border that you can walk across, get detained as a formality and then released into the open is de facto open, even if it is protected on paper.

And you talking about residing in an information bubble... that is pretty rich, lol.

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Police said the girl suffered injuries to her arms and buttocks. Doctors said her injuries will require about two weeks to heal.

Wow, that sounds like serious violence. A mother from hell.

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No, it won’t happen overnight. It will take time to build up a middle class, just like it’s taking time in China.

Oh, so that NK will develop into democratic, humanitarian, peaceful country like mainland China?

Great precedence.

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Its what babies do! They cry! Does this old bag think babies have designated places to cry or throw a tantrum?

Minor correction: A 3-year old is not a "baby".

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Very weird, on every level. I think there is a lot we are not told about this.

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Tom Doley

So sad. Unfortunately, this is happening all too frequently now and will only get worse as the economy of Japan sinks.

....which will continue sinking as these Corona "emergency" rules destroy ever more small businesses. So more people will kill themselves, but hurray, they are safe from Corona.

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What a scary picture. Look at all these Corona viruses floating around in the open air. How much safer to be stuck and locked in your room, with 2 masks, no?

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It will already be the middle of 2021 before the games start. Next year you have the winter Olympics. Too close to each other in my opinion.

And you can bet that the China Olympics will take place, no matter what. When Xi Jiping decides they take place, they will, without annoying opposition.

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Actually it is that black and white.

Don't try confusing lockdown with holding a major international event.

A major international event that that is mostly outdoors, with very few international visitors.

As simple as this, no medical association is in favour of the Olympics being held.

"Medical associations" have their own motivations. Besides, I doubt that you have checked every "medical association" out there.

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Brian Wheway

Why cant there be a goverment body who can monitor these type of web sites?

Yet another government body? Don´t we have enough of those? And I am not sure what "monitoring" of websites is supposed to achieve as long as they do not contain illegal content.

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The population of the India is 1.326 billion. In order to gain the type of immunity you imagine at least 70% would need to become infected. The death rate world wide is around 2.5%. I think India’s would be higher but let’s go with that. Your approach would result in about 23,205,000 deaths

Your math is faulty. The percentage for herd immunity depends on the R-factor, it is not magically set at 70%. And your 2,5% death rate seems to refer to the CFR, which is meaningless. The IFR is assumed to be around 0.5%.

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It is very clear what Ukraine gets by joining NATO.

What the Ukraine gets by joining that organization is involvement in illegal foreign wars, such as Libya, Afghanistan, etc. And of course immediately becoming a massive threat to Russia. Is that so desirable?

I still do not understand what the argument is for NATOs continued existence. NATO was the counterpart to the Warsaw Pact during the cold war. That made sense.

But now the Warsaw Pact is gone, and so is the USSR. Why is NATO still there?

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Ferry said the police are still trying to verify the name and background of the victim in the absence of documents such as an ID, a passport or a driver's license that would provide more solid clues to his identity.

"We already spoke with people from the Japanese Embassy. They said the victim's name is not in their database. The name that we have now is only based on what the people working with the victim told us," he said.

OK... but how do they know he was 82 years old? Am I missing something?

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So you believe every single one of the recognized scientific and medical institutions of the whole world are being coerced, controlled or have an agenda and that is why none of them agrees with your conspiracy theory?

I do not know what conspiracy theory you are talking about, but the suppression of scientists who disagree with the official narrative, such as Sucharit Bhakdi is real. Their voices are removed on Big Tech social media, ignored in the "mainstream media" and misrepresented in official commentary. The claim that there is one uniform "scientific consensus" concerning the virus and the vaccinations, simply because dissidents are suppressed, is shallow.

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Starting on May 3, the Tokyo metropolitan government and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism requested that rail operators reduce their number of trains during the morning and evening rush hours for one week.

Just brilliant, isn´t it. Enforce social distancing by squeezing more people into fewer trains. Same with these shortened restaurant hours.

Got to love our bureaucrats.

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Pretty rich of the G7 to complain about "russian propaganda". Pot - kettle?

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While I'm for people wearing whatever face coverings they want but I feel restrictions should still exist in places that require high security such as banks, government agencies, hospitals etc.

How about schools and public institutions? You want to be taught or judged by teachers or judges who openly demonstrate extreme Wahabism?

The French policy described in the article is the same as exists in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Azerbeijan, Tajikistan, and Turkey (although Erdogan has been trying to reverse that).

I wonder if the Burka defenders think that those governments are anti-islamic or are ignorant about what the Burka stands for.

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It’s simple, French people. 16 year-old Mariem Chourak has explained it to you. She wants to wear a hijab, and it’s no skin off your nose if she does so. If you ban this, then logically you should ban the Jewish skullcap, the Sikh turban and any other sign of religious or ethnic affiliation

Alas, not so simple. Hiding the face is a different issue from wearing some badge. And the context for the extremist islamic tenting of women is entirely politicial, as the entire islamic world knows. That is why women in Iran were demonstrating for the freedom be unscarfed during the short-lived Iranian revolt, remember?

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Joe Blow

I blame Japanese female hypergamy for too easily leaving their husbands.

Femaly hypergamy is built into our species, it is not particular to Japan. You find it in every society.

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Thanks a lot, Don. You’ve enabled every tin pot dictator while attacking the very notion of truth.

That would be Don Lemon? Much as I find CNN pathetic, I don´t think they ever cared much about Myanmar.

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I am curious as to how people will or wont change their opinions once vaccinations begin. Should vaccinated people still wear masks?

Nobody seems to know at this point. Unsurprising, these these gene modifications (misleadingly called vaccinations) are completely new and there is no experience with them.

In what circumstances?

Well, certainly not out in the open with nobody else nearby, or alone in your own car. The people who do that are simply virtue-signalling.

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A simple look at the death rates per state can tell you that that claim is false.

LOL! Evidence......please?

Look it up yourself on any of the several statistics sites. The states with the strictest mask rules actually tend to have the hightest death rates. No, I am not claiming there is a direct correlation, but it certainly blows the opposite claim out of the water.

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The teens have been issued a letter of commendation from the Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s Isogo Precinct, and it turns out there’s a reason for the 18-year-old’s combat prowess. “I was able to put my experiences from nine years of studying karate to use,” he said with a smile, adding “I’m glad I was able to help with the arrest.”

Not something to be emulated. These young vigilantes might well have become accused of assault themselves (pretty much guaranteed if they were non-Japanese).

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Burning Bush

People wanted "spreading disinformation" to be a crime.

Careful what you wish for.

Lots of our "mainstream" journalists would be in jail in that case.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist indicted in Myanmar on 'fake news' charge See in context

Plenty of fake news around, but in this particular case I suspect that he rather is being detained for reporting some inconvenient truth.

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I am cringing at some of the comments here talking about tazers and nets and whatnot. A knife is no joke. There is video out there (probably removed on the tube by now) showing how a crazed Brazilian knife-wielding guy kills 5 armed policemen before finally getting shot.

If I attack police with a knife, I expect getting shot, period.

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