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Posted in: House GOP leader says he backs ousting Cheney from No. 3 job See in context

It is clear what happened. Cheney decided to support the Democrats by pounding their message to an eager press for the last two years. Republicans gave her a chance to get over her opposition to her own party and move forward but she refused. So the party has to decided to move on. Cheney never attacked the Democrats Big Lie that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. So she is out. She is now free to join the Democrats leadership. All the best to her in her future endeavors.

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Nice. Now Cheney can join the Democrat party where she can feel more comfortable attacking and undermining Republicans. Democrats love Cheney in the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” sort of way. They felt the same way about John McCain until he ran against Obama for president. Then he was instantly transformed into a racist bigot and misogynist who wanted to re-enslave blacks and put women back in the kitchen.

Cheney made her point when she voted for impeachment. Since then she just can’t seem to move on and work with the party to regain the House in 2022. She isn’t useful in leadership if she cannot look to the future. If I were a Dem I would want her where she is dividing the opposition. It would be like having a pro-life Democrat under Pelosi. That would be counter productive to the parties abortion goals. Rep. Cheney, join the Democrat party and work out your Trump hatred issues. Then take your defeat in your re-election campaign next year like a woman.

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“At the end of the day I’m just an athlete and there’s a whole pandemic going on,” Osaka said.

Set a good example Miss Osaka and skip the Olympics- or just admit your virtue signaling is insecure and go for the money. Oh, I mean gold medal (well, it’s the same thing I guess). Can’t have principles when their are huge mounds of cash on the line.

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In my opinion the Olympics should be delayed another year or just skip this cycle and push them back to Tokyo Olympics 2024. But the protesters aren’t helping by protesting in a closely packed group - much like the BLM protests and riots in the US last year. There is a pandemic going on - protesting in groups large or small can only help spread the disease. Be smart - protest online.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan, U.S. for creating exclusive group on supply chains See in context

It was HW Bush and Clinton that pushed through the policy allowing a mercantilist dictatorship into the world trading system. Engagement was a massive mistake. I can’t see Biden following through on any strategy to isolate the CCP and restore neutrality to the international trading system. He doesn’t believe in disengagement - we see that in his eagerness to cooperate with Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Trump brought the American right around to opposing completely free markets in the face of mercantilism. Oddly the Left has become less centered on protecting “American jobs” than they used to be.

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While the European Union is developing a vaccine certificate valid throughout the 27-nation bloc

Merkel wants you to show your papers to move about freely. I thought they were past all that nonsense

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

I am normally a person who believes you should never say never. But if the IOC and the Japanese government are so determined to go forward that a global crisis like a worsening pandemic doesn’t cause them to question the idea of pressing forward with the Games, Coates is probably right. These Olympics are going to happen come hell or high water.

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If Biden didn’t blow the public’s confidence in the J&J vaccine by over-reacting - first banning then re-instating it - then perhaps more Americans would trust the government and get the vaccine. He completely politicized the vaccinations during the election with VP candidate Harris flat out proclaiming that she doesn’t trust a vaccine developed under the opposition. Black Americans are particularly untrusting of Progressives given their track record with eugenics.

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Instead of believing whatever you are told by a like minded partisan, do some research. The dark and shameful history of the Democrat party isn’t as funny as you think.

Those were “southern” democrats, which were republicans.

Which ones would that be? Of all of the Republicans and Democrats in Congress in the 1960’s, how many switched parties after the 1964 vote? The fact is there was very little party switching in the 1950’s and 60’s. In fact only two Dixiecrat’s switched parties, all of the rest returned to the Democrats and remained for the rest of their lives. Republicans continued to oppose segregation just as they always had. When the Dems switched from Jim Crow to affirmative action, the voters responded by opposing discrimination. LBJ’s southern strategy to get the voting Democrat for the next 100 years was cynical and destroyed any chance of emerging from the civil rights era united.

Look past the propaganda that shifts the blame away from the parties embrace of Senator’s James Eastland, Al Gore, Sr, and Herman Talmadge. Republicans had made gains in the south going back to Hoover in 1928. Blacks began moving to Democrats as well particularly during the New Deal. The Democrats and the Klan were closely aligned - that was essential for Jim Crow to exist at all. And do you actually believe that Republicans, with strength in the North and West in Congress, all the sudden these representatives became segregationists overnight? It never happened. Which of these politicians decided to switch sides and become Democrats?

It’s ridiculous that people continue to pass off the Big Switch propaganda as history. I guess the only way they can sleep at night is to ignore the horrid history of their party. To make matters worse Democrats are reverting to form and pushing racially divisive policies again today. If American is irredeemable because it was born to white supremacy, can’t the same be said for the party that safeguarded and supported white supremacy for 200 years?

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Posted in: EU calls on U.S. to push exports to counter vaccine shortage See in context

Since Biden took office covid deaths in America have halved which reached the highest peak during Trump's single term of office. Biden's determination to vaccine 200 million people in the first 100 days are working.

Biden inherited a vaccine, a vaccination program distributing a million shots a day and growing rapidly and yet there has been a nearly 50% increase in total American covid deaths in just a little over three months? Biden criticized Trump for not getting results despite the fact that he had nothing to do with the existence of the covid virus and cut off foreign travel. Well, Biden boasted that he was competent - the results say otherwise. Biden has even screwed up a growing economy that he inherited by giving out $2 trillion in free money to encourage people not to work.

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Posted in: EU calls on U.S. to push exports to counter vaccine shortage See in context

Biden is nearing 200,000 deaths on his watch. Since they are so generous would it be possible for Europe to ship some of their vaccine production to America too?

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And that is why you exclusively named staunch conservatives and libertarians as your preferred ambassadors, including an actual dead guy. So you're telling us you'd rather have a dead person ambassador over someone who doesn't share your political views :'D

This doesn’t make any sense. What are you trying to say?

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Is this why democrats push for equality? The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was passed by democrats, is a great example of this.

Are you serious? The Democrats were the problem- they were the segregationists. Progressives are so brainwashed they have successfully convinced themselves that they were solely responsible for the 1964 civil rights act. They actually believe that Republicans were the party of Jim Crow. Not true. More Republicans in Congress voted for it than Dems. It was led through Congress by a Republican.

Educate yourself :


Joe Biden was still pushing segregation in the early 70’s when he was in the House. Face up to reality.

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Posted in: With ambassador picks, Biden faces donor vs diversity test See in context

Well now I reckon that absolutely justifies having a foreign service that is 100% white chrisitian males. Right?

Who is suggesting that? Ben Carson would be great ambassador to Canada. Walter Williams for France. Thomas Sowell to the UK., Janice Rogers Brown to Japan, and Larry Elder to Brazil. All would be wonderful choices. Not because of skin color - but because of the content of their character. Democrats do not see people as individuals but as representative of groups - of tribes - and for the promotion of tribalism. That has been the heart and soul of the party since its founding.

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Posted in: More young Japanese look to Marx as pandemic, climate crisis magnify economic inequalities See in context

@fxgai: Your last post was excellent. No one can say that Singapore is a terrible society or the most free. But it does set an expectation for its citizens to be responsible and not destroy itself. Human nature being what it is, any system that does not acknowledge that a program designed to be “free” is not realistic and is unsustainable. That is the fatal flaw in Marxism/ Socialism and it is why it can only be carried out through coercion of one degree or other.

Human beings are innately selfish - to their own personal and family needs and are at most loyal to their tribe. Tribalism is reaching new heights in the West through the recent neo-Marxist identity based politics. The further you get from the self the lesser the affinity. In the long run a society based on personal responsibility and freedom will in the aggregate be more sustainable. The tragedy of the commons is applicable- history has proven Marxism to be a disastrous ideology.

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Right wingers in America continue to deny that anti-asian hate crimes are a problem.

Conservatives are not in denial of the fact that Asians are under assault in Progressive run cities from coast to coast. Try again.

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Blacklabel: You know all the attacks that eliminate the racial identifier of the attacker and just describe "a man", but find the racial descriptor anytime it is needed to describe any victims.

This is an all too common indicator of slanted racialized reporting. Another is the capitalization of the word black when describing a person’s race. This is intentional and virtue signaling journalism. The problem with the uptick in assaults against Asian citizens is centered in large cities run by Progressives with the perpetrators largely black citizens. Murders and assaults have spiked alarmingly in Democrat run cities since BLM was legitimized by Obama/Biden.

The media is woke and shape the narrative to their bias, not the facts. Look for the media to find a single egregious incident of a white perpetrator against an Asian victim to shape the narrative away from the reality of life in big cities for those of Asian descent. The Atlanta massage parlor murders was their first attempt at shifting the narrative- ignoring the actual facts of the case to make it appear the white male assailant was going after Asians only. But two white people were also killed and a hispanic man was shot but survived. Eventually the press will find an isolated incident to blame all white people with and drive that story hard. That’s how it works.

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Posted in: With ambassador picks, Biden faces donor vs diversity test See in context

I have never understood this comment to justify picking everyone but white males.

Dems have always been hyper-focused on race going back to their opposition to the abolition movement prior to the civil war, support of Jim Crow, segregation, affirmative action, to the Obama and Biden divisive disparate impact and equity racial policies. The content of ones character comes after skin color for ambassadors. The way that white Progressives can still remain competitive for opportunities in the the party is denounce themselves as innately racist and part of systemic racism. Except of course for Biden himself who supported segregation as VP Harris so adroitly pointed out during the campaign.

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Posted in: Diplomatic dance or standoff? N Korea and U.S. tread cautious line See in context

But some analysts say that despite its bluster, North Korea doesn't appear to have shut the door entirely on the Biden administration just yet.

That’s smart. Biden is ever so willing to give rogue nations billions in cash to make a one sided deal - in the evil regimes favor - and then make outlandish claims of success.

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Posted in: In GOP stronghold, Biden pushes for his infrastructure plan See in context

“I’m willing to hear ideas from both sides," said Biden.

That’s clearly false. Biden did not listen when he pushed through his last $2 trillion mega welfare bill with only Dem votes. He talks out of both sides of his mouth but actions speak louder than his forked tongue. Republicans should make Joe Eagle prove it and push a hard bargain in the Infrastructure negotiations. They should insist on funding only infrastructure. Raise the SALT tax on high earning Democrat localities to pay for it. If not, fillabuster until he decides it’s in his interests to really listen.

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Posted in: More young Japanese look to Marx as pandemic, climate crisis magnify economic inequalities See in context

There is a lot of debate about whether China is actually ‘communist’. I say no.

There are two primary facets to Communism: politics and economics. Politically, China is entirely communist with a politburo, only the communist party is legal, and all the other red trademarks. Economically Marxist socialism always fails and always leads to large scale misery ( for example Mao’s starvation induced land reforms). In the end survival of the regime is all that matters requiring economic reforms towards a less collectivist system.

The reason why Leftists always lament that true socialism has never been tried is because when it is imposed by textbook socialist dictators it always fails - often disastrously. But don’t be mistaken, the means of production are under the direct control of the state and all strategically important sectors are owned/controlled by the state. Therefore I say yes. China is a communist country. They play capitalism outside their borders but remain socialist inside their borders. The primary difference between the old style socialists and the modern variety is that effective state control can be had through centralized regulation rather than by direct ownership of the means of production.. The benefits are evident by making it easier for the government to manage a business by outsourcing while still giving the party the authority to harshly punish failure or failure to follow instructions.

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Posted in: More young Japanese look to Marx as pandemic, climate crisis magnify economic inequalities See in context

The ignorance of history exposed by this article is truly astounding. Marxism put into practice requires oppression. It requires the removal of basic individual and civil rights. It never works no matter where it has been tried. People do not respond to Marxism no matter how hard the true believers propagandize. It goes against basic human nature and therefore can never succeed. Advocates for this thoroughly debunked idea repeatedly say it can work as-long-as it is implemented correctly. Yet no matter what continent or culture it is tried it fails - always.

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Posted in: New Zealand declines to call China's Uighur treatment genocide See in context

Ardern and her party are shameless hypocrites. The trade money is more important to her than the mass inhumanity the CCP is perpetrating against the Uighurs. She joins others like the NBA for their cowardice in the face of communism.

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Posted in: Chauvin's lawyer seeks new trial, hearing to impeach verdict See in context

What a mess! How do these things happen? The juror lied and is for all intents and purposes an admitted cop-hater. A biased juror requires there to be a retrial. So we have to go through this all over again! Not only are big cities poorly run but so are their the justice systems. .

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Posted in: Germany busts international child porn site used by 400,000 See in context

Given Gaetz is still under investigation, there is no way you could know whether the investigation is a dud.

Unless Gaetz’s is a pedophile and homosexual I don’t see how this story has anything to do with him.

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Goon added that the state also needs to hasten immunizations. But the world’s largest maker of vaccines is short of shots — the result of lagging manufacturing and raw material shortages.

Unfortunately Biden didn’t release the materials India needed until last week well after the toll death rose to astronomical levels.

Modi needs to be in detention and awaiting trial for the death of thousands of Indians he took an oath to serve. It defies all logic continuing to honor and calling him 

Politicians are given immunity from most of their poor decisions and performance in office. There have been 170,000 American deaths in just the last 100 days but you can bet your house that Biden will not be held accountable.

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Posted in: Australian PM retreats from threat to jail Australians trying to return from India See in context

Government has the power of life and death should they choose to exercise that option. The pandemic is a crisis that has governments acting irrationally at times. The good news is that the PM has backed down from this threat. Now get your citizens home safely and move on.

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Posted in: Bill and Melinda Gates file for divorce after 27 years of marriage See in context

I find it amazing that people of such extreme wealth and privilege are able to stay married for as long as they have. Given the dire state of marriage in the West there doesn’t seem to be any purpose for someone like Bill Gates to even consider marriage. There is no benefit to it at all - only downsides. Well, I guess that since he is so into charitable giving he can feel satisfied about the billions Melinda will be getting out of him in the divorce settlement.

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Posted in: WHO pleads with G7 to step up and combat COVID See in context

The World Health Organization said the Group of Seven industrial powers had the ability to fund the vaccines, tests and treatments needed to conquer the pandemic -- and knock down the barriers blocking faster production.

If the WHO wants a leader who can produce a new vaccine on a global scale and fast, perhaps they should ask the one person who actually produced one in record time - former President Trump. Biden’s efforts to this point have only led to more deaths and misery despite the fact that he inherited a vaccination program that was quickly ramping up at the very moment he took office.

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Posted in: U.S., Britain tell China and Russia: The West is not over yet See in context

U.S., Britain tell China and Russia: The West is not over yet

They should probably check with the American Democrats and the British Labour party rank-and-file. They would like nothing better than to fundamentally end their countries- as they currently exists.

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