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You can blame the global Left for this quandary. They are driving out mining in their own countries while pushing for technology to replace existing energy sources. They never think things through. This puts China in the drivers seat.

The best energy source to replace coal, oil, and natural gas is nuclear but they refuse to consider it - meaning they aren’t serious about saving the planet from global warming (BTW there is only nine years Left before armageddon). The don’t want rare earth mines in their backyards but demand the electric vehicles that require these substances for manufacturing.

It always amuses me that people believe that electric cars are saving the planet. They are toxic to dispose of and the electricity to charge the batteries is typically coming from a carbon based energy plant. At best it comes from a horrible nuclear plant. The West is becoming an Idiocracy.

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Canada, the United Kingdom and France largely endorsed the Biden administration’s position, while Germany, Italy and European showed hesitancy during the talks, according to a senior official who briefed reporters on the condition of anonymity.

biden has divided the Europeans by failing to lead - by following from behind. And where is the tough rhetoric against the Russians? After caving on the pipeline he isn’t even willing to say anything to upset Merckel - Vlad’s business partner. He’s saving that for when he is safely back in America and can challenge him to a push-up contest from a safe distance. biden may have a lot of credibility with the softies in Europe and Canada but everyone else is going to chew up the old man and spit him out. The authoritarians know a weak leader when they see one.

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If a nation came along and forced me off my property to hand it over to someone else of a different, favored, religion I guarantee you I would pick up arms and fight.

If the property is worth enough the nation you live in could force your children to sell the property to pay the taxes - essentially forcing them off their inherited land. But that isn’t the issue with the Palestinians. They, a people called Palestinians, did not have a country before the UN created Israel and Palestine after the war. They rejected the UN law that created Palestine because they rejected the two state solution - they have always and continue to reject the two state solution. They don’t accept Israel’s right to exist and you can’t get a Palestinian leader to say it without risking assassination by Hamas/ Iran or some other Islamist radical.

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Half of the billion-dose pledge is coming from the United States and 100 million from Britain. Canada said it also would give 100 million doses, and France pledged 60 million. 

Continental Europe is never willing to pull its own weight on anything.

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So you have the two largest states that are rich in many ways, but are also stricken with some of the highest poverty rate in the US. This is the exact reason why socialism doesn’t in a free and democratic society.

That’s the 36,000 level explanation of it. Good job bass4funk. Hitting the nail on the head yet again. Many states and cities in America are suffering terribly from Systemic Progressivism. On their current trajectory the suffering has no end in sight.

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Ok Zichi--help me out--for which candidate did the voters vote more than 32%?

Ouch! That truth bomb must have been painful.

I can give one possible explanation for why Netanyahu hasn’t been able to garner more support. He has been in power too long. He should have retired long ago. One person in power for too long is not healthy for a democracy. Human failings being what they are, people can lose sight of their responsibilities when they become too accustomed to their elevation status and power. The people can sense this and begin to feel like it’s time to move on. His failure to retire and renew his leadership has undermined his party to some extent. He counted too much on the dysfunction of his opponents.

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I think you meant protect the lands Israel confiscated from Palestinians.

The UN gave the Palestinians a homeland and they turned it down. They rejected the lands that they accuse Israel of taking from them. Yhey rejected this territory because they would not accept a two state solution with Israel. You can’t lose something you never accepted as legitimately yours based upon your international law.

Netanyahu understands this - it’s yet to be seen if the opposition arrayed against Likud will as well. Many on the global Left like Ilhan Omar, AOC, the British Labour Party, the rump followers of Barack H. Obama et al would love to see Israel wiped off the face of the map. It’s up to Israel if they will allow this to happen to themselves.

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Small groups should not control the world just as small groups should not rule the billion plus people of China. But it is the current reality.

President Joe Biden casts China as the main strategic competitor and has vowed to confront China's "economic abuses" and push back against human rights violations.

Yet biden has done nothing to stop the genocide of the Ueghars, He sits and watches from afar at their suffering and is grateful for the over $1 billion investment from the CCP into his sons business ventures. biden has stated on camera that he doesn’t believe that China is a strategic threat. According to former Obama Defense Secretary Gates biden has been wrong about every important foreign policy issue for decades. It’s quite obvious that his perfect record of incompetence remains unblemished.

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@u_s__reamer; The gun violence of present-day American society is the inevitable result of the violent trajectory of America's history and the commitment of US-style capitalism to prioritizing and maximizing profit over people's lives and welfare. Karma is cruel.

Care to connect the dots of this trajectory of present day crime to historical crime? And how you link the fact that nearly half of the murders in America are by roughly 6% of the population (black males) due to capitalism should be an interesting read.

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But liberals cant accept that, they have to try to force every single state to be in their image.

In America, people used to believe that you could have your own (diverse) opinion. It used to be that states in a nation conceived as a republic could makes laws over issues not specifically reserved for the federal government. But for Progressives, that form of government is incompatible with a governing style that requires individuals to give up their personal needs and wants for the needs of the experts. Freedom is dumb to these ideologues. Follow the science- a science that is never settled and constantly evolves in support of the ideological views of the political and activist class. Remember eugenics? That was “the science”. Abortion- “the science”. Welfare policies that drive fathers away - “the (social) science”. The current atrocity is the mutilation of healthy children with hormones and surgeries - “the science”. The science has to be imposed on all states - not through a state by state decision as specified by the Constitution. Gun laws are the same. Ignore the second amendment and use courts to impose a facially wrong ideology on everyone. That’s why the Left goes to such extreme ends to Bork and destroy those that threaten their only means to override the written words in the Constitution. It took the Republicans 50 years to figure out the game - but now it’s too late.

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Posted in: Rash of mass shootings stirs U.S. fears heading into summer See in context

And outsider would probably think that Republicans/GQP want to kill off their own country into extinction. Far be it for me to stop them.

The outsider would probably wonder why the same people who want to eviscerate second amendment civil rights are ironically the same people who are murdering each other into extinction with guns. I hope the policies that have led to the Progressive city dystopia of murders, homelessness, poverty, and drugs can be stopped when Dems realize that what they are doing is actually causing the misery they claim they want to alleviate.

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The science isn't settled yet. 

Science is never “settled”. If it were it would not be science.

This waste of the vaccine biden inherited from the Trump administration is a national disgrace. biden’s incompetence in distributing the doses to where they are needed instead of where they are no longer needed is a huge failure. Tens of millions of Americans want and need the vaccines but biden refuses to distribute them efficiently - a huge failure of logistics and a lack of imagination. I would not be surprised that this failure and the biden administrations collusion with the Mexican cartels to ship drugs and unvaccinated illegal aliens into the country will result in his impeachment following the 2022 mid-term election.

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Posted in: Hurdles remain to getting ex-nurses involved in vaccine rollout See in context

Anyone who is willing can give a vaccination shot. It doesn’t take a medical background to stick a needle in someone’s arm. Train volunteers and pair them with a person with experience for a week or two and voila, a bigger workforce to get the nation through a national crisis. There is no reason why this has to be so hard.

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Posted in: G7 pledge to share vaccines, make a fairer global economy See in context

The most corrupt people in the world all together pledging to use marxism to make the world a better place. That’s damn funny.

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Posted in: Biden sells G7 on global tax, but U.S. Congress is a hurdle See in context

If only biden wasn’t handing out tax breaks to huge corporations there wouldn’t have been a need to have a minimum tax. Claim you are making a green product- lose multi-millions and write it all off on your taxes just like GE did.

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Does anybody really think the world is going to rally to Taiwan's defense when China invades? Anybody??

Let’s face it, the only country capable of mounting a campaign to assist Taiwan is the US and does anyone seriously think that biden will turn his back on his good friend President Xi? They used to hang out together when biden was VP. biden has stated publicly that he doesn’t think China is a threat - downplaying Xi’s bully tactics in East Asia and elsewhere with the belt and road policy.

Xi has been very generous to biden and his family. biden will talk big about defending Taiwan and maybe challenge a few folks to a push-up contest (as he is known to do when challenged). But with AOC biting at his heels he knows better than to take on the arch-Leftists in his party. biden is more likely to stumble into war out of confusion and senility rather than as a policy to defend a friendly democracy in East Asia. Besides, biden seems very open to Marxism of late. He seems to get more comfortable with ignoring the legislative branch of the US government all the time.

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Posted in: U.S. to donate 500 mil Pfizer vaccines to more than 90 countries See in context

U.S. President Joe Biden plans to buy and donate 500 million doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine to more than 90 countries, while calling on the world's democracies to do their part to help end the deadly pandemic, the White House said.

biden is buying 500 million doses of vaccine? No, the taxpayers are. Sorry Joe - you didn’t build that. Trump and the American people did.

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Posted in: Biden warns Russia it faces 'robust' response for harmful actions as he begins European visit See in context

Strangerland: Yeah? What do you think of this:

I was never impressed by Trumps mouth - though he was humorous at times. So what do you think of biden’s support of the Russian pipeline that will undermine US influence in Eastern Europe at the same time Putin’s hackers shut down the gasoline supply on the American East coast? I’m guessing you don’t care in the least.

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Posted in: Biden warns Russia it faces 'robust' response for harmful actions as he begins European visit See in context

It’s horrendous to have a president that will not stand up for American national interests and instead promote a pipeline between Russia and Germany while at the same time throwing thousands of Americans out of work by shutting down construction between Canada and the US. Putin and his oligarch cronies are going to rake in billions. I can’t understand why an American president would aid Russian oil companies at the same time Putin’s hackers just shut down an American pipeline on the East coast.

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing Canadian Muslim family with his truck was motivated by hate: police See in context

Yes, the right-wing media definitely frames the crime different based on the color of the perpetrator. Brown: Terrorist. White: misguided.

More like Terrorist: terrorist. But project if you must.

The idea that people should be judged by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character comes from the Progressives’ woke cult. That’s why you are seeing institutions throughout Canada and the US pushing explicitly race based policies meant to achieve equal outcomes regardless of people’s individual talents and interests. Racism is racism no matter if it’s pushed by Democrat and avowed Progressive President Wilson premiering Birth of a Nation in the White House or Joe Eagle declaring on the campaign trail that discrimination is necessary to end discrimination. It’s just sad how people can be misled into believing this garbage.

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing Canadian Muslim family with his truck was motivated by hate: police See in context

When some white nutter murders Muslims, we should ignore his racism, politics, religion and hatred because it makes right-wingers look as bad as the people that they hate. When the opposite happens, we definitely shouldn't ignore those things

Not sure why the black and white response to WilliB’s plainly obvious statement that there is selective coverage of crime stories based on the race of the perpetrator and the relative “oppression status” of the victim. It’s pretty obvious that is how social justice journalism as taught today works. Major crime stories should be covered regardless of the race of the perpetrator. When a black cop kills an unarmed white person, which does happen, it isn’t covered at all because it goes against the narrative. Conversely this story feeds the narrative that white supremacy is the most evil force in the world bar none. When in actuality it is only supported by a few thousand people spread across half the globe. Scare tactics like these are leveraged to enhance the power of the Left. Most of the media have no problem playing along.

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Posted in: 'Do not come': Harris seeks 'hope at home' for Guatemalans See in context

Love that the Guatemalan leader slammed Harris and the biden administration for being responsible for the border crisis. Richly deserved.

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Posted in: Seoul court rejects slave labor claim against 16 Japanese firms See in context

The South Korean government settled with Japan over 50 years ago. The war is over. I know that with BLM, White privilege, and neo-Marxism being all the rage these days that the highest possible social status in the modern world is to be a victim. But you can’t move forward if you are always allowing yourself to be held down by the past. Too much of the world whether it be in the West Bank, Minneapolis, or S. Korea need to deal with their past by accepting that those days are over and move on. Failure to do so is a dead end of animosity and vitriol that is self destructive.

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Support and awareness of sexual diversity has slowly grown in Japan

‘Sexual diversity’ isn’t the right term here. This term could apply to various sex acts by anyone. Diversity of sexual orientation recognized by society and its laws is the correct way to describe what these protesters want.

However it just is not necessary for homosexuals, bisexuals, and cross dressers to have laws specifically for them. Heterosexuals don’t either. The important thing is that no one in Japan will have you arrested for any sexual acts you have with any other consenting adult.

If any laws should change it is the law that requires the government to sanction marriage. Marriage should be privatized and marriage laws converted to a contract between the two (or more) parties. This action would completely eliminate any need for such protests or any future protests by those clever enough to create ever more future sexual orientations that are as yet unheard of.

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And what platform? Is there a point?

What platform? Do you ever listen to these celebrities in interviews? They talk about it incessantly. Their “platform” is access to the media, social and corporate, that they use to influence the masses in the proper groupthink. Judging by the interest in Oprah’s interview with Harry and Markel, the masses seem to be hanging on their every word. Osaka has herself used the term “her platform” in media interviews on numerous occasions. The point is that professional tennis and basketball players, former actresses, talk show hosts, and former royalty have come to believe that they are role models for society as a whole, and not just in the things that made them famous- like professional tennis.

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What is happening to Osaka is the same thing that happened to Kaepernik, Prince Harry and Markel. Wealthy, privileged celebrities have decided that they can mold the world in their image by utilizing the power of “their platform”. They have convinced themselves that they are victims despite the fact that they are within the upper reaches of the 1%. I don’t know if Osaka is truly suffering from a mental illness. I wouldn’t doubt that she is. The current social media and celebrity culture seems to cause very serious and negative effects on so many.

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California Gov Gavin Newsom played gameshow host Friday in a drawing for 15 winners of $50,000 prizes for getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Another politician using taxpayer money to buy votes. In Newsomes case this giveaway comes along as he ramps up to thwart being kicked out of office via recall for screwing up everything in California while he enjoys going out to posh restaurants without a mask on during the middle of a huge wave of infections in his state.

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Posted in: One year after Yokota's death, little progress on abduction issue with N Korea See in context

It is disappointing that biden isn’t supporting America’s ally by pressing this issue with North Korea. biden is fine having Japan as China’s first target in a war but won’t lift a finger to do anything in support of Japan. Shameful.

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Posted in: Osaka's condition throws light on stars' mental health and media 'voyeurism' See in context

and that is they are ASKING for time off!! Give them the space they need if not they will crumble.

Osaka didn’t “ask” for time off. She took it. That is a privilege that people have when they are filthy rich. She already has a level of wealth she doesn’t have to work another day in her life and would still live more comfortably and securely than 99% of the world’s population. Osaka chose to pursue professional tennis for the riches, fame, and influence that comes along with it. But as we all know, being rich won’t make you happy and it is sad that she is having mental health problems. But if those problems are all due to her involvement in professional tennis - she has the ability to make all of those problems go away instantly. She can just quit and find a new more suitable occupation to pass the time and give her personal fulfillment. No one is forcing her to play a game.

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Posted in: JOC board member blasts Tokyo Games organizers, IOC See in context

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga faces a general election and a ruling party leadership race this year, and pulling off the Games, with an estimated budget of $15.4 billion, is seen as critical to keeping his job.

I don’t see how forcing an unwilling populace to host and conduct a huge sporting (entertainment) event can be interpreted as critical for the PM to keep his job. I think stepping up and forcing the IOC to stand down would be welcomed by the voters and increase his support. Delay it another year and if the IOC balks tell them to stuff it.

It’s never too late to do the right thing.

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