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Posted in: Man arrested for soliciting prostitution from high school girl See in context


So Kensuke Hikiji was only in the hotel room for two hours, Talk about QUICK on the DRAW why not make it an all night-er if your paying for it make it last

What?? The girl expects to get paid for a quick session, not to spend a whole night with that creep, besides she most likely lives with her parents. Two hours is normal, as that is the typical "Rest" time slot in love hotels.

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Posted in: 6 high school students arrested for beating up 15-year-old boy See in context

6 on 1, eh? A bunch of tough guys.

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Posted in: Man steals taxi; switches to another cab, then flees without paying fare See in context

Brian Wheway

I am surprised that the taxis don't have on board CCTV cameras just in case you get a situation just like this.

They don't? Then where does this footage of taxi robberies etc. come from that we so often see on TV? Secret film on board?

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Posted in: Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot See in context

Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot

Firstly, why should he, and secondly no matter what he said, the cartel media would distort it. And the cartel has take his public platforms away, so everything he say goes through the cartel media, who would turn it into propaganda anyway.

Interesting to see though that the media suddenly is against riots.... what a change of heart since last year.

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Posted in: Domestic violence cases in Japan hit record high in FY2020 See in context

Domestic violence cases in Japan hit record high in FY2020

Nothing to do will all those lockdowns and closures, eh? Those crimes have also gone up in other countries too, much more so where the lockdowns were more drastic than in Japan.

What do politicians expect when they look people in their homes, make them paranoid with danger talk and prohibit socializing?

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

Simon Foston


How about the federal court in Seattle? The police precinct buildings in Seattle AND Portland? Not to mention the two BILLION dollars of damage caused in the riots last summer. The small town of Kenosha Wisconsin alone saw 100 businesses torched and $50 million in damage due to rioting.

Have any leading Democrats or well-known liberals been accused of inciting any of that? If not it's a bit of a false equivalency.

Well, that is the point, isn´t it? Democrat leaders encouraged it, took the knee, told police to stand down, chanted slogans with the rioters, yet the media called it "peaceful protests".

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump

Ridiculous. This is truly Banana republic stuff. But it makes sense in the context that the swamp (both neocons and neolibs) set an example with Trump to make sure that no other populist outsider dares to disturb the cosy corrupt system.

The old Stalin rule: punish one, deter many.

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Posted in: Twitter suspends 70,000 accounts linked to pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy See in context


I love how Trump keeps trying to find other Twitter accounts he can tweet from. I think this is the worst punishment he's ever received so far,

I thought he went to Parler, but then the Big Tech moguls had Parler shut down. So much for the often heard advice "if you dont like Big Tech censorship, make your own free speech platform". Well Parler did that, and see what that got them.

By the way, the courts forbade to block trolls on his Twit account, ruling it is a de facto public utility. But apparently Twitter is allowed to shut down the entire public utility. Can you reconcile that?

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Posted in: Twitter suspends 70,000 accounts linked to pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy See in context

It is not just the Q nuts that Twitter is censoring, and it is not just Twitter.

Since this weekend there has been a virtual night of the long knifes against free speech.

Thousands of accounts guilty of wrongspeak are being purged, up to the million-strong "Walk Away" Facebook group, the only crime of which was to collect personal statements of people leaving the left.

We are getting close to a state where a cartel of California Big Tech moguls can decide what people are allowed to say and what not. Xi Ping must be smiling.

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Posted in: Man arrested after injuring, robbing woman in her 90s See in context


It is freezing cold and there is little work for the elderly- expect more to come...

Do you count 47 years old as "elderly"?

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation arsonist says which scene he feels copied his work and incited attack See in context

“The thing Kyoto Animation copied from me was the scene in Tsurune where the main characters buy discounted meat.”

The most unimpressive reason to murder 30 people that I can imagine.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim says U.S. is Pyongyang's 'biggest enemy' See in context

Michael Machida

North Korea is the world's biggest enemy.

No it is not. It is CCP chinas aggressivel little toy poodle. The moment Xi Ping stops supporting NK, the regime would collapse. But that will not happen in any foreseeable future.

At least the nuclear tests have stopped thanks to Trumps clever diplomacy. But Chinas was OK with that, so it was doable.

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Posted in: Bodies of father, 11-year-old son found in warehouse after suspected murder-suicide See in context

So depressing. Don´t want to think about what the kids last thoughts were.

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Posted in: Coronavirus third wave puts many Japanese hospitals on overload See in context

"Meanwhile, 77 percent of the 4,000 available hospital beds for coronavirus cases in the capital had been filled as of Jan 6"

....which does not match the screaming headline about doom and gloom. If more people need to be hospitalized, how about add some more isolation wards? 4000 in a metropolis of 20 million is hardly something drastic.

Fwiw, our neighbour is a medical doctor, running his own small clinic and also visiting hospitals, and he can not confirm the media reports AT ALL. His experience is that everything runs normally.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over 77-year-old man’s death in Tochigi See in context

simon g

What's the odds that either he was ripping off the mother or he found her daughter was?

They are as high as any other speculation. We just don´t know from the article.

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Posted in: Father arrested for child abuse after one-month-old son suffers brain damage See in context

El Rata

Tough lad, hey. They should make the address of this guy or his family public, I bet more than one would pay them a visit.

....and that would help the injured baby how?

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting high school girl hints at committing 30 similar crimes See in context


Women here should be allowed to carry and use bear spray.

Women here are a lot safer than in most places in the world. Plenty of other places you should supply first.

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Posted in: Father arrested for child abuse after one-month-old son suffers brain damage See in context


As father to a two-month-old boy, this just breaks my heart. Sure, in between the wailing, grunting, and farting (and that’s just the wife, by the way).


I have not had much sleep this year, but seeing him laugh and smile puts a lump in my throat and makes it all worthwhile.

Err, what? At two months, they don´t usually recognize faces yes and do not really laugh and smile. What kind of super-baby have you got there?

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Posted in: Father arrested for child abuse after one-month-old son suffers brain damage See in context

Police said Okawauchi has denied the charge and quoted him as saying he shook his son because he wouldn’t stop crying but denied any intent to injure him.

Not again! Is it really rocket science to understand that babies cry and shaking them is not the solution?

I hope this idiot does not make more babies from now on.

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Posted in: Somber Senate unites to reject election challenges See in context

The face of the swamp right there. Trump managed to rattle the corrupt system a bit, but the swamp is too established. Even blatantly open cheating is possible if the media, big tech, and legal system are tied to to the corrupt elites.

But the populist protest will not go away, just like in Europe.

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Posted in: China's internet erupts in mirth over U.S. Capitol chaos See in context

If Biden is rigged in, Xi can have a big smile on his face.

Full bore back to outsourcing of manufacturing to CCP China in exchange for quick profits.

Sadly, it looks like the swamp has won.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend’s 10-month-old daughter See in context

Police said Mizutani also said: “Since [the baby] did not take a liking to me, I’ve hit her before.”

Gee what a surprise the baby did not take liking to him. A real treasure, that guy.

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Posted in: Death penalty ruling finalized for 'Twitter killer' See in context

His defense lawyers had argued he was guilty only of the lesser charge of homicide with consent, saying he had his victims' tacit approval based on messages they sent him.

Well, he most certainly did not have any tacit consent from the brother of one of the women who came looking for her. But hey, defense lawyers have a role to play, and I suppose in this case this pathetic argument is the best that anyone could come up with.

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy pushing baby stroller hit and killed by car at intersection See in context

 “I thought there weren’t any pedestrians [at the time] and simply turned left.”

Err what? I understand sometimes things are hard to see, and bad things can happen, but not even looking because think there were no pedestrians? He needs to be charged with stupidity in addition to everthing else.

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Posted in: Suga considers state of emergency in Tokyo, vicinity; says Japan will start vaccinations in late Feb See in context


In the best most advanced countries it is at best 98.5%

What age group does that refer to? You do realize that the death rate increases rapidly over the age of 70 but is practically zero for young people (which is why it is inexcusable to put Corona patients in old-age homes, as some politicians have done).

Or you citing an average, which is meaningless for the majority of the population?

and even that is by most experts wrong as under reporting of deaths is high.

Got a source for that? My impression is that there is vast incentive for over-reporting. (The NHS actually says so on its site).

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Posted in: Suga considers state of emergency in Tokyo, vicinity; says Japan will start vaccinations in late Feb See in context

Ameila Leary

You simply have no idea how the epidemic effects anything, step by step and exponentially, and can thus depend only on waiting, unchecked high-speed vaccinations and continuing commercial operations at the most possible pace, taking into consideration only half-hearted pseudo-lockdowns every few weeks when the numbers erupted again, that for 'eternity' or until everybody is sick or dead.

What do you mean "everybody" is sick or dead? The vast majority does not even notice they have the infection, and the vast majority of those who do have symptoms get over it within a couple of days. The death rate for the thing is 0,03% for those under 70, which is pretty close to zero. So no, "everybody is sick or dead" really means nothing.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 76-year-old mother See in context


So,so many of these cases

How do you define "many"? What is the rate you would expect in a country of 120 million people?

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Posted in: Man arrested for entering Akasaka Estate, says he wanted to meet imperial family See in context

Didn´t they have a guy who climbed into Buckingham palace to have a chat with the queen? (Successfully, as I remember.) There are all sorts of nuts out there.

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Posted in: In recorded call, Trump pressures Georgia official to 'find' votes to overturn election See in context


The real irony is that trump just got caught on audio attempting to commit election fraud, again!!!!!

Err no. Rather, the fake media once again took a snippet out of context to distort the content.

If you go to a conservative site, you can see the soundbyte in context, and it suddenly it is completely different:

And that is why I always recommend to look outside the echo chamber. If you only stay inside it, you never see the broader picture.

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Posted in: California funeral homes run out of space as COVID-19 rages See in context


"California infections are 2.4 million, 600,000 more than Texas."

"Infections" are irrelevant, and nobody knows them, anyway.

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